Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – February 24, 2013.

The latest from the Ottawa Sun, New York Post and Boston Herald.

Are the Habs willing to shop Erik Cole?

Are the Habs willing to shop Erik Cole?

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch believes if the Calgary Flames shop Jarome Iginla before the trade deadline, his declining production could adversely affect his trade value. Garrioch claims many “league types” wonder if Iginla could be successful playing elsewhere after 17 seasons in Calgary. The other issue is if the Flames would pay Iginla, who currently earns $7 million, what he wants to stay?…Winnipeg Jets defenseman Ron Hainsey could be available at the deadline.  He’s a UFA this summer and Garrioch claims there’s lots of interest in him. The asking price could be a second round pick in this year’s draft…The Montreal Canadiens are believed willing to shop winger Erik Cole if they could find any takers for his $4.5 million per season salary. Garrioch suggests contacting Cole’s former team, the Carolina Hurricanes…The Maple Leafs, Sabres, Bruins, Senators and Red Wings could pursue Corey Perry if he tests this summer’s UFA market… The Washington Capitals are believed shopping forwards Troy Brouwer, Joel Ward and Jason Chimera to clear cap space…The Avalanche could move holdout center Ryan O’Reilly soon. The Rangers, Flyers, Leafs and Hurricanes are among the clubs thought to have interest in O’Reilly…The Flyers are shopping for a blueliner. The San Jose Sharks could be a fit as they have depth to spare.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Never underestimate the ability of NHL GMs to succumb to bidding fever on NHL trade deadline day. Iginla’s reputation alone is enough to net the Flames a solid return, as there will be GMs believing the shortened season (Iginla is a notoriously slow starter) and lack of depth on the Flames are the reasons for his poor showing this season…Hainsey would certainly have value as a playoff rental player if the Jets are out of the race by the deadline…Cole is having a slow start to this season, but of late he seems to have picked up his game. I’d be surprised if GM Marc Bergevin gave up on him this early…Lots of teams will have interest in Perry if he becomes a UFA, but don’t dismiss the possibility of the Ducks re-signing him…The Capitals of late are showing signs of life (three wins in their last five games). If they do decide to dump salary, it’ll be closer to the trade deadline, and only if they’re out of the playoff chase by then…Latest word out of Denver is the Avs could take their time shopping O’Reilly. Guess we’ll find out soon enough if they’ve changed their minds…If the Flyers contact the Sharks for a blueliner, it’ll cost ’em a left winger.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks speculates the NY Rangers might use their remaining amnesty (compliance) buyout to ditch the contract of struggling center Brad Richards,  which runs to 2020-21. Brooks observes the Rangers have about $10 million in cap space next season and must re-sign RFAs Ryan McDonagh, Carl Hagelin and Derek Stepan.  He doubts they’d buy out Marian Gaborik, as he’s the Blueshirts top goal-scorer….Brooks claims the Sharks are seeking a premium return for 36-year-old defenseman Dan Boyle, who has two years at $6.67 million per remaining on his contract. He believes Boyle could be an amnesty buyout this summer…Brooks also expects NY Islanders goalie Rick DiPietro will be bought out this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Rangers miss the playoffs, big changes could be coming. Gaborik only has one season left on his contract, so it would make no sense to buy him out. Richards contract, on the other hand, is a potential problem, one GM Glen Sather might have to move…Boyle may be ageing, but he’s the Sharks best defenseman right now. They probably won’t shop him now, but I wouldn’t rule it out next season if they’re struggling by that time, plus they can also buy him out next year if they decide not to do so this summer…DiPietro will be an amnesty buyout, and it’ll be interesting to see if he’s signed by another club as a backup.

BOSTON HERALD: Steve Conroy offered up his thoughts on potential trade targets for the Bruins later this season, listing Ottawa’s Daniel Alfredsson, Dallas’ Michael Ryder, Calgary’s Jarome Iginla and Detroit’s Valterri Filppula as possibilities.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Senators won’t trade Alfredsson unless he requests a trade, and I don’t see him doing that, while the bottom would have to drop out of the Red Wings’ season for Filppula to hit the trade block. Iginla and Ryder are better possibilities, and the latter would probably be best as the asking price wouldn’t be as steep as it would be for Iginla.


  1. Once I see Bruce Garrioch I stop reading.

    • I hear you. He, Brooks, and Eklund are the modern day “Three stooges”.

  2. Brooksie does not know what he is talking about. Saying the Sharks would want a premium return for Boyle YET next sentence saying he could be a buyout this summer. You buyout players that are no good and you get premium returns for good players. Which is it?

    • Seems to be a lot of that kind of hypocritical talk going on around the league… I.E. O’Reilly… we don’t want to pay him what he wants, but want a king’s ransom for him in a trade.

      To be honest, I don’t think we can look at buyouts the same way we used too, at least for the next two seasons, because of the reduced cap and the amnesty buyouts available. It’s not to say these players are not still useful and very skilled players (hello Brad Richards) but moreso that they don’t fit in with that particular team’s cap structure or long term plans. So in Boyle’s case I can see where they are coming from, but I do agree that it sounds a bit wonky.

      • O’Reilly situation isn’t hypocritical; it’s just being spun that way by blind media.

  3. Out of those players, I’d easily take Ryder. In the games he decides to play well, he’ll practically win them by himself; otherwise, he’s not a defensive liability. Iggy and Alfy are conditional allies because they play that way wearing a C on their jersey; how do they play without it? How do they play for other teams? Too many shifting variables.

    Is Filppula even available? We hear nothing out of Detroit. Do they even have sports writers?

    The teams with “sought interest” in O’Reilly don’t make sense either. Flyers, no, they want a d-man. Rangers, no, they have Richards and Stepan. Leafs maybe, but with Kadri emerging, much less. That leaves the Canes who have the Staal brothers. So that’s a no, no, no, and a big no. Florida’s interest at least made some sense.

    And when realignment occurs, that’s when both Luongo and O’Reilly get moved, because divisions change and new trade scenarios open up.

    • By realignment, I mean when it’s set in stone, not when it actually happens.

      • True when you take time to look at the teams rumoured interested in oreilly not many make sense. Which makes you think do these writers have inside knowledge or do they just want to sell papers. Only way leafs make sense is if they move grabo. He is over paid and isn’t the right fit for what carlyle has him playing as a checking centre. Which is what oreilly could be but again the salary asking price would make him overpaid as well.

    • I agree most teams mentioned don’t need O’Reilly other than the Leafs. They could trade for O’Reilly and buy out Grabo in the future. He is definately over paid for what value he brings to a team. I think Iginla would thrive with quality line mates and not having to be the man. I see CHI being a great fit!

  4. By my count, Erik Cole has a no-trade contract. I doubt Bergevin would trade him at this point anyway, but I doubt even further they ask him to waive the NTC:

  5. Hahahaha, Richards struggling. That is priceless. The rangers, particularily Sather and Richards deserve one another, especially after that free-agent performance. I don’t see a buyout happening at least not until all other avenues have been exhausted, and I can’t see them throwing a fish of Richards caliber back into the pond since the chances of a rival grabbing him are pretty good. If they could trade him, assuming they want to, would be the only way to go but moving that albatross of a contract would prove troublesome.
    Geesh Colorado, trade O’Reilly already. Its obvious you want to much for him or you would have moved him by now. Lower your demands and get a much needed body or two into your struggling lineup.
    I can see Washington freeing up cap space, but why? Who are they going to sign or trade for? Are they near the cap ceiling? Moving Brouwer or Ward doesn’t make much sense since they have probably been their best players all season so far and the capitals have some other guys they should get rid of first, or is my opinion just a little “Green.”

    • I think WAS needs to do a semi rebuild. Move some people out for some draftt picks. Its going to be a good draft so now would be the time. Also need a quality back up goaltender. Those kids need guidance.

  6. Lyle, I dont think GM’s are solely looking at stats when it comes to Iginla. His play has suffered tremendously, and while loyalty amongst the media, especially local media is avoiding reporting the truth, the fact is, he should be playing 3rd line minutes, ie Ryan Smyth. If you watch a Flames game, its almost embarrassing to watch Iggy play, he spends his time at the opposition blueline waiting for a stretch pass, and the few times it comes he lacks the speed to seperate himself and ends up in one give away after another. Except for one game after an ex-teammate spoke the truth, he hasnt shown any signs of “breaking out”

    He is always behind the play, horrid in his own end, and as I said earlier, its becoming embarrassing. I think, as has been proven so far this year under the new CBA that GM’s are going to be doing much less of the “rental” buying, and the Flames, if they have any intent of trading him, missed it by two years.

    I would not be surprised to see him finish the season with fewer than 4 goals…..does that sound like a minor slump?

    • Did I suggest he was going through a minor slump? I agree with you regarding his performance this season, but as I wrote, never underestimate the ability of NHL GMs to succumb to bidding fever. Iginla is still a big star, if by reputation now, and that could be enough to net the Flames a good return. I think you’d be surprised at how many GMs might be willing to gamble that a change of venue, playing on a deeper club, would help him regain his form.

    • Guess Old_Soldier’s comments were made before the Phoenix game Sunday…Iginla had two goals for a running total of only three I know, but Im sure he will score plenty more and certainly more than one to get season end total of four, like Old_Soldier suggests…Also, I really don’t think the Flames have any “intent” on trading Iginla at all, whether we arm chair GM’s (who have ZERO skin in the game) think they should or should have traded him or not…good dirty game by the Flames tonite, good that they stuck with it.

  7. Bruins have no need for a aging player.
    Iginla and Alfredson are good players who had great careers but unless can be picked up for a middle pick are not worth trading for.
    Much rather have someone with more to give.

    • Bruins and leafs obviously have a trade history, would macarthur be a fit? If leafs fall out of playoffs or need roster spots which in a couple weeks they may a guy like clarke could become expendable. Don’t know what the price would be though?

      • That is the kind of player I’m talking about.
        Not sure if Toronto will deal with Boston anymore with Burke gone.
        Chiarelli always goes for the unexpected pickups.
        No one saw Kelly or Peverley trades coming.
        He grabbed guys that still had another year on contracts not just rentals.
        Boston doesn’t need much if anything right now.
        For MacArthur probably a good prospect and high pick.
        Maybe knight or Caron and a second rounder.

  8. If the Stars are out of serious playoff contention they need to move some aged players for youth. Ryder is the name bantered about most frequently but I think there would be a line forming for Jagr. He can still score and is a great power play asset. I can see how great he’d look in Chicago taking Saad’s slot on the wing. The Hawks should go for O’Reilly too. How scary would they be with lines of Sharp, Toewes and Hossa and and Kane, O’Reilly and Jagr. Stars need to ship Whitney to Boston as well.