Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – January 22, 2012.

The latest from the Ottawa Sun, Edmonton Journal and CBC.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch believes Teemu Selanne has to decide if he wants to finish this season with a non-playoff team like the Anaheim Ducks or accept a trade to a Cup contender, citing sources claiming the NY Rangers, Sharks, Bruins and Red Wings have made inquiries into Selanne’s availability. Garrioch notes Selanne won’t be moved unless he gives management permission, noting “Selanne has a chance to do the right thing for the organization and allow them to get some assets.”…Sources say Ducks forwards Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry aren’t available, which leaves Bobby Ryan as a possible trade target for the Maple Leafs. Garrioch claims it would take two top prospects and a top pick to land Ryan…The Flyers are looking at Carolina’s Tim Gleason to replace the injured Chris Pronger…Montreal’s Hal Gill should be a hot commodity once the Canadiens go into “sell” mode, as the Flyers, Penguins, Panthers and Senators all have interest…The only way Columbus’ Rick Nash gets traded is if he asks for it. Garrioch suggested not to be surprised if Jeff Carter is dealt before the deadline…Expect the Buffalo Sabres to move other players to improve the play in front of goalie Ryan Miller…The Hurricanes want top prospects or two first round picks for Jaroslav Spacek, Bryan Allen, Tuomo Ruutu and Tim Gleason…The Rangers are going to make a move for a high-end winger; if not Selanne, perhaps Edmonton’s Ales Hemsky…Oilers GM Steve Tambellini isn’t shopping goalie Nikolai Khabibulin but is listening to offers “on all their players” in the midst of another lost season…Garrioch claims the Canucks are shopping for grit, and not to be surprised if he acquires George Parros from Anaheim…The Penguins have “more than a passing interest” in Tampa’s Dominic Moore.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wouldn’t it be more praiseworthy if Selanne wanted to finish the season with the Ducks, rather than abandon them at the trade deadline?…Ducks GM Bob Murray has said he’s not interested in draft pick and prospects if he makes trades…I could see Gleason being acquired by the Flyers…Gill’s experience will certainly attract interest if he hits the block…Carter won’t be going anywhere if he’s still out with a separated shoulder by the deadline. I doubt he’d be dealt even if he weren’t hurt…I also don’t see the Sabres moving Miller during the season…Hard to believe the Hurricanes want that much for those players…Not all the Oilers players will be available. Hall, Nugent-Hopkins and Eberle, for example, are staying put…Darren Dreger dismissed the Parros to Vancouver rumor last week, saying there’s been no discussion between the two clubs.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports the Capitals would prefer to retain defenseman Jeff Schultz, but he’s not seeing much playing time under head coach Dale Hunter, leading Matheson to wonder if Anaheim Ducks coach -and Caps former head coach – Bruce Boudreau bends the ear of Anaheim GM Bob Murray about Schultz…The NY Rangers are looking to move winger Wojtek Wolski…Matheson also reports Oilers GM Steve Tambellini is getting inquiries about winger Ales Hemsky.  The Oilers need a puck-moving defenseman but teams aren’t willing to part with much for a playoff rental like Hemsky. The Senators “might be a wild card” for Hemsky…Ryan Smyth isn’t likely to waive his “no-trade” clause before the deadline…The Oilers have long had interest in Buffalo winger Drew Stafford, but the Sabres want a top-six forward in return…Matheson wondered if the Kings might be willing to part with Jonathan Bernier if the Oilers offered up Magnus Paajarvi…The Blackhawks need a four-or-five defenseman and might revisit Montreal’s Chris Campoli…The Predators will likely entertain offers for backup Anders Lindback this summer, now that Pekka Rinne is under a long-term deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Ducks pursue Schultz, it would be in the off-season…Wolski will be tough to move, given his performance and $3.8 million salary…Hemsky’s poor production and shoulder injuries will dampen his trade value…I don’t see the Oilers giving up a top six forward for Stafford…Hard to say what the Kings will do with Bernier, but if they shop him, they could get more for him than a player of Paajarvi’s caliber…I think the Blackhawks would have more interest in Gill than Campoli if the Habs become sellers…

CBC.CA: Eric Francis reports it’s unlikely the Sabres shop Ryan Miller during the season, as a trade of that magnitude, if it does occur, takes place in the off-season…Elliotte Friedman reports Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff shot down a rumor Dustin Byfuglien might be available.  Maple Leafs Mikhail Grabovski and Nikolai Kulemin have been rumored to be available, but Leafs GM Brian Burke said he’s getting offers but he’s not shopping…Francis also reported Pittsburgh, LA, Detroit and Chicago have interest in Ales Hemsky, but Detroit GM Ken Holland is concerned about Hemsky’s shoulder. He also suggested Nashville could be a possibility as they have a number of defenseman, suggesting Jonathan Blum and maybe a first round pick for Hemsky near the deadline. He also hears the Bruins are linked to Carolina’s Tuomo Ruutu.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Byfuglien rumor was silly…Burke is nearing the period when he usually makes his mid-season moves. One has to believe Grabovski or Kulemin could be in play…Nashville might be interested in Hemsky, and maybe they give up Blum, but not a first round pick in addition…Interesting that the Bruins are linked to Ruutu, but he’d be a good fit with them as he plays a hard-hitting style.


  1. Bruce Garrioch’s rumors rival that of Eklund’s. He just happens to be Canadian and work for a newspaper so people listen to him.

    Anyway, he said the Sabres wanted to improve the players in front of Miller, not trade Miller. It seems like the Sabres’ organization is waiting for something before they make a move. Who knows if that will be after this road trip, the trade deadline, or the off-season.

  2. The Canucks don’t need a guy like Parros, who would be useless in the playoffs anyway. They do however need a guy like Mike Rupp, David Clarkson, Chris Neil, to give them some grit up front, and they need a guy like Gleason on the back end as well.

  3. It sounds as though Kane has worn out his welcome in Winnipeg. In the community as well as with the team. Seeing as though he is a RFA this summer ( who more than likely will be another Turris situation ), I would not be surprised if the Jets moved him prior to the trade deadline or if not then, then perhaps prior to the draft. He should have decent value as his best years are still to come, but it’s obvious he needs to be in a big market where what he does off the ice goes un-noticed or nobody cares and on a veteran laden team where he has no choice but to tow the line and learn how to be a mature professional. Several teams looking for scoring he might be a fit. Rangers, Detroit, Pittsburgh, LA, etc.

  4. With the injury to Briere – doesn’t that put Philly in the trade picture for more than just a d-man? Can’t see the Sabres doing a deal with Philly, but it might open the door to a 3 way deal.

  5. @dynamo – completely agree. I have no idea where the Parros thing came from but all parties have flatly denied this. Also agree on Gleason. I was commenting on another blog that I could see the Canucks having interest in a Ruutu/Gleason trade with Carolina. Not sure what it would take in return but unfortunately all the rumours (and probably interest) surrounding these two players might over-inflate their value.

  6. I don’t understand all the hype around Hemsky getting moved. His best years are behind him, he’s more of a liability today than an asset. Only good for 50 points at best.

  7. @Kc – what has Kane done off-ice that’s been so poisonous to the community? Actual question, since I hadn’t heard anything. If the Jets do trade Kane, they better be getting something pretty special in return since this guy’s upside is considerable.

  8. I can see the leafs moving grabovski, he is a 2nd line centre which many teams are looking for including Chicago, and leafs seem to have a whole lot of 2nd and 3 rd line guys so they could replace him either from within originally get that first line guy and Connolly becomes what he is a 2nd line centre. I wouldnt move kulimen unless it was in a package to get that 1st line player. If Ryan is avaliable I could see kulimen becoming one of tose roster players Murray said he wanted. Something has to give soon though as it seems like a lot of teams want to make trades but really nothing has happened.

  9. If he could stay healthy would Colby Armstrong not be what the Canucks are looking for?

  10. This is way off topic but “Selanne has a chance to do the right thing for the organization and allow them to get some assets.”.

    Anyone else getting tired of this mentality? Since when do former franchise players owe a team anything when the team starts slumping by being shipped away for picks/prospects/players? Players are expected to honor contracts, be loyal to a team and play their heart out – perhaps it’s only fair teams/organizations started showing some of that back.

  11. I see Ryan Ellis and a second or third rounder for Hemsky. For the record I think it’s overpayment, but Smashville had to do something drastic if they want to convince Sutter and Weber to commit. I don’t see Blum being moved at all.
    Leafs should not be in the market for Bobby Ryan, he’ll cost a pretty penny. If I were Burke, I’d trade for Penner as a rental (maybe Penner and a pick or decent prospect for Kulemin) and try to sign Bertuzzi in the off season. I know Bert won’t be a popular signing, but looking at Burke’s track record, he likes to have that one grizzled vet on the team to help mentor the kids…we don’t have that now. Bert was also in Van when Burke was at the helm. Aside from that, kick the tires on Parise if he becomes available. And try to move Lombardi to free up cap space. He’s starting to pick up his play as of late, I think the rust is finally gone. His value might not be bad come trade deadline. Grabovski should be resigned.

  12. Mats? As in sundin? Know wonder you have that opinion

  13. Penner is awful, Kulemin is much more valuable to the Leafs than Penner would be.

  14. Hemsky is worth much more than Blum. Take the L out what do u get. The truth is aside from recent I jury issues and down play he is still much a top line player talent wise. He could very well be getting better from his injury problems.

  15. Liddy, that’s why I said Penner plus. Kule is having an off year too.

  16. @Alex apparently he has skipped out on a few bills at some local restaurants in Winnipeg. I heard of one in particular where the waitress went to the Manager and he told her to say nothing and he then went to True North with it and they appologized and paid the bill and said it wouldn’t happen again. Also the “concussion” that he supposedly has is from what I hear nothing more than some injuries from a scrap that he got into at Whiskey Dix ( a bar here in Winnipeg ), on Friday night. He is giving Winnipeggers the impression that he is too good for this city and doesn’t care about nor have any respect for the city. Also heard that Stuart and Hainsey pulled him aside and gave him a bit of a talking to. All just things that I have heard from so they could be 100% false and just rumors, but usually where there is smoke there is fire, and he does come across way more arrogant than someone who is 20 and never had a 20 goal season should.

  17. CBC’s Hot Stove was a joke yesterday.
    Francis’ Hemsky rental for top d prospect Blum and a No. 1, what?
    Friedman’s Burke is not shopping, when is that ever the case?
    And Milbury in his capacity as ex-GM, good god what were they thinking?

    I also have not read anything negative about E. Kane. The ‘Peg has gotta love his attitude, success and future promise. The coach called out his play a couple of weeks ago and he responded. That’s how a good coach treats his leaders when the team isn’t playing well.

  18. I would take Brandon Dubinsky, Wojtek Wolski who the Rangers want to unload, Michael St. Croix Winnipeg born and Dylan McIlrath also Winnipeg born for Evander Kane would enjoy being in New York and is the scoring winger that they are looking for so they could forget about Hemsky and Selanne, Ron Hainsey from Bolton, CT who is a veteran D-man that the Rangers are looking for and maybe throw in Miettinen or someone else similar.

  19. Dubinsky, Wolski, St. Croix and McIlrath for Kane, Hainsey and Miettinen!

  20. If Spacek is part of any deal that gets Caraolina a 1st, it will make Pierre Gauthier look even worse for only getting back Kaberle. I knew Spacek is going to have value at the deadline, but I agreee that price tag for those players is way over exagerated.

  21. I would not go anywhere near Penner, especially for kulimen? Kulimen is an rida next year and Penner is a UFa, so giving up a player you still have control over for a older, slower, less upside player with a higher contract this year so the leafs would have to make room for it. IMO that is going backwards for the leafs, they need Abigail forward but maybe Dustin Penner 5 years ago.

  22. Thanks for the FYI KC. I read about more after I asked and it seems that Kane is totally denying it. Also appears that someone (a Peg fan) drew up a sign about the whole thing, someone took a picture of it, then it went viral and was treated as gospel. The police seemed to have gotten involved and investigated the restaurant who apparently only had good things to say about Kane. the cops found nothing incriminating so they dropped it. I’m getting this from KuklasKorner (who in turn quoted Gary Lawless of the Winnipeg Free Press). I’ll never known who’s right or wrong but in this day and age slander is so easily done and never cracked down on that when the phrase “where there’s smoke there’s fire” comes up, I’m just as inclined to think “where there’s smoke there’s mirrors.”

  23. @Alex could very well be just mirrors, but of course the restaurant would have nothing but good things to say when approached it was from what I hear taken care of from True North, and the restaurant wants the business of other NHL’ers so for sure they would keep their mouth shut. Also the police not likely found anything because once again True North paid the bill. You’re right slander is easliy done but this is a rumor column where those types of rumblings will get discussed, also it seems strange that would someone make this up out of the blue, and it’s not like it hasn’t happened in the NHL before ie; Oilers in Calgary.

    @GravityMike you’re right about everything Kane except the attitude part, his attitude could use some definite improving. Lawless openly admits on his radio show that he does not like Kane’s attitude and the way he handles himself away from the rink.

  24. I think Kulemin will get a good look in Pittsburg just cause he has a long history with Malkin. I don’t know what the Pens could offer in return. Landing Penner alone shouldn’t take more than a second rounder. He has an albatross of a contract. I would like to see Stoll included in a deal going east with Penner for Kulemin and MacCarthur

  25. I would hate to see Kulemin go, he is so much more than he has shown this year.

    In terms of Centres, the Leafs have a plethora of certified # 2 centres: Connolly, Bozak, Grabo, Lombardi.
    One of them will be gone before the Trade deadline And MacArthur gets traded too. Look for Calgary to be the dance partner, in return for picks. Leafs then use the picks to do something big at top 3 centre or top 6 wing. I have this weird feeling Steve Mason ends up in Toronto. Don’t ask me why, I just have this feeling.

  26. Murph – I hope you’re feelings are wrong…lol. Mason is a “one and done” ala Jim Caray. He’s had more than enough time to get back to where he was in his Calder year if he ever can. Also – if he can’t handle the pressure and spotlight of the booming Hockey metropolis of Columbus, he will get crushed in Toronto.

    My wish list is (i’ve said it once and i’ll predict it again). Some combination of Kulemin and Grabovski for Staal in Pittsburgh – he’s just waiting to come in here like a certain number 93 did and shine. He’s been holding Malkin and Crosby’s bags for too long now – he’s better than just a 3rd line center and penalty killer – just like Dougie was in St. Louis and Calgary…

    That’s just what i’d like to see. The thing with Burke is history has proven that he’s great at holding his cards close to his chest and always seems to come up with something from way out in left field compared to what all the speculation is. He has no problem lying to the media as part of the game outside the game – one thing we can count on as someone above mentioned – whatever he does or won’t do it will happen this week or next – he’s a January / June deal maker – by February the prices have sky rocketed and he spends his money well…

  27. @motocitysmitty: Penner and Stoll for Kulemin and Grabowski? No way that will happen!
    @Swiss: I also would like to see Jordan Staal coming to Toronto, but I don’t think the Pens will trade him! Especially as long as Crosby is injured!
    @Murph: I hope you’re wrong with your weird feelings about Steve Mason and I hope for you get “better feelings” 😉

  28. ryan for 2 prospects and a pick? little to cheap for his talent. i say grabo, kadri and 1st round pick

  29. For the record I know one of the waitresses from the restaurant Kane frequents and the rumor that he walked out on his bill is true. Having said that… the kid is 20 and has some maturing to do. He’ll mature yet and has probably learned his lesson.

    Now if we’re going to talk about trading Kane… that’s absurd. He is exactly the type of player the Jets want to keep around. Fast, powerful, and can score. He’s a future 40 goal guy no doubt. So having said that, a young highly touted player better be coming back the other way and/or first round pick(s). Dubinsky and a bunch of bums will not cut it! What would fit better would be Stepan + Anisimov or something.