Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – February 12, 2012.

The latest from the Ottawa Sun, Buffalo News and Boston Globe.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports sources say some NHL GMs have asked the league to consider a one-time amnesty clause in the next CBA to allow teams to buy out one player without it counting against the salary cap…Sources say the NY Rangers have interest in Columbus Blue Jackets captain Rick Nash, but the asking price could be Brandon Dubinsky, prospect Chris Kreider and a first round pick…The Predators won’t trade Ryan Suter or Shea Weber at the trade deadline. They’re interested in adding a top-six forward but there’s not much available. Garrioch suggested GM David Poile might have interest in Edmonton’s Ales Hemsky…Don’t be surprised if the Islanders re-sign pending UFA forward P.A. Parenteau to a four-or-five year extension…It’s rumored the Blackhawks might have interest in Buffalo center Derek Roy…“Teams may be interested in Ottawa D Sergei Gonchar, but the Senators haven’t had any calls on him”…Source says Anaheim defenseman Lubomir Visnovsky is available…The Hurricanes are expected to make a decision on retaining or trading Tuomo Ruutu later this week. The asking price is a top prospect and first round pick…Sources say the Sabres are trying to move Paul Gaustad and Robyn Regehr…It’s up to Ryan Smyth if he wants to leave the Oilers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ve been saying for months some teams could seek a one-time-only, penalty-free buyout period at the start of the next CBA…If Rick Nash wants out of Columbus, he’ll have to ask to be dealt. If (big “if”) that were to happen, I’ll be very surprised if it happens at the deadline. Players of his talent level and salary almost always get moved in the off-season, when teams have more cap space and willingness to spend it…It was reported several weeks ago Poile had no interest in Hemsky…I won’t be surprised when (not if) the Isles re-sign Parenteau. Heck, I wasn’t surprised when they re-signed Matt Moulson, Michael Grabner, John Tavares and Frans Nielsen, who were all rumored before their re-signings to be available….The Blackhawks need better goaltending and defense, not more offense. As for Roy, Gaustad and Regehr, if the Sabres continue to play well leading up to the deadline, Darcy Regier might stand pat…Nobody’s interested in Gonchar now…Expect that asking price for Ruutu to drop if the Hurricanes keep him on the trade block… I might be wrong, but I don’t think Ryan Smyth wants to leave Edmonton again.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: Bucky Gleason lists several potential trade deadline candidate, including Phoenix’s Shane Doan, Carolina’s Tuomo Ruutu and Bryan Allen, Buffalo’s Paul Gaustad, Edmonton’s Ryan Smyth, Columbus’ Rick Nash, Tampa Bay’s Ryan Malone, Anaheim’s Ryan Getzlaf, Montreal’s Hal Gill, and Calgary’s Cory Sarich…There’s speculation the LA Kings might make a pitch for Columbus’ Jeff Carter to reunite him with former Flyers teammate Mike Richards, but GM Dean Lombardi is said to have issues with his contract…The Blues are waiting for the right offer for pending UFA goalie Ben Bishop.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of the players noted above, I’d suggest Allen, Gaustad, Gill, Sarich and Bishop stand the best chance of being dealt, and even then, there’s no guarantee.

BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont examines some possible trade options for the Bruins, like Carolina’s Jaroslav Spacek or Tuomo Ruutu. He also suggested the Anaheim Ducks could be if the Anaheim Ducks, “who did not respond to the move to bring in new coach Bruce Boudreau, act on rumors to deal Bobby Ryan and/or Corey Perry. “…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Spacek or Ruutu could be realistic options for the Bruins. Dupont, however, should rethink his claim the Ducks “did not respond to the move to bring in new coach Bruce Boudreau”. Granted, they were terrible in his first month behind the bench, but are 11-3-3 in 2012. Ryan and/or Perry aren’t going anywhere, nor for that matter is Getzlaf.


  1. If a team comes calling for Sergei Gonchar — I don’t care where the Sens are in the standings.. get him out.

    The Sens can bring up Borowieski (sp?).

    It’s not crutial that the Sens make the playoffs this year…. but getting rid of that Gonchar contract and with Kuba gone at the end of the season… 2 young D can take their spots.

  2. dont see how buying out a player will make the team any better. imagine if nash and carter are gone? the bluejackets might as well fold!

  3. Trying to trade Regehr less than a year after having Terry Pegula visit his home to beg him to come over to the Sabres makes no sense. He isn’t playing that badly.

  4. Bruce Garrioch reports sources say some NHL GMs have asked the league to consider a one-time amnesty clause in the next CBA to allow teams to buy out one player without it counting against the salary cap.
    and this is some scoop? It has been discussed for over a month all over. Garrioch just caught up with reality.

  5. Garrioch again: “The Hurricanes are expected to make a decision on retaining or trading Tuomo Ruutu later this week. The asking price is a top prospect and first round pick…”

    Tell you what…any NHL who has a player they deem as an equal to Ruutu…if you can actually get a NUMBER ONE and a top prospect for ANY player in Ruttu’s ACTUAL category they should instantly make that trade…if they can find a sucker to make that type deal.

  6. if Calgary concedes they don’t have a realistic chance of making the playoffs there may be interest in Jackman (affordable contract that expires july 1st) as a depth player. at some point Calgary is going to have to start a rebuild by shipping out some veterans for picks and prospects. Feaster would do well to learn Flames history, particularly the period preceding their last Cup appearance where they missed the playoffs for 7 straight years after they let their core grow old together.

  7. So this is the owners strategy confronting Fehr, “Look the players have to take a salary rollback and a decrease in revenue sharing, income is barely ahead of expenses. Oh and by the way, can we negate the long-term humangous payouts we made to has-beens, never-weres and never-will-bes.”

  8. @gameon63.

    You can get a Tim Jackman anywhere. Also, who’d want a gooner with 7 points and a -17? He’ll be let go during the summer, and someone can pick him up for 400-600k next year.
    As someone who watches a lot of Hockey, I would say Flames shouldn’t throw away all their vets and rebuild. I’d rather watch entertaining hockey, with mediocre results than be an Edmonton fan and watch my “young guns” bottom feed for years… until they can’t afford their contracts when they’re finally ready to make a run.

    I’m undecided on getting Cammy back for Calgary. If his contract came off this or next year it’d have been a great deal… but I’m all for opening cap and watching free agency. However, Calgary is moving in the correct direction (Most of you kids just like hating on the Flames, and that’s fine, but you have to see what Feaster has done since coming into the role of GM is impressive). Finally they’re drafting skill, not just size and a “good two-way game”. They’re getting younger (every deal this year has either been for younger players, or players of equal age).
    On the other side, this year and next year will be the final years of the Derryl Sutter mark on Calgary… Where really he screwed up the entire franchise to a point of no recognition. Now it’s about using money intelligently, giving kids a chance, and laying off the Gooners… You have kids like Lance Bouwma (D.Sutter prototypical draft pick) who, with two other similar players can bring a shut-down/Energy/Grinding capability to the team… instead of paying +30 year olds millions to sit on your fourth line and get scored on every night.

    Just my opinion. Still a long ways to go though. Hopefully no set-backs.

  9. The buy out rule would be made for players like Scott Gomez, where a team is sattled with a contract that is not proportional to the players performance.

  10. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Preds trade Ryan Ellis for some immediate (top 6) help up front. If they’re able to then resign whoever that is, that would send a positive message to both Suter and Weber that they are dedicated to improving the team.

  11. Ya but can the Preds handle that type of cap? They have to still resign Suter and Weber.

  12. Ruutu in Boston would be nice but can’t overpay.
    Maybe a first rounder and decent prospect not Hamilton or Spooner.
    As far as Ryan or Perry maybe for Krejci and a few other pieces and picks.
    But to get those guys your gonna have to overpay and I don’t want to give up the future.
    Hamilton and Seguin are untouchable.

  13. I agree, if an offer pops up for Gonchar, trade him. His contract isn’t ideal and he’d be able to fetch a decent mid age player or package of mid level picks for a team that needs some offensive defense help. preferably the mid age player?. But because of his contract, I don’t know what teams would be interested if any.

    Ellis could be traded at the deadline. I’ve heard those rumours before and it makes sense for Nashville, seeing that they’re stacked defensively. Ellis to Edmonton seems pretty plausable, and I know he wouldn’t mind playing with Eberle and Hall again and they would have an even scarier young core of players. I’d like him in a Sens uniform but seeing as how Karlsson is kicking ass, that’s not happening lol. He’s be perfect for Detroit because of his playing style, but they’re not selling forwards so that’s very much out haha. I just want to see him playing for a team that could use him :)

  14. Miokid

    How in the world is Calgary moving in the right direction. By adding Camalleri they just added another 2 million to their cap, with little upside. Most of the youth they have added is bottom 6 at best. And their top prospect (Backlund) has shown nothing in the NHL. The thing with all those UFA’s coming off the payroll is they have to be replaced. There is no-one in the system to replace them, so guess what, Feaster will be spending (overspending) on free agents in the summer. Look at who’s available. Where is the upgrade?

    As far as the skill you say they have drafted, you must be referring to Baertschi, who is having a great Junior year offensively but there are big holes in his game, and there as much chance of him turning into a Daigle as there is an Eberle. After him, where is the potential. According to TSN and the THN Calgary has the either the 26th or 28th rated overall prospects.

    I can definitely see the Oilers making a big play on both Ellis/Blum and Bishop. They have plenty of size coming up in prospect D-men and can afford a smaller skilled offensive d-man. And I think Bishop would be a good tandem with Dubnyk, two huge athletic goalies, if they can dump Khabby.

  15. Poultsy is correct that Ryan Ellis is the Preds best trade chip to get the top 6 forward that they need (and to convince Suter that they’re serious about being contenders), but whether Poile will actually part with one of his coveted Dman draft picks is the big question. Considering how few teams look to be sellers at the moment, there may not be anyone worth trading Ellis for. The perils of waiting to long to make a deal you knew needed to be made last summer……

  16. @Old Soldier.

    And that’s the reason I said mostly kids here dislike the Flames, and that blinds them from actually seeing real movement. If you can’t see how it has progressed from watching Sutter to Feaster, I suggest you go back to watching hockey and beating your chest instead of understanding. ‘Nuff said.

  17. The Sabres worked really hard to get Robyn Regher to wave is no trade clause so it dosn’t make sence to move him.

  18. Leafs will end up taking penner contract. See if Burke can work magic like he did with lupul. Bruins need to do better than spacek. Visnovsky would be good fit to help power play. Also bruins need replacement for Horton. Ruutu fits bruins style. Hope Tim Thomas shuts his mouth and plays hockey!

  19. I’d like to see something in the next CBA that penalizes teams for signing players to these long term contracts then realizing after one year it was a bad idea then trying to trade them ..again GM’s need to be saved from themselves….longshot, but wishful thinking

  20. Yes, trade Nash, that would most certainly destroy what’s left of the Blue Jacket’s fan base. Carter may go and not be missed, but getting rid of your franchise player? No way.

  21. I wonder if Burke has inquired about Jamie Benn, great young power forward that can play center. Neal was taken from the Stars along with Niskanen for Goligoski, maybe Franson and 1st rounder for Benn?

  22. First thing first, I am a Leafs fan, so deal with it, I do.
    Why in gods name would Anaheim want to deal Getzlaf? Leafs need him, but no way can you get him. You need to offer more to get him, we nor many others could offer such a thing, end the dream.
    I think the Leafs should sell, sell the following and get what you can, even a huge bunch of second round picks is fine;
    Armstrong, love the guy, but lets be fair, it’s not working out here.
    Lombardi, not in the long term plans, we got him healthy could help another team,
    Connelly, again not working out, could help someone who needs a centre like Washington,
    Komi, i know I know, but there must be a way, although I don’t think he’s that bad, but you can’t have that kind of money in the press box.
    I want to see Holzer, Aulie, Frattin and Kadri get a fair crack and let the chips fall where they may.

  23. habs2933: You may get your wish, as it is expected there will be a limit of five years put on player contracts in the next CBA, likely spearheaded by Leafs GM Brian Burke, who despises these long-term deals which are used solely to circumvent the salary cap.

  24. Brookzee: If Burke inquired about Benn, he would’ve been politely told he’s not available. No way the Stars trade him.

  25. the preds will never be contenders. the only way they’ll win the cup is in a EA sports NHL game

  26. Ok, I’m missing the hype around Ruutu. He’s played just 2 full NHL seasons in nearly 13 years, . had 2 – 50 point seasons, and a bunch of “where was he” seasons.

    A first round pick? AND A PROSPECT. Dreaming in technicolour in Carolina these days I think. I’d offer a second round pick maybe.

    He’s not even a Chris Kelly level of player.
    Mike Fisher is twice the player Ruutu is, (streaky scorer with grit) and he netted the Sens just a second round..and then a lucky break they got another when the Preds won a round.

  27. @Poultsy,

    Your strategy with Ellis makes sense, however:
    As much as Ellis is the Preds best bargaining chip, what if they get a top 6 forward and Suter and Weber split anyway? Ellis is the insurance ( has most potential) if Suter or Weber leaves.

    I could see them giving up draft picks galore to gain players to complement the players they currently have, and get back into the draft the year after, but I do not see Poile giving up Ellis.

  28. Gonchar rumours are thrown in mainly to keep Garrioch’s Ottawa audience interested. The chances of him being dealt are negligible with one year left on his big 35+ contract. Maybe next deadline.

    If the Sens deal a veteran D-man, it will likely be Filip Kuba – but the chemistry he’s demonstrated with Eric Karlsson may be enough to keep him around at least until the off season. Matt Carkner could be dealt, but offers little more than depth and toughness and probably wouldn’t fetch a great return.

    A first and a prospect for Ruutu would probably make most teams balk. Would be more than the Sens got for Mike Fisher and Fisher had time left on his deal and incentive to re-sign with the Preds.

  29. The Sabres worked really hard to get Regehr to waive his NTC last year. I think he is a good mentor for Myers and Weber and he’s played really well for us. I don’t see Darcy trading him unl ess it is for someone like Getzlaf, Pavelski, Coutier or Sharp – also, makes me wonder if his NTC came along with him to Bflo?

  30. Buy-outs…….. That’s like bailing out a bank. Whoops, bad choice, good thing it;s your money.

    I thought the last CBA was to protect the owners from themselves. Seems there’s more money than brains at work here.

    You sign a bad player, you pay for it. You spread things out long term to mitigate a cap hit and get who you so much desired only to have it not work out, it’s your problem.

    I don’t buy 20 bucks worth of 50/50 tickets and ask for my money back when I don lt win… It’s a crap shoot going in and you know it.

    Besides, how it fair for teams like Jersey to sign a contract like Kovalchucks only to be let off the hook.

    If your gonna do it, you need to come up with an amount so that the other teams who have no “issues” at the moment get to exercise that option when it suits them. Otherwise it;s just another case of friends with Bettman, get what I want.

    Oh, and Burke will take that Penner contract, just because he’s arrogant to the point of having the Leafs accept a sub standard player to maintain his Ego.