Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – January 12, 2014

Latest on Nazem Kadri, Jake Gardiner, Brandon Dubinsky, Paul Stasnty, Mikhail Grabovski and more.

Could Nazem Kadri be part of a big trade?

Could Nazem Kadri be part of a big trade?

TSN.CA: Bob McKenzie believes Toronto Maple Leafs GM Dave Nonis could move Nazem Kadri or Jake Gardiner if Nonis acknowledges coach Randy Carlyle won’t use those players. Before trading either player, McKenzie says the Leafs must be sure they’re sticking with Carlyle for the long term.  Darren Dreger spoke with Nonis, who said he’s willing to make a blockbuster move or a small trade before the trade deadline. The Leafs seek a top center, a big time winger or a top defenseman. Given the difficulty in acquiring those type of players, Dreger doubts a trade could be made.

TORONTO STAR: Damien Cox reports Nonis seeks a deal to improve his club now and in the long term. He has no intention of sacrificing his club’s future for a quick fix. Nonis claims he’s not shopping Kadri or Gardiner, adding the only way either would be moved is for a blue chip player of a similar age. Promising youngsters like Morgan Rielly or their first round pick in 2014 are basically untouchable.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Leafs could be willing to move a defenseman like Gardiner or Carl Gunnarsson to land a scoring forward.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nonis continues to stand by Carlyle. I expect the Leafs GM will seek an affordable rental player by the trade deadline. It’s tough to swing blockbuster moves during the season.  I also doubt he moves his young players like Gardiner and Kadri. Doesn’t mean he won’t listen to offers but unless he’s getting equal or greater value for now and the long term, he won’t pull the trigger. 

Garrioch also reports the Penguins could shop a defenseman for a scoring forward…The Lightning are willing to move center Tom Pyatt and defenseman Keith Aulie…Former NHL GM Brian Lawton believes Capitals winger Martin Erat could be dealt to the Phoenix Coyotes…If the Avalanche decide to shop Paul Stastny there will be considerable interest, including from most Canadian NHL teams. Garrioch also wondered if the Blackhawks could be interested. If Stastny hits the UFA market, the Rangers (if they buy out Brad Richards) could pursue him…There’s talk of Oilers center Sam Gagner being dealt to Carolina for one of the Hurricanes three goalies…The Blues Jackets might be willing to move Brandon Dubinsky and his $4.2 million annual cap hit.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Pens could indeed shop a defenseman (Simon Despres?) for a scoring winger by the trade deadline…Erat to the Coyotes? Don’t see how he helps their scoring…The Blackhawks won’t pursue Stastny…If Gagner is dealt to the Hurricanes for a goalie it better be Cam Ward coming back in return, or a good young player/top prospect/first round pick heading back in a package if the return is Justin Peters or Anton Khudobin. That being said, I doubt the Oilers would make that move with the Hurricanes…Dubinsky is second in scoring on a surging Blue Jackets club. They’re not trading him.

BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa believes the Winnipeg Jets need to upgrade their goaltending. He suggested the Anaheim Ducks and LA Kings (two clubs with goaltending depth) as possible trade partners.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree with Shinzawa. The Jets style of game requires reliable goaltending, which they’re not getting from Ondrej Pavelec. It shouldn’t cost them a core player like Evander Kane, Blake Wheeler or Dustin Byfuglien to land a good young goalie from the Ducks or Kings, unless it’s part of a larger deal.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater once again chides the Colorado Avalanche for not re-signing Ryan O’Reilly, dismissed the recent trade rumors about the winger (He’s a center but this season has played primarily on the wing) but believes it would be a stupid move if they allowed their pride to dictate such a move. Dater also noted the Flames, Rangers, Capitals and Jets were scouting the recent Avs-Wild game.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hat tip to GJ Berg for the scouting link. As for O’Reilly, given he Avs previous treatment of players who’ve proven difficult to re-sign, I understand Dater’s nervousness management might get dumb and move the winger. I don’t see Sakic and Roy allowing their judgement to be clouded by the same arrogance of their predecessors. 

CALGARY SUN: Wes Gilbertson reports Flames watchers are awaiting the next move of the club’s president of hockey operations Brian Burke. It’s believed the reason a trade hasn’t yet been made is the lack of activity within the trade market. Pending UFAs Mike Cammalleri, Matt Stajan and Lee Stempniak could be moved by the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Burke may be impatient but he won’t make a trade just for the sake of doing so. He’ll wait for the market to improve.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika speculates Stars GM Jim Nill could move some veteran players coming to the end of their contracts by the trade deadline. Depending on where the Stars are in the standings by then, Ray Whitney, Vernon Fiddler and Erik Cole could prove attractive to playoff contenders.

SUN-SENTINEL.COM: Harvey Fialkov reports new Florida Panthers owner Vinnie Viola has given GM Dale Tallon the green light to spend toward the cap ceiling if necessary to rebuild the Panthers into a playoff contender.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In the past the Panthers were sellers at the trade deadline but this means Tallon could become a buyer. It also puts to rest talk of a Panthers fire sale, or speculation Tallon could be fired by season’s end.

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Mikahail Grabovski’s agent has started contract talks with the Capitals, suggesting most likely his client will remain beyond this season.


  1. I suspect there might be other Leafs moved aswell by the trade deadline….Kuli Reimer possibly Franson before Gardiner Raymond Gunnarsson Lupul, wouldnt surprise me….Not to say all thes guys would get moved. If Carlyle is staying Nonis will need to change the team up quite a bit and provide him guys that have some skill and play a Carlyle type game. The culture of this team will need to change quite a bit. Im not so sure adding or just replacing Kadri or Gardiner does that.

    • Also believe it one or the other if Nonis just stands pat and doesnt move some of these guys or doesn’t fire Carlyle The Leafs are just spinning their wheels past few years has showed that its not going to work this way.

      • Leafs need to make a big time trade and really need to change the culture of the club ….this is a team that has learned to loose, not win, and when history repeats itself in sports with core guys on the team its very troublesome as the window to winning is a very fine pinhole of time !

        This is not a winning team on record and they were lucky due to a lockout season to make the playoffs last year.
        Its just not going to work, they have the wrong leadership in place and it moves out from there. In all honesty and being a devoted fan, this team is nothing but 2nd and mostly 3rd liners with one of the softest, streakiest 30 goal scorers in the league .

        Its not about them playing a Carlyle type game its them playing an NHL type game, when you get there to the bigs you have to play like your in the bigs every night, coaches can only do so much the players have to take responsibility for how they play and the effort, the coach is not to blame here, if your a true NHL player with any talent you have to be much better and consistent than this horid effort no coach can help that. Tampa Bay lost a 60 goal scorer they have found a way to do it and thats to play 60 minutes of grind it out man to man Hockey and with the will to win …not float around looking for the free bee goal or the hopes of a late 5 minute push in the 3rd periods.

        • Im not sure what you mean by soft….guys who score goals at that pace are not exactly getting paid to be “gritty” and hes a top goal scorer in the league it kills me when people call him streaky, its alot goals no matter how you look at it. Would you feel better if he only scored 1 goal in a game but spread it out more as opposed to having multiple point nights? The way they win is when Phill has multiple point nights. 1 goal nights even if he has more of them as opposed to less multiple point nights means more losses not more wins and if you think scoring 50-60 goals is going to happen in a season (with the center he plays with) and this would make him more consistent you’re blaming the wrong guy. Phil being “streaky” isnt the issue the supporting cast could be.

          Taking Gardiner out of the lineup replacing him with Fraser, sending Holland down so a winger can play center, putting McClement Kuli and the gang on for a regular shift when youre down by 2 with under 5 to go in a game, continually dressing a useless 4th line and not playing them, when most decent teams roll four lines. Insisting that a rush or transition type style dosent win in the NHL (some one should mention this to the Hawks, Sharks Avs Pens Wings etc not exactly gritty teams) time outs etc are all coaching decisions.
          Not saying Randy is solely responsible but he aint helping either.

          • the buds made the mistake of overachieving last year. they poisoned our expectations. they are exactly as good as this dismal record, and we have no right to expect any more of them.

            bolland’s return makes them a marginal playoff team, but that won’t happen before the Olympic break. as good as he has been for the buds, he is also their best asset in the trade market to playoff contenders.

            if the leafs were winning, nobody would be questioning the unconventional and archaic nature of Carlyle’s decisions. since they’re not, he’s an easy target. Maurice, Wilson, Carlyle. All successful coaches ruined by their tenure in Toronto.

            giving gardiner and rielly nights off to watch from the press box is not necessarily punitive.

            I may have posted this in the wrong string. if so, my apologies.

          • Well said.

          • Maurice successful? Where? Im not saying giving them nights off is punitve to them Im saying replacing them with a third pairing AHL caliber D man and expecting good things to happen is a mistake. Could have sat a number of other guys after that loss but continues to sit the same guy everytime something bad happens is not being constructive in my opinion. He has a bit of a history almost ruining guys by doing this.

          • And when they were winning I was saying the same thing Carlyle does not suit or fit this team.

      • Shticky
        You should also add if Carlyle isn’t fired and players aren’t moved then Nonis should be the one to be fired. Don’t know why you would give him a free pass for doing nothing. Don’t forget Nonis was a big part of this rebuild so he is basically in his fifth year as AGM/GM.

      • Shticky
        You should also add if Carlyle isn’t fired and players aren’t moved then Nonis should be the one to be fired. Don’t know why you would give him a free pass for doing nothing. Don’t forget Nonis was a big part of this rebuild so he is basically in his fifth year as AGM/GM.

        • Oh ya I know no free pass for Nonis, but he should be given a little more slack for now he is doing his job trying to get players to help his coach win games but if it dosent work I agree. I think the job him and Burkie have done isnt horrible, there are some bright spots this team is definitely better than the one they took over. Where it goes from here is on Nonis’ I agree.

          • I agree the team has a ton more talent since Burke and Nonis took over. These two GM’s are way to loyal to their coach friends and should probably stop hiring their buddies to coach since they have a hard time dropping the axe on them when the time comes. Nonis has done a fantastic job with trades but not so much on the contract side of things IMO. Guess we see where he goes from here. BTW I would have no problem if he wants to trade anyone on this team for even younger top talent that may not make an impact for a few years. A sort of quick rebuild type thing. Moving out Kessel, JVR, Lupul, Phaneuf, ect (players at the top of their game right now) for top drafted players from the last two years and this year if available.

    • @Shticky Well said on the Carlyle coaching blunders

      • amusing watching the reporters discuss the jets waiting for the leafs to fire Carlyle so they could name him as noel’s replacement, and twitter breaking Maurice’s hiring during the show.

  2. Nonis may be repeating the same mistake that Burke made by keeping a coach that isn’t being followed by the players. Carlyle is a very good coach, but players tend to tune out coaches that are yellers and criticize a lot.

    I think Kadri should be traded and in return the Maples Leafs need to get a caliber forward that is looking for a change of scenery. Or, look to swap players with the Oilers.

    Garrioch’s part was a joke to read. It puzzles me how he still has a job.

    I don’t expect the Panthers to make any significant moves this season as far as buying players. I mean, under the new coach they have a solid record and if it wasn’t for such a horrid start with Dineen (who is a very good coach, by the way, and will get another chance) then this team would be hovering on a playoff seed.

    But, i don’t think that Tallon will go out of his way to trade his young core of players for a high profile forward. I think that will come in the off-season, however.

    • See reply below Alforducks post.

      • Trading Upshall will be tricky due to his NTC. But, i think that Backlund is nothing more than a skilled third line center, and Hudler i am not convinced that he is what the Panthers need. He is a very good player, but he is 30 with three more years left, i think, or two, at $4M a season. Also, i don’t think that Calgary will completely gut the team. They need bodies on the roster and Hudler will be useful to build a team with.

        I don’t think there’s any reason to make a trade such as that one.

        I think the Jets and the Avs are the team to look at for the Panthers. The Panthers have the cap space and the funds to absorb a player that a team needs to unload. The Avs may shop Stastny before losing him for nothing in July; however that can also occur in late June during draft day.

        Ryan O’Reilly is also a possibility.

        As for the Jets, after just having fired Noel i would assume that either the players start producing, or the team will need to change players. Obviously the Byfuglien is an easy mention due to his Hawks days with Tallon, but also Evander Kane would not surprise me either.

        Still, i don’t think that Tallon will make such a big trade anytime soon.

        • Upshall does have a NTC but I think you would agree (you are a Panthers fan if I remember correctly from your previous posts, right?) that his time in Florida has not met expectations. He may be eager for a change of scenery and he is an Alberta boy, so maybe Calgary fits the bill. Hudler, on the other hand, is the antithesis of a Burke type player. Even though he is the Flames leading scorer, I suspect Burke would be loathe to have to build a team around him. He is, however, a goal scorer. Florida is 28th in the league in goals for, so I would argue that Hudler, or a similar player, is in fact one of the things the Panthers need most. Backlund and Matthias fill similar roles at similar cost. Both are 2nd line centers on poor teams and 3rd/4th liners on deeper teams. Matthias is better defensively and on faceoffs but not as offensively gifted as Backlund. They are basically a wash in my estimation, But I think Backlund has just a little more potential upside. I think we’ve seen what you can expect to get from Matthias. And the trade I proposed is bodies for bodies so it’s not really gutting the Flames. I don’t see the Panthers that often though, so I may be off base on some of this.

          • Concerning the Avs, I don’t think they will make any big moves at or before the deadline. They are playing well and seem to have good chemistry. I agree with you that they will probably move either Stastny or O’Reilly in June.

        • They both have the pieces to make a blockbuster but Winnipeg will have to be patient. Buff should go and a deal around gudbransen and picks would work. They have great untouchables on Florida, that’s the problem. I’d love to see huberdeau or barkov on the way back but I doubt we will see it

  3. Gagner to the Canes? For Real? I really hope that was just some silly rumor. I just can’t see them giving up on Gagner for a couple of unproven back up goalies. Especially from the Canes. I’m still sore about the whole cup thing. Those wounds run pretty deep 😉 If anything, why not use some of the young talent they have to maybe acquire Riemer? I’d like that more than Peters or Khudobin. I doubt they’d get Ward out of Carolina. And why even trade Gagner? Isn’t he their #2 center? I don’t know if we have another one in the system who could fill that spot. At least right at this point. Perhaps a free agent this summer? I’d much rather see Yakupov & the 1st rounder be used to acquire some top talent in a area they really need help. But, I’ve always thought Gagner could be a future captain. He was my first new hope for the direction the Oil was headed. After the Old team that went to the final. So, I’d hate to see him go. He’s a great Oiler :)

  4. Said it before will say it again. This so much reminds me of the end of Carlyle’s time in Anaheim.
    There is no give with Carlyle, it’s all about being tough and physical. When Ducks changed to
    speed and mobile type style of play, Carlyle dug his heels in and players stopped playing.
    Before making any trades Leafs MUST
    1) Decide right now if Carlyle stays or leaves.
    2) If he stays go after his type of players, meaning trade the Gardiner and keep the
    Clarkson types.
    3) Next up are you trying to save the season or re-tool for the future ?
    a) If your trying to save the SEASON then you will HAVE to trade off part of your FUTURE.
    b) If you want to take a step back and build for future, you can wait but you may miss
    the playoff’s.

    Don’t get it with Holland, this is a team that has trouble scoring and they send him down and
    bring up Ashton ? If they are having scoring slump and not winning then bring him up and
    play him. Find out NOW if Holland is going to be on your team in the future.
    He is running out of chances, had several with Ducks and just missed, he has nothing to
    learn or gain in AHL, he has done his time in minors.

    • Micki – I respectfully disagree with you comment on the Panthers. I predict a trade with Calgary; S. Upshall, S. Matthias and J. Crabb for J. Hudler and M. Backlund. Not a blockbuster but let’s be sensible – there are very few names on either roster which would qualify a trade as such. Upshall and Crabb give Burke some of his coveted truculence and the Panthers get the best player in the deal in Backlund. Not that it matters that much to two teams so far below the cap, but the dollars are very close as well.

      • Oops, looks like I selected the wrong reply button.

    • Alforducks Well said 100% bang on.

    • Fire Carlyle … the Leafs would be set back trying to build the team to fit the coach. They have a good team, they really do, they have talent and youth. Bring in a coach that can work the style of players that they have, that can get the most out of those players. If Nonis won’t do that then CAN Nonis.

  5. Add this one to the rumor mill, at least for the next few minutes. As it is about to be confirmed that Jets coach Claude Noel has been fired.

  6. Does Noel being fired stop all the talk of Evander Kane being dealt?

    • Probably… Should have been gone at the end of last year imo

    • I still think the Jets will make a big trade – could involve Kane.

  7. Dave Nonis is under the gun here as well and, if the Leafs continue to fall in the standings, the new guy may postpone the parade, clean house and, for the millionth time, start over with a new management/coaching staff. It surely is depressing to watch the Leafs these days – something is seriously wrong in that room.

  8. Leafs just need to compete, right now they have NONE. They just don’t scare anyone this year, no fight in there game. Dress McLaren and play him and Orr minimum of 7 minutes a game. Ashton and Orr both fought in the Caps game Friday and did not play anymore in the third period (were they hurt)? Kadri needs a fresh start somewhere, doesn’t really mesh anywheres on any line. Clarkson, I liked him in NJ but has been an outrageous bust in leaf land (a trade to EDM for Gagner might benefit both) Phaneuf as a captain and leader is a joke, to passive and nobody seems to respect him. Lets face it, with his salery and minutes per game, playing in the #1 market in the NHL (did not even get a sniff for team Canada, says it all doesn’t it)??? I was never a Reimer fan but right now, Carlyle has lost him, no confidence. Gardiner should not be dealt, go out and obtain a RH def. partner for him and let him go. He has tremendous skill level, can’t play a lick of D but he is held back to much. play McClement back on the 4th line like last year and just kill penelities. Need a grinding 3rd line center. They won’t make any deals because they think there players are better than they actually are, when there players become more consistent, then they can make a trade. All for now, been a leafs fan a long time, just getting REAL hard to watch this lineup on the ice.

    • Just one thing I would disagree with is Orr is done. He loses most fights now it’s time to pack it in for him. He reminds me of when Domi couldn’t fight anymore. McLaren scares the @#$% out of people so let him play a regular shift.

    • hahaha clarkson for gags?? ya maybe kessel for nick shultz lol

    • “Clarkson, I liked him in NJ but has been an outrageous bust in leaf land (a trade to EDM for Gagner might benefit both)” hahahahahahahahahaha…..This would benefit both? How about this would benefit the Leafs only! What would the possible upside be for Edmonton? More Salary coming back?

      • Personaly I cant see the benefit in Gagner small soft and generally hurt 40 pt player. Thanks but 1 bozak is enough.

  9. What’s with all the Leaf chatter not everybody cares about the blue and white. I’ve said it many times you can not build a team around a guy who won’t go in the corners or back check and pay him 8 bills. 2nd your captain can’t hide behind the ref when the going gets tuff and pay him 7 large. Unless you remove these two plugs nothing will change.

    • pull the plugs. great idea.

    • Bure was a back checker? Kovalev? ( he was good enough for the stingy/defense 1st N.J. Devils ). Do Keith/Seabrook/Suter/Bowmeester have to drop ‘;em to be good defenseman? If your not going to post about the leafs at least post something realistic.

  10. Erik Cole still has a year after this one at a cap hit of 4.5mil. Good luck finding a trade partner for that! Other than Carolina, of course!

    • 1. to Washington for Erat or 2. to Vancouver for Booth.

      • Or a good ol’ three way; Cole to Vancouver, Booth to Washington and Erat to Dallas.

  11. While I get Nonis is listening to trade offers, he just doesn’t seem to be listening to the idea that maybe Carlyle is at the core of many of the under performance issues we are currently seeing on the ice.

    Too many of the players are not showing up and competing while being out worked and out played. When the fans resort to booing the team off the ice at the end of each period and the game itself it usually means the coach and the team have a problem. You can’t trade away the team to satisfy the coach and you can’t put the coach on waivers either but you can replace the coach. While replacing the coach doesn’t address the needs for a #1 centre etc it does at least put the onus back on the players to compete as they should have been doing all along and at least giving their fans an honest days work and effort on the ice.

  12. these guys that write these stories or fables i call them should be gm’s of teams but they can’t cause no one wants them

  13. OMG Paul Maurice!!!! Could they have found a more incompetent coach to take over. The trade Kane talk is just getting started now that they hired Maurice. What a joke….

  14. Five Essential Trades and Finance that can work wonders for the Leafs for years. Skill, Youth/Experience, Size/Speed, Role Players and Character = winners.

    1. Kessell, Bozak and a Prospect for John Tavares
    2. Kadri, Gunnarson, Prospect and a 2nd for Shea Webber
    3. Gardiner, Prospect and a 1st for Matt Duchene
    4. Franson, Kulemin, Prospect and/or 2nd for Patrick Sharp
    5. Clarkson, Reimer for Yakapov

    Augment with Free Agent Signings

    Projected Lines:

    JVR Tavares Sharp
    Yakapov Duchene Lupul
    Raymond Bolland Holland
    Komorov McClement Marlie Prospect

    Phaneuf Webber
    Reilly Gleason
    Fraser Marlie Prospect
    FA Signing

    Veteran Signing

    • Seriously? Leaf fans are about to get lambasted for insane trade proposals again.

    • You forgot one.

      6. Crosby for a bag of pucks

      There. Now your list is complete.

    • Seriously man?…bejeezus.
      Yet another tough day to be a Leaf fan on this site.

    • Wow?

      You really think any of those trades have the slightest chance of happening.

      No way in hell you get Weber for that garbage.
      Yakapov for 10 million in salary? No thanks.

      These don’t need to be disputed, the stupidity in each proposal speaks for itself.

    • WOW!!! That’s some seriously delusional overvaluing of leaf players. Why don’t you also trade bolland and Orr for Crosby and Malkin? I’m sure that deal makes sense to you too. The leafs don’t have 10 players that are worth taveras or duchene or even weber.

      • Looks like someone has been blurring the lines between reality and their NHL 14 GM Mode again. On second thought, i don’t even think you can pull off that kind of stupid in NHL 14.

    • LMAO! WOW!!!! This list is hilarious!

  15. why don’t you the non hockey fans or non tor fans go get your tissues and go to your own teams site

    • We did, this is our site. Haven’t you noticed. LOL

      Until Canadian corner is back we post here especially since Leafs are mentioned in the article. If it wasn’t for the Leaf fans or people commenting about them there would be five posts today instead of 43. LMAO

      • I’m a Caps fan and I certainly don’t mind the Leafs fans posting in the rumor thread because if anyone has rumors or entertaining trade ideas, it’s Toronto fans. On top of that Toronto generates a huge amount of revenue for the league, some of which goes to support struggling US-based teams. As an American who loves hockey, I appreciate that the Leafs and their fans help grow the sport in the US.

        Thank you Toronto fans – keep the rumors and trade ideas flowing!

    • This is not a Leaf site, but an NHL rumor site.

      I have no issues with Leaf fans. Just their over active imaginations.

      Most trades listed here by Leaf fans are ridiculed by Leaf fans…just ask Shticky of his view of the nonsense BackChecking writes.

      I have as much right to be here as you do.

      The Leafs are falling like it is October, and there is no end in site. Fans are panicking, and rightly so.

      Still doesn’t make bad Leaf players valuable to other teams.

  16. Would Riemer and a prosect for Wheeler make sense? Maybe throw in Kulimen for cap purposes. Winipeg gives up a big forward but gets a good young goalie in return that Toronto refuses to use? Thoughts?

    • I’m a leafs fan. would take that deal but Winnipeg could likely get a goalie cheaper than moving Wheeler.

  17. Just a question…what is the appetite for rebuilding the leafs like they should’ve been. The leafs need a culture change not a coaching change. I would love to see the leafs completely blow up the team and get prospects/picks back. If that isn’t the quencher why not work out a blockbuster in/with Winnipeg?

    As dome of you know I’ve never been happy with the current team. I’m all for blowing this team up and starting over again. Figure out a way to draft a stable of centres and dmen and start over

    Trade Kessel, phaneuf, Lupal etc. picks and prospects coming back. Try and get 2015 picks for players unless their value sucks. Kadri, whom I don’t dislike May only get you a second in 2015 but will net you a first in 2014. Be smart and rebuild. What is on the ice currently dies not work. If something doesn’t work…change it

    • No way to trade Kessel or Phaneuf with their contracts. Both are overpaid in my opinion.

    • If and that’s a big IF they ever blew this team up I would only trade the players that are playing at their peak right now and the ones with long term contracts IF they are movable. IMO Why trade Kadri or Gardiner if you don’t get full value back.

      Anyways MLSE isn’t blowing anything up. Us Leaf fans are stuck with the status quo.

      • Im not so sure you “blow up” one of the youngest teams in the league. I hope they dont. Keep building ok then maybe, but I think guys like JVR Kessel Rielly Gardiner Bernier Kadri are guys I wouldnt suggest trading away at the deadline for picks and Im not so sure you are going to find prospects and pick packages that are worth it considering they are all 26 or under. It makes no sense to “blow it up”, one year after making the playoffs for the first time in a decade.

    • We have a stable of d-men…besides Gardiner/Reilly/ there is another 1st rounder Percy..a high 2nd rounder Finn…promising swede Granberg. Let’s not blow up till we get a good view on their progress. Now if someone going for the cup gives you a sweet pay-out for Lupul ( 30 ish ) ..well we have jvr there who is also a shooter and other left wing options. Kadri who was drafted top 10 for a pick at what..25th. But we don’t know what is being offered. You have to get something.

  18. I agree with the previous comment that the leafs are a young team. Personally, I would trade Gunnerson for a draft pick or a combination for a winger, call up TJ Brennan who is excelling in the AHL, Can not do much with Phaneuf with the new contract. Let the kids on the D grow. Leafs have always had a way of destroying young defencemen. (Randy Carlyle was one who just happened to win the Norris Trophy after leaving TO) Give Clarkson another year to see what he can do. I think Orr,s time is done. We have a good system with the Marlies, so build from within. They are an exciting team to watch. The cupboard is no longer bare.