Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – January 8, 2012.

The latest from TSN, ESPN, Ottawa Sun, and Edmonton Journal.

TSN.CA: Darren Dreger recently responded to several readers’ questions regarding possible trades. He suggests if the Penguins are healthy by the trade deadline, GM Ray Shero could seek an affordable depth forward, but if Sidney Crosby and Kris Letang remain sidelined  it could change his approach…Leafs GM Brian Burke might have to change his “no interest” about improving his goaltending via trade if James Reimer doesn’t return to form, despite Jonas Gustavsson’s recent inspired play…The Minnesota Wild aren’t shopping backup goalie Josh Harding but are willing to listen to offers between now and the trade deadline…The New Jersey Devils will soon have to decide if they can afford to play the waiting game with pending UFA Zach Parise or shop him at the trade deadline…Don’t expect Boston Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli to do much tinkering, if any, to his current roster before the deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Crosby and/or Letang are still out by the deadline, and it doesn’t appear they’ll be back for the playoffs, Shero could become more active in the trade market near the deadline…Burke might not have much choice but shop for a goalie if Reimer or Gustavsson don’t step up in the coming weeks…I still believe that as long as the Devils are in the playoff race, Parise won’t be moved. GM Lou Lamoriello has in the past resisted trading his pending UFAs  more often than not…Chiarelli could make a minor move or two, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he stands pat.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports Penguins GM Ray Shero and agent Pat Brisson deny rumors Sidney Crosby could shut it down for this season or that his career may be over…Leafs GM Brian Burke continues to shop around for depth to this top-six forward group, and are willing to move a defenseman as trade bait. Burke maintains he’s not looking for a goalie. While Burke would probably love to land center Ryan Getzlaf from Anaheim, LeBrun doesn’t see a fit there given the huge return the Ducks would want for Getzlaf…Lightning GM Steve Yzerman might be better off waiting for the off-season, where he’ll have a better chance to address his roster needs…LeBrun suggests Buffalo or Philadelphia might be two teams interested in dealing with the Ducks…The Blackhawks are in the market for a natural center for their second line but would settle for a top-six winger.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I know the Crosby bit isn’t a trade or free agent rumor, just felt it was worth mentioning…I also don’t see Burke prying Getzlaf out of Anaheim, as he’d have to part with one or two key players as part of the return…Unless the trade market improves for Yzerman soon, he would be wise to wait for the off-season to address his need for a quality starting goalie and additional blueline depth…It’ll be interesting to see if the Sabres and/or Flyers swing deals with the Ducks, especially for any of Anaheim’s core players…Given how difficult it is to find a good scoring center, the Blackhawks might have little choice but to settle on another scoring winger.

 OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch cited an NHL executive claiming the Ducks asking price for Ryan Getzlaf or Bobby Ryan would be huge, being two high end prospects and two first round picks…Many believe it’s time for Columbus Blue Jackets captain Rick Nash to waive his “no-movement” clause, as even with his big salary a team “would be willing to take a chance on Nash”…There’s been no contract talks between the Canadiens and Hal Gill, who could be moved at the trade deadline…The Tampa Bay Lightning badly need goaltending but there aren’t many options. The San Jose Sharks “are willing to discuss either Antti Niemi or Antero Niittymaki”, while Jonathan Bernier of the LA Kings could be another option…The NY Islanders will have to make a decision with pending UFA center Frans Nielsen, who’s currently making $550K and sources say is seeking in excess of $3 million per season…The Carolina Hurricanes are shopping all their UFAs, which include “C Tuomo Ruutu, LW Alexei Ponikarovsky, D Bryan Allen, D Jaroslav Spacek and D Tim Gleason”….The Blue Jackets are still trying to move center Antoine Vermette while the Edmonton Oilers are willing to send RW Ales Hemsky packing.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The claim of two high end prospects and two first round picks for Getzlaf or Ryan runs counter to what Ducks GM Bob Murray said last week, when he claimed he wasn’t interested in acquiring draft picks as he’s not rebuilding…I daresay there are 29 NHL teams willing to “take a chance” on Rick Nash if he became available, but the Jackets aren’t shopping him and his agent claims Nash isn’t interested in leaving…The Sharks will shop Niittymaki, but not Niemi, who’s their starter and isn’t going anywhere…Bernier to my knowledge isn’t available, as the Kings want to retain him in case Jonathan Quick struggles or gets hurt….If the Isles don’t move Nielsen at the deadline, expect them to re-sign him…The Hurricanes will be one of the busiest teams in the trade market in the coming weeks…Not sure how much of a market there is for Vermette, but there will be interest in Hemsky, though the Oilers won’t get as much for him as they would’ve if they had dealt him a year ago.

 EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson doubts the Ducks move Getzlaf but suggested Ryan could be the one moved, naming Philadelphia as a possible destination in a package involving James van Riemsdyk. Another could be Buffalo…The Detroit Red Wings could try to convince Brad Stuart, a UFA this summer, to re-sign…Matheson believes the Nashville Predators will move Ryan Suter at the trade deadline if they can’t get the pending UFA blueliner re-signed by then, suggesting Detroit would be interested…Carolina’s Tim Gleason or Bryan Allen could be an affordable fit on the Blackhawks defense…Teams like the Capitals, Penguins and Sharks could be in the hunt for Carolina’s Tuomo Ruutu as a rental player…Matheson doesn’t believe the Lightning would have interest in bringing back Nikolai Khabibulin, but might instead prefer younger options like the Kings Jonathan Bernier, Minnesota’s Josh Harding or Vancouver’s Cory Schneider, though he’ll cost more…A source close to the Blackhawks dismissed the rumors of their club having interest in Edmonton’s Sam Gagner. Matheson suggests Frans Nielsen of the Islanders could be a better fit.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe Ryan could be the likely trade candidate for the Ducks if GM Bob Murray decides to move a core player, but I don’t see him going to Philadelphia, as their concern now is their defense. Buffalo would be a more likely destination, but I daresay not the only one…If the Wings want Stuart to re-sign I think they’ll get it done…As long as the Predators are in the playoff chase, they won’t shop Suter or Shea Weber…Gleason or Allen could end up with either the Blackhawks or Flyers…I still think Ruutu would be a good fit with the Red Wings…I don’t doubt the Lightning would prefer landing a young goalie, but they’ll have to wait until the summer to have a shot at those three…Nielsen is an interesting option for the Blackhawks, provided he’s available.


  1. I think the Lighning are finished for the season. Once the playoffs are through then we can concentrate on remodeling.

  2. Rick Nash has stated that he would not invoke his no trade if the CBJ found something that can help the club for the future.

    Mats Sundin should look at what Nash will do and learn how a real team guy does things.

  3. Tampa got far last year because their third line was scoring Spinebreaker goals and they lost a few key elements to that balanced attack (Bergenheim, for example). It’s like having a big sword and a small dagger; you use your big sword to deflect the other guy’s weapon and then you stab him through the armour with your dagger to win the fight. Tampa lost their dagger, and part of their armour with aging goaltending. The only reason they lost to Boston is because Boston was a juggernaut in their entire forward squad (which hasn’t changed). Now Tampa needs another goaltender and a depth forward that can play a vital third-line role, because where they outmatched oppositions last year, they’re getting outmatched. Stevie Y is on it.

    Nashville isn’t pressed to make a move. They still have Weber as an RFA, but he might be getting moved this summer because they won’t be able to afford him. Jersey is pressed to make a move, and the fact Lou brought Parise to arbitration last year is a big sign that he doesn’t want to lose this guy. They will be talking long term contract in the coming weeks. Expect 7+ Mill a season for 5 to 7 years. If he doesn’t sign, it wouldn’t shock me if the Devils moved him at the deadline, even if they were in the hunt. Parise for Weber makes sense to me, Jersey’s stocked on LW and Nashville on D. Why not? So long as Nashville can sign Parise to an affordable 6 mill a year contract (and forgive me, but I don’t think Parise is that greedy). It would be similar to Shanahan for Stevens. Both of these guys are team captains. You can’t make much more sense than that.

    It doesn’t make sense for the Ducks to make a move now since they look out of it. And if I were them, I’d be looking at a minutes defenceman. Buffalo? Yeah, Anaheim can pry Robyn Regehr from them or, heaven forbid, Tyler Myers. Those are players that Anaheim needs and they can ship off one of their big three for Robyn + rosters or Myers + picks. Philadelphia and Anaheim don’t look like trade partners, they’re both stocked in the F position and looking for steady D with Philly trying to replace Prongers presence; they aren’t going to do that through Anaheim, and to me, it wouldn’t be intelligent for Anaheim to trade Visnovsky either… then they’d just need a puck moving power-play quarterback after that.

    Maybe Philly can try to get Regehr from Buffalo.

    I think the Leafs need to improve their third line; their offense is just fine (they’re 4th in the league, why this top 6 forward talk?). But they have no PK. That’s third line stuff. Sjostrom did that well for them, but they let him go. If they’re dangling Kadri, they might be able to pick up a chirper/agitator/tenacious player. Maybe they should have given John Madden a ring. I know they want someone like Clarkson, but they’re not going to get someone like Clarkson, so they need to keep looking.

    Hope Iggy reaches 600.

  4. Brian you are dumb, no offense but who cares about Mats Sundin, dude retired 3 years ago. Not really relevant to to days captains or trade rumors. Seriously it was a dumb statement for 2012. For 2009 it makes sense but i mean it was also dumb that Edmonton traded gretzky and it was also dumb that the blues traded Pronger. I can do these all day but what do they have to do with today’s game? nothing at all. So basically a pointless post that i wish could be removed.

    Hey guys guess what Lindros is skating 3-4 times a week in a rec league isn’t that great? Seriously see my point Mats Sundin has 0 reason being in a post unless it was taking over a part of a team.

  5. The Kings won’t give him away but I think Bernier is available. Sutter has made it clear he plans on playing Quick a lot (didn’t Kipper start like 78 games one year under Sutter?) and the Kings have two good prospects in Manchester, one is an AHL all-star. Granted minor league all-star is a long way from NHL starter and I’m sure Lombardi would like to have injury insurance for Quick but Bernier on the bench is a wasted asset -one that could be moved in the right deal especially if their scoring woes continue.

  6. Hemsky will go for a mid 1st round pick and some player we have not heard of and will then show what he can do when he is surrounded with a team that actually plays a sollid game. This year the Oilers have the worst Deffence perhaps in the history of the NHL. How can anyone say it doesnt affect the forwards, of course it does. The vet’s are sick of losing and the coach seems ok with it, the entire deffence needs to be blown up and for crying out loud when you trade for a stud d man, could you find someone who is not hurt 60 games a season, bad luck or bad decisions. Yes its time for the coach and the GM to go. Anyone can pick a 1st over all pick. How many other picks are playing for the team that Tambi and his team picked. If you are going to re-build you need to have at least 3 or 4 solid new players every year. Sorry but it looks like the coach and gm have mailed this season in, there probably allready talking about who they should pick in this years draft.

  7. Why does everybody keep suggesting that Bernier is a legitimate backup in the NHL. He’s a high-end but UNPROVEN prospect, that’s it. Bernier has played a total of 40 NHL regular season games and 0 playoff games. That’s not even half a season. If Quick were to be injured, we don’t know what Bernier could do as he’s never had to carry the load. This season Bernier has played in 8 games and he’s 2-4-1. Now to be fair, quite a few of those games were during the Kings skid.

    A backup is a guy that you KNOW that you can count on and that has a significant amount of NHL experience. Budaj in Montreal and Conklin in Detroit are good examples of legitimate backups. They HAVE been starters, and they could be starters again if the team needed them to be.

    At this point, Bernier is a high-level prospect with some NHL experience who could be a franchise goalie. He’s not proven enough to count on him as a backup yet. It is obvious that he’s not going to get that much playing time with the Kings, and he’s not going to be their starter now or ever. Bernier is exactly the piece the Kings need to trade.

  8. Vanlee, I couldn’t agree with more. Edmonton needs a good young goalie and a lot of def, forwards, as great as they are, need a def that can pass the puck up to them and the team needs confidence in their goalie. Edmonton is young and hemsky no longer fits in, best to trade him now but get a much needed defenseman not a draft pick. Perhaps at the next draft address the teams needs not just draft the best player available.

  9. Maybe the Leafs should chase Tuomo Ruutu if he’s available.

    Ryan Whitney is a good d-man for Edm, but he’s injured a lot and they need a minutes guy.

  10. Hemsky will not get a 1st round pick in return. Given his injury history and inconsistency he’ll get a 2nd at best, if you’re only taking a pick-for-player swap.

  11. Buff- Although I entirely agree with what you’re saying, aren’t you laying it just a little thick?

  12. Are you nuts thinking the Sabres would trade either Regher or Myers? Pretty much any forward or d-man but Vanek, Myers and regher are probably on the table.
    Buffalo paper today had a guess of Miller, Stafford and cash/pick for Ryan and Hiller.

  13. @vanlee Reality: Hemsky will fetch a second rounder, look good for 5 games, then get injured and watch the rest of the season from his couch.

  14. The Toronto maple leafs are 2 star players and a year or two of playing time away from contending. I believe they could be playing for a cup within 5 yrs provided they extend burke. Like burke or not he took an organiztion with little to no assets and turned it around in a remarkably short time. This team at best will make the playoffs and scare someone. Which would be excellent. He knows all the above and I’m sure is not delussional about it despite putting up the brave face for most of the tml fanbase. Sure if an upgrade comes available for the 3 or 4th lines he’d do it; but he knows that he needs those two stars either by overpaying via free agency or trading a couple of players for one. THE trade route is not the easier one. Exspecially when trying to aquire a star. But if anyone can do it.I think Burke can. Just based on what he has accomplished thus far. So Getzlaf or nash or whoever would not surprise me or should it anyone else.

  15. Are you nuts thinking the Sabres would trade either Regher or Myers? <– for Perry, Getzlaf, or Ryan? Uh, yeah, that would get a Buffalo team loaded on d thinking.

    Miller's trade value is pretty awful right now, so it's not a good idea to move him, given he's 10-13 with over 3 GAA. He might only be having a bad year as well. And it may well be because of a lack of chemistry on defense there, as well. He at a 3+ gaa with a possible flash in the pan in Stafford ignores Anaheim's need for a defenceman that plays big minutes. Beauchemin is just not good enough in that category; he's not a #1 d-man. Regehr and Myers are both big minute type guys. That's your trade bait. You might be able to fish Beauchemin and Ryan for Regehr, Stafford, and a pick/prospect.

    If Buffalo won't pony that up, Anaheim will likely look elsewhere for a first pairing d-man.

  16. Why are people on here whining about the Oilers? Surprised your not complaining about the training staff and the stick boy as well. They mention Hemmer in the article and you think anyone cares for your narrow views?

  17. I could see the Hawks and Canes making good trade partners. The Hawks have some good forward prospects the Canes might like in exchange for someone like Ruutu or Gleason. Two teams to keep an eye on as the trade deadline nears.

  18. Yes Brian, Sundin surely needs schooling in the manners of team spirit. After all, he only dug it out 14 years with aged over the hill players still piling up records and points. And in the end of the day, when the team reached it’s peak suck he had the oddasity to stick with the sinking ship and fight for a playoff spot.
    And wooo don’t get me started on that Kaberle….geez what a turd he was eh?

    God i hate rooting for the same team as these “leafnation” idiots.

  19. Andy Greene and Mattias Tedenby for Bobby Ryan

  20. Brian- To say that Nash has more leadership abilities than Sundin (Captain of the Leafs, Swedish national team etc…) is riiculous.

    The day that Rick Nash becomes one of the best players int he league (which is never in my opinion) then you can put him in a category with Sundin. Right now, Rick Nash doesn’t even hold a candle to Miroslav Satan.

  21. @ MATS. Your blind! Sudin could have helped the leafs in taking a trade instead Sundin and his like did not quite put the leafs in the postion they were in but he didn’t help either. HE SERVED HIMSELF. JUST like the following year when he went to the canucks. Becarefull who you call leaf nation idiots. You might just see one in the mirror. Maybe you are or maybe your too young to remember true leaf leaders like GILMOUR and Clarke. Sundin could have helped the long suffering fans of the leafs by accepting a trade which would have returned them a kings ransom and play for another team just like HE DID THE following year. If he had just retired, i would be saying nothing right now, but he didn’t he served HIMSELF TOTALLY! You got fan blinders on. and if you really want to admire someone. Admire Gary Roberts who did the heavy lifting for Sundin. Remember euros at least most are nothing more than mercinaries.