Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – January 19, 2014

Latest on Mike Cammalleri, Steven Stamkos, David Legwand, Nazem Kadri, Tomas Fleischmann, Dustin Byfuglien and more.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports “many league executives” view Flames winger Mike Cammalleri among the most available options in this year’s trade market. The Kings, Canucks and Red Wings are rumored to be interested…The Jets are believed listening to offers for Dustin Byfuglien. There’s also rumors about Evander Kane but a league executive believes they would be nuts to give up on a young player like Kane…The Sabres much reach a decision soon on pending UFA Ryan Miller. Garrioch still links Miller with the Blues, claiming they weren’t happy with their current tandem of Jaroslav Halak and Brian Elliott…The Sharks won’t be shopping Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau, whom they intend to re-sign. They will listen to offers for Dan Boyle (the Rangers could be interested) but he’s not expected to be moved…It’s believed the Leafs management isn’t shopping Nazem Kadri or Jake Gardiner. If they do move them the Flames (whose president of hockey operations is former Leafs GM Brian Burke) could have interest…It’s rumored the Predators are listening to offers for pending UFA center David Legwand…It’s believed the Coyotes have called the Stars about trying to bring back winger Ray Whitney…The Panthers “have been trying to move bodies all year” and might find a taker for Tomas Fleischmann, who has one year at $4.5 million left on his contract…The Blue Jackets reportedly have interest in Hurricanes forward Tuomo Ruutu.  It’s rumored the only untouchables on the Hurricanes are the Staal brothers (Eric and Jordan) and Jeff Skinner.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I expect Cammalleri will be moved by the March 5 trade deadline, when most of his remaining salary has been paid out…I could see the Jets moving Byfuglien but not Kane, who’s still young and has room for improvement…In my opinion it would be too costly for the Blues to acquire Miller via trade. Best to pursue him as a UFA this summer, when they’re not having to part with players or draft picks to get him. I believe the Blues will stick with their current tandem for the rest of the season…Burke would be very interested in Kadri and/or Gardiner if the Leafs decide to shop them…Legwand would be a good rental player for clubs seeking depth at center…If the Stars are out of playoff contention by early March they’ll shop pending UFAs like Whitney…Fleischmann has a modified no-trade clause so it won’t be easy to move him.  Given the willingness of Panthers ownership to spend next season, we shouldn’t be too quick to assume the Panthers will dump salary at the deadline…The Hurricanes could listen to offers for Cam Ward, but not while they’re in the midst of the playoff chase in the Eastern Conference.

Don't expect Steven Stamkos to bolt the Lightning for the Leafs.

Don’t expect Steven Stamkos to bolt the Lightning for the Leafs.

TBO.COM: Erik Erlendsson dismisses the notion Lightning star Steven Stamkos will bolt for the Toronto Maple Leafs as a free agent in 2016. Erlendsson is fully confident (99.91 percent) Stamkos will never reach the free agent market, as the Bolts will re-sign him long before his eligibility in two years time.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hat tip to GJ Berg for the link. I completely agree with Erlendsson. Some pundits in Toronto are engaging in the same wishful thinking pundits in Montreal used to do with Vincent Lecavalier: dreaming of the hometown boy signing with their club and leading them to glory. It’s a pretty dream, except it rarely happens, and won’t in this case.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks wondered if Rangers GM Glen Sather would shop one of his speedy wingers (like Carl Hagelin) for a “size and strength” asset like Jets captain Andrew Ladd, though he noted Ladd has two years remaining (at $4.4 million per) on his contract with a modified no-trade clause…Olli Jokinen could be among the most sought-after assets near the trade deadline…Cup contenders interested in Sabres captain Steve Ott could be forced to overpay for his services…Brooks suggests the Rangers could pursue Stars forward Ryan Garbutt as a playoff rental…He believes the Rangers must either re-sign Dan Girardi or deal him by the trade deadline, rather than risk losing him for nothing to free agency.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless Ladd demands a trade, the Jets don’t appear keen to move him…For those of you wondering who Garbutt is, follow this link. Maybe Brooks hopes he’ll become a poor man’s version of Brandon Prust for the Blueshirts…Regardless of Girardi’s contract status, the Rangers won’t trade him while in the thick of the Eastern Conference playoff race. 

CALGARY SUN: Eric Francis reports Flames president of hockey operations Brian Burke says he doesn’t see any scenario in which his club parts with their first round pick in this year’s draft. As for shopping pending UFAs Mike Cammalleri, Matt Stajan, Lee Stempniak and Chris Butler, Burke could wait until following the Olympic break in hopes of increasing their trade value leading up to the March 5 trade deadline. He could also entertain offers for Dennis Wideman and David Jones.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flames would be nuts to trade that pick as it could end up being first overall. At the very least, it should be in the top five. Cammalleri, once he recovers from a recent concussion, could be their best trade asset.


  1. No Way Burke tries to acquire Kadri. He was not a big fan when he was in Toronto.
    Saying that I hope the Leafs exhibit some patience with this kid. He has flaws but also has talent. Unless it is a JVR type of deal that brings back equal youth then I would recommend the Leafs commit to developing their youth.
    By the way, I don’t see anyone commenting on the recent stellar performances by a certain Leaf Captain. If you are going to criticize the guy when he screws up then give him his props when he plays with consistency.
    Players like Stamkos who grew up in Toronto always seem to fall in love with the obscurity of playing elsewhere. Doing what they love without the microscope. Nash, Perry, Tavares, Stamkos. You need to draft them to get them used to it early on in their careers.

    • I have always said all along less is more for Dion. He seems to play good on rest. I still think playing him 22 to 24 min a game is the answer but we have no one to help relieve the pressure. I still say Lupul would be gd sacrafice for a gd solid ateady dman. Have to give him credit as he has figured that move out in the shootout. I would be fine keeping hin dont get me wrong but stop the gardiner and kadri rumors

      • Leafs can easily play Dion 22-24min per game by simply taking him off the pp where his shot is brutal anyways.

        Give props to Dion for not stinking out the joint while he earns $7M for 7 more years. Not likely. For this kind of money we should either not notice him because he’s doing his job or notice him constantly because he’s playing unbelievable and up to his wage. If he was making Franson/ Gunnarson money and playing like he has been then yes props would be deserved.

        • @ Leafs 24 / 7

          100% agree

        • This makes absolutely no sense youre saying if Phaneuf was getting paid 3-4 million and shutting down top lines like Crosby Ovechkin etc while playing in the second pairing he would deserve props? Again just stop with the Dion hate and get over it. In absolutely no world is Dion only worth 3-4 million dollars. Whats next if Kessel was getting paid the same as Raymond he would be awesome?

          Over the past 2-3 he has played against the toughest competition in the league, he gets paid like a no. 1 because he is the Leafs no. 1. Funny how leading in to this year people thought that the Leafs didnt need Dion because Franson was here like anybody could be a number 1 guy, Look how Franson is working out at being a second pairing guy moving up from last year when he was putting up such great numbers as.a 5 now what would the D look like if Franson was getting paraded out there to play Crosby Getzlaf and the like?

          • Shticky don’t get your panties in a bunch I wasn’t Dion hating. I’m simply saying I don’t see the need to give a player who is playing well and earning big money a big pat on the back. Again, if he is well under paid for the job he is doing like Mason Raymond is then yes, since he’s not being rewarded financially by the team then he needs to be rewarded verbally by the fans. Simple as that.
            Do you feel the need to go out and tell the head of which ever Canadian bank you use what a great job he’s doing while he collects his $50M pay cheque? probably not, but you might tell your assistant who gets paid minimum wage and tends to save your butt what a great job he or she is doing. Can we end this subject now since the whole thing is stupid.

    • if Burke wasn’t enamoured of Kadri then why did he draft him? considering how much further the Leafs would be ahead if Burke had dealt Kadri & Kaberle for Kessel instead of Seguin & Hamilton. obviously Burke overestimated the abilities of the Leafs when he was there and thought they would finish in the upper half of the league rendering those first round picks less valuable but they were both lottery picks that have had more impact than Kadri and Kaberle is little more than an afterthought now.

      • Bang on good post. Burkie likes Kadri and would take him given the chance.

    • who is garrioch and why are we listening to him go report on your feedbag team in ottawa who cares

      • Really good post John. A lot of valuable points in there…

  2. The Blues need to be very careful here if they trade for Miller as he may return to Buffalo next season and be a pure rental player ….they have to be careful what they give up and if it will effect them longer term.
    This also means they have to push out either Halak or Elliot and be careful who they do that to also, unless they look at the scenario for next year where as in Jake Allen is going to be the guy with no if and or buts about it anymore and move forward and make the decision.

    Miller is not going to Anaheim or LA or San Jose as they are all very well set in net …so lets look past that …and figure he will resign in Buffalo next season. A true landing spot if there is any for a longer term signing other than Buffalo may be Nashville for Miller as Rinne may have a career ending situation on his hands!

    Mac T is a terrible GM

    His tenure is aweful for the Oilers organization ….they should never have made a trade for Scrivens …they should have just played the season out with Dubnyk and looked to loose and looked long and hard to the first place draft position and take Ekblad that they so desperately need moving forward Ekblad and Nurse on a pairing next year would be a real good step moving forward on there absolutely terrible soft back end.
    They all ready missed out on Rheinhart on a poor draft selection they are doing it again in a different way.

    Gardiner & Rielly
    I am not over the moon on Jake Gardiners defensive game BUT when he plays at the top of his game and Rielly plays at the top of his in the same game there is undoubtedly very rare and unreal chemistry between the two and you can see some hope that they could be an all star D core longer term …its just too bad that the inconsistent play overshadows that possibility.

    • And at the same time how frustrating is it to watch gunnerson and Franson .. I’d be taking the best offer for Franson you can get he is going to cost to much to resign

      • Said that last summer, great pp guy very good in the O zone terrible in his own end, see Mark Streit, Zidlicky etc should have moved then. When you see Gardiner mistakes that lead to goals 9 times out of 10 he is paired with Franson which makes these plays so glaring. Franson besides Fraser and Ranger is the Leafs worst defender.

        • @ Shticky

          Its his lack of speed and poor foot work ….his turns are not good enough on the defensive side of the play coming in through the neutral zone and at the blue line on a line rush or one on one ….as well as not hard enough on player during a game …never makes them pay for his size is too soft , but your right great PP guy!

          • He needs to play with a shut down D man for a long period like he had last year with Fraser. Give Franson 25 games with Gleason if they aren’t a solid 3/4 pairing then you can talk about not re-signing him. Franson shouldn’t be playing with Reilly or Gardiner.

          • Or playing as a bottom pairing.

    • Miller traded at deadline and then heads back to the place he’s been wanting out from for the last 2 years now? Ya that’s realistic.

    • BC, I agree – I think the window for trading Miller has closed as the West Coast (California) teams are pretty much set at goalie. I could see the possibility of Miller going to St. Louis because I think Hitchcock believes Miller is the piece that will get them past the first round. On the other hand, I believe that LaFontaine, Murray and Nolan want to resign Miller. I don’t think its a bad move to resign Miller as I really don’t think Enroth is the answer. If anything I would like to see what they could get for Enroth and have Miller mentor Hackett.

      If Miller doesn’t want to stay with Buffalo, then trade him – maybe they could trade him to St. Lou and get Paajarvi or Schwartz..

      • Enroth’s a great goalie. He’s the answer for the Sabres in this rebuild. Has a better GAA then Miller and a pretty close SV%. The guy has been helped with an outstanding number of goals this. On average his offense helps him with 1.17 GFA. By far the worst in the league. I doubt even Miller could get you even more then a win with that type of help. It’d be a bad move to even try and sign Miller, who has wanted to leave for quite some time now. You trade him and trade him now. By his track record he seems to show up to play like an all-star goalie only when contract years or Olympic years come around. Other then that he’s usually an average goalie. You seem like one of those Miller homers Steve.

        • LOL jes you, Funny little troll,
          “Enroth is a great Goalie”
          1-9-4 .913 2.57 gaa averages 28 shots against

          “Reimer is the worst starter in the league”
          9-6-1 .917 3.03 gaa averages 31 shots against.

          • LOL my god here we again. O’Shticky at it again.

            Again Shticky do you know what trolling is? It’s what you and most of your moronic Laughs fans do on here everyday with Tavares going to Toronto, Yakupov and Gagner for Kadri and Gardiner. LOL HAHAHAHAHA!!! You are what give some of the Laughs fans and hockey fans in general a bad rap.

            Enroth > Reimer any day of the week.

            How many GF does Toronto help Reimer with? At least 2-3 goals a game. Enroth barely gets 1. SO huge difference turd. And Reimer plays on a way better team then Enroth and can only manage to have wins over Enroth? Lol Reimer is a nobody and will always be a nobody.

            Seriously man go crawl back under your little bridge you ugly little troll.

            Sorry I got to bring this story up again. But you are totally like that O’Doyle guy in Adam Sandler’s movie Billy Madison lol. You think your all that when you writing your little pointless dribble then once you post it, it all comes crashing down lol hahahahahahahahaaha. It’s just like the movie. It’s very funny.

            O’Shticky Rules!!!!! LOL HAHAHAHA!!! KEEP AT IT YOU UGLY GO NOWHERE TROLL!!!

          • Oh forgot to add take a look at those stats. Enroth has better numbers then Reimer in basically every category except wins. Comparing goalies by wins is absolutely retarded. So Reimer has 9 wins and Miller has 12 does that mean Reimer is almost as good as MIller? Lol Hahahaha Hell no. Do you ever read what you write? Your such a loser man. Sorry to some of the smart Leafs fans on here but this guy alone is dragging your guys’ IQ at least by 1/2.

            O’Shticky rules!!!! LOL HAHAHAHAHA

          • Honest question jes you over the age of 12?

            Lets look at the numbers more wins faces more shots and has a better save percentage .gaa is pretty much a team type stat a team with brutal defence like the Leafs do and allowing as many shots as they do is going to have a higher Gaa. Im not saying that Reimer is the best goalie in the leauge or anything like that but if he is the worst starter in the league what does it say about Enroth who faces less shots and makes less saves? Thats not even brining up the whole wins thing.

        • I’m not a Miller Homer, but I try to be realistic. I can see him going to St. Lou, but I think the Sabres are asking for too much in return. As we get closer to trade deadline – we might see somthing happen because I just don”t think Hitchcock is confident with Halak and Elliott going into the playoffs. On the other hand, I’m not a real fan of Enroth, I think he is a good backup goalie, but he is small and he gives up some juicy rebounds.

          I did advocate trading Miller – last year and earlier this year as I felt he was a “cancer” on the team – very negative. Makes me wonder if Miller discovered he wasn’t as much “in demand” as he thought because it seemed like the only game in town was Edmonton. Miller wanted to go to a California team and they don’t need him. Where he was wanted, were all teams in the midst of a rebuild.

          With new management and coaching – I believe all attitudes were changed and maybe Buffalo is where Miller’s supposed to be. Either way – he’s a good goalie so at this point it doesn’t matter to me whether he stays or goes.

    • Jeez youre annoying jes. If youre just gonna troll go waste other peoples time please.

      • Shut up Nathan you got no business in this convo so be a good little girl and shut your mouth. You wanna talk about annoying take a good look in the mirror douchebag. And how is this trolling when some retard attacks me and trolls my comments? Just like O’Shticky you have absolutely no clue what trolling is. So go look it up. Until you start to get a grasp on what trolling is then maybe make a trip back to Leafs corner, otherwise take a hike.


        Ya I am over the age of 12, are you? Hell I should be asking you if your over the age of 5. If you are you must have missed out on a lot of school, drop out?

        Lol more shots? Lol my God man are you seriously taking that route? On average Reimer faces 4 more shots then Enroth a game (If the stats you stated are correct). You really going to argue over 4 shots?

        Brutal defense? Let’s talk about the Sabres brutal defense. They allow the most shots per game in the league so ya your comments have absolutely no merit on this subject either. Sabres 2 goalies are the only reason we do not lose by 3-4 goals a game. If Reimer was a Sabres goalie this season he would have all but 0 wins. Hell he’d probably be sent down to Rochester by now.

        Reimer’s not the worst starter in the league. Hell is he even a starter for the Laughs anymore? I thought the ever so glorious Bernier took over the job? Guaranteed Enroth does a better job for Laughs then Riemer ever did. That’s how bad Reimer actually is.

        GAA isn’t more of a team thing. It’s more of a personal stat. As is Save Percentage. The NHL is going to look at GAA & SV% before win for voting on the Vezina. Obviously wins will be a big part of it. But no way in hell a goalie with a 3+ GAA wins the Vezina. The only thing on goalie stats that more strictly is team thing is wins. Sabres have what 13 wins and Laughs have 25? So there’s a 12 win difference right there. So comparing wins has absolutely no merit. If they were closer in wins you may have something but right now there’s nothing you can add to the convo.

        • Well arent yoy a pleasant….ummm fella?

          Look again the Leafs have almost 200 more shots against so far than the Sabres do this year, and do the math Reimer faces more shots and has a higher save percentage in other words if Enroth faced as many shots as Reimer he would have a higher gaa (really showing your hockey iq today arent ya?) For someone who constantly calls people names and saying how unintelligent people are Im surprised you dont get the basics of goaltending stats.
          Loving the tough guy at a keyboard thing tho,

          • Lol alright, I guess I didn’t take into effect how bad the Laughs have been lately.

            Your Laughs average an astonishing 2.1 shots against per game more then the Sabres. You really think that makes much of a difference? Sure a few goals here and there but nothing to drastic. I believe Reimer’s played 5-6 more games then Enroth.

            Tough guy at a keyboard thing? Lol you are the king of that O’Shticky.

            Again keep talking guy.

            O’Shticky rules!!! Lol!!!

          • #%&$’n troll

          • Also forgot to add Leafs have played 3 more games then the Sabres so far. So if your a big wiz with the numbers you would know if you go by averages that’d be a 102-103 hike up in the Sabres SA. So ya an extra 100 shots in a total of 50 games is nothing.

  3. If Ray Whitney is available at the deadline, the Pens could be a destination.

    • I would prefer the Pens to stay away from players like Ray Whitney. Maybe if this was 3-4 years ago. But right now they don’t need any rental players, nor can they afford the price for a rental.

      Its all about making hockey trades this year. Shero is hoping he can find a deal similar to the Kunitz/Tangradi or the Neal/Niskanen one.

      The Oilers and Jets may be the best choices to attempt and make a trade with that could bring in a forward in which the Pens control their contracts for a decent amount of time.

      I like the idea of Blake Wheeler or Andrew Ladd and even the possibility of Nail Yakupov to play with Malkin.

      • Yakupov is the only name you mentionedthat could help. Ladds contract is not penguin friendly and iI can see wheeler and or Ladd not working out for us

      • Whitney I’d stay away from.

        If I was Shero I’d go hard after Moulson. Imagibe Crosby, Moulson and Kunitz on the same line. That just spells absolute magic. They would be able to resign him too. Probably at a discounted rate seeing he’s played for non playoff teams for the majority of his career.

        what do you think Rslavinsky?

  4. I don’t see what Calgary could give up to get either of those players.. Giordano is the only thing I could see the leafs interested in besides the obvious monahan and neither of them are going anywhere.. Calgary should do exactly what Burke wouldn’t do in Toronto and that is get as many picks for anyone he can trade..

    • I am very much surprised that there are major reports that the Flames are trying to pry Kadri and Gardiner from the Leafs and have put a PKG together …I mean outside Giordano ….what in the world could the Flames be offering that you would take for those two players that could make a decent deal possible for the Leafs.

      …I just don’t get that rumor ????

      However for all those people out there who say Kadri stinks or he is worthless or overvalued because he is a Leaf … couldn’t be more wrong and how that shows is that almost every team is inquiring ….and some harder than others …which means he is an extremely coveted young prospect ….and that means he has better value than the majority think.

      • I agree. There seems to be a lot of interest surrounding Kadri. And Like I have been saying recently, I don’t think people are under valuing him as much as some here over value him. People keep throwing him around in trades that are never going to happen. Kadri, Mclement, and a pick don’t land you a Tavares, Weber, Giroux etc. as some have mentioned here. While Kadri is worth more than a bag of pucks and a handshake as some suggest, He isn’t going to get you an insane return for players that more than likely aren’t even available anytime in the near future either.

        • @ NYR4 LIFE

          I 100% agree ….he would most likely be worth :

          Top 6 forward
          Top 2 D man
          1A prospect and draft pick

          Coming back ….depending on the needs of Nonis

          • Kadri would not get. A top 2 d man.

          • Agree with Shticky.

            You are smoking some really messed up on that one Backchecking.

          • Unless the player was touted to be a top 2 D man with one good year under his belt and is having an off year. Like Schenn was when he was traded or like Kadri is now. He was touted to be a top center had one good year and now an off year. It would be a similar situation for a trade.

        • There has been 1 maybe 2 people ridiculous enough to mention these type trades, 1st or 2nd biggest fan bases by far in the nhl, now simple math says this is not the average thought of most Leaf fans.

      • I don’t think Burke wants Kadri back. I don’t think he liked his pick when he picked him.

      • Clarification.

        Kadri is not overvalued because he is a Laef.

        Kadri is overvalued by Leaf fans.

        Huge difference.

        • Right on Gary

      • `Or it could also mean that Kadri doesn’t fit into the role the Leafs where hoping he would, and so they are getting rid of the player in hopes another one works.

        Could also mean that teams that need depth are calling, looking for a bargain, or offering up a draft pick. Or that teams that watched the contract talks are calling looking to see if Nonis will take a contract back. None of us know what is going on behind the doors.

        I think the Leafs best game plan involves keeping him.

  5. Just to throw this out there as it may be a slow Sunday here ….BUT…… what would it take
    (EVEN IF POSSIBLE ) to pry Valeri Nichushkin……out of Dallas …if there is one player to go all in on right now in a major deal I would say its him to build a franchise around !

    Is it possible ???
    I would do a top 6 player , top D man , prospect and first rounder ….some teams have the pieces !!!

    The best team suited may be the Oilers to get this done …….and they should !!!!

    • OMG.

      Why not try and pry Mackinnon out of Colorado?

      Nichuskin is the Stars future bud he isn’t going anywhere.

    • Right, because Edmonton needs more forwards. Maybe Daley, maybe Jordie Benn, maybe anyone but a forward.

  6. Why would the Oilers give up that package for a player they chose not to draft? Also, Dallas loves Nichushkin, they are not moving him.

  7. Vanek to the Wild; Heatley, Jets 2nd (from Wild), Sabres 4th (from Wild), Flyers 4th (from Islanders), Blue Jackets 6th (from Wild) to the Blue Jackets; Gaborik, Senators 6th (from Wild), Capitals 7th (from Wild) to the Islanders. Thoughts?

    • The Jackets don’t need Heatley with Johansen breaking out and the offense being a plus. They’re need is a solid defensive d-man. So, I don’t see them making this deal.

    • lol what?

      • Three way trade. The Wild get Vanek and give Heatley, a 2nd, a 4th, two 6ths and a 7th. The Blue Jackets get Heatley, a 2nd, two 4ths and a 6th and give Gaborik. The Islanders get Gaborik, a 6th and a 7th and give Vanek and a 4th. Clearer?

    • stop hanging out with rob ford

      • @me

        lol awesome man

      • Indeed me, a quick derogatory quip, using a relatively current cultural reference, that implies an illegal substance habit which impairs my mental faculties. Much wittier than “put down the crack pipe” or “I want some of what your smoking”. Well done for such a small brained hominid. lol awesome man! uyawbg

        • Give it a rest Clifford. You had to have been smoking something you wrote that lol.

          • Ah, Jessica, another member of the troop.

          • Too many words for them Cliff

          • Not surprised Shticky’s joining on your side. Have yourself a troll all-star team lining up lol haha.

            O’Shticky Rules.

            I always thought you were a friendly dog Clifford, I guess those books I read as a kid were all lies.

    • You asked for thoughts, Cliff. The thoughts you received are about on-par with the convoluted trade you suggest.

      • Convoluted yes and Im not sure Gaborik helps the Islanders much. If Im Snow I move Vanek for younger players and picks.

      • I recognize that all the draft picks I listed made the trade proposal seem overly complex. I certainly can own that. However, the replies posted by me (poster’s handle) and jes were not, I believe, at all on par and were also notably void of any thought. But none of this, including my part, is of any real significance anyway.

        • What kind of response were you looking for after you posted that Cliff?

          I should’ve asked you first are these picks already in possession of the aforementioned team. So I apologize if you took it the wrong way.

          You should at least clean it up for the readers on this site right?

          But whatever let’s move on.

  8. No way your getting a top 2 d man for Kadri. A top 6 forward is also a stretch. A high prospect and a 2nd rd pick would be what he is worth, so why bother ? That’s what you have now, a high 1st rd draft pick who is still adjusting to NHL life.
    If Miller does not resign in Buffalo before the trade deadline, he’s not going back. I think Stl can put the parts together to make it happen.It’s all a matter of term. If it does not fit Stls plans by being too long Stl will not pull the trigger.
    Flames have nothing really except their 1st rd pick of interest to Toronto. Burke has been known to give these up……..imagine the outrage in Cow Town if he does that !

    • @ Hockey Dude
      The Seguin trade and the players swapped there have really benefited both teams ….I am in no way comparing Kadri to Seguin ….BUT…..If a Kadri trade happens it has to be something along those guidelines for a return on Kadri …Reilly Smith has been lights out in return for Seguin …and anything else has just been a bonus , this has to be the model the Leafs need to look at in making this type of trade !

      It has to be a sure thing in return !

      • Lol you should talk BackChecking. Running around saying Kadri could get you a top 2 defensemen. A bottom 4 for sure but top 2? HELL NO!!!

        HE WILL NOT IN A MILLION YEARS LAND ANYWHERE CLOSE TO THE PACKAGE THAT SEGUIN GOT!! Hell even MacTavish isn’t even dumb enough to pull that move. Top 2 line forward for sure. Someone along the likes of Ladd, won’t get nothing to extravagant.

    • I agree with some of what you are saying. I don’t think Kadri could get a 1-2 d-man. D-men that play 24, 26 minutes a game and are effective. They are hard to come by. And usually are extremely valuable come deadline time. However I think he could land a top 6 forward, Not a Stamkos, Giroux, Tavares, Crosby, Malkin etc. But Kadri can put up top 6 numbers, so why couldn’t he net a top 6 forward. Most likely a similar type of player to Kadri with similar numbers.

    • Give your head a shake Kadri easily gets you a top 6 forward as NYR said not a no 1. Center but kadri makes 3 million bucks for 1 more year and prior to Seguin going to Dallas Kadris numbers are better than Seguins who makes 6 million. If Seguin (another guy with some questions at the time) got Ericsson who is easily a top 6 guy Kadri who has a better more movable contract would get about the same.

      • @ Shticky

        100% Agree

        mmmm something in the water today !


        • You should talk BackChecking. Running around saying Kadri will net you a top 2 defenseman. Top 6 forward for sure someone like Ladd but nothing to extravagant like what you may be thinking.

          No way in hell Kadri lands you anywhere close to the same package Seguin got, sorry buddy your way out in left field on this one. Just another day where a Leafs fan is WAAAAAY over valuing his players.

      • I’m going to have to disagree. Kadri has a movable contract sure, but he’s not in the same class as Seguin – Pre Dallas or not. Seguin makes big money because he’s a big money player, end of story.

        I know reading this you will automatically try and bring up a stat comparison but let’s be honest here. Seguin is far and beyond the better player – He’s 2 years younger and has that tremendous superstar potential where as Kadri is at best a second liner.

        Besides, Boston made a trade to win now… I don’t believe the Leafs have that luxury.

        • Well said Rickler

          • Kadri will net a good return similar to Segin, not exact but only slightly less otherwise the Leafs keep him. I really think Nonis only put him on the block to try and light a fire under him so he may not be moved unless the package knocks Nonis’s socks off. No guarantee Bolland re-signs in Toronto and if not then the Leafs will be desperate at Center and Kadri stays.

        • Why? Can you actually show any reason with out giving numbers after Seguin moved to Dallas? Because he is 2 years younger Makes him worth 3 million more or worth a top 6 guy but Kadri isnt? Most trades are done based on stats or something more solid than hopes and opinions. Before Seguin went to Dallas is pretty much the exact same situation as Kadri is in now with the exception Kadris got alot easier to move contract. To say Seguin had more potential is also saying he was probably a bigger disappointment, cant have it both ways.,
          Also what is it with people say at best a second liner?Kadri has a pretty good edge to his game and just turned 23. Was on pace for 80 points last year will probably put up around 60 this year even “slumping” last I looked there are a number of top line guys that cant say they have put up those kind of numbers over the past 2 years, especially guys under the age of 24.
          Kadri would get a top 6 player (again Im not saying Grioux or Stamkos but 30 teams have top 6 guys means 180 guys there are not 180 guys better than Kadri in the NHL. Wake up.
          Personally I think its a dumb idea to trade him.

          • Agreed 100% Shticky,
            Why couldn’t Kadri land a top 6 forward? Out of 180 guys out there, I venture to say that Kadri is as good or better than 1/2 of them. Again like I said earlier, Not sure he nets a 1-2 d-man….but top 6 forward ( not elite forward) is not out of the question.

          • Kadri and Seguin situation is similar but to say he’d garner close to the same amount. The top 6 forwards that you’d get in return for Kadri are the Ladd type of players. Nothing flashy, just players that are there and are top 6 guys. Definitely won’t land you a Vanek or a Moulson by any means unless your sending something else back in return. And most likely wouldn’t land a top 2 center. Maybe Gagner, but that’s a stretch IMO. Be a mistake on the Oilers part.

  9. I’m starting to think Nonis starting these Kadri trade rumours were just to get the kid scared of being moved and get him playing harder.

    • @ Leafs 24/7

      I think its a little bit of both ….Play harder Kadri show me what you got to change my mind to keep you…..OR …blow me away with an offer and he’s yours !

    • Why would he be scared of moving? Doesn’t seem like he’s been treated all that well in TO. Plus the Leafs aren’t in the best position to make the playoffs either. As of today there only 3 points ahead of 9th while playing 2 more games.

      • To stay near his entire family and friends he’s grown up with all his life in a city he cherishes. Dude really?

        • Lol wow…

          If that was the case wouldn’t the majority of the players NHL be playing on one of the Ontario teams right now?

          Keep talking guy. I feel another one of your Gardiner for Tavares theories coming up soon.

          • A. I was not the one who said anything about Tavares so as usual you don’t remember who said what or really what’s really going on..

            B. Kadri has played his whole life in the Ontario region and gets drafted in the same region stayed close to his family and friends. I’d say that’s pretty rare actually. So again you have no idea what you are talking about.

            C. If you saw his interview you would know the guy was on the verge of tears when he was talking about how much he wants to stay with the Leafs.

            Those are substantial reasons and you have named zero for why he would like to be moved to bum F$%^ Idaho away from friends, family his team mates to a town where they don’t even know they have a hockey. Who wouldn’t, right???

          • A. You had one of the worst trade proposals of all time on here forget what it was but it was bad. Things that bad are a must forget.

            B. Just because he got drafted by Ontario teams doesn’t mean he chooses to stay in Ontario and refuses to play anywhere else. Man do you really know what’s going on around you lol? The usual from mr 24/7

            C. Post me a link of where Kadri is on the verge of tears when talking about recent trade rumors.

            When the %$#& did Idaho get an NHL team lol? Do you ever hear yourself?

          • You must be 12 years old like someone suggested. Of course you don’t remember what trade I proposed that was apparently so bad because you have no idea what’s going on. You don’t have a clue or realize what bum F$%k Idaho even represents.

  10. With a raising salery cap we will see if a team like tampa can afford to keep stamkos without being able fix other areas of the team as well plus he only signed for five years Instead of the ten he was offered because he wants to be paid u will see he wil sign for o less then ten per year if he makes free agency I can see teams opening up the vault especially the leafs we will see the big thing is tampa is becoming a great team so stamkos will definitely give tbay first cracks but if they regress I can see him going to play for a contender

  11. Re: Kadri
    There are 30 teams in NHL. That means there are 60 Top 2 center positions in NHL.
    Once you define a top two center I doubt any of us could come up with 60 that meets our
    qualifications. Thinking you will trade Kadri for one doesn’t add up. Why would someone
    trade you a ready made #1 or #2 for someone you hope will be a #1 or #2 SOMEDAY unless
    who you got in return was old / proven and can still produce such as a Zetterburg type.
    In that case it’s trading a known commodity for a much younger potential.
    Leafs have two potentials in Holland and Kadri. PLAY THEM for the rest of the season.
    Play them on PP / PK / regular shift etc. After the season is over then evaluate if you keep
    one / both / neither. Side note, what happened to Tyler Biggs, wasn’t he suppose to be the
    big center they craved ? Also, as I recall part of the Holland trade was if he played 25 games for
    Leafs the #3 pick became a #2 pick. Last night he played his 25 game, am I confusing this
    with something else ?

    • You are correct, the pick for Holland switched from a 3rd rounder to a 2nd rounder when he played his 25th game as a Leaf.

    • 2nd in this years draft won’t matter much IMO. Pretty weak draft.

      • True but there are other ways of using the picks

        1) Adding another pick and trading up
        2) Trading a pick for a player
        3) Trading a pick this year for a pick next year to a team short on picks this
        4) There are always diamonds in the rough that may take a few years to
        develop that pick can be used on.
        5) Would rather have the extra pick than not.

        • Good points alforducks.

          I read somewhere Edmonton is looking for 2nd and 3rd round picks. I don’t think they have one pick in either of those rounds. Maybe that would be a place to ship that 2nd rounder? Is there any players on there that can help that team right now? Like they don’t seem like they need any help at all lol so I’m not sure.

  12. Mac T has been a GM for less than a year and took over one hell of a mess. How exactly is at that one can deduce the “Terrible GM” moniker based on 9 months of duties and one draft? Would a terrible GM have given up Paajarvi and a second rounder for David Perron? Dumping Smid’s contract for prospects has not made Edmonton’s defense any worse and certainly hasn’t made Calgary’s defense any better. It did manage to free up 3.5 million per year in cape space (along with acquiring a top level goaltending prospect in the process) so I wouldn’t call that such a bad move either. If the Oilers are not a playoff team in the next 2 – 3 years then I would maybe agree but based on 9 months work? Nope, I’m not buying it!

    • Agree with you. But IMO he should be a little more aggressive in bettering the Oilers. It’s not on him I don’t think but more to do with that guy upstairs in Kevin Lowe. I do not know how the guy still has a job with the organization.

      He made some good moves so far. Getting Perron like you mentioned. Dumping both Smid’s and Horcoff’s horrible contracts. He also got rid of Omark and actually got something for. By all means it wasn’t much but it was something.

      I think the one problem with MacTavish so far is that he is over valuing what he has. Kinda like some of the Leafs fans on here;). IMO the only untouchable on that roster should be Hall. The others if can be traded for an improvement should be.

  13. Shea Weber straight up for P.K. Subban AFTER this season. Thoughts?

    • Rob Ford’s the greatest thing to happen to Toronto since well the Leafs.

      Surprised you don’t have draft picks exchanging from the other 28 teams in the league on this trade lol.

      • rob ford thing was supposed to be on your other post.

      • it’s funny though that the leafs fans aren’t here throwing up ridiculuos trades for pk ……i guess i’ll just give time though it’ll happen ! lol

    • No.

    • bergevin would think about it and say no…. pk is younger and more talented than weber however weber is a elite d-man just like pk is…

    • Why would either team make that trade? Nonsensical.

      Sure they’re both really good, but what exactly does it do for either team? If I’m Poile and even contemplating trading Shea I ask for a 1st line player (who can score), an offensive defenseman, and a 1st round pick.

      • @Twoskidoos

        I’d ask for more. Weber’s offensive numbers could be much more significant if he ever played on an offense first team.

      • When I look at the Predators I see a team that needs to start thinking about a retool on the fly or maybe all out rebuild. Subban is younger and probably just entering his prime years. Subban is a better piece to be retooling/rebuilding around than Weber who is probably on the back side of his prime years. The Habs, on the other hand, are in a position right now to make some noise than they have been for a few years. I see Weber as a better fit with the team the Habs have right now. He gives them more experience, including in the playoffs, than Subban as well as more size (although not up front where they need it more). Personally, I see Weber as the better player right now and Subban as the better player in two to three years. Additionally, Montreal would not have to go through another contract negotiation with Subban which might potentially strain his relationships with his teammates further. Obviously this won’t work this year because of the dollars. But I’m sure Subban’s next contract will be worth similar to but more than Weber’s cap hit. Valid points or Faulty logic?

  14. Hey Spector,

    Do you know of any Sabres rumors not involving Miller, Ott or Moulson? Maybe something coming back in return to the Sabres

    • The other players available on Buffalo are:

      Talinder, McBain, Stafford, and Leino (llikely offseason)

      If buffalo get a goalie back who is under a longer contract for Miller, or Miller is sign to an extension, then Enroth could also be dealt.

      stafford is floating out there alot…..

      Talinder likely goes to a playoff team looking for D depth like Boston or another team for a 2nd or 2 3rds.

    • I find Shticky to be logical. It sure sounded like he got to you, jes. “Lol hahaha”

  15. Unless somebody…anybody..can convince Nonis to trade Kadri for all the right reasons, he’s going nowhere.Fact is Maple Leaf management, as per Ted Lieweke, you know, the guy who signs paycheques, says that we won’t trade the future for some stiff to help us out now…Well until Ted says different, the game plan is to develop within and sign UFA’s that can help at an affordable price

    • That’s what they all say, it is a soft way of reaching out to the League that certain (Kadri) players are available/in-play. Likely by now, there are at least two teams interested and have submitted a trade offer…obviously not good enough yet, or a trade would of happened by now. Nonis is likely letting those GM’s know that they’ll keep the lines open, but feel another team may offer up a better package. In reality, they’re keeping an eye and phone-line open for these GM’s of these teams: Colorado, Carolina, Winnipeg etc. But we won’t likely see anything happen yet, as these teams are not in a higher position to make a significant move for improvements.

  16. Lets see, our biggest trading partners of recent are; Colorado, Carolina, Calgary, Nashville, Anaheim, LA, Edmonton, Chicago and Philly. Now some of them of recent, were one time co-operations, but we have teams like; Calgary and Carolina who we’ve worked together on more than one occasion. So the question now lies, does Nonis remain within his trade comfort zone and keep wheeling with these GM’s, or does he step it up and either find new trading partners or go back to the ones that we’ve dealt with on one occasion?

  17. About the idea of Stamkos leaving the Lightening to sign with the Maple leafs, when was the last time an elite type player decided to leave the team that drafted him to sign with another team when he became a free agent? I can’t think of any? I think their loyalty to their draft prevents them wanting to leave, even if they might prefer to be playing on a team closer to home or perhaps playing with a close friend(s).
    If I was a hockey player worth being drafted and I was a very reliable player, and I was picked by a team I was not really a fan of growing up, and I became a free agent, I think I would consider making a move like that. I’m a fan of the Oilers. I think if the possibility of me being able to play for my childhood team came to be, I think I’d want to explore that option. Even though the team I was with treated me fairly and gave me my start. I’d be appreciated of all that. But, you only go around once in life, might as well do what makes you feel happy. Granted, there’s a lot of reasons why a player would stay with their draft team, if they really like you and wanted you stay. You might get to know your team mates well enough you make a few really close friends and enjoy playing with them, and perhaps there’s some success, maybe you meet a girl in that city and it turns into something serious? Maybe it’s just the location, and coming from where one was born and raised, it might be a completely different environment and you just enjoy living in far from home?
    As a fan of hockey and teams in Canada, I’ll always route for the idea of a top player coming back to Canada and making that team a cup contender. Even whether or not he’s from here.
    Trades are ok, but teams will most likely have to give up quite a bit for a top player and that’s a big gamble. Cause your basically kinda taking your team apart for one guy, which might not be worth it in the long haul.
    All this is probably pretty obvious, but I like to imagine if.
    That would be pretty sweet for the Leafs though, if Stamkos one day just decided, hey I wanna play for the Leafs and be closer to home.
    Wishful thinking.
    Thanks for reading my lame story.