Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – February 19, 2012.

Ducks hoping management won’t be sellers…Giguere trade bait?…Latest on the Senators and Jets…

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Eric Stephens reports Anaheim Ducks players are hoping management won’t be sellers at the trade deadline. The Ducks are currently among the league’s hottest teams (14-2-3 so far in 2012) since GM Bob Murray suggested the only untradeables on his team were Teemu Selanne and Saku Koivu because of their “no-trade” clauses. Murray to date hasn’t tipped his hand as to his plans.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I realize there are teams hungrily looking at Selanne as the trade deadline nears, but unless he demands a trade – which I don’t expect at this point – Murray won’t move him. Indeed, given how well the Ducks have played, and how much ground they’ve gained in the standings, I’d argue Murray owes it to his players to reward their hard work by keeping the roster intact and give them a chance to try and make the playoffs.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater reports on the possibility Avalanche goalie J.S. Giguere could become trade bait if the team loses more ground in the standings by next weekend. Dater also suggested Paul Stastny might be of interest to clubs seeking scoring depth.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dater is merely speculating and not saying the Avs are actively shopping Giguere, or even considering it, but one has to wonder if they might get some interest in “Giggy” from teams in need of goaltending depth (Toronto? Chicago? Heck, maybe even Philadelphia?) by the deadline. If the Avs do become sellers, and if there were legitimate interest in Stastny, it’s certainly possible he could be moved for the right price. That being said, it would be surprising if that happened.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators GM Bryan Murray is looking for roster depth, but won’t overpay or risk upsetting team chemistry. The Senators are thought to have interest in Carolina Hurricanes winger Tuomo Ruutu, who might not be off the market, according to a league executive, but acquiring him could prove costly.  Garrioch also believes “the Senators will certainly look at Edmonton’s Ales Hemsky, but also not at any cost. If the Isles’ P.A. Parenteau is available, he’ll be a candidate, as will Colorado’s T.J Galiardi”. He claims there’s interest in Senators defenseman Filip Kuba , though he doubts Kuba will be moved. Garrioch also reports the Senators won’t be in the bidding for Rick Nash.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kuba’s been in the Ottawa rumor mill for two years now. He’s not going anywhere. Ruutu could be re-signed by the Hurricanes, but if not, he could be shopped, and might be a better short-term pickup than Hemsky. I doubt Parenteau is available, but Galiardi might be.

WINNIPEG SUN: Ken Wiebe reports only Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff knows if he’ll be a buyer or a seller. The Jets are currently only two point outside the playoff race.


  1. Avs aren’t selling this year; they’re fighting to the bitter end.

    Why sell with no first round pick? And why trade your best goaltender? Why trade a viable forward for a bucket of parts? Maybe they’d move Stastny for another top six forward on a similar contract to better their chemistry, but that’s about it. Maybe they move Hejduk for a pick. Stastny’s not going for a pick or third liners.

  2. I hope that Sastny comes to Buffalo. If the AVS are looking for top 6 forward, Stafford might be a viable candidate. Hoping the Sabres will use some of defensive depth to bring in a center and some veteran leadership.

  3. pens will put crosby on LTIR and pick up nash. leafs should never had let giggy go. he’s only 32 and we would have taken a pay cut to stay in toronto. now i dont care if they keep gus or reimer. both are solid backups but definitely not starters!

  4. MJR

    Idea might be to move Stastny for a top 6 forward or to get themselves their first rounder back?
    Just saying.

  5. As for Winnipeg, I am sure they want to reward their fans with a driver for the playoffs. Selling assets now would be waving the white flag and I am sure that is not what their fans want. They want to see a run to the playoffs. To me, that would be the prudent move so as to avoid alienating new fans.

  6. here’s an idea Burke: deal with Grabo since the trade talk started and you haven’t come to say he is not being traded, he has tanked and your team has tanked.

    Wilson; besides the fact you suck, how about moving lupul to play with grabo and maybe Tim (i make 4.5 for nothing) should be the 4th line center and use lombardi and two speedy wingers with him to change things up, hey move brown up to the garbo line (kuli, garbo and brown, even just for a few shifts spice it up use someone who will throw his weight around maybe shen can be a winger:-)
    in closing Burke: mitchell for a 7th round not to smart, or Ian white for?? he is only a plus 29 it would 19 leafs all together to equal that

  7. I hope the asking price for Galiardi isn’t too high. He’s basically a grinder and has had injury issues the last 2 seasons,

  8. Here’s an idea monkman…find a thread that actually has Maple Leaf news on it instead of posting your little analysis on here. It’s irrelevant. You’re making comment on a section that has NOTHING to do with ANY leaf news. How come this is so hard for so many leaf fans to get? This isn’t difficult. If it has leaf rumours go ahead and comment, if it doesn’t, then don’t. Simple. (?)

  9. we don,t need much help scoring we need help keeping the puck out of are net,the Monster should change hi nick name because the only thing scary about the Monster his is GA. AND RAIMER forget about it he is done,MR.Burke needs to find a goalie now not wait for the off season and for god’s sake keep grabo. oh 1 more thing fire frigging Ron Wilson please because this could be 7 yrs in a row with out play-off hockey in Toronto wake up BELL&ROGERS you guys looked very happy when you bought this team now grow a set and do something please…leaf fan

  10. It’s great that Winnipeg is still in the battle for a postseason spot. Wish them the best. I think the fan bases for both Florida and Ottawa certainly could use a playoff spot as well. Of the three the Jets play with the most heart. It probably can’t happen, but Philly vs. Jets in 7 games would be tremendous.

  11. I really hate how well the Ducks are playing these days. I was so hoping they’d be well out of it by now and the Kings could make a strong pitch for Selanne. He wouldn’t have to move. The Kings would get the scorer they desperately need. and the Ducks would get a solid prospect and/or pick for him. Everybody wins, but with the Kings struggling and the Ducks surging I just don’t see it happening now. Anaheim is still pretty much out of it but not so much they’ll gut the place and the Kings aren’t so into it that Selanne will waive his NTC to go to them as a “contender”.

  12. But why just give Stastny away? He’s a viable top 6 already.

  13. Ottawa not being in the bidding for Nash is a mistake on their part. Not saying it is the smartest move to make a deal, but given that they are in rebuilding mode, it would never hurt to kick the tires and see what the asking price is. Even if it doesn’t work out, perhaps that conversation with Howson could lead into other conversations. If he thinks Murray is eager for a deal and given the prior trade history, maybe someone like Vermette (still an Ottawa fan favorite) or Umberger could be talked about at a much more favorable price. But like I said, never hurts to get into the conversation.

  14. It would be difficult for the Avs to trade Stastny AND stay at the salary cap floor. That means they would be taking on some other teams 5-6 mil problem. Most likely an UFA next year and a draft pick.