Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – July 15, 2012.

Updates on Rick Nash, Alexander Semin, Roberto Luongo, and Jonathan Bernier, plus the latest on the Panthers.

SPORTING NEWS: Sean Gentille, working off a recent comment by Columbus Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson he wants NHL-ready forwards “first and foremost” in a return for Rick Nash, looks at the six teams on Nash’s “wish list” and their “potential trade pieces”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As things stand, there’s apparently nothing new in the Blue Jackets efforts to move Nash, nor any sign those six clubs (Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Detroit, Boston, San Jose and NY Rangers) have made serious offers to Howson. 

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Chuck Gormley reports Capitals GM George McPhee hasn’t discussed the possibility of re-signing Alexander Semin. Gormley claims Semin has received interest from Pittsburgh and Carolina but is apparently holding out for a two-year, $10 million deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: He’ll be waiting a while for that kind of deal. While NHL general managers usually have little restraint when it comes to spending on free agent talent, Semin is one of those rare exceptions where a bad reputation – deserved or not – is having an adverse effect upon his market value. If he hopes to play in the NHL this season, he may have little choice to be to sign a one-year deal for under $5 million .

Bolland offered up for Luongo?

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jason Botchford claims the Chicago Blackhawks have been “mulling over” the idea of acquiring goalie Roberto Luongo from the Vancouver Canucks, and have had talks with the Canucks, including apparently offering them center Dave Bolland as part of the return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Anything’s possible, but I’m still doubtful about the Blackhawks supposed interest, let alone the willingness of management to take on Luongo’s big contract.

NATIONAL POST: Tony Gallagher recently suggested LA Kings goalie Jonathan Bernier has hampered his trade value by going public with his trade request, in part because it “casts aspersions” on his own character, and indicates a lack of patience.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: What really hurts Bernier’s trade value is his lack of experience as an NHL starter, combined with the fact there’s not much of a market for goalies this summer. If Bernier had more experience, and there were three or four teams in dire need of a quality starter, no one would be talking about his trade demand being a sign of questionable character and impatience.

SUN-SENTINEL.COM: Harvey Fialkov reports Florida Panthers COO Michael Yormark is confident his club will lock up RFAs Dmitry Kulikov and Kris Versteeg (who filed for arbitration) to long term contracts.


  1. If canucks were to trade luongo to chicago (and gawd I hope not) it better be for a return that includes either sharp or kane! Maybe throw bolland in there but he’s really not worth a luongo return alone. I’m still sure lu goes to florida for matthias and/or versteeg

    • jono if you think Lou should land sharp or kane you my friend are seriously delusional. Van is NOT in the drivers seat and Lou will be a salary at best. In fact if Chi were dumb enough to take him on Bolland would still be a overpayment let alone Kane or Sharp.

  2. Luongo will go for a bag of pucks…Upgrading to Schneider is all Vancouver should be looking at, that and getting rid of that big contract. They made a BIG mistake, now make the best of it.

    • Already signed Shneider and Luongo is only the 10 highest paid goalie in the league…its the term note the amount GM’s arent going for..even though its is a front loaded contract he can basically retire after 7 years…and teams would have to pay a cap hit of a million for his last 3 yrs…which even then might not be too bad…You should try upgrading your knowledge of hockey first…or just stick to soccer sounds more your speed.

      • Lou is the 10th highest paid of NHL goalies and in the top 5 of stats. SO his salary is a steal, it’s the length.

        I hope the Hawks trade for him

      • Actually, Luongo is the 3rd highest paid goalie in the league. Only Rinne and Lundqvist make more. If Luongo retires after 7 years there is no cap hit after that the term of the contract is over. there would only be a cap hit if he signed the contract after he was 35.

        • J.B

          Not really sure how Lou is the 3rd highest payed goalie in the league but I’ll play your game.

          Rinne 7
          Lundqvist 6.8
          Price 6.5
          Ward 6.3
          Miller 6.2
          Backstrom 6
          Quick 5.8
          Kiprusoff 5.8
          Bryzgalov 5.6
          Lou 5.3

          If I counted right that makes him 10th.

      • If he was that valuable, the ‘Nucks would have traded him by now. An obvious disconnection persists between Gillis and anyone he’s trying to negotiate with.

      • After Lou retires the team doesn’t have to pay any of the remaining term because he signed before he was 35. Those in glass houses…

  3. The longer the luongo saga goes on as well as Nash puts more preasure on both the GMs of having those two players in camp next year and bringing in a looming black cloud over the rest of the team as the season starts …thats not a good first step to starting a new season with fresh faces and a new begininng which is symbolized by moving those guys …it would be press suicide to not move Nash or Luongo for the best deal possible in early September at the latest…this puts th ball in the opposing GMs hands …who ever has the best deal on the table at that time will get the player …if it goes past that time …its going to be a mess for all involved with the present team and GM Howson and Gillis…the underlying current here is that they really dont need to move these guys ..they are under contract so its either sit in the press box dont show up to camp or shut the heck up and play … th end the advantage gose to the GM who has the best deal on the table ….there is no huge desire for any team to take on huge contracts and one player and have to get rid of the futurte for it….Howson should have traded Nash at the Draft …..and Luongo should have gone July 2nd when Gillis and Howson had the best offers…when your looking to buy something you want to get the best for th eleast and do your shopping …Panthersd have 3 really good goalies so no need to trade the future for Luongo ….Blackhamks seem more desperate and make bigger moves ….and as for Nash …a team that takes him has to bee very deep as to replace the players they would have to give up for him ….thats limiting …very limitin

    Peace !

    • Agreed.

      Sorry jono but the difference between the return for Nash and Luongo is that
      1. the Canucks just signed their goalie of the future to a long term deal so Lu HAS to be moved whereas CLB doesn’t nessessarily have to move Nash in a worst case scenario situation because they don’t have 6 other top wingers better then Nash signed to long term deals with no where for Nash to fit in unlike Lu’ situation.
      2. Luongo is 33 yrs old and has a 10 year contract whereas Nash is 28 yrs old with 6 year contract but this last comment is the lesser of the two issues.

  4. Why can’t Shero just give Semin a 2 year deal? If he is bad, just trade him. It won’t cost anything to get Semin, and if he sucks, trade him elsewhere

    • Hey Tom…it’s very clear you have never owned a business! ROI is why Semin is not signed!

      • It costs nothing to get him, so either way, you will be getting a positive return. If he is good, he helps the team. If he sucks, trade him for other pieces, which is also a positive return

        • But if he sucks, why would another team trade for him- unless they want to unload a bad contract of their own? Would you want to see a Semin for Gomez trade? Or Semin for Komisarek trade?

          • Someone will take Semin, since he will only have 1 year left on his deal. Gomez has a lot more years and a lot more money. Someone desperate for offense will take him, I can assure you of that. He will still have incredible value, he has tons of skill. And even if we keep him for both years, who cares? He is better than TK

          • @Tom

            If he has such great value now, why hasn’t he been signed already??

            Simple, he’s not such a great value even for team that need offence.

            The writing is on the wall for Semin, he has to take a hit and prove to a team he was worth the risk, $5 million per doesn’t do that.

          • Isn’t trying to unload Paul Martin’s $5 mill/yr contract enough for Shero right now?

          • @The Man__Oss

            I would be fine with giving him that contract. He played unmotivated last year because he was stuck on the crap line of the Caps and didn’t want to play there. Compared to what he could get normally, $5 million is a steal. His issues are blown way out of proportion. Read this about semin:


            All the crap said about him is a lot worse than what it actually is

          • @GolfPensGolf

            Paul Martin isn’t a bad D, he is in the same boat as Semin. Everyone always looks at their negatives instead of their positives, and they make assumptions. Paul Martin is a bad offensive D, but he is really good defensively. That is why he was bad along Michalek and good along Letang. He was playing his game as a shutdown D along Letang, but he had to be the offensive D along Michalek. The Pens staff knew that, and that is why they traded Michalek, not Martin

          • @Tom
            I read the article and it is ripe with the authors personal bias.

            He states that Semin can score when he is with other great players. Hell I could probably score with Alex on my line and I can’t skate.

            The article glosses over what everyone that has the insider knowledge says about him. He is a bad teammate and is more interested in personal fame than the team, game. To me that says Cancer in the dressing room.

            The league is moving towards bigger and tougher players. More sand paper so to speak, something that the article indicates Semin does not have.

            I think, IMHO, that these negative things plus his drop in production on lesser lines is causing a problem for other GM’s and rightly so.

            Look at Thomas Vanek, he has had some good years in Buffalo while playing with 3rd and 4th liners that have been slotted in as 1st liners. The difference is he still gets it done. He has been on a worse team with worse players to help him and he still gets it done.

            You may be right that someone will take a chance on him, because he did play decent defense in the playoffs, but he also only had 4 points in 14 games with 10 PIM. Now that’s a bad ratio and not worth 5 million.
            Ovie scored more in a drastically reduced role. Semin disappeared. Plain and simple.

        • No tom someone won’t take him The Flyer’s couldn’t get rid of zherdev and he was an expiring contract Kid Had 16 goals yet sat a lot

          • Zheredev hasn’t scored 40 goals in a season before. Semin has proven himself (in the season, at least) while Zheredev has not, and that is why no NHL team would or will take him

        • Tom, are you sure it’s not because Michalek was much easier to unload? Coyotes know what they’re getting with him, he provides much more in terms of a physical game, he’s two years younger, and comes at $1 mill less per year. Martin may not be a bad player, but he’s not in the least physical. Nor is he a points producer. And he’s 31- with three more years at $5 million per. Oh, and just coming off a concussion.

          • I never liked Michalek, because he look terrible all season. Martin had spells where he looked really good (like when he played along Letang)

  5. I don’t blame Bernier, he never plays, he asked for a trade at the trade deadline and didn’t get it. Enough is enough, the guy wants to play.

    • Geoff there is no market for Bernier right now, and Lomabardi is NOT going to just give away his best prospect/trade chip because he wants to play more. I can guarantee you that DL will play Bernier more this season with Quick playing so much this past year and increasing his trade value in the process. Then when a desperate GM comes along with goalie issues during the season he will maximize his return. Bernier is signed up one more year and then will be a rfa so he ahs no say what happens right now.

      • His value is impossible to determine. Halak went for an okay prospect and a long shot (3rd) while Varlomov went for a random 1st and 2nd (I figured the 1st might be pretty high and the Caps ended up stealing Forsberg with that pick).

        So supposing any team wanted to trade for Bernier, right now the price is a (late) first and a second or a former late 1st rounder with 2nd line potential with another roster potential player a year or two in development.

        And these days, teams are a little more apprehensive about trading their first round picks. I know which teams I know should make a bid but they won’t. Bernier’s going to have to spend another year as LA’s backup I think.

  6. I think Crawford has solid potential. Getting Lou would handcuff Chi for too long. Bolland is the type of player every team wants come playoff time. Chi needs to hold on to him. Chi needs more depth at defense and more responsible forwards. I would love to see a trade for Kane and Hjalmarsson to Buf for Strafford and Myers. Buf gets the game breaker they need and Chi won’t have to have Duncs and Seabrook playing 30 mins a game.

  7. I would rather see Shero sign 46 year old Dmitri Khristich than even make a phone call to Semin.

  8. Hey, Spector, who are you most tired of writing about — Nash, Luongo or Semin?
    Semin’s bad rep seems to be deserved. We have only vague mumblings about how he is in the locker room, but his stats are consistently frustrating (especially in the playoffs) for somebody with his mind-boggling hockey talent. I’ve seen him score with a laser wristshot just under the crossbar from his off-wing faceoff circle — while he was on his knees. What a pair of hands!
    Like a magician, though, he vanishes when his team needs him the most. Can’t be easy for a coach, and must be just about as frustrating for teammates.

  9. I don’t think Berniers request is a sign of questionable character. It’s a sign of a competitve person who wants to play !
    Unless Bowman is out partying with Kane when he makes deals he is not trading him for Luongo.

  10. I think teams have made serious offers to Columbus for Nash, but it is Howson that is not making any serious requests, but rather pathetic requests asking for way too much.

    • I agree and I think it has to do with the poor trade he made last year with the Flyers. In retrospect I’m sure he feels that he was taken – and he’s right. Now I think he’s overcompensating for that mistake.

  11. It’d be hilarious to see Bolland traded to the Nucks. Wasn’t he the one who called the Sedins: “The Sedin Sisters” during last season?

  12. Nash should have been traded to ny when mdz was on the table. Although I’m certain cbj needs a forward coming back, with mdz they’d have 3/4 of theur top two defensive pairings going forward, all with great young age.

    Its insane what Vancouver and CBJ are looking for for Roberto and Nash.

  13. Not sure why everyone keeps talking about luongos long term deal being the problem with trading him? All we have seen is long term deals being given out, and luongos deal is actually a better cap hit then all of them. Your also getting a stud goalie and proven. I think its hilarious how the vancouver fans have bailed on Luongo and have run him out of town and their all willing throw all their eggs into Schneiders basket. The guy hasnt even played half a season ever! Im going to laugh while luongo is lights out somewhere like Chicago while Van wishes to have him back when Scnieder has a couple bad games. Vancouver fans are complete dumba****. I WAS one of those crazy Vancouver fans, just so glad I got out.

    • So oilstyle, you went from being a Vancouver fan, to being an Oiler fan ( Iassume from the name), and you call Van fans dumba****???
      Pot calling the kettle black there sport!!

  14. But if you look back at some of the articles spec has posted it shows semins stats in the playoffs aren’t really that bad, especially when compared with the rest of the caps.

    Sure he had it tough against mtl (halak) but so did Malkin and Crosby.

    Seeing how he wants to play in the NHL so badly I think a 2 year 10 mil contract ain’t so bad.

  15. I think Semin could help a number of teams but the reality is no one is likely to sign him until Nash is sorted out, as well as Bobby Ryan, if in fact he is even on the block.

    Teams in the running for Nash will have to give up assets, and depending on what they have to give up, they may not have needs where Semin would actually slot in.

    If a team needs to give up Centres and / or Left Wingers to land Nash, signing Semin as another right winger may not make sense on a team that is already strong there.

    The only team I see jumping the shark to sign Semin is New Jersey. They need to replace Parise with another top complementary right winger for Kovalchuk and Elias. They are not in the Nash or Ryan sweepstakes, and have the cap room. Not trying to contradict myself, I realize NJ has a lot of right wingers,but Semin is miles better than all of them,so DeBoer will have to move some over. I know there seems to be financial issues in Jersey, but the league will take care of it, and it is even more beneficial for them to do so than it was in Phoenix.

    Just my 2 cents..

  16. Bolland for Luongo is a disgusting overpayment. It would significantly hurt Chicago. They’re already thin at center, Bolland has a very cheap contract compared to the deals similar players get nowadays. Luongo is not an elite goalie. He’s solid, but crumbles under pressure. I’m not even convinced he’s an upgrade over Crawford at all.

    • Crawford is garbage…Bolland is an overrated punk…Chicago is a good team but there is too many guys that want to be the KANE..Replacing Crawford would only be the start..signing all the talent’s not gonna be easy..Kane is goin to be another Semin..lots of talent but too much of a locker room cancer..

  17. J.H. I shouldn’t even respond because you’re clearly an un-educated fan (or a Canucks fan), but I can’t resist. Bolland’s role is irreplaceable. I don’t think he’s overrated, it’s not like anyone considers him a superstar. He’s a role player, and he’s damn good at it. Especially when guys like Jokinen and Hudler just got paid 4 and 5 mil/year.

    If anyone is a punk, it’s Kane and I’ll admit it. But he’s miles ahead of Semin still. The guy won a freakin cup and I have no idea where you get that he’s a locker room cancer?? No one on the Hawks has ever given any indication of that.

    Crawford has played 2 years in the NHL, had a great first year and a poor second. It’s too early to tell what his career will be, but there’s a strong history of goalies having “sophomore slumps” and bouncing back, so I’m optimistic. He has no glaring weaknesses in his game, but obviously underperformed last year.

    Lastly, what superstars do the Hawks need to lock up exactly? Toews, Kane, Hossa, Sharp, Bolland, Keith, and Seabrook are all locked up. Not sure what you’re referring to there.

    • Diceman I agree with you completely and I’m not even a Hawks fan. I love how Nucks fans seem to quickly forget how badly Bolland Shuts down the Sedins in the playoffs but yet they are considered the best in the world (lol).

      • Bolland is a valuable roleplayer but I think you underestimate Luongo’s value.

        This comment about the Sedins is ridiculous. Bolland has done fine defensive work against them but the Sedins have still managed to score consistently against the Blackhawks in recent years. In 09/10 they combined for 7 P in 7 G in regular season and 10 P in 12 G in playoffs against Chicago. In 10/11 the Sedins combined for 9 P in 8 G regular season and 12 P in 14 G in playoffs. And last season they combined for 11 P in 8 G regular season against the Blackhawks.

        I think Luongo’s worth Bolland + a high pick, but Chicago wouldn’t give that up. They don’t really have any salaries they might want to get rid of except maybe Marian Hossa’s. He’s coming off a great season and the Hawks lack depth at wing so I don’t think that’s likely either. Don’t think Luongo’s going to Chicago.

  18. While I am not a Semin fan, I was just wondering how he would work out on a team where all players were considered equal and the star players helped mentor the others rather than on one where one guy was a star and everyone else came after. I was thinking of a team like the Penguins where even though they have Sid and Geno, no one stays out for two minute shifts and dogs it when they haven’t got the puck. Even though Crosby is the premier player and face of the NHL he acts just like one of the guys and plays like he is trying to prove himself on every shift and would never consider himself above any one else on the team. Under that environment Semin might just thrive and under Sid’s tutalage learn to play and act like a real NHLer and good teammate.
    In Washington Semin did not learn or develop very good habits and even though Boudreau tried he was fighting a losing battle already with the captain and star of the team. I could see another Russian looking up to Ovechkin and how he plays and what he was able to get away with and that might not have done him much if any good in developing good habits.
    I think it would be a great signing if he went to the Penguins and had a chance to work and archive real success. I realize it’s not my money but I bet he would pay big dividends.

    • I actually think that Malkin could become what Gonchar was to him. Geno didn’t have the best rep his first couple of years. Just didn’t see or hear about it much because of Crosby. That being said, hopefully he is offered a one year $5 millionish contract. If it works out great, if not, the money is freed back up for FA’s next year.

  19. i have been reading this site for awhile now and never posted but i think after all thats been said and posted its definetly due time.I do not watch the nhl anymore as i have had enough of the bad reffing, armchair gms in the media and people sayng what fans are apparently thinking having an effect on the game. I am and have been a canuck fan since i was 5 years old, and seen players come and go. Luongo has taken the brunt of every other fan in the league…mostly people who wish they had a goaltender who could do half of what hes done for their teams,the media, to even the host of this site posting a derogitory article stating luongo as a national joke which has nothing at all to do with trade rumors in the least bit, yet still he has shown nothing but class to to his orginization and fan base, but people who have any hockey knowledge are aware of this. All this being said it sucks to not being able to watch the nhl due to the garbage being done on and off the ice and even worse to hear and read people putting down someone like luongo who brought some amazing hockey to my town ,has the second most wins in the league among active goalies and got closer to the stanley cup than the majority of goaltenders well see in their careers. As for luongos worth to all the posted comments about him when and if he does goto another team, you well see his worth in time, the guy is class, and tries his best day in and day out and yes HAS talent and im sure whichever team it ends up being, well be hearing nothing but praise from the same people who threw him to wolves not so long ago. Thankyou for your time.

    • Nicely said.

    • Luongo’s a great goalie and deserves the many Canucks team records he holds. He has also been a classy leader for the team and in the community. He has respect. It appears that he’ll be traded this summer or this season and I will wish him well wherever he ends up. I have not clamoured for him to be traded but it appears that Gillis will be going with Schneider and trading Luongo. Perhaps that will prove to be a mistake, but I understand his reasons for doing so at this time.

    • As for the way he plays, I consider him Brodeur’s opposite. He stays in his net and blocks as much of it as he can. He plays an extremely stylistic butterfly game while Brodeur (and Thomas) play a more freestyle just-stop-the-puck game. He’s not that interesting to watch as a result of that compared to goaltenders who have quick reflexes like Quick and Thomas.

      And this is precisely the reason he’s average in the playoffs. With guys like Thomas and Brodeur, they are comfortable with playing that unpredictable freestyle game because their focus is dynamic so that they get maybe scored on twice or three times, but look how they perform; they’re there every night. Meanwhile Luongo sometimes just isn’t there. He went virtually missing something like 5 times (2 blackhawks games, 3 bruins games) during that Canucks run to the finals. That he was considered for the Conn Smythe is a complete joke.

      Why? We’re not saying he’s bad. It’s just that people think he’s great when really, he’s just a good “stylistic” goaltender (like James Reimer, except Reimer has bad eyes).

      What changes in the playoffs is that consistency. If he can bring it every single game like a true playoff goaltender, he wouldn’t get the reputation he’s getting. And I wouldn’t commit another 7 years even to a guy who might not be able to fix that part of his game (which would mean to change to more a freestyle).

    • Roberto … is that you?

  20. Bruins are gonna try to move krejci for either Nash or Ryan.
    Their just waiting it out to get the best deal without giving up too much.
    Nash for Krejci,Caron,First rounder.
    Ryan for Krejci and First rounder.
    I don’t think Chiarelli is giving up much more.
    If no takers status quo.
    Can never have too many centers.
    Have Krejci,Seguin,Bergeron,Kelly,Peverley,Chambell that can all play center.
    Seguin needs to move to center and Krejci is the odd man out.
    I really like Krejci though.He made Wheeler and Ryder look good three years ago and had a great cup year.Was a little off last year because they keep changing his line mates.Even had him on the wing at times.

  21. Bill,
    Most of the time attacks on Luongo are made against him as a player, not a person. If you want to talk about why his value is low, there are several reasons.

    1. Their is not a large market for a goaltender making 5 mil (weather he’s worth it or not). Only a handful of teams that have that need and only Toronto is desperate.
    2. In addition to that, he has a NTC so out of those few teams, he has to be willing to go there.
    3. Regardless of his resume up to this point, his play has dropped off. If it hadn’t, he wouldn’t be getting run out of town to make room for a goalie who isn’t nearly as proven.
    4. Although his 5.3 mil or whatever cap hit isn’t horrible, nobody wants to gamble on a 10 year contract. You want a sure thing, or close to it. Luongo is far from a sure thing.
    5. Even at his best, Luongo is a very inconsistent goalie (which in my mind inherently makes him not a part of the elite). A goalie who can either play well enough to get you to the playoffs and then collapse, or play inconsistently all season making it difficult to even get into the playoffs (IF he goes to a worse team that is).

    So while I agree that the personal attacks aren’t necessary, I do think that the criticism of his play, and more so the criticism of his trade value, are warranted.

    • I thought bill’s rant was good, I hope he keeps them coming!

  22. Hi Bill:
    While I may not agree with everything you said I did agree with quite a bit and you made some darn good points.
    It is good to hear from you and I hope that you will post again.

  23. He’d also be an upgrade to a ton of teams out there, but he refuses to go those places. Florida has Markstrom they want to try out and Chicago’s the team that utterly embarrassed him a bunch of times in the playoffs.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he still went to Chicago, but that’s only when Gillis realizes his low trade value (due to the fact he has a no trade clause and that longterm contract).

  24. I had a post deleted earlier because of comments taken way out of context. To educate the small minds who deleted the post, please research Stuart Hall’s Representation and the Media.

    But in short, Luongo’s plays a stylistic game of goaltending and stylistic thrives in season play because it keeps the numbers down. It, however, has difficulty in the playoffs because style is predictable and easier to beat than freestyle (the game Brodeur and Thomas play). I wouldn’t want to commit to Luongo’s contract for 7 or more years unless he changed that style of his game so that he would be more difficult to read in the post season.

  25. Diceman, I realize that as a goalie, or player for that matter, ages their play begins to drop but this isn’t the case for Luongo just yet. Luongo’s stats last year are consistent with his career numbers (SV%, GAA and Wins)

    Also see Lidstrom, Selanne, Whitney, Broduer, to name a few, that have excelled into their 40’s

  26. @ J.B.

    Actually, Luongo isn’t the 3rd highest paid goalie. His cap his is only at $5,33M, the following are others that make more then him at the cap hit:

    – Miller $6.25M
    – Kiprusoff $5.83M
    – Ward $6.3M
    – Quick $5.8M (Not this year, but he will)
    – Backstrom $6M
    – Price $6.5M
    – Rinne $7M
    – Lundqvist $6.875M
    – Bryzgalov $5.66M

    Capgeek, it can be your friend!