Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – January 15, 2012.

The latest from the Ottawa Sun, CBC, TSN, and ESPN.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports New Jersey Devils GM Lou Lamoriello might have to consider trading pending UFA Zach Parise if he’s unsigned by the trade deadline, with league sources claiming Lamoriello is gauging what Parise might fetch in the trade market, though he’s in a difficult spot because the Devils are in the thick of the playoff race. Garrioch believes the Minnesota Wild would be at the top of the list of those trying to land Parise, and believes Lamoriello wants a top young player, a prospect and a first round pick…It would appear Anaheim’s Bobby Ryan is the top target of Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke, but it will “cost Toronto either Joe Colborne or Nazem Kadri, along with a another prospect and a No. 1 pick to land Ryan.”…If the Flames decide to move Jarome Iginla this summer (they won’t move him now), the Capitals, Kings and Sharks could be looking for help up front…Philadelphia could be a destination for Ryan Suter if the Predators fail to re-sign him by the trade deadline…Columbus GM Scott Howson might try to make one big move by the trade deadline, such as dealing injured center Jeff Carter. Burke could show an interest…Keep an eye on Buffalo center Derek Roy, who’s name keeps popping up in the trade market…The Penguins could be a team worth watching near the trade deadline. P.A. Parenteau of the Islanders would be a nice fit.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I just can’t bring myself to believe Lamoriello will move Parise if he’s unsigned at the trade deadline. This is a team which reportedly is in financial trouble, and could use the revenue generated from a playoff appearance. They’ll need Parise for that…I also doubt Ryan is available, as it appears Ducks GM Bob Murray wasn’t serious about moving he or his other core players…If the Flames make the playoffs this season, Iginla won’t be dealt this summer…Why would anyone want to take a chance on Carter this season, given his injuries and expensive contract? His stock is down from last year…Suter won’t be dealt if the Predators remain in the playoff chase…I do believe Roy could be on the move by the deadline…Parenteau could be shopped by the Isles if they’re unable to agree on a new contract by the deadline.

CBC.CA: Eric Francis reports not many GMs around the league think Ducks GM Bob Murray was serious about trading Bobby Ryan, Ryan Getzlaf or Corey Perry, who all want to stay in Anaheim. Francis spoke with Teemu Selanne, who left the door open for a possible trade if the Ducks are eliminated soon from playoff contention…Elliotte Friedman reports the Phoenix Coyotes management said they’re not trading team captain Shane Doan. They’re trying to re-sign him if there’s new ownership, but if not, he can depart as a UFA.

TSN.CA: Darren Dreger recently suggested there’s a reasonable chance the Sabres trading Derek Roy, but it’s hard to imagine them dealing Ryan Miller during the season, though he suggested there could be significant changes on and off the ice for the Sabres if they miss the playoffs…The going rate for Ales Hemsky depends on how he plays from now up to the trade deadline. GM Steve Tambellini hasn’t declared Hemsky’s availability and remains open to the possibility of re-signing him. The Oilers would want a young player and perhaps a high draft pick in return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I also don’t believe Miller gets moved during this season, but if the Sabres miss the playoffs, there could be serious consideration toward that option. Hemsky’s trade value is down from last season. The Oilers would be fortunate to get a young player for him now.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun recently reported Devils GM Lou Lamoriello won’t trade Parise, the captain and face of the franchise, with the Devils in a playoff spot, plus they could really use the playoff revenue… Minnesota Wild GM Chuck Fletcher has been talking to teams for a couple of months now in pursuit of offensive depth, but won’t mortgage the future. LeBrun guesses Columbus’ Vinny Prospal could be a target…The Flyers and Maple Leafs chatted this past week but aren’t close to making a deal…The Rangers are seeking a top-six forward and/or a power-play defenseman with a good shot, so they’ll keep an eye on Shea Weber and Ryan Suter of the Predators…The Red Wings have the cap space to add to their roster, but not at any cost. LeBrun believes they could have interest in Ales Hemsky…The Canucks are looking for size up, likely a bottom-six forward…The Florida Panthers need to get healthy before they can make decisions on what they’ll do at the trade deadline…The Sharks could use another third-line forward.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Wild want Prospal, they might want to move quickly, as other clubs will also have interest in him soon…The Wings could target Hemsky, but I still feel Tuomo Ruutu of the Hurricanes would be a better fit.


  1. Winnipeg should go after Parise ( providing it was a sign and trade with the devils ), they could offer up Kane ( lots of skill and speed but not the right guy to build a team around ).

    Other guys Winnipeg should move are Antropov and Fehr very obvious they arn’t leaders and don’t fit in well with the rest of the Jets on the ice.

    How about Parise for Kane ( and someone/something else if needed ). Then Antropov, Burmistrov, Ivan Telegin, Carl Klingberg for Getzlaf and Selanne.

    These two deals would dramatically change the character of the Jets for the better.

  2. are you on crack? why would anaheim trade their star center and selanne (arguably their best player this season) for a bum like antropov? burmistrov is a good young player but he hasnt proved anything. this is why you will never be a GM.

  3. it would take more than kane to land parise and the trade for getzlaf sounds good for both teams

  4. If Parise isn’t signed by the trade deadline, I would guess it’s because they either can’t afford him, or he has decided he doesn’t want to stay. Lamoriello could have gotten a lot more if he would have traded him earlier.

  5. The Canucks are pretty deep in terms of forwards, but if there is a size upgrade, it would be great if it were a big top-six forward. Canucks have the assets to trade to get one, but they may not be willing to take the risk. I’m guessing it will be another deadline with minor changes – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I suppose.

  6. Hemsky will land more then just a young prospect or he won’t be going anywhere, he’s been slowly recovering from the shoulders and every game looks a little better then the last, this guy is an offensive talent. If we had a better coach Hemsky would be sporting better numbers, sadly renney must be the worst puzzle builder in the entire league.

  7. This may seem crazy, but I wonder if the Sharks would consider Zigomanis (really cheap). He doesn’t fit the third line role, but the Sharks also need some more center depth (talented in the circle) and a solid PK forward and Zig’s really fits that bill.

    I’d have my doubts of Ryan being available and I think the Devils SHOULD shop Parise. I believe if they said we need a current roster player, pick, prospect that they could get what they need and have more then enough talent to maintain their playoff spot. We’d be looking a quite some hockey left to secure that spot WITH Parise in the line up. I don’t mind the thought of it being with the Jets, though I doubt it would happen.

    If Parise goes at deadline it would be West as the Devils would want to make sure that they are not giving him to someone who could then catch and knock them out of the playoffs. I think Jets, Leafs are two teams that wouldn’t get him. Nashville, Minnesota, maybe Chicago might be the more likely to make a move for him.

  8. Kc I like your thoughts. I still say Hemsky( who was once described as “the most reluctant shooter since Old Yeller” will only garner a second rounder. injury proned and sproratic scoring won’t get more . Deadline deal most likey

  9. Not being an Oiler fan I don’t see much value in Hemsky who is constantly injured and has a fairly high salary which will make it hard to re-sign him after trading for him. Other then a playoff rental, will teams really want to spend players or picks on him and if so will the Oilers get close to what they think he’s worth?

  10. I heard the Sabres are thinking of a trade for a new hospital wing with their injuries. Last night another one bit the dust, Regher is out with the famed ‘upper body injury’.
    How can you judge this team with all the injuries???

  11. hemsky trade value might as well be crosby’s concussion talk. he wont be traded. and i’m tired of hearing about both

  12. Actually I think the financial situation makes it essential for Jersey to deal Parise and get under budget.

    With that financial situation… Parise will end up walking away simply because Jersey wouldn’t be able to afford him (what are they going to offer? 5M a season? They’re essentially bankrupt right now).

    If Jersey’s still having financial trouble in mid February (and it looks more and more like that’s going to happen), they’re going to deal Parise for a first rounder and prospects. They have no choice. They don’t need Parise to “make” the playoffs… but competing in the playoffs will be difficult without him.

    If they WEREN’T in dire straits, they’d keep him.

  13. I sure get a kick outta oiler fans expectations on a return if Hemsky if traded…I can`t see anyone in the league giving him as much value as oil country residence…you couldn`t get Schenn for him last year (I wouldn`t have done it either) so how do they think they can get a first or high ranked prospect this year. His playing time and numbers are down when he HAS played this season. What exactly would the oilers give up for an injury proned forward who`s “potential” has yet to materialize??? Or maybe, is what you see is what you get…they said he was the best oiler player for the few years before Hall, Eberle and the young stars…but thats cause the team was terrible…of course he was the best player, who else was there and was he ever a game changer??? I wouldn’t want him on my team, there are other oilers with better trade value than him IMO, and i’m not talking about Hall, Eberle, P.A. Sven, or RNH either….silly oiler fans…

  14. If I’m speculating on where Parise is going, Minnesota or San Jose would be prime targets. Maybe Nashville, but doubtful. Dallas might have interest, also doubtful.

    Lou would deal to the east if the right deal was there. I don’t think he’d care whether he’d face off against Parise. It’s nothing against Parise… the team just doesn’t have the budget in the summer… seeing as they’re facing a 20 M loss… their operating budget to break even would be about 40M. They have 38M committed next season and would be short two goaltenders, two d-men and a couple forwards.

  15. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Ducks are willing to move Ryan. He has some downside…Rumour has it that he isn’t the most motivated player and not the best “team” guy. There was interest by Toronto previously and it wouldn’t surprise me if that interest is still there.

  16. If NJ is gonna trade Parise, i would think Lou would be looking for a great goalie prospect included in any deal. With Brodeur on the downside of his great career, the devils need someone to step in.

    Or maybe a Parise for Cory Schneider trade plus picks and/or prospects from both sides

  17. I actually LOLed at Kc doesn’t know anything! Pretty funny that you felt so motivated to disagree with someones opinion, that you based your domain name about it.

  18. I agree with JerryAlberta about Hemsky’s value or lack thereof. Even though the Oil can’t afford to trade a defenseman the guy that would probably garner the most interest on that team is Smid.

  19. DurtMCHurt I even have to admit its pretty funny, because how do I respond I have no choice but to start off by saying that I don’t know anything. Here Goes;

    Kc doesn’t know anything, I agree Getzlaf is their star centre but he is not producing like a star and he is supposed to lead that team and he is not ( see anaheim’s record ), he obviously needs a change of scenery. I also agree that Antropov is not even in the same league as Getzlaf but he would be a body that the ducks could plug in and temorarily fill the void left by Getlaf.

    You can’t get to crazy on Selanne’s value because # 1 there is a good chance he will retire after this season # 2 if he doesn’t retire he will most likely re-sign with the ducks and # 3 I bet that Winnipeg is one of the only teams he would agree to go to.

    Finally you forgot to mention that Anaheim would be getting Telegin and Klingberg two high end prospects so you could say Selanne and Antropov are a wash and the Jets would be giving up Burmistrov, Telegin and Klingberg for Getlaf.

    Re; franky6 I agree would have to probably through in more than just Kane to get that deal done, but I could see Parise being willing to go to the Jets ( close to Minnesota, severaly fellow Minnesotans on the Jets ie; Wheeler, Stuart, Bigg Buff ) and most importantly the Jets have plenty of cap room to afford Parise.

  20. I wish Garth Snow much luck in a solid return for P.A. Parenteau. I would not invest long-term in him either. If the Penquins are suckers enought to think he is some long term answer, I say trade the house for him, becasue you are going to rolling dice everytime Sid goes into a corner…why not think fills can be bonifide minute eaters?
    In New jersey I am more curious as to whether Zajac is available as is, in a trade….

  21. They’re not pressed to move Zajac this year. He’s a UFA next year, though. Also another potentially dangerous situation… we hope for Jersey’s finance woes to better by then.

    A misconception about Jersey is need for a goaltender… they’re not that pressed, given that they have three in the minors that may make it to the NHL. If they traded for a goaltender, it would be a trade of a second rounder for a veteran rather than selling the farm for a starter. Kinkaid, Wedgewood, Clermont are currently moving their way through the system. They’re not ready yet, they won’t be next year (Kinkaid might be), but the year after, they could start working them in with a veteran goaltender. Brodeur might even return next year.

    I’m guessing they’ll pick up a forward and picks. Not so sure about Evander Kane… Brodeur probably respects him, but I see Kane with only 2nd line potential. But that’s me, who knows who they’ll be going after.

  22. Whoever trades for Parise wont give up much unless they have him signed. I still say Parise wants to win so he will sign with a good Team. That team must have room to sign him. Boston has plenty of room and they will be good for a long time. Washington will have room once Semin is moved.

  23. It’s apparent tamby is the only one who knows hemsky’s true value. Regardless of injuries issues and recent Off play. This guy has top line point per game talent and his shoulder is getting better suggesting his health is coming along. Tamby won’t trade hemsky unless he gets fair value end of story. Or he will be resigned. All this trashing of hemsky is retarded.

  24. IF Ryan goes to Toronto, that opens a wing for Parise on the Ducks (a good fit).
    Everyone ( all 3 ) can win in this trade. Anaheim won’t have to give up too much as NJ is looking to reduce salary…say maybe a 1st pick, 2nd rounder and a goalie prospect ( maybe a former Leaf goalie? ).
    Parise’s salary replaces Ryan’s and maybe the Leafs wouldn’t have to give up too much either I’d say Kadri, Blacker and a 2nd round pick.. I know that sounds alot like dreaming but if everyone wins, why not?
    Although I like Bobby Ryan, I still think Getz is more what the Leafs need.

  25. Whatever it is, Leafs are about to make a splash. Remember the Burke always works, its never what you heard in the media….

  26. Since the Ducks have woken up, which I believe was Bob Murray’s intention, it gets harder and harder to see them want to offload Perry, Getzlaf or Ryan for anything. Maybe all of Murray’s comments were for them to realize that, Hello…the three of you represent 25% or more of this teams payroll, and we expect you to deliver. And in fairness to Gabby, he has had a number of games to teach them his system, and maybe they are finally buying in and seeing results.

    As for Suter or Weber to the Rangers, I can see them chasing that one hard. As much as I hate Sather, and want to reach through the TV and stuff that stogie down his throat, the Rangers are contenders, and if he thinks he has a chance he will find the money to make it happen.

    @ KC, yes those are off the chart fantasies. Here is the sad thing for me about Antropov. All those years the Leafs had Antropov playing wing for Sundin. They go complementing Sundin with Pokihosky (as Don Cherry Calls him, or as I refer to him a three foot thick wall made of jello), and Antropov, a big talented, natural centre. They should have had Antropov as the second line centre and built lines around the two of them. Oh, what time was wasted!

  27. Another dose of weely affirmation that Bruce Garrioch is a dunce!!!

  28. Parise also wants to play the top line. He might do that in Toronto. Can’t say Toronto’s out of it, but Burke is too smart to rent players unless he’s giving nothing away.

    I have no idea what the “smart” move would be, because Lou wasn’t smart taking Parise to arbitration and then signing him to a one year deal. If someone had given Parise the offer sheet, Lou could have matched it or gotten a pile of first round picks. It was the dumbest move of Lou’s career up to this point and now why we’re having this discussion.

    Even if Jersey makes the playoffs this year, they don’t have the defense it takes to win the cup. Their corps is getting good, but not there yet. Larsson is still a few years from being awesome.

    The smartest move Lou could do is package Parise with a salary dump (Anton Volchenkov or Henrik Tallinder) to get a decent defenceman and a second round pick. We’ll take Schenn.


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