Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – July 13, 2014

The latest on Rick Nash, Steven Stamkos, P.K. Subban, Jake Gardiner and Evander Kane, plus an update on the Red Wings.

Rangers aren't shopping Rick Nash.

Rangers aren’t shopping Rick Nash.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports the Rangers have no intention of asking winger Rick Nash to waive his no-movement clause, which is in effect until the end of 2014-15. Nash also isn’t interested in requesting a trade…The NY Islanders are in need of a defenseman, and Brooks suggests pursuing Toronto Maple Leafs blueliner Jake Gardiner, whose puck possession numbers “were pretty darn good on the league’s worst possession team.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nash has four years remaining on his contract at an annual cap hit of $7.8 million, though in actual salary it rises to $8.2 million by the final year of the deal. If the Rangers at some point decide to trade Nash, they’ll probably have to pick up part of that hefty salary…It doesn’t appear as though the Maple Leafs intend to trade Gardiner this summer. Perhaps it’s something worth looking at later in the season if the Leafs are struggling again. 

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Adam Proteau wonders if young stars like  Steven Stamkos or P.K. Subban might one day return to their hometown of Toronto to join the Maple Leafs, just as basketball star LeBron James recently returned to his hometown of Cleveland to rejoin the Cavaliers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Don’t freak out, Lightning and Canadiens fans. Proteau’s simply musing over the possibility, suggesting stars like Stamkos or Subban have the personality to handle the pressure of playing in a high-pressure market like Toronto. Perhaps one day Stamkos, Subban or John Tavares (another star from the Toronto area) will return to Toronto, but it’ll probably be as aging free agents past their playing prime. As Proteau suggests, if the Leafs want a young local star who wants to play in Toronto, they’ll have to draft one. 

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons believes “If anyone other than the just-happy-to-be-there Kevin Cheveldayoff were general manager of the Winnipeg Jets, Evander Kane would have been traded by now.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Perhaps, but I daresay most general managers would struggle with the Kane conundrum. Saying to just trade an unhappy young star is one thing, but finding the right return is another. I think Cheveldayoff’s handling this well. He’s not making any knee-jerk decisions or pronouncements. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s fielding offers, but he’s not going to make a move just because of media pressure to do so. Wait and see how this season, and the trade market, develops. If Kane publicly demands a trade, then things get more difficult.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan recently reported the Detroit Red Wings are no long seeking a bargain defenseman via free agency, while trade talks have slowed down. They continue to search for a top-four blueliner with a right-handed shot. “I explored trades through June, couldn’t find a fit,” Holland said. “Now I sense a quiet three, four, five weeks. In the meantime I’ll reach out to some of those (GMs).”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Things really have slowed since the opening frenzy of free-agent signings earlier this month. Perhaps things might pick up following the upcoming arbitration period (20 July to August 4). 


  1. The process of trading Kane is a big league decision/process. We will see if Chevy is up to the task. It will be a lot harder if Kane demands a deal.

    • Thanks for regurgitating exactly what was said in the article I just read. You reek of awesome.

      • Lol nice Petry

      • You are missing the point — has Chevy made ANY significant deals since coming to Winnipeg? No – my point is, does Chevy have the ability to make a big impact deal? He has yet you make any big league deals, so this is new territory for him.

        • This has nothing to do with whether or not Chevy can make a big league deal and everything to do with the fact it’s Winnipeg. A team who will have trouble luring high end talent and a team that will have trouble keeping them once obtained, See Ottawa’s current plight for reference and Edmonton past history center around the time Ryan Smith left the team. So this deal gets complicated as Kane has such potential, Can you give him up nd get a good return, a return of players who want to play in Winterpig. Will you get proper value for the player whose potential you feel has yet to be fulfilled. The trade be easier I’d think if Kane established himself as a guaranteed 30 goal scorer. Teams will use his character and inconsistency against the Jets. It’s a tough deal to make for any GM of any experience in Chevy’s shoes.

  2. i think the leafs should explore a trade invol;ving gardiner. try and add to it for strome or another center. i dont care how many centres they have, they dont come near to having a first line one. kadri will turn out to be a good second line centre but bozak should be a third line one. this team is a disaster

    • There is NO WAY that you are getting Strome for Gardiner.

      • From a Leaf point of view I wouldnt deal Gardiner for a prospect who so far has put up no.s simmilar to what you already have in Kadri. Id think about moving him in possibly a bigger deal as part of a package just not 1 for 1 for a prospect.

        • You wouldn’t deal Gardiner for Strome? Wow Shtick I know there are a lot of Maple Leaf fans that are happy you aren’t their GM.

          • I am not saying its not worth it I am saying I wouldnt do it….big difference. Its a sideways move.

          • Sorry Jes, but he would find Tavaras for him as a fair deal

          • Another ridiculious comment from Jason or jello whatever, I am saying no sense in trading a guy who os pretty close to developed for a guy, who could take more time to develop in to develop in to a 1 but there is no garuntee, there was no mention of Taveres. Strome could develop in to a 1 or 2 c we have a 2 c, Gardiner could develop in to a top pairing D man in the next year or 2 and its just as important. I would give up Gardiner along with other pieces for a center who could develop in to a 1 but he would have to be a little closer to being developed than a 21 year old kid who still has not played 40 nhl games.

        • i agree but i do think that we have the peices to make a deal. the defense is a weakness but it can be found. finding a 1sdt line center, even one that might be (better than what we have) is more difficult

          • As a Sen fan I suppose to hate T.O. But honestly I don’t and from my vantage point good D men are not easy to find. I’d hang on to him tight, So I’m with Shticky no reason to trade a good player for another one, Work on trading a package of lesser players and draft picks to bring in that centre or draft them.

  3. Gardiner stinks

  4. The best part of that Adam Proteau article, about guys like Stamkos or Subban returning to Toronto was the fact that Stamkos favorited it. Pipe dream I know but…

    • 2 mores seasons Sticky then stamkos is coming home

      • To Tampa Bay, as they’ll re-sign him to a long-term deal.

        • What if he does want to play at home? Wouldnt be the first time (well maybe for the Leafs but…) How can anybody know that for certain? (I doubt it, but its a possibility). He would make more money in Toronto. A max contract is a max contract if he really did want to move I doubt the extra year would mean much and in endorsements he would be way ahead of the game. Again I’ll say I doubt it but nothing is for certain. He would be UFA and can choose where he wants to play. One thing is certain, the Stamkos to the Leafs stuff is going to grow super tiring if it goes on for 2 years.

          • The potential for endorsements is more in Toronto but actually take home pay is less. No state income tax in Florida vs big time taxes in Ontario. Apples to apples Stamkos take home more bread if he stays in Tampa.

    • Toronto will never lay their stinking paws on Stamkos, hell doubt Subban would want to go there also.

  5. Kane to Boston for Marchand and a few pieces.
    Marchand will put up mad points with Winnipeg.
    Kane would be a physical two way player Boston likes.
    Good fit for both.

    • No from Wpg. Marchand in no way gives them what they need. Wpg will want a center.
      I think it would actually help both sides if the Avs could trade O’Reilly to the peg for Kane. Avs get a winger to fit on the Second line above Tanguay, with Duchene and McKinnon as their top two centres while the Peg gets a quality Cwnter they need backed up by Little. Both teams get rid of headaches and fill team needs.

      Obviously the HUGE barrier to this is the divisional rivalry. That said, not sure there is another trade out there that would be as close to balanced….still unlikely to happen.

      • That makes sense.

      • Pretty sure it would require more than Kane to get O’reilly. Ror has more points over the past couple years and is better defensively. Cant see a team taking that much of a risk for Kane which is part of Chevy’s problem with dealing him. O’reilly may have attitude aswell but it doesn’t really effect him on the ice quite the way Kane’s does. It wont be easy for Chevy to get fair value for Kane.

        • The Boston deal makes some sense perhaps Marchand and Spooner.

        • Look at who ROR is playing with. No secret to why he has more points. Kane and a prospect for ROR and a prospect.

          Boston deal makes little sense. Marchand isn’t the kind of player Winnipeg needs. Plus with all the core locked up to multi year deals I think they are in a win now stage, not rebuild.

          Kane’s got a new coach. I haven’t heard any complaints from Kane since Maurice has come to town. Just the stupid media beating a dead horse. Unless a deal is fair Chevy won’t do it. He’s not Garth Snow guys.

          • Ehh Maurice scratched him too.

    • When you say a few pieces, are you thinking of a 1st rounder? Top prospect?

      • A few pieces I mean a defenseman that we have too many of. Bartkowski or Maquaid and a pick maybe second rounder. If not a pick a quality prospect like Spooner or Koko.

    • Boston does not want Kane.They just traded Seguin whos attitude sucked and to think they are gonna take on a player with a known attitude problem, i dont see that happening.

  6. Spec just pointing out one error above. You said “if” the Leafs struggle. I think you really wanted to say “when” lol

    • Leafs will be good this season. Maybe even playoff team.

      • Hey, I’ve got a bridge in NYC I’d be willing to sell you…

        • ‘Leafs will be good this year. Maybe even (a) playoff team”…
          Uhhh, ok…?

          • lol!….or they could be one of those good teams that dont make the playoffs I guess.

      • hahaha they’ll finish in the behind,mtl,t.b. boston and detroit they will be nowhere near the playoffs ……

  7. Jet fans remember Kane is a headache I do believe Bruin management could turn him in the right direction. By know means would I sell the farm to acquire him.

  8. Marchand’s game, his talent and edge requires a couple players to protect him. That’s why he plays so well in Boston, he has a few guys to watch his back – the best option for him to is remain a Bruin. I am not criticizing the guy, just stating where he fits best and why.

  9. Stamkos may head back to Toronto someday, but not Subban.

  10. You really think the Bruin management can turn him around when they had Seguin and Kessel who acted similar and they traded them away instantly. I very much doubt that

    • Seguin says hi aswell

      • Did you see the pic he put on twitter.. My god!!!

  11. If the Bruins make a pitch for Kane they can throw in Caron just to get rid if him why the Bruins keep signing this bust is beyond me

  12. one day jvr will return to jersey and kessel will go home to the midwest bernier will head to the canadiens and Rielly will go to the nucks. But nobody will ever go to the leafs because they are a permanent waste of an organization.

    • ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha you never tell us who you cheer fan mr. know it all

  13. After playing in Montreal,”the pressure of playing in a high pressure market like Toronto” would be a vacation for PK (***NOT*** that he will ever end up there).

  14. What about Kane, Matt Halischuck to Boston for Loui erickson, Reilly smith and Bartkowski

  15. Subban didn’t grow up a Leafs fan (like Tavares or Stamkos) so I wouldn’t put him in the same category as the other two who would maybe wanna play for their childhood favorite team. In fact, Subban grew up a habs fan. I doubt he ever plays for Toronto (unless it isn’t his decision).

  16. Remember a little deal where Rick Nash was dealt and people hated the return and it worked out well for Columbus? I think the same thing will happen here with Winnipeg for Kane. The Jets just need to do better than they have done in the past with these deals… they got hosed for Marian Hossa as that deal basically turned out to be Eric O’Dell (obtained by trade EC) for Hossa, as Armstrong left basically a year later, Angelo Esposito never panned out and they drafted like crap in the first round (who drafts a junior b player?) mind you the 2008 draft pretty much sucked and the only notable player drafted in the next 10 picks was Jake Allen.

    The Kovi deal ended up a bit better as the long term results were at least Big Buff in the end of things. When they dealt Heatly they did land Hossa, so that was a great deal for them during the time Hossa was in Atlanta. The Jets can do well with trading Kane and picking up multiple pieces, but it has to be in a smart deal that sheds their past misfortune with trading superstar players.

    I think Philly might be a good fit after the season starts as they are craving a wing like him, the Jets could go after Scott Laughton, Luke Schenn, Vinny Lecavailler, 3rd Rounder. Fixes their center depth, bolsters their defense, and they have the cap space to make the deal. This is the type of multiple part deal that could help the Jets. Philly pays more to ditch the Vinny contract. A long term center lay out of Schiefle, Little, and Laughton should be attractive for Jets fans.

    • Yeah, Kane for Laughton who is unproven, Schenn who handles the puck like it’s a hand grenade, Vinny who is washed up with an obscene contract and a pitiful 3rd rounder? Love how guys want prime assets in return for trash … that proposal is a joke … go watch ladies tennis …

    • I agree with you. Columbus did well, but that was because they understood that the problem with the club was not star power (they were loosing with Nash), but rather a systemic depth problem. Moving Nash was controversial but necessary because it gave them the depth they needed to truly compete. A couple other medium trades later and they have a strong, young team that will compete over the next several seasons. Winnipeg is farther along depth wise but getting back the right depth players could push them into a playoff spot next season. They need to target more depth on the back end specifically in my opinion and build around Pavelec (that way if he craps out, they have the defensive talent to overcome a lousy Pavelec or whatever other young tender they try) and keep developing the top 6 they have. Vinny on the right price could be interesting because it gives leadership and a big name. He’s slower but could be useful on the PP or in a reduced role similar to how teams have used Jagr since he came back.

  17. JBB – good points on Thrasher/Jet history. Dudley did a good job his 1 season with the club. Waddell was horrible, Chevy yet to pull the trigger on a franchise-changing deal.

    • your right and i think if the jets would’ve kept dudley the jets would’ve been a better team than they are already and would’ve made the playoffs ….he’s a very good hockey man and a smart guy that can ideentify talent and has jelped build 2 cup winning teams in t.b. and chicago…and it was dudley i believ that drafted kane for atl/wpg i think i could be wrong on this ….but i’m sure it was dudley

  18. The arrogance of Steve Simmons is never-ending. He is the master of personal criticism from that glass house. One of the worst tv/radio personalities in his market.

  19. Any other gm besides Chevy? How bout Mac T think he would give up a potential 40 goal winger just to be rid of him? How good does Seguin for Eriksson look now? I cant think many GMs that would take the chance of trading Kane and getting hosed as bad as the Jets could get by dealing Kane just for the sake of dealing him, once again Simmons proves to be a moron. Only reason this guy has a job is his knowledge and relationships with members of the board at MLSE. Its not because of his hockey knowledge.

  20. Sorry, but Gardiner has to change dramatically. I watched him and not the puck when he was on the ice. He is a great skater, and has some creativity. BUT under pressure he cracks like an egg defensively. Not sure if he really wants to be in a Leaf uniform to begin with. But for now, I’d throw him up on the wing with Kadri and Lupul. Wade Belak as a forward…was that Wilson’s experiment or Maurice’s…I can’t recall. Besides wasn’t young Jake a FWD to begin with? The Leafs need to be mean back there, too many shots, too many rebound chances in close with Reimer, it’s hard to play a system with a goalie like that. With Bernier for sure in behind, maybe the defense can get some systems going. I’d package Gardiner and Reimer for Evander Kane, then we’d have Kane, Lupal and Kadri on a line. GO LEAFS GO!