Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – December 22, 2013.

The latest on Max Pacioretty, Dan Girardi, Alex Edler, Sam Gagner and more.

Are the Canadiens shopping Max Pacioretty?

Are the Canadiens shopping Max Pacioretty?

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports he keeps hearing chatter claiming the Montreal Canadiens are willing to trade Max Pacioretty “who apparently isn’t Jacques Martin’s ideal”. Brooks claims the Rangers are interested but they’re not a match. He also claims the Islanders and Flyers are “taking serious runs” at Pacioretty but he doubts GM Marc Bergevin would deal him to an Eastern team, “if he’s willing to deal him at all” after the trade freeze.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’m going to cut Brooks a break (’tis the season, after all) and assume he meant Michel Therrien, since Jacques Martin hasn’t coached the Habs in nearly two years. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bergevin is getting inquiries about Pacioretty, but I doubt he’s shopping the 25-year-old winger. Still, it is the holiday season, and since the trade freeze in in effect until 11.59 PM on December 27 (and this is the last rumor update until December 28th for me), let your imagination soar with fantasy trade offers, gang.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports league executives claim Rangers GM Glen Sather is trying to move several players (including Michael Del Zotto and Dan Girardi) in hopes of getting his club back on track. Apparently their only untouchables are Rick Nash, Henrik Lundqvist and Chris Kreider. The Senators have shown interest in Del Zotto but they’d have to dump some salary to take him on…The Blue Jackets are seeking a goalie and Garrioch believes Carolina’s Justin Peters would be a good fit…The Maple Leafs and Devils have expressed some interest in Oilers center Sam Gagner…Flames trade bait includes “Mikael Backlund, Sven Baertschi, Mike Cammalleri or Lee Stempniak”…The Kings have some forward depth they’re willing to deal…The Red Wings had some interest in Canucks defenseman Alex Edler but he’s not going anywhere…The Leafs are trying to sweeten the pot to acquire Tim Gleason from the Hurricanes in exchange for John-Michael Liles…Devils GM Lou Lamoriello is quietly shopping for scoring help…No contract talks yet between the Avalanche and UFA-to-be Paul Stastny…Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin has been shopping for scoring help for a while.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Ryan McDonagh isn’t also among the Rangers untouchables, Glen Sather must retire as their GM…If the Oilers hope to land some much-needed defensive help they might have to move a player like Gagner, though that would weaken their depth at center…Not much else to say about the rest.  Enjoy the rest of this Christmas week, folks, I’ll be back with regular updates on December 28th.


  1. so the Canadians are going to trade their one guys who has size and can score? I believe the only chatter brooks is hearing is the conversation he is having with himself as he tries to “again” build his perfect Rangers team.

    • I agree that it doesn’t make sense for a team as small as the Canadiens to trade away one of their players with size. It makes less sense if they are trying to get scoring help since Pacioretty is their leading scorer (although I have no faith that Garrioch has a clue what goes on in the NHL).

      • Gored, Garrioch didn’t say that. It was Brooks

    • This is the silliest rumour I have heard yet.
      The Canadians are NOT about to trade this guy unless it is a blockbuster.
      Gagner to the Leafs? Maybe but I am not holding my breath over this possibility nor its overall effect on this Leaf team. Then you have Kadri; Bozak; Gagner; Bolland; Holland; McClement, Unless Holland goes back the other way.

  2. I don’t really know what’s wrong in nyr … They have a good young team. I guess the injuries but every team has them. If girardi and Marc staal are available lots of teams are going to be interested.

    • Not a ranger fan here but have to admit they got a good young team that will blossom in the next couple of year. if Staal and Girardi are on the market and get traded then the rangers to do not make the playoffs.

    • Staal to Carolina?

  3. When Bozak comes back trade Kadri and Gardiner for Girardi…these two kids do not have enough compete level…

  4. Now that Reimer is starting to whine it is time to trade him…Reimer, McClaren + for Gagner and Dubie…

    • No thanks. Don’t want either on the leafs. Don’t need another 2-3 line centre if your going to make a trade with one of the few chips the leafs have you use it on a top d man or first line centre

      • Exactly well said

      • Figure out what it takes to get Stasney and do it. Franson or Gardiner Kulimen + conditional pick… Or just about anything thats not in the top 6. Even a first round pick ( If he signed to a decent deal Id be ok with this years first) Get a fricking number 1 center already. Lets not “sweeten the pot” too much for Gleason…

        • Stasney will want $7M.
          No thanks since we can’t afford Phaneuf at $7.5M + Kessel at $8M + Bozak at $4.25M + Clarkson at $5.25M and now Stasney at $7M.
          IMO this is not an elite group of guys to lead this team.

          • Statsny, Jessel and have is a pretty good number 1 line. The cap is going up so a number one centre at 7 mil isn’t bad. Now u do agree the reall concern here is also signing phanuef at whatever it takes to get him…

          • Damn auto correct.. Statsney kessel and jvr

          • Yes Phanuef and Stastny both getting big dollars is a problem long term. Nonis would end up doing two seven year deals since he seems to have no issues giving out that term.
            I would like to see the top two lines at between $5M to $5.5M per guy with a total around $30M, then have our top four defenders around $20M total, our third line around $8M and a forth line around $6M with the 6th and 7th D man rounding out about $4M and the remaining $2M-$4M for others and injuries. This way we get a more balanced scoring and most guys are happy with their wages. I really don’t like a guy like Phaneuf getting $7.5M and Franson getting $2M or Kessel getting $8M and JVR getting $4.25M. To much imbalance.

          • At some point there is a need for a center who can play on the top line. With Franson and Kulimen going the other way its not even 4 mill in salary move Kadri in another deal and Bobs your uncle, Stasney Bozak Bolland Holland McClement is way better down the middle. Kadri Kulimen Fransons salary cover the cost of Stasney.

          • Its the freaking Leafs…. I should hope they spend to the cap. (maybe a mill less) lol

          • I would be surprised if Dion gets more than 7 if the term is snywhere near 6-7 years I bet its more around 6.75 just about guarantee it wont be 7.5.

          • Like I said when certain guys get $8M it takes away from paying decent wages for other positions. I realize the NHL doesn’t work this way but I really liked the way Burke was starting to set up the top two lines before he left. Lupul, JVR, Grabo, Kessel were all under $5.5M and yes Kessel was in his UFA year and Grabo was a little over paid by $1M so I was fine with trading these two guys for young cheaper players to keep the balance like his deal for JVR.
            To get things back in balance Winnipeg seems ripe for a trade with Kane and Bogo signed long term for under $5.5M. I would have no issues trading Phil the thrill and his $8M salary in some sort of a deal for those two Winnipeg players.
            IMO it would be much easier to build a winner when things are more in balance but Dave likes to dole out the big bucks and long term deals over valuing the player.
            According to Damian Cox we should be willing to wait another 5 years for a contender which would be 10 years from the start of the rebuild. Yikes.

    • Hmmmm. I want to like that deal but I don’t see the Oilers settling on that deal. The Leafs may have to include a Holland/Reimer/Draft pick for Gagner/Dubie.

  5. not sure why Max Pac is not the “Canadiens’ ideal”, why is he too big

    but would love to see him in orange & black… of the John Leclair trade

    • As a Habs fan, even the possibility of Pacioretty repeating what Leclair does terrifies me.

      And I’m with the rest – even if Patches isn’t Therrien’s ideal (though I don’t get that, either), don’t teams need a bunch of good lines? Why trade easily your best forward over the past 3 years? Build lines other ways.

      (e.g. wait till Gionta goes in the off-season and get a new forward then. But if you trade Pacioretty? You’ll be looking to sign someone just like him in June.

      Plus, he’s a 35-goal scorer for $4.5M/yr for 5 more years. Are you kidding?! He’s a cap dream. Why trade that?!)

      • The only way patches gets traded is in at least a two piece deal coming back. The two pieces would have to have size, speed, skill, and what Patches is missing, physicality. That would also mean they are either in the nhl or NHL ready. Point is, no one gives up two of those types of players for only one like Patches. Bottom line it is unlikely he is traded especially to an Eastern team. Happy Holidays all.

        • not sure why anyone would give up 2 players like that, period

          • Exactly. Bad rumour.

      • the rumor just doesn’t sound credible

        but as a Flyer fan, i’d take him off the Habs hands

      • Not a Canadians fan but I don’t think you will get any argument from any one in the Habs needing to keep Max.
        I always like what I see in his game.

    • Pacioretty isn’t Michel Therrien’s type? Then why does Pacioretty play 5 on 5 PK and PP? Is there anything else that Therrien doesn’t use him for? Seems to me as if Therrien is just fine with Pacioretty.

      • Valid points. Max is not going anywhere unless it is a blockbuster with a team like the Oilers whereby they could acquire a first rate talent to lead this team for the next generation……which I don’t see happening.

  6. I Pacioretty was truly being shopped then the Oilers should be making the call NOW … like RIGHT NOW!

  7. I really do hope the Sens & Del Zotto rumours don’t come true. He is not the type of defenseman that Ottawa needs to fix their issues.

    • Agreed

  8. If McDonagh if available the panthers can him for Gomez. Oh wait Gainey is not the GM of the Rangers. I think the Oilers are a great trade partner for the canadiens- the player I would want back for patches (plus) would be hall and in a larger deal Nail Habs have a lot of young D talent they can give up.

  9. I’d really like to know who is suggesting the Blue Jackets are looking for another goalie. Mainly because I’d like to know what he’s smoking. Both Bobrovsky and McElhenney (or however CMac’s name is spelled) are on one way contracts. So, unless you’re suggesting the Jackets carry three goalies, either Bob or CMac will have to be part of the trade. Somehow, I just don’t see another GM accepting CMac, since Bob isn’t going anywhere. Nor do I see the Jackets carrying three goalies when their main problem is a lack of scoring.

  10. Merry Christmas Lyle, thanks for all your hard work throughout the year. May everyone’s trade wishes come true in 2014! :-)

    • LOL Agreed! Merry Christmas to all of you guys.

    • Hear hear! Happy Holidays everyone, especially to you, Lyle! Thanks for keeping us all entertained, and dreaming! :)

  11. Brooks is retarded. Pacioretty is the habs’ best winger. Not to mention, he doesn’t know who coaches the habs? Or doesn’t proof read his articles? Dummy

  12. Patches isn’t being shopped…..end of story….it’s all bull crap….

    aki berg….you have funny ideas trade wise…moving Franson would be a big mistake….Stastny is average at best….invisible at time…an Alex Tanguay like type of guy….not a true no. 1 center….

    • Why? Franson has looked ok so far this year but has deffinatrly taken a step back from last year ( we should have moved him in the summer imo) still has what it takes to be a great quarterback on the pp but with Phaneuf Gardiner and Rielly I think the Leafs would be ok from that stand point.
      Stasney averages .85 ppg and over 50 pts and over 20 goals on a team that hasnt exactly had a lot of firepower or alot of top notch guys to play with over the past 5 years. Good face off guy not exactly soft.
      For an average center he out produces every one of the Leafs. To put it in perspective Towes averages .9 Richards .88 Backes .66 Bergeron .71 with far better players, Stasney is quite a bit more than average. If the deal was right he would be a good fit imo.

      • If you feel that strongly about Stastny (sorry not Stasney) then why not wait until this summer and get him for free? I believe you are worried Dave will have to over pay once again. I really don’t think the Leafs have the cap room to pay Stastny due to over payments for Bozak $2M, Kessel $1.5M, Clarkson $2M, Phaneuf $2M (soon), Lyles $2M = $9.5M I’m not saying the market wouldn’t pay these guys what they currently make but I don’t think participating in the madness is a good reason to send the teams salaries out of balance.

        • Cant say I agree with any of that besides ya there are some overpayments (as there are on pretty much every team in the league) there but not to the extent you have them.
          Kessel is a top 10 scorer in the league no way is he only worth 6.5. Phaneuf is worth more than 5mill as most top 2 type d men on any team are, Liles (dont correct spelling then make spelling mistskes) maybe a mill over bit to suggest he is only worth what a guy like Fraser makes is ridiculious. Because a coach dosent like you shouldnt effect your value Liles is. A 2-2.5 mill defense man everyday of the week.
          Youre lowballing everyone. Yes Clarkdons contract is bad (mostly due to term as opposed to dollars if they gave him 19-20 million over 4 years no one would have batted an eye at the time…hind sight is a great thing) and yes Bozak is overpaid. So a couple overpayments for dure but also some very good contracts Franson JVR Kadri Raymond Bernier Reimer McClement Lupul never hear mention of those do ya.

          • You completely misunderstood my posts.

        • I could see Stastny being interested in playing in Quebec after growing up watching his Dad and Uncles play in a place that still holds them in high regard. Purely speculation on my part.

    • Actually, Bill, he did have Jacques Martin written in there. It has since been corrected.

  13. If the Leafs are going to make a move…or moves…they need to make a big enough splash that wakes the team up and one that obviously is a benefiting trade.

    To Toronto: Stastny
    To Colorado: Bozak + Kulemin

    To Toronto: Girardi
    To Rangers: Franson + McClement

    To Toronto: E.Kane + Byfuglien + Frolik
    To Winnipeg: Lupul + Clarkson + Kadri

    • I like all these trades except I’d hate to lose Lupul or for that matter JVR. I’d do Kessel and Clarkson and a first rounder for Kane and Bogosian but I would be dreaming too.

      • For what we gave up for Kessel, we can’t let him go for Evander Kane. JvR is our power forward, with a proper 1C, he and Kessel can be lethal. With that trade, our lineup could look like:

        Phaneuf-Del Zotto

        • *Girardi (not Del Zotto, lol)

        • *Edit


          • The leafs are getting Stastny, Girardi, Kane, and Byfuglien , which leave them 3 million under the cap. With Stastny, Girardi, Phaneuf all UFA’s at the end of the year? I don’t see the Rangers trading Girardi for McClement and Franson. I would imagine if there is any truth at all to the rumor, they are going to want youth with offensive upside and picks back in return. McClement would not be the offensive answer NY is looking for, and at 30 years old there isn’t much attraction in that trade. The last thing in the world NY needs is another guy not scoring. Sather is horrible at free agency, not trading.

    • Dont know how Cap management plays out or how the other teams would view it but I would make those deals every day of the week.
      Then I would flip Byfuglien to Philly for Couturier and a pick.

    • The winner trade is whole lot of NO. The Colorado trade is also no. The Giradi trade, maybe.

      • The reason the Stastny trade works, is because Colorado would be trading for a younger Centerman, of whom is getting better each year. Why Toronto would rid themselves of Bozak? Because we need a slight upgrade at 1C now. Colorado already has three 1C’s (Duchene, O’Rielly and MacKinnon). Mind you MacKinnon is not yet 1C ready, but he will be, he wasn’t drafted 1st overall to play 2C. O’Rielly will be traded later on down the road, and get probably a top-tier Dman + top 6 forward and either prospects or draft picks. I would rather O’Rielly on the Leafs, but Toronto can’t wait till after Feb. 28th. Why ROR and Colorado have to wait until after that date? Because of Colorado’s contract match that Calgary placed on him. With the Bozak trade, he becomes their 3C after ROR is traded. Colorado are on the verge of being a championship team they were a few years back. And Bozak is young for a young team. And with Kulemin, his play on a young talented team, may rekindle/spark his offensive production, and Colorado would benefit with his strong 2way play.

      • Another reason that the trade works. Despite the cap hit going up next year, so to will Stastny’s contract cap hit. With Bozak won’t be getting any sort of raise anytime soon. As for Kulemin, they can either offer up a contract extension that see’s him get annually $2.5M, which will be extremely contract friendly for the Avs down the road.

        Colorado, will see a $4.56M cap hit increase on just Duchene and Landeskog. They have yet to consider ROR, McGinn, Talbot, Mitchell, Malone, Cliche, Sarich, Benoit, Barrie, Holden, Guenin, Varlamov and Giguere. They all either need raises, or will be moved. But those moved pieces, will need to be replaced and likely pay more (because of the cap going up).

        • Can’t see Col wanting to pay $4.25M for 3.5 more years for a 3rd line center who is not a checking center and has lost his edge on the draw. Besides Bozak has a no movement clause thanks to Nonis giving in to his every demand.

    • That Stastny deal is just horrible….not to mention he is a little over average at best….and is an UFA…Girardi for Franson and McClement?? Girardi isnt going anywhere….especiall for those two…not to mention…who’s going to kill penalties for the leafs if McClement is gone?? the last trade with the Jets is one of those “leaf fan” pipe dreams….no one is going to take lupul because he’s a bandaid…I love him but he’s a bandaid..clarkson may be the worst signing since Jason Blake.

  14. I thought Leafs fans were supposed to be taking Leafs talk somewhere else. This website is unreadable.

    • Leafs are mentioned twice in Lyle’s article along with Stastny. So we shouldn’t discuss the subjects now even when they include the Leafs?

  15. I had read somewhere else on this site of a Edler for Courturier swap. As a Canucks fan, I’d take that one for one today. I like Edler, but maybe he needs a fresh start somewhere else, and Philly would be good for him. Besides, I’ve believed the Canucks have too much $$$ invested in the back end, and Tanev is going to get a hefty raise the way he’s playing. I also think Courturier would be a Torts kinda player. He’d fit in well with Kesler. Now, as for all the Leafs fans…I know they may annoy some peoe with all their crazy trade scenarios, and the way they invade every article and make it about them, but at least they talk. What can I say…they amuse me :) Keep up the chatter.

    • ……….its the chatter that makes it fun.
      Don’t bang your head against a wall unless you are a real G.M.
      Otherwise its just like a hockey pool baby. Its all make believe and worthy of debates.
      Merry Christmas One and All.

  16. The guys running the Oilers are the most incompetent guys in the sports business. Kevin Lowe is the most despised man in Oilers history now. Mac-T could not find a coaching job anywhere else in the league and the Oilers gave him the GM position. LMAO. Feel bad for their fans though, they are passionate and loyal but I hear its getting volatile over there. Toronto would fleece them like any other team for any of the Oiler youngins.

    • Except for some of the Oilers youngin’s are to soft, which is why the Oilers are getting bullied each night and where they are at in the standings. If the NHL was like the KHL, then they’d be near the top of the League.

  17. I think the Oilers would have been in a much better position right now had they drafted Larsson instead of RNH and Ryan Murray (Murphy?) instead of Yakupov. They’ve drafted so many offensive players, and neglected their back end. Someone has to go for a real defensemen.

    • Doubt it. Larsson and Murray would have to be developed properly as complete defensemen, which the Oilers are incapable of doing.

  18. I agree with Edler needing a new start, one scenario I read somewhere had him going to Winnipeg with Hansen, for E. Kane. This would be good for both teams, Canucks get a sniper for the twins
    And the jets get a top two Defenseman and a relentless checking third line player in Hansen. As an
    aside, Hansen’s wife is from Winnipeg.