Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – December 15, 2013.

With the NHL Christmas trade freeze upcoming (Dec. 19-27), here’s the latest on Ryan Callahan, David Clarkson, Ben Scrivens, Linus Omark and more.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks believes the Rangers should move Ryan Callahan and Dan Girardi by the March 5 trade deadline if unable to re-sign the pair by then.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Maybe the Rangers will shop them, but I doubt it. I think GM Glen Sather tries to re-sign them.

Should the Oilers try to acquire David Clarkson?

Should the Oilers try to acquire David Clarkson?

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jonathan Willis wonders if the Oilers might revisit their interest in David Clarkson, whom they pursued as a free agent last summer before he signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Given Clarkson’s poor performance thus far (including two suspensions), Willis wonders if the Leafs might be having buyer’s remorse.  Willis also reported unhappy Oilers minor league forward Linus Omark has requested a trade and management is trying to accommodate him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s far too early for the Leafs to give up on Clarkson, but the overall reviews from fans and pundits are overwhelmingly negative. Even with the salary cap expected to rise steadily in the coming years I doubt the Oilers revisit their interest, unless James Reimer or Jake Gardiner is part of the deal. Clarkson appears to be one of those players who thrives playing for one team and never recaptures that success when they move on. 

BOSTON HERALD: Fluto Shinzawa speculates on possible moves by the struggling Winnipeg Jets, suggesting they should consider moving Evander Kane if it appears he’ll remain an unfulfilled talent in Winnipeg.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Things are getting ugly in Winnipeg,but I doubt Kane will be part of any shake-up, as that’s a move which could backfire on the Jets.

CBC.CA (VIA KUKLA’S KORNER): Elliotte Friedman reports not to be surprised if the Carolina Hurricanes move either Anton Khudobin or Justin Peters soon.

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons believes the strong play of LA Kings call-up Martin Jones means Ben Scrivens is “all but certain” to be sent packing once Jonathan Quick returns from injury.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’m guessing the New York Islanders and Edmonton Oilers could have interest in those goalies.


  1. If Winnipeg is willing to move Kane they’d get a nice package in return as pretty much every team is looking for that type of player especially at his contract with the cap rising. But if I’m a team looking for defense it might be worth looking into bogosain. Really though Winnipeg should fire the coach before trading any of their young talent.
    Way to early for leafs to give up on clarkson. Between the suspensions and the constant line juggling how has he had time to adjust to the new team. If the leafs make the playoffs he’ll have proven what he brings by then.

    • the jets will trade kane and get robbed in the process,they will also fire the coach …but it won’t help as their season is already gone down the toilet

  2. Well…I belive its still early for Clarkson to say he is a complete bust, that being said the contract will never be a good one but he will probably come around a little. I dont think it will happen but, what Willis suggests wouldnt be out of the realm of possibilities, Burkie had a philosophy that it was ok to make a mistake aslong as you reconize it and correct it quickly, remember Versteeg? Hopefully Nonis does.

    • Clarkson’s contract will always be an issue and as a third liner he will be grossly over paid. In a cap world his salary is much needed in other parts of the line up so as long as he stays with the club in a third line role he is taking up valuable cap space that is desperately needed in other areas. Trade him now if you can dump him without giving up anything else. He will never be any good under Carlyle. That being said, should Carlyle be fired soon the landscape may change for Clarkson.

      • Im not so sure it will always be an issue, maybe maybe not. If he comes around to be a 15-20 goal guy over the next few years and the cap goes to 80 millin the next 2-3 years really 5-5.5 mill or 6 % of your cap isnt horrible for a 3rd liner. In context it would be simmilar to paying a third liner 3.8 mill on todays cap or about the same as the deal Bolland signed with the Hawks. Also his deal is front loaded pretty heavily so a buy out say 3-4 years down the road would be an option. I know its a bad contract, but in Leaf land its not their worst.

        • But you never sign a player to a high contract, based on the bidding wars of Free Agency and the hopes of the cap to get up to a certain area.

    • All Clarkson cost MLSE was cash. No players. No picks. That makes it an ok acquisition. Yea, his salary took up cap space that cost them two moody undersized forwards in MacArthur and Grabovski. Big deal.

      Clarkson will figure out the whole fishbowl thing by season’s end, and he’ll be a stud in the playoffs. Book it.

      I have no idea what it’s like putting on the jersey of the team you grew up idolizing. He’s allowed to be a little star-struck… for now. I have all the confidence in the world that he will become exactly what the Leafs signed him to be.

      • I had to grab a cold cloth to put on the back of my neck when you mentioned Grabovski’s name over Clarkson.
        I hope you are right about Clarkson in the playoffs, that’s if we make the playoffs. He won’t be much good to us on the golf course so he better be more then a one trick playoff pony because we need everyone contributing just to make it that far.

      • @ Bvizzle

        You are right however in hinesite …Mac & Grabo have almost 20 goals combined … a few of them game winners…I like Clarkson …BUT !

      • “He’s allowed to be a little star-struck…”

        That’s making excuses – and poor ones – for a player who was never going to cover the bet. He’s been suspended twice and his completely anomalous and unsustainable offensive production was left behind in Jersey. This was without a doubt one of the worst acquisitions in a while for the Leafs. The Oilers should be sending Nonis a Christmas card and thanking him for signing Clarkson – bullet dodged.

        “I have all the confidence in the world that he will become exactly what the Leafs signed him to be.”

        All the stats for him so far this season (*go look it up on suggest the opposite of what you are wishing for. Cross your fingers and hope that he does miraculously turn things around. It’ll be a shock to no one when the Leafs are trying to get out from under his terrible contract within the next year. As you said, it cost only money, but it’s the term that’s really the issue with his deal. I really wish Nonis and the pro scouts would have done their homework on this guy and realized the offensive numbers in NJ were a mirage and not the norm.

        Btw, MacArthur and Grabovski would be most welcome right about now on a Leafs roster that both lacks forwards who will go to the net and is desperate for some competent center depth.

        • You notice if your looking at extaskater he has one of the best Corsi ratings on the team right? And that its better than CMacs right? That his shooting % is less than half of what his has been his whole career? Im not defending the contract but the bagging on Clarkson after 30 games is a little much. Honestly Ive looked at that hit 10 times and still not really sure why he was suspended when you look at some hits that go with out suspensions (hello Seidenberg). He is definitely not performing up to any kind of expectations, but neither did Grabovski last year you seem kind of upset about that situation should we do it again? How bout they show some patience, and see if he can pull it together. Its not even half way thru his first season.

  3. People need to relax just a bit on Clarkson. He has only been with the team for less than 2 months now. He can go on a streak just like anyone else can. Giroux did not get a goal until around the 20 game mark, last year people were talking as if he was the best player in the world so things take time and adjustment periods.
    If you look at this year there was a time frame that Kessel Lupul and JVR had a combined 6 points in 10 games and Kessel last year and in the past has been goal less for stretches of 10 – 15 games and he still gets 30 and signed for $8 million a year ….Clarkson can add some other attributes until things straighten out but trading him at this point is none sense, relax people.

    Its too bad about Ben Scrivens as it seems the spotlight has been stolen from him , he was playing so very well too. Hes a good goalie, I hope he gets a real shot at proving that on a team, Jonas Gustavson has also flourished when not having to play for the Leafs , but then again doesn’t everyone.
    As Toskala said after departing from Toronto ” I can’t wait to wash that Blue & White out of my body ”
    I think he went to far and washed out his talent too at the same time.

    Brad Marchand last night on kissing his ring finger was a classless act, minor bush league imo, I wander if Peter Chiriali frowns on that and if so will move Marchand for his unprofessional and classless representation of the Bruins jersey.
    Every team would love to have a Girardi, Sather will get most of these players signed once he buys out Richards, in the summer.

    • Toskala washed the whole entire league out of his body. Good riddance.

    • Marchand is grasping at straws. He’s not producing between whistles, so he’s amping up the antics during. He’ll always do whatever it takes to grab an edge, including bush league tactics. Love or hate him, it’s all about the team.

    • Well Canucks deserved that taunting after Kassian was taunting Gagner about injuring him earlier in the season. So in the immortal words of Ryan Miller “If you can dish it, you can take it.” Lol

  4. As stated above everybody should chill. A lot of players don’t do so well in the first year of a new contract with a new team. Alex Mogilny wasn’t so hot during his first year as a leaf. Give it time. He is struggling because he is trying to do too much. He was only expected to get 20-25 goals and there is still plenty of time for him to get there. He was brought in more for his playoff leadership and experience.

    • When Clarkson returns he will have 47 games remaining. You’re saying he will get 23 goals in 47 games? That’s basically the pace of a 40 goal man in this league. That might be a stretch.

    • I’m not saying that at all. This year he is struggling he may not get to those expectations, however next year he may, and if it looks like he won’t then you look at trading him. At least give him a chance.

      • Gottcha. Thought you meant he can get there this year.
        I think the issue is how Carlyle is coaching Clarkson. A new coach would probably mean a new Clarkson I would imagine otherwise Clarkson’s name will have to be added to the list of disgruntled players under Carlyle’s watch.

    • True. New team means a new coach which means a new system and style.

    • That’s like saying Leinio will turn his play around. Clarkson however has the intangibles of physical play but offensively he is done.

      • Since Leino has gone to Buffalo 99 games 10 goals 36 points. Over 3 years

        The last 3 years Clarkson

        151 games 47 goals 76 points,
        How you figure he is anything like Leino? Its been just over 20 games he has played as a Leaf.

        Way to early to be comparing him to Leino

  5. Philly can get kane out of Winnipeg if they are willing to part with Matt Read, Brayden Schenn and either a top prospect or high pick.

    • I see a coaching change in Winnipeg before Kane is traded. When Blake Wheeler talks about “blowing smoke to the media,” pretty sure who he meant.
      By the way, it’s way too early to give up on David Clarkson. Kulemin’s starting to contribute and, once Clarkson is chipping in the way he did in Jersey, there’ll be a lot more balance to the Leafs’ scoring.I hope they stick with the defensive pairings they had last night, for a while at least. The puck came out of their end much more smoothly.

  6. I can see Girardi coming to Toronto. He and his wife are from Welland and I hear would like to be closer to home. I hope Toronto can make a package for Girardi, because he is a stud D-man.

    • AMEN ….Fraser & Ranger take a seat ….wow …thank the big guy ….man o man they are terrible
      Yes …..he just finished building a huge house in Niagara.
      @ He would be a great pick up …wander what it would take … Sather has high prices?

      • you can bet that if sather trade girardi to the leafs gardiner + will go the other way sather fleeces every gm he deals with and has done it to everyone nonis will be no different

        • Really? IMO slather is one of the worst gma

          • i have news for you sather is a better gm than nonis and 1/2 the guys in the league every trade he makes he wins it if the leafs had him as a gm they’d finally have a guy tht knows what he’s doing

      • I doubt he leaves the Rangers the will buy out Richards

    • To Leafs: Girardi + Del Zotto
      To Rangers: Gardiner + Liles + D’Amigo + 2nd Round Draft Pick

      • Come on man seriously? again with this crap. D’amigo has little to NO value, Liles has negative value and Gardiner is looking like he will never live up to expectations. Every team in the league could beat that package.

      • hhahaa put the crack pipe down! nonis will not get del zotto and girardi for that garbage…not dealing with sather
        this is how the deal will look
        to nyr
        kadri,gardiner, 1st rd pick for delzotto,and spare parts
        that’s how sather deal don’t believe me go back and look at all of his trades he’s made over the years

        • What trade has slather won? The Gomez one is all I can think of.. He has had an unlimited supply of money to hand out after he constantly screws things up, the rick Nash trade? Everyone thought slather did good on that one but look at the guys he sent to Columbus they got in the playoffs last year… How’s Nash doing now.. I think your putting slather up on a oedestal

          • rick nash for artem anisimov and spare parts,doug weight for essa tikkanen roman hamrlik,for jason bonsignore etc etc these are some of the trade sather has made over the years tell me won many of those he lost? i’m putting sather on a pedestal because he deserves to be there yeah he works for the rangers some of the deals i listed was when he was with the oilers …and when you’ve won as many stanley cupsd he has you deserve to be on a pedestal…and i’ll tell you this if the laffs(nonis) dealt with him he’d get fleeced like everybody else

          • Dubinski Anisimov and a first round pick are more than spare parts.. Wow this was Howson too by the way. Lets see Dubinski 21 points so far this year Anisimov not having a great year but still 14 points so 35 combined Nash has a whopping 12 points in other words both those spare parts are out producing Nash and his huge contract…tough to call that one a win for Sather so far.

        • wow speaking of crack Del Zotto eh? -7 7 point healthy scratch Del Zotto ? For Kadri who will probably get 40-50 points at least, (hes got over 20 now) and is playing as the first line center. …and Gardiner who is arguably the same as Del zotto.

          • arguably the same as del zotto are you kidding me! only to leafs fans he is! gardiner is nothing to write home about ..if that’s the case then why are the laffs offering him around in trades …especially for del zotto i argued with a few other idiot leafs fans who went as far as saying to me that gardiner was subban equal hahaha i laughed them off the computer ,my reponse to that was gardiner couldn’t carry pk’s jock1 subban is the best defenceman in the game gardiner isn’t even in the top 20-25

          • Im not comparing him to Subban Im comparing him to Delzotto,

            Gardiner 120 games 45 points or .375 ppg this year 33 games 1g 10 assist +8 lots of minutes

            DelZotto 276 games 117points or .42 ppg This year 26 games 2 goals 5 assists 7 points -8 healthy scratch…. You sure do know what your talking about,

        • wow speaking of crack Del Zotto eh? -7 7 point healthy scratch Del Zotto ? For Kadri who will probably get 40-50 points at least, (hes got over 20 now) and is playing as the first line center. …and Gardiner who is arguably the same as Del zotto.

  7. Versteeg wasn’t really a bust, Ron Wilson was Versteeg’s downfall in Toronto.

    • Just pointing out it has happened before, that a guy gets moved before he plays a full season even if a team thought enough of the player to pick him up in the first place.

  8. I recognize that the odds of this happening are astronomically poor, but I’m bored so here it is. Three way trade: Canucks get E. Kane and C. Stewart, Jets get Oshie and Berglund, Blues get Kesler, Booth and Setoguchi. Dollars are close, provides a needed change of scenery for Kane, Stewart, Berglund and Booth, helps Vancouver get younger. Bombs away.

    • No thanks… Wouldn’t trade Kesler for Kane straight up, and the Blues get pretty shafted dollars-wise with Setoguchi and Booth in that deal. Plus, lay down the crack pipe. :)

      • The website is called, check it out. I layed the crack pipe down…by your mom.

  9. i think it’s only a matter of time and marc bergevin will fleece the jets in a trade for evander kane,it’ll be a deal similar to what cost howson in columbus his job desharnias,bourque ,1st rd pick for kane and thornburn is what the jest will ultimately get …and it’ll be a fleecing jets fans will be up in arms and laughing stocks of the league for this deal,and it’ll lead to cheveldayoff’s firing as gm there

  10. I don’t like what Marchand did but every team needs a Brad. He is one great player when he is focused on wining. Remember folks he takes as much as he gives out and he is one of the best when the real season begins. With all Boston’s leadership they will get him focused on playing hockey. I also don’t like the way Crosby wines all the time and crys wolf but because he is Sid we let it ride.

    • DENNIS what marchand have you been watching? he gives out a lot of cheapshots and dirty hits but can’t take them and he’s the most cowardly guy in the league and is a gutless coward the knee he got n the head from james neal was a long time coming ! neal should’ve give him another one to the other side of his head…if marchand got hurt i personally wouldn’t have shed any tears what goes around comes around and he got what he deserved

      • So, by the same token, if someone takes out James Neal, it’s totally deserved, right?

        • james neal isn’t a notorious cheapshot artist like marchand so to answer your question no!

  11. What Marchand did last night was not that bad. It’s about time he starts getting back to the things that he is good at and that’s (how can I say on here) P off the other team when he does that he draws a lot of penalties and starts to produce points

    • Marchand is a classless douchebag and will always be. His antics embarrassed the Bruins to the point that their own coach threw him under the bus. Guy needs to grow up.

  12. All I know is without him they don’t win the Stanley Cup and I’m pretty sure that’s what every team is playing for. Yes even the Leafs even though they seem to be happy just to get to the show.

  13. To Leafs: Omark + Gordon
    To Oilers: Clarkson + Ranger


      If you trade Clarkosn you need some size coming back in any deal …they arent going to trade him not this year anyways !