Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – February 26, 2012.

The latest from the Boston Globe, Calgary Sun, Edmonton Journal and The Buffalo News. Enjoy!

BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont reports a goaltender doesn’t have to be part of the return for Columbus’ Rick Nash. Dupont believes the Philadelphia Flyers could end up landing Nash, or could come the closest…Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli claims the trade market remains slow….”Murmurings in D.C. that the Capitals might consider unloading superstar winger Alex Ovechkin.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flyers reportedly had some interest, but balked at the high asking price. They could have interest this summer, if the Blue Jackets opt to shop him then in hopes of landing a better return…The Capitals won’t be moving Ovechkin.

CALGARY SUN: Eric Francis reports it’s been confirmed Flames center Olli Jokinen won’t be moved at the trade deadline…Sources claim the Toronto Maple Leafs have been offered a first round pick for center Mikhail Grabovski, but the club has no plans to trade him at the deadline…They also have no interest in Edmonton’s Nikolai Khabibulin or Washington’s Tomas Vokoun…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flames would’ve been nuts to shop Jokinen, as he’s among the reasons they’re ever-so-close to a playoff spot…Ultimately, I think the Leafs and Grabovski will get a deal done.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports on the possibility of Rick Nash being moved by the deadline, with the Rangers the front-runners…Don’t expect the Avalanche to move Milan Hejduk or Paul Stastny at the deadline. “David Jones, an unrestricted free agent, tough winger Cody McLeod and T.J. Galiardi (a fast second-to-third-liner) are in play.”…He wondered if the St. Louis Blues might have interest in Washington’s Roman Hamrlik….He also wondered if the Blue Jackets might move R.J. Umberger…Sources say the Blue Jackets have an offer for Steve Mason…The Sabres would love to move Brad Boyes, but his $4 million salary for next season makes him tough to move…Matheson implies the Kings would love to give away Dustin Penner…The Bruins are in the market for a top-four defenseman…If the Stars don’t trade Sheldon Souray, they’d like to bring him back next season…Matheson also mused if the Capitals might try to move Alexander Ovechkin next summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Jone, McLeod and Galiardi might be in play, but only if the Avs get a return which helps them clinch a playoff berth…Hamrlik’s on the outs in Washington, and with Kris Russell sidelined by a suspected concussion, maybe the Blues take a look…It’s believed there’s some interest in Umberger, but the Blue Jackets focus right now is on moving Nash…Don’t expect the Jackets to move Mason…A year ago, Boyes and Penner were hot properties in the trade market. How things can change in a year…Souray will probably re-sign with the Stars this summer even if they move him at the deadline…Again, Ovechkin isn’t being shopped, nor will he this summer.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: Bucky Gleason looks at the NHL teams and their respective needs (and trade bait) heading into tomorrow’s trade deadline.


  1. It has come to my attention that a few of you are using multiple names to post comments here, pretending to be different people in order to give the impression of support for their opinions. THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. VIOLATORS WILL BE BANNED PERMANENTLY. THIS IS YOUR FIRST AND ONLY WARNING. NO THREE STRIKE RULE HERE. I can track you folks via your IP address, so don’t do it.

  2. The Rangers apparent package for Nash is not going to be good enough. If all it takes is Mcdunough (to lazy to spell check his name) Erixon and a first, I’ll be pissed at Burke for not matching or beating that.
    I’m suprised at Jokinen and Tanguay’s performances this year. I didn’t think they would be doing this good. I counted the Flames out at the beggining of the year, but they seem to be that throw back team which relies on grizzled veteran leadership to win. It’s kind of counter culture
    to today’s NHL, but they haven’t made the playoffs yet, so I’ll just say they are performing better then I expected.
    Philly won’t trade for Nash. And Ovechkin isn’t going anywhere.

  3. Wow! People do that Lyle? That’s pretty lame. I just hope you make sure they didn’t simply do a name change or something (without deleting the old one) before you lay down the law.

  4. I cannot see Alex going anywhere either. Unless of course he starts to want out.

    I also cannot see Philly taking Nash. It just does not make sense for them financially.

  5. I thought there were too many Habs and bruins fans here lmao

  6. A few people that are constantly banned from HackeyBuzz come over here and do the same thing.

  7. people trying to support their own opinions? pretty sad.

  8. The NY Post had Sather clearly not willing to part with Mcdonagh or Delzotto, and for good reason. These are 2 key guys of the D core for now and the future. I fear moving either one especially Mcdonagh would interrupt a well oiled machine. If they were to unload a d man, I would be willing to concede Erixon or Mcalrath as part of deal to bring Nash to NY. My offer would be Dubinsky, Christian Thomas OR JT Miller plus Erixon OR Mcalrath and a pick for Nash. Im not saying Colombus would accept it but if I were NYR thats as far as Id go now. In the off season they will have about 13 mil to blow on free agency.

  9. It seems as if the Flames are moving at a snails pace in there so called rebuild……they should keep Iginla there as long as possible…BUT should move Kipper at the draft this year….at the deadline a move of Jay Boumeester to the St Louis Blues for Goalie Ben Bishop and Stewrat would be a good fit for both teams…….this way at the draft they can use Kipper to rebuild around Bishop Iginla stewrat and so on …Kipper would give you the best return with multiple players..coming back to Calgary.

    the asking price for Ovechkin would be way to much for any team to give up multiple assets for …and the only teams that would be able to do that are teams in the prime of rebuild mode that have the assets to give up in young players…it would be way to risky to hault a good rebuild for Ovechkin…on the downside…
    plus you take a $9.5 million cap hit which stunts your growth of adding any high quality talent around him due to less money to spread around!
    Teams that may undertake this could be Florida …..Dallas…Winnipeg…however Boston & Philly could have the asets and keep the core of the team together to do it best …..they are very well managed and could be the only team to do it properly without having to sacrifice the core future and present team!

  10. Lyle, can you tell me what you think the Canucks strategy is with Schneider? Is it better to wait until the
    offseason to trade him? If so, why? It seems like there could be a good deal for Nash with him now, otherwise that chance may escape them altogether.

  11. Brad Boyes is a UFA next year. Matheson needs to check his facts. That being said Boyes’ performance, 4M cap hit for this year, and injury status makes him a tough sell.

  12. ErikNY, that’s a pretty decent package, but I think if Slats insists on not moving Delzotto or McDonagh, then I would imagine Howson would want Stepan. Just my opinion of course, but McDonagh, a first, Anisimov and maybe Erixon would do, or Stepan, McIlraith, Kreider and another mid range prospect. I don’t know if Slats would do any of those, but I imagine that’s what it will cost.

  13. Lol moleafs – as a long time reader, I can say if there’s been any influx of fans it’s been leafs. Fans of a cup winner are expected until they start to drop off again, but this sniffing of the playoffs has brought a lot of leaf posters here. Probably theft the reason someone else posted about being banned from other sites. Kind of weird that you post a comment, then sign in with a dif name to support your comment. Why not just defend yourself when ppl start flaming you up? God knows there’s a few of us who do that regularly (myself definitely included). I don’t sign in under “FrownmaN82″ and say “your brilliant SmielmaN! They should also blah blah blah”. As I posted on the other rumors page: name these guys so we know who’s patting themselves on the back and ganging up on ppl so we can ridicule and laugh accordingly.

  14. Ben Bishop to Ottawa for a draft pickl ….WOW!
    Would have thought there would be more interest and a player involved in this trade …Bishop is suppose to be the best goalie not in the NHL !!!

  15. I would like to see big Benny Bishop in Blue and White.
    a prototypical goalie!

  16. to jmatheson – may be tough to move Boyes and his less than a handful of goals but not because of contract – UFA july 1

  17. Umberger just signed a contract extension, not sure why he’d be moving. If the Caps ever thought about trading Ovechkin, you can say good-bye to all their fans.

    Which team could have offered a 1st to Leafs for Grabo?

  18. Ben Bishop (born November 21, 1986) is an American professional goaltender for the Ottawa Senators of the National Hockey League (NHL).

    At 6′ 7″, Bishop is the tallest goalie to ever play in the NHL, topping Devan Dubnyk, Steve Valiquette, Anders Lindback and Mikko Koskinen, who all stand at 6′ 6″.[citation needed] Bishop played youth hockey for the Kirkwood Stars in suburban St. Louis as well as the St. Louis Junior Blues. Bishop attended Chaminade College

  19. The phrase for folks who use multiple names and pretend to be different people supporting each other’s opinions is “sock puppet”. Don’t be one, folks.

    danielbcguy: I still believe the Canucks won’t trade Schneider at the deadline, they want him as insurance for the playoffs. I expect they’ll listen to offers for him this summer.

  20. As for a team offering a 1st for Grabo ..most likely a team who is ready to compete this year for the cup and is a late draft pick …Nashville ….Sharks ..Pittsburgh ….LA perhaps

  21. The thing about Ovi is people have been writing/saying for a couple of years he played too physical to have a long career. Now it’s just been one bad season in a terrible year, but it all may be coming true. I doubt he gets moved before Semin. And when Backstrom comes back, Ovi may find his game again.

  22. I’m not so sure that Washington wouldn’t consider trading Ovechkin. I think a change of scenery might be good for him and Washington may be looking at a full rebuild. If this is the case Ovechkin would bring assets to help the rebuild. The problem is that Ovechkin has a $9.5M cap hit. If I was a GM, I’d be looking at what other players (plural) I could bring in with that money.

  23. There’s a rumor flying around that the Preds have made an offer of Wilson, Ellis, Laakso and a 1st for Nash. Sounds like one of Eklund’s hallucinated rumors, but who knows. I wouldn’t move Colin Wilson if I were the Preds.

  24. Lyle, you sure it’s not multiple users on the same IP address? My roommates and I got accused of the same thing in college once. It was just a misunderstanding.

  25. I say: Dubinsky, Del Zotto, Krieder for Nash and Wisniewski.

  26. JDBGiGC
    I have to agree with JDBGiGC…on the OVI topic …..unless you are in a market that needs to be saved by having a HUGE star in the lineup …you could have so much more in players who actually play good hockey.
    I have season tickets to Buffalo and have seen a few Caps games this year …and I was so dissappointed to see OVI play ……he only played between the Blue Lines did not hit and did not pass the puck …it got so bad in one game there that Karlson Wideman and Alzner refused to pass him th puck in whole entire 3rd period …even when he was yelling for it up pthe ice got kinda funny….but Boudreau lost his Job the next morning……but I think he is not very liked on the team and havinh had his best friend Green out for the better of two seasons …he hasnt been a good leader or fits in with the team…Semin was a very cocky guy as well in the pre warm up …only him and OVI talked to each other ….as well as doing theer own thing on the ICE eslwhere …they did not talk t any other player!!

  27. @ Chris
    You can take the Kings off the list that offered up a 1st for Grabovski…they traded theirs to Columbus for Carter

  28. I think there’s a chance that if Toronto trades with Columbus that it’ll be for Umberger instead of Nash. When compared to NY or SJ, Toronto lacks the level of depth, specifically young NHL caliber scoring forwards that the Rangers or Sharks have at their disposal. One would think that Umberger could be available at a more reasonable price, possibly centered around Cody Franson, a second round pick and possibly a mid range junior prospect.

    Big guy who can play center, hit, and score around 50 points consistently. He would be a possible replacement for Grabo if he leaves, or could replace Bozak on the first line to add a more physical presence. It makes sense, probably more sense than Nash to Toronto, but only if Columbus is really planning to rebuild from the ground up.

  29. Schneider is not going anywhere. Raymond maybe, but I assume with 4.2 Million in cap space will allow Van City to shop with more flexibility instead of actual trades. We can perhaps steal a guy away for picks & that’s that.

  30. Burke announcemant …Grobovski will stay and will not resign until the summer…unless he gets blown away!!!

  31. I said it before and I will say it again, someway somehow I think Mason ends up with the Leafs. Edmonton journal says there is an offer on the table for him, and I cannot see what other team is looking for a goalie, who might actually be available.. Perhaps it is Tampa, and they are hoping a change of scenery will do him good. Everyone keeps forgetting he is only 23, and having played in Columbus is probably scarred for life. Has Burke seen enough of Reimer, since he only seems to speak positively about Gustavsson?. Bernier in my opinion is no upgrade over Reimer, they will never get Schneider so that just leaves maybe Harding.

    Agree with all, Ovi goes nowhere. That team will always crash with him on it because he has to learn to use and trust his team mates better. Relying on one star player to do it all, or having one does not a successful team make…you may go far but will always hit some kind of ceiling.

  32. Lyle… The Jackets already have 2 firsts, if they aquired more via a Nash trade, could you see them putting together an offer sheet for Cory Schneider? If so, would the Canucks not benefit more from trying to trade him at the deadline for the pieces to win the cup? After all, the window is closing very fast for the Canucks.

  33. If Kaberle netted the Leafs Colborne and a second rounder then Grabovski should net the same or more.

    Burke can’t afford Grabovski if he has any plans on getting a top line center without trading away some big money guys or dumping salary and he knows it. The Leafs have $51.2M commited to 16 players next year which leaves about 7 players to sign. If Grabo gets $5.1M and the cap stays the same at $64.3M that only leaves $8.0M to sign a back up goalie, Aulie, Franson, Frattin, Kulemin, Crabb. I would think Franson and Kule will get $2.0M each, Aulie at $1.5M, Crabb $750k, Frattin $750k, a back up goalie $1.0M and you are at the cap ceiling of $64.3M

    No one wants salary dumps like Lombardi or Komisarek unless the Leafs throw in a prospect with these underachievers just like Nashville had to do with Lombardi in the first place by throwing in Franson.

    Burke only has 4 options to free up salary for a top line center in the off season:
    1. Trade MacArthur $3.25M, Schenn $3.6M or Armstrong $3.0M (probably need to trade 2 out of 3)
    2. Don’t re-sign Grabovski
    3. A blockbuster trade involving Kessel for a top center
    4. Stay the course and hope Colborne and become the top center

  34. I like what the Avalanche did on trading for Downie, so far he has been very impressive. With that said he basically plays the same game as McLeod but better, so we might see a playoff team like the Flyers or Rangers trade for him to add some grit and toughness.

    I hope Colorado doesnt trade Stastny, he has been playing very well the past few weeks but then again trading him might bring in some good scoring from the wing. Duchene and O’Rielly should be the one-two punch down the middle, respectivley.

    I love my Av’s and I hope they make one more move to help them into the playoffs. I doubt they will get Nash but he would be nice addition for Colorado for now and the future.

    Oh yea LoL @ Ovechkin being traded…sorry had to say it

  35. Burkie should have had Nonis or Dudley sniffing around the goalie market a couple of weeks ago – if he had he could have probably got in on the Bishop deal – hate to say it but great move by Murray – Bishop for a 2nd most likely works out as a steal…

  36. If there is an offer on Steve Mason I certainly hope it is Toronto! This will be weird to hear but Steve Mason has been one of my fav goalies, he was amazing in his first year and has just been thrown under the bus. No veteran support, poor goalie coach … actually second thought, he’d face the same issues in Toronto!

    But man if this kid can get the right support around him he will be great mark my words. Mason is a bonified #1 waiting to explode!

  37. @eo there’s no way in hell the rangers can afford to add Nash and wis

  38. Fire Wilson …I love almost every post you write …well done buddy!!!!

    yes your right…. have to dump salary and fast !!!!!
    especially if you wnat to entertain any FREE AGENTS in 5 months ….
    I loved Burke when he came to T.O. but some of his aquisitions are troubling…….especially what he paid for the help….he needs to move out at least 7 players tomorrow ….as youve mentioned

    Then bring up the Marli boys …the position ,which Brurke and Wilson wasted on Lombardi and Connolly…
    Can you Imagine if Colborne and Kadri played in those two positions all year …they would have equaled or bettered the points prodcution for sure …..and cost only 2million … opposed to the 8 million they are paying Lombardi and Connolly…..thats money that would go toward a first line center at this deadline …what a waste …burke did not need Connoly at any point …I have no idea why he signed this guy especially now if he is stating he does not want to trade his youth ..they should have been growing in a Lraf uniform then …now they are a year behind in development!

    In my opionion right now ….trade Kessel for 3 players …Goalie…roster player and roster propspect player and then shed salary and bring up your youth and make an aqusition to aff toughnesss like OTT and Erickson with hands to play with Kadri

  39. i wonder whats going to happen to komisarek. he’s got a ntc and i’m sure he’s not happy in the box watching gardiner speed around the ice

  40. The Sabres can move Boyes if he is in a package deal – like include him with Stafford, Gragnani and Boyes for a Getzlaf, Ott, Little, Bolland or a Kyle Brodziak along with a draft pick or two. The Sabres also have Gaustad and Hecht becoming UFA’s at the end of this season – perhaps trade Gaustad for someone like Jussi Jokinen, or sweeten the piece with a Stafford, Gaustad and Boyes deal. Anyway, I would love to see Darcy just pull a trade and get us someone who will give us the veteran presence and grit the Sabres need.

  41. Actually Mason’s goalie coach has an impressive resume, but it does not mean he is the right fit for Mason. I too think he needs a second chance, and would welcome playing for a team that has defense.

  42. I have been saying for 2 months now that Ovi might be a candidate to be dealt.

    I’m not sure that happens in the next 24hrs for 2 reasons:
    1) I think they will look to see what he can provide over the final stretch and get them into the playoffs, or not.
    2) Trading him at the draft can allow for a larger swing in salary, and allow the teams he will accept a trade to (I believe he has a NMC) to try to acquire some missing pieces to create a deal.

    I dont think the list of teams that he will go to is very long.

  43. How are the Bud’s supposed to afford MAson and his $2.9M cap hit get a top center and re-sign Grabo and their RFA’s. Impossible task

    Burke has to find a cheap $1.0M back up unless someone is planning on taking Reimer and his salary. Doubt Burke wants to give up on him already.

  44. FireWilson. Very good points about the salary cap situation. However, If I’m not mistaken, there will be an amnesty period this summer because of the expiring CBA that will allow teams to dump at least one player without it counting against the salary cap. In that case, Komisarek is gone, unless of course Burke is too vain or arrogant to recognize his mistake. Lombardi and Armstrong both have another year left and the Leafs are probably stuck with them. I still think Armstrong could be a good 3rd or 4th line player, but he is just injured constantly; I never liked the Lombardi trade because his numbers in Phoenix were because he was playing 1st line minutes and one of their best offensive players, which is pretty pathetic. I agree that the Leafs would, on the whole, benefit by moving out Grabovski – as much as I don’t want that to happen – and bring in someone like Clowe or Umberger with more size and grit to their game. They could also look at packaging Kulemin and MacArthur for something else this summer.

  45. @DS
    That would be great if Burke can dump Komi I wasn’t aware of that provision. Armstong could be moved because there are playoff bound teams that would take him so that’s an option. Lombardi was a salary dump to get Franson so if we didn’t take him we wouldn’t have gotten Franson. I believe Burke could bury Lombardi in the minors to free up cap room but he is very loyal to players and managment he has brought in so he probably won’t. I’d love to keep Grabo but the numbers may not work and trading him opens the door for Colborne to come up and play on the second line with lots of minutes for the rest of the season. I can’t see getting a decent return for Schenn or Kulemin since thewhole league seems to be down on these guys after there performance this year. Then again maybe it’s just the media that paints these guys as 3rd line guys.

  46. I really hope Sather does not trade for Nash. This team has heart and if they don’t win
    the cup this year they are poised to do well for the next few years with the farm system they have. Sure they need scoring, but you can get that by signing Parise in the off season and bring up a guy next year from the system. We don’t want a one year wonder. This team needs to be maintained like the Red Wings, year after year of consistency with a few Cups thrown in!

  47. BURKE …….is LOST…..

    .I truly beleive he thought he had it made this year getting into the playoffs !!!
    It was rumoured he was to go on a fishing trip in late Feburary and cancelled when the leafs went on this skid……I would say hes like Bryzgalaf …cant make a trade to save his life…. ..or a save to win a game …hes lost in the woods …..can’t see the trees through the forest…….right now hes past his own personal trade deadline …of january and is in panic mode and has no true plan to make up for this skid…
    In all the publisized trade deadline days …this has to be one of the only times this much talent could be up for grabs if the price is right to make an aquistiion…….Burke is asleep at his post……its can be so eay for him trade 1 player for three players ( Kessel)…….and get a #1 Goalie with that trade!

  48. Rick nash will not be moved the asking price is to much!

  49. I’m not saying that Ovechkin will be traded, I just don’t think it’s as crazy an idea as it would have been say two years ago. There have been indications that Ovechkin is moody and pouting (skipping the All-Star game just to name one), they have already fired one coach, and they are currently sitting out of the playoffs. An article just came out, on TSN I believe, questioning whether Ovechkin was still a super star or would ever be again.

    I don’t think a trade is imminent, but I could definitely see the Capitals doing some evaluation over the summer. They may come to the conclusion that a rebuild is in order.

  50. Caps will not trade Ovie any time soon. If he has a bad 2013 season then the idea might be more realistic. Until then, management of that team needs to seriously evaluate the structure of their roster. First thing I would do is let Semin walk as a free agent. Then strip Ovechkin of the captaincy and give it to someone like Laich or Brouwer. Then find a replacement for Semin, perhaps a play-making winger who could play on a line with Backstrom and Ovechkin.

    Luckily for the Caps they still have a relatively young team with lots of potential, so no need to panic. But obviously some changes need to be made.

  51. There is no contract amnesty provision in the current CBA. It is thought to be part of the NHL proposal to the NHLPA, but as of now, it does not exist.

  52. There is no provision for a buyout that will not count against the salary cap this summer. It is rumored to be one of the things the owners want to have in the new CBA and since there have not been any official talks it is basically a rumor at this point.

    Burke will be able to move salary out to make room this off season without much of an issue. Someone would consider Komisarek if Burke does not want to keep him around. Lombardi could also be trading since there is only one season left on his deal after this one. Or at the very least he could find himself in the minors also as someone mentioned above. Armstrong is also tradeable in the off season. One thing Burke has been good at is getting players out when he does not want them anymore. He’s got enough guys with GM experience working the phones to get them out the door if he wants.

    As for this deadline so far. There are alot of things he could buy but at what cost? It’s easy for anyone to sit in front of the computer and say lets get him for this but it rarely works out that way. Burke and his team are working the phones, and if the price is not too high for a deal he wants he will take it.

    On Bishop – I think it was a good deal by Ottawa to get him to give them depth and create competition. However he is not a sure thing either. “Best goalie not in the NHL” was once a phrase used to describe Gustavsson when there was a big deal when he was going to sign. So while not counting him out and saying it was not a bad deal for the sens I would not be too broken up about it if my team did not go for it. Yzerman said he was in talks about getting him, but he and his team felt a 2nd rounder was too much to pay for him so you see how some teams see players differently.

  53. I would have loved for the Sabres to have given a 2nd round pick (they have 2 of them) for Bishop. That would make Miller expendable in a big trade for a center. Bishop & Enroth could hold down the fort until one of them emerged as the nr. 1 goalie next season. This year is over for them.