Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – December 29, 2013

The latest on Matt Moulson, Dan Girardi, Marian Gaborik, Nazem Kadri, Matt Stajan and more.

Could the Bruins & Ducks have interest in Dan Girardi?

Could the Bruins & Ducks have interest in Dan Girardi?

CBC.CA: Tim Wharnsby reports there’s been no serious contract talks between the Buffalo Sabres and the agent for Matt Moulson, who becomes a UFA in July. Moulson enjoys playing with the Sabres and for coach Ted Nolan. Wharnsby writes it’s possible the Sabres could trade Moulson at the March trade deadline and sign him as a free agent…During Saturday’s Hot Stove segment, Glenn Healy speculated the Boston Bruins might contact the New York Rangers regarding defenseman Dan Girardi, while Elliotte Friedman suggested the Anaheim Ducks could have interest in Girardi, who is slated to become a UFA in the summer.

BOSTON HERALD: Steve Conroy reports Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli will look to replace injured defenseman Dennis Seidenberg from within. Seidenberg suffered a season-ending knee injury in Friday’s game against the Ottawa Senators. Failing that, Conroy speculates Chiarelli could dangle one of his young blueliners for an experienced one near the trade deadline. He lists Buffalo’s Henrik Tallinder, the NY Rangers’ Dan Girardi, Winnipeg’s Mark Stuart and Ottawa’s Chris Phillips (all pending UFAs) as trade options.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Wharnsby observed, where Moulson ends up he’ll be well paid…I don’t think the Rangers will move Girardi unless his salary demands prove too expensive. The Blueshirts want to re-sign their key free agents but I also believe they want to leave sufficient cap space to go shopping in next summer’s free agent market. 

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks believes another injury could damage the trade value of Columbus Blue Jackets winger Marian Gaborik…Prime playoff rental players could include Gaborik, the Islanders’ Thomas Vanek, Buffalo’s Matt Moulson, Calgary’s Mike Cammalleri “and perhaps the Rangers’ captain Callahan and the Devils’ Jaromir Jagr.”…Given Pascal Dupuis’ season-ending injury, Brooks suspects the Penguins could get into the bidding for one of those players…He also believes the Toronto Maple Leafs would “love to find a taker for Nazem Kadri”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Agreed about Gaborik, whose trade value has probably already plummeted this season…Callahan’s availability will of course depend upon his contract talks with the Blueshirts. I doubt the Devils shop Jagr as long as they remain in playoff contention. The others could be playing elsewhere by March 5…Wouldn’t surprise me if the Penguins try to acquire one of those forwards. They’re usually active near the trade deadline…Kadri may be cocky and inconsistent but he’s also fourth on the Leafs in scoring. Only 23, his best seasons are still ahead of him. I’ll be surprised if the Leafs move Kadri.

OTTAWA SUN: In the wake of the Senators 5-0 loss to the Boston Bruins on Friday, Bruce Garrioch called upon GM Bryan Murray to make a trade. Garrioch claimed Murray was “working the phones” in search of a veteran winger and a puck-moving defenseman.  Don Brennan, however, questioned the logic of pursuing such a blueliner (like the Rangers’ Michael Del Zotto), pointing out the Senators have enough puck-moving d-men in Erik Karlsson, Patrick Wiercioch and Cody Ceci. Brennan believes the urgency should be upon landing a scoring winger and a defensive blueliner.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree with Brennan. Indeed, I’ve wondered for several weeks why the Senators have interest in Del Zotto. He’s not going to reduce their high shots-against totals.

CALGARY SUN: Randy Sportak reports pending Flames UFAs Matt Stajan and Lee Stempniak aren’t thinking about the possibility they could be moved by the March 5 trade deadline.


  1. Ehhh not so sure Id say they would love to find a taker for Kadri, but I think right now they would be more receptive to offers for him than in the past. With how little depth they have at center and on D I would think there would need to be either a. Couple deals or b. a blockbuster type deal, for Kadri to be moved. If they move Franson or Gardiner (plus other players/picks of course) for an up grade at center maybe Kadri and some other pieces goes for an upgrade on D…just a thought other than that cant really see it.

  2. If the Sens are going to find some consistency they need to reign in Karlson ..this guy is all over the place and plays no real positional hockey anymore …he just goes out and seems to do what ever he wants at the worst times of the game …his head is way to big …he need to play both defense and offence in a game ….Del Zotto will not be a helpful player with Ottawa they need a better power forward right now in second line, a veteran presence will help them better.

    The Rangers should sign Girardi …be stupid not to …the whole league is looking for a player like this which means they are hard to find !

    I Agree with Shticky …real soft a Center right now for the leafs ….it would have to be a multi player deal that will adress both back end and upfront coming back but an upgrade at Center if they were to move Kadri…..I still think the Jets are the best trade partners with the Leafs for both organizations !

    • what would you guys expect in terms of a return from Winnipeg or any other team for say Gardner & Kadri? Bogosian & Kane? I think Toronto would to include a first round pick there, but still a deal might be doable. Maybe the Leafs could package the two & send them to Colorado for Paul Stastney & their first rounder or Ryan O’Rielly & their first rounder? What do you guys think

      • Winnipeg deal:
        Bogosian >> Gardner
        Kane >> Kahdri
        It would take *** WAY *** more than a first round pick to make that work.

        Closer to realistic. Sans 1st rounder it is a good return for the Avs for a rental, maybe a 2nd thrown in.

      • you smoke too much crack.

        Not going to happen.

        Kadri and Gardiner for Kane and Bogosian? I would expect the Jets would ore than that just for Kane.

        Can’t see the Avs giving up either player plus a pick for those 2.

        Gardiner is still unproven. like it or not. He isn’t. Same with Kadri.

        And no, I don’t think either team wants Liles.

        • Kinda agree with Gary on this one, I could almost see a deal like this happening with the Avs tho, with ROR and Stasny being free agents just it would probably need to be Franson or Gardiner and Kadri for either of them straight up or the Leafs adding some kind of conditional pick. The Avs will get good value out of either of these 2 they will not be adding any picks.

        • If a Kadri/Reimer deal could land Bogosian it would be done.
          A big right handed top 4 D for the Leafs.
          You won’t get both Kane and Bogosian.
          I’d rather Bogo.
          That gives us nice D depth.
          Take a run at Stastny UFA next year and we are solid with Bozak,Bolland,Holland,McClement and then Stastny.
          Much better center balance to go with the improved D.
          A center for JVR/Kessel in Stastny and a partner for Rielly on the 2nd pair to take the heat off Phaneuf/Gunnar.
          Are those not the 2 things we are after?
          Problem solved right there.

      • i think you should put the crack pipe down…you won’t get kane and bogosian for that you won’t get kane alone for both of those guys !

    • I’m not sure if Brian Little is any upgrade on Kadri & I think Blake Wheeler isn’t going anywhere

      • See I kinda think that packaging Kadri and a D man together for one piece would be a mistake because at either position center or D the Leafs are not exactly deep, so this would leave another hole on D if you packaged them together for a center. Im not so sure there is a Marlie ready to play in the top 3-4 d and Rielly is not quite ready for it yet either going down the stretch or in a playoff run.

        • Yeah but Fraser will be back soon. Don’t forget the leafs have also had some talks with Carolina with regards to Gleason

          • True, but I just dont see Gleason being any real improvement in the top 4 (and has a bad contract as well), and Fraser is a bottom pairing guy at best. Id rather keep what they have rather than picking up a bunch more salary in lateral moves. Gleason is a scratch or hurt for the most part on a team with D almost as bad as the Leafs. Liles for Gleason adds salary, a D man, Kadri and a pick at least for a number 1 center is going to add a whole lot of salary so you would be looking at picking up probably another 5 mill at least with those additions. There would need to be much more involved.

    • I would think a string of four or five loses and either Carlyle will be gone OR a blockbuster deal. I think BC is on to something with the Jets as trading partners. Both teams are in a slump and have talented youth. Maybe a new location for certain players would make sense especially now that they are in separate divisions.

  3. Del Zotto is a lot better than the garbage the Sens have used this season on defense. The only reason this guy has struggled is because the coach played him on the right side which he clearly couldn’t deal with. He’s had 2 seasons far greater than any Sens defenseman other than Karlsson. Same stuff every year. These other teams think they have good defenseman and they stink. So their fans buy into it and talk down about players like Del Zotto who are superior talents to what their team is currently playing.

    The reality is that the Bruins can’t replace Seidenberg from within and the entire planet knows this. The Bruins were a top cup contender. The only defenseman that could keep them on that level that is available is Girardi who has played against number 1 lines for years and shut them down. Boston is going to have to overpay to get him and they would be stupid not to. That entire team is based on Chara. He’s getting old and has lost some. Their time to win is now. When he is gone, the Bruins will not be the same.

    • Del Zotto lacks the ability to defend any better than any of Ottawa’s top four. Things he does poorly includes blocking shots, clearing out the front of the crease, and not turning the puck over in the defensive zone. And, somehow, he’s having his worst offensive season in years despite the Rangers transitioning away from a defense-oriented system to one that gives defenders greater offensive flexibility. In so many words, Del Zotto is a bust. But don’t let that get in the way of a trade. If the Senators would like to give Wiercoch for Del Zotto, Glen Sather would take it in a heartbeat.

  4. Just a thought, if Karlsson is not a great D man, BUT has a lot of offensive abilities…..he should maybe switch over to a winger….imagine that speed up the wing. Just sayin’.

  5. Would really like to see the Pens make a run at Moulson. I think Bortuzzo, Pouliot and a pick (conditional 1st, 3rd if he doesn’t re-sign) would be enough. That would give the Sabres essentially two 1st rounders (possibly three), a 2nd, possible 3rd and a bottom six NHL caliber defenseman for Vanek. I would think the Pens could get Moulson signed for a Neal type contract, length and money, without much effort.
    Obviously with the Dupuis injury this might be next year’s line-up but I really think pairing up Bennett and Sutter long term is a better fit for the team and Megna has shown he can play on both ends of the ice.

    • For some reason I can see this kind of deadline deal, tho without Dupuis they might want to look in to picking up a more defensive forward.

    • Pouliot and Bortuzzo are the future of the team especially Pouliot and Scott Harrington are the next 10 years of the Pens defense. You could probably get this deal done for a Doumolin or even a Samuelson and a Niskanen who has the same UFA status in June. No need to give up so much for someone who has no guarantee of sticking around.

  6. I’m just wondering if now that there are some rumors involving Riemer & Carlyle not getting along does anyone think that now he might be available? What would he be worth?

    • I could see Reimer going to Winnipeg for obvious reasons. He will probably command a bottom six forward and a 2nd or 3rd rounder.

      • Ya sure a fourth liner and a second or third round pick…why do that deal?

        • Not saying he is going to get a top line center or anything of the sort, but why trade him for that when you could probably throw in a pick or another player and get something of use? Its not like he has demanded a trade or has a bad ontract and really has very good numbers the past couple years. Reimer by himself would get a package very similar to what Bernier got and if you added a high pick or another player like Kadri or Gardiner you would probably be able to adress a little bit more of a need than getting someone to play with Orr and Smithson. Jeesh

        • schticky what makes you think Reimer will get more than what Bernier got? Thats basically what LA got for Bernier and he is better than Reimer. Just another delusional Leafs fan, get a grip on reality buddy.

          • Bernier got a back up another player and a pick with pretty much half of their salaries held…Im not saying Reimer will get more but around the same and more if packaged with something else of more value like a pick or another player learn to read “buddy”.

          • One last thing Reimer has played more games and has pretty much better numbers career wise what makes you think Bernier is the better player? Because Carlyle likes him better? I think both are very good way too close to call Bernier better or vice versa imo. Bernier was going to be a cap casualty hence the trade, if it comes down to that with Reimer then a deal at the draft or over the summer would still get more than a bottom 6 player and a third round pick, if a team had interest in him during the regular season you can bet he is not leaving for anything short of a good young player and a pick.

          • Reimer will most likely be part of a package deal

  7. No Toronto gave up matt frattin who could be a second line player and a goalie who is having a pretty good year true matt hasent been playing top line minutes but he is still young but a blockbuster between Winnipeg and Toronto would make sense for both teams since each team seems to have something the other could use

  8. Couple of things going on – I think with the injury to Hertl and Torres, Sharks will be looking for someone to shore up their 3/4 lines and with Steen suffering from a concussion that opens the door for St. Louis to try to fill that void. IMO I think Buffalo will listen to any offers for any players – except Girgensens and their youngsters. (Although Grigorenko may also be on the table).

    Its interesting to hear Moulson say he would like to stay in Buffalo – kind of puts a new spin on things as it has been a while since we have heard that. Thing is, Moulson has some real value as he has proven he is a top 6 – even on a rebuilding team such as Buffalo.

    • I said that at the time this is one of the dumbest/best trades ever depending if you are a Sabres fan or cheer for the Isles, Moulson and a pick for Vanek was a steal.

  9. If we’re to start Armchair GM’ing, I’ll start with the most ridiculous trades, lol:

    To Leafs: Girardi + Del Zotto + Callahan
    To Rangers: Gardiner + Kadri + Liles + Kulemin

  10. I would like that trade, but it will never happen :-(