Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – July 22, 2012.

The latest on Shane Doan, Rick Nash, Jonathan Bernier, and more.


Doan met with Rangers and Flyers management this weekend.

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli reports Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan met with Flyers management yesterday in Philadelphia. On Friday, he met with NY Rangers management in New York. They’re the only two Eastern Conference teams he’s met with, though that’s likely due to their proximity, as he was in New York last week for NHL CBA negotiations. Seravalli also speculated upon how the Flyers could afford to sign Doan and Nashville Predators defenseman Shea Weber, whom they signed to an offer sheet last week.

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Terry Bross, who represents Doan, said the Penguins remain in the mix for his client. The Pens made a contract offer to Doan earlier this month, and Bross claims he’s stayed in touch with GM Ray Shero.

WGRZ.COM: Bross not only confirmed his client visited the Rangers and Flyers because he was in New York anyway on CBA business, but also claimed the Buffalo Sabres remain in the mix and “a team of interest”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So, after this weekend, we know Doan visited the Rangers and Flyers, but only because he was in the Big Apple for CBA talks, and other clubs interested in him remain in the mix. Re-signing with the Phoenix Coyotes remain his priority. So, as they say in the Canadian Army: “SITREP: No change”.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline reports trade talks regarding Rick Nash are “ongoing” but “not that productive”. Portzline suggests if the Flyers sign Shea Weber, it could pressure the NY Rangers to add more size and scoring, though they could simply amp up their pursuit of Anaheim’s Bobby Ryan or Phoenix’s Shane Doan.  Portzline also reports the Blue Jackets have had “recent contact” with the LA Kings regarding goalie Jonathan Bernier, speculating they might have to return the 2013 first round pick they got from the Kings in the Jack Johnson for Jeff Carter, along with something else, to land Bernier.

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons reports the Maple Leafs started inquiring about Bernier’s availability right after the Stanley Cup Finals. Kings management weren’t keen to move Bernier but that changed after re-signing Jonathan Quick and Bernier asked out. The asking price is believed to be forward Matt Frattin and a draft pick.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Rangers aren’t keen to meet the Blue Jackets asking price for Nash. Remains to be seen if they’ll change their minds should the Flyers successfully sign away Weber. Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson recently denied rumors he was talking to the Kings about Bernier. Simmons also noted Bernier is “no sure thing”, which could explain why we haven’t seen the Leafs land Bernier by now.

PHILLY.COM: Sam Carchidi suggests if the Nashville Predators are unable to match the Flyers offer sheet for Shea Weber, they might attempt to make a face-saving trade with the Flyer to mollify an irate fan base.

The Predators could tell the Flyers they will not sign the offer sheet in exchange for some players. Nashville would then get the four No. 1 picks and orchestrate a deal. Let’s say they keep a pair of No. 1 picks and give the Flyers two No. 1s back in exchange for players. The Flyers might give them a list of players available – perhaps Matt Read, Andrej Meszaros, Marc-Andre Bourdon, Erik Gustaffson, and top prospect Nick Cousins – and tell them they can have two of them.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Carchidi is speculating, of course, but he’s not the only one raising the possibility of the Flyers and Predators cutting a side deal if the latter doesn’t match the Weber offer sheet. If the Flyers sign Weber and Shane Doan, they’ll have to dump some salary to free up sufficient cap space. 

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports if the Flyers sign Weber, the Rangers could use a big power-forward like Rick Nash, but they’re unwilling to part with center Derek Stepan, who the Blue Jackets apparently want as part of the return…Brooks also noted Shane Doan’s meeting with Rangers management, claiming “It isn’t either Doan or Nash for the Rangers. It is, on Sather’s Blueprint, Doan and Nash.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The latter statement will send Rangers fans’ heads spinning. Nash AND Doan. That would make the Rangers my favorite to win the Stanley Cup. Of course, seeing both of them with the Blueshirts this season is easier said than done.

 MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan reports there aren’t any top pairing defensemen remaining in the UFA market for the Red Wings to pursue, which leaves the trade market. They had some conversations at the draft with the Phoenix Coyotes about Keith Yandle, but he’s not available and the asking price would be expensive.  Calgary’s Jay Bouwmeester is another possible trade option, but he has a $6.8 million annual average cap hit for the next two years and his production has declined with the Flames.


  1. OK, I want to make my own list here. Here is a list of players that you will NEVER see playing for a Canadian team until they are at least 39 years old.
    Why I make this list? Simple……Best players in the game will NOT play in Canada unless they are about to retire and production have fallen off the cliff.
    Doe’s anyone else see this? I mean, I feel the Canadian hockey teams have not a leg to stand on….no chance. Its possible Edmonton MAY be a good team in a few years but with all the #1 picks….good luck staying under the cap in a couple years. Which the best players they lose will of course go to a US based team. Canadian teams make up 1/4(there abouts) of the NHL… logically every 4 years a Canadian team should win a cup. Well were on year 19 and still the big GOOSE EGG. Does it look like anytime soon the cup will come to a Canadian team? Hmmmm, not according to the lack of Canadian teams trying to improve there teams. Look at Philly, NYR, Pitts, LA….agressive in making it happen. Canadian team content to sign 3-4 rounders.
    Maybe someone can help me….How often, and when was the last time a Canadian team signed a true #1 top line superstar in free agency?
    Sorry about the rant but I believe the cup sometimes belongs in Canada and players should want to Come here and try to make a difference. I hate players wanting to go to a cup contender…WHY? Go somewhere and be THE GUY that brings a cup instead of helping an already strong team. Have some BALLS!!!

    • Because once your Canadian born players get a taste of living in the USA they don’t want to play in Canada the weather and the biggest issue of all is the media attention. They don’t get hounded in the USA As often when things aren’t going right. These are just a couple of reasons but probably the biggest ones.

  2. Bouwmeesters Cap hit shouldn’t be much of a concern to the Wings with all the cap space they have right now. Also its only two years. I would think playing for Babcock Bouwmeester would bring his game up a notch. If I’m the Wings my concern is what do the Flames want in return.

    I do not see how the Rangers could pull off Doan and Nash and stay competitive. First off to get Nash sounds like they would need to seriously cut into their young core or prospects that are close. Then to get Doan they would probably need to trade salary to make this work. Now I know there have been rumors of Gaborik being on the block. But two issues with that Gaborik is injury prone. He’s out five plus games twice a year with a groin pull. Then the other issue is when healthy who is the better offensive player Gaborik OR Doan. Hands down Gaborik. Professionalism, Leadership, and Heart Doan everyday of the week twice on Sunday over Gaborik. But when healthy and at their respective points in their careers Gaborik for the Rangers. If you want Nash empty the cupboard and get him. Im not sure I would if I were them. In fact heres a thought keep Gaborik sign Doan and tell Howson to go pound sand. Because without the Rangers in the Nash game Howson is screwed. It still amazes me ownership in Columbus let him stick around long enough to be the one who gets the proper return for the franchise player.

  3. How about the other players in the NHL. There must be something going on rather than Doan and Nash.

  4. Just wanted to speak on the whole U.S./Canada law of averages post here. I think it has some relevance to our great sport of hockey. In the history of the Stanley cup, only once in recorded history, before 1927, did the cup go south of the border. Not counting years that multiple teams won the cup (upwards of six won the “Challenge Cup” in one year, all Canadian) Give Seattle 1917, and Canada owned the cup for over thirty years, (give or take) :)

    Now to the time Stanley has been with the NHL, (85 years) 1927 to present. By my math Detroit 11(11), Boston 6(17), Chicago 4(21), NYR 4(25), NYI 4(29), NJ 3(32), PIT 3(35), AVS 2(37), Philly 2(39), Stars/Ducks/Canes/Kings/Tampa 5(44).

    That’s 44 cups south of the border in 85 years that means (rounding up) we here in Canada have won the grail 52% of the time. Sure the law of averages states we “should” win one out of every 4 due to our number of teams, but, the game of hockey is not a numbers game in that sense. We get a cup winner as anyone does, with the right mix of players, determination, hard work and some luck thrown in. It does not hurt to have the hockey gods on your side. Having a “Superstar” caliber player on your roster is nice, but it does not seal the deal on a championship. no Superstar in Boston. it was just their year.

    I predict that there will be a Winner in Canada in the next five years. My money is on Edmonton… thanks for reading. Just my opinion. Have a great day!

    • You can’t include the cups when there was only 6 teams in the NHL. You have to start in 1968, when the 1st expansion happened. From that, we have 28 in USA, and 16 in Canada. That is 64% of the cups in the USA. Outside the Canadians, there have only been 6 cup winners from Canada, 5 from the Oilers, and 1 from Calgary. A team in Canada has not won the cup since 1993. That is 20 years now. And it was 52% of USA teams that won it since 1927.

      • and what was the percetage of Canadian players on ALL those teams? Lets not leave out that tidbit folks. It would be foolish to assume players do not want to play on Canadian teams because of geography. The old taxman has a lot to do with this and all the fron loaded contracts being offered by very wealthy US team owners. Hockey will always be Canada’s game no matter how many statics and percentile’s you throw at it…period.

  5. Scott I agree this summer has been difficult as a fan. Nash since the deadline. Parise/Suter “The Decision” was overkill. I find Doan’s agent annoying he definitely likes to talk.

    I think what should be the story of the summer is Weber for many reasons. I think of all the players mentioned above he is the best. SO many other layers to it though. First Holmgren has Balls to do what he’s doing. Especially having to pay Giroux some good coin coming up. Then Nashville if they match they are screwed. If they don’t they are screwed. AND they have no one to blame but themselves. Throw in we’re in the meat of CBA talks and this offer sheet does show the issues for smaller markets. In the past during these times the players sometimes seemed to be at odds specifically when Kelly ran the PA. What about now can these owners even look at each other right now. There has got to be some owners at odds. And its the wrong time for it.

  6. Yes but the Sedins weren’t going anywhere they were drafted by the Canucks and wanted to play there. I don’t believe there was ever a chance they were playing for any other team.

    • No, twin got drafted by Van because they both said they wouldn’t play if they weren’t together. These guys could have played for any NHL team but Van. Was the one that had the 1 pick and the 2 team knew going in they’d have to trade the other brother or else

  7. KINGS Jonathan Bernier is not worth a first round pick and with something else added to get a trade done with LA. reporters/bloggers need to seriously stop hyping players up to more than what they are really worth. if it was a roster player they wanted,,,maybe a 2nd/3rd line player at most.

    • How is Bernier NOT worth a first rounder??? Take a look at the market before writing about something you obviously know nothing about. There is NO good young goalies available right now that have the potential of Bernier. He was a first round draft pick (11th overall), and was the player of the year a few years ago in the AHL. He has played solid for LA in a back up role and now is ready to be a starter. Take a look at Varlamov in Colorado, last year he was traded for a 1st AND a 2nd rounder and at the time he played in only 59 regular season games VS Berniers now 48 and they both have pretty much Identical numbers. So if Varlamov is worth that than the numbers prove that so is Bernier. He is a great young goalie and the Kings will get want they are asking, or he is going NO WHERE. So ya he is worth the hype, so why don’t you actually watch a Kings game when he is the starter and then get back to me.

      • Was Varlamov worth those picks? Just because somebody might give a first rounder for Bernier, it doesn’t mean he’s worth it, certainly not a top ten pick. And don’t get all worked up about it, just sit back and enjoy your Cup!

      • Great post. Couldn’t agree more about the varlamov/bernier comparison and the price that should/could be paid to bernier.

      • Canadian King:

        I don’t dispute Bernier’s talent and potential, but you’re honestly the first I’ve ever seen *Conclude* (after a single season in COL where JS Giguere nearly stole the starter position away) that what the Avs sent the Caps in that trade was worth it.

        The Avs pulled the trigger on the trade, but it’s far too early to deem what they gave up was “worth it”. Keeping the theme of honesty, let’s just admit despite the fact that most of the hockey world was stunned with how much Sherman gave up in that trade, if nothing else, the jury is still out on Valarmov and his worth is yet TBD.

    • If a team is gonna give a 1st round pick for Bernier than Luongo is worth a 1st round pick and a top six.
      Bernier is not even close to Luongos caliber

      • Well Bernier is actually close to Lous caliber, he just doesn’t have the experience. In saying that though Bernier is signed up for $1.25 mill/year for one year and Lou is $5.33 mill/year for TEN more years. So NO he is not worth a 1st and a top six, and if you don’t believe me just look at the all the teams lining up for Lou’s services, lol. He hasn’t been traded yet cause the teams know he can’t win the big games and his contract is crap, thats why he is still a Canuck.

      • Michael….FYI Lous numbers were 2.41gaa, .919sv%, 5so; and Berniers were 2.36gaa, .909sv%, and 1so. I would say those are very comparable wouldn’t you? So both are back up goalies right now, but only Bernier is making back up money, lol.

    • Jay you’re right. The price for an unproven and average goalie should be in around what was done for Linback earlier on. Draft predigee really doesn’t mean much espeacially when it comes to goalies where it’s the biggest crap shoot of them all as far as panning out to be a starter. All GMs know this too bad fans/media don’t.

    • I’m a Kings fan for 30 years.
      Jonathan Bernier SUCKS!!!!!!
      I’m glad Dave Taylor picked Quick instead of Lombardi’s crappy 1st round goalie pick!
      Thanks again Dave Taylor for Quick, Brown and Kopitar!!

  8. Why doesn’t Nashville match the offer sheet for Weber, and then turn around and trade him to Columbus for Rick Nash’ville’. I know Nashville is not on Nash’s “list”, but maybe he could be sold on them, they have shown that they are committed to trying win. Also would be priceless to see Weber have to go to Columbus.

    • Can’t trade Weber for one year, and that means that Nashville will be paying out at least 27 million between now and July 1st next year…only to trade him?..doesn’t make sense. both hockey wise and business wise.

      This has been covered many, many times in the 4 days since this started going down.

      • Nashville pretends to be a contender and then says we tried. If it looks like a duck and acts like a duck. Wise up Predator fans you’re being dooped into thinking ownership actually cares about winning the “Cup” over the bottomline. Fat chance or quack, quack!!!!

  9. I’d just like to see a cup in Canada in my adult life time. Ok, how many cups under Bettmans rule? When Bettman took over as commissioner , how long had it been since a Canadian team won a cup?

    • Never.

      • Wait in his 1st season, the Habs won the Cup. I thought he came in the year after they won.

    • Who cares wether a canadian or a U S based team wins a damn cup. Don’t you just have one particular team you route for? Most fans of the sport would just like to see one team win it. I know I’m going to get nothing but crap from you reader but I’m a Sharks fan and I would love to see them win one. I can care less if it goes to a Canadain based team or a US based team. I just want San Jose to win it. Who cares

      • agreed. It’s not like the game changes when it crosses the border.

        It’s just really hard to win the cup. there are 30 teams in the league and lately there are only a few teams that are terrible, everyone else has a chance any night.

  10. I really don’t see a glaring weakness to the Ranger Lineup – but I understand their desire to get Nash under their wing. I can see them trading Dubinsky and Del Zotto and perhaps a draft pick, but not much more. I also think Doan is gonna resign with the Yotes even though there were talks with the Rangers and Philly. While I like Doan, I think you can get a similar result (leadeship, grit, work ethic) from Arnott for 1/3 the price. The team I think that needs to make a move is San Jose – even though they made changes to their coaching staff. They are light in the RW department – perhaps they have made an offer to Doan. Where I think the Sharks also need to improve is on D – I can’t see them trading Boyle away because he directs the D, I think they need to get rid of Murray as he is slow and like 33.

    I like Buffalo’s team as it stands right now as I think our youngsters are ready to exert themselves into the lineup. I think getting rid of Boyce and Roy and replacing them with Ott and our youngsters – the message was sent and received. I’m looking forward to the season.

    • Spoken like a true homer … the Sabres are average, at best …

  11. The Sedins are a first rate talent. Your addition of ‘not sure about this site though’ marks you as a first rate Troll. Totally unnecessary and only included because you have some extremely unwarranted hate toward this site. The first half of your comment is welcome, the second half shows you are only trying to provoke someone and you really should either get over it and grow up or stop posting.

  12. As a Canadian that has endured a long cup drought,I agree with Cnsolo. Canadian teams do not seem to sign many top free agents despite being amongst the richest teams in the league. I continually see the same big American teams compete for the big free agents. looks like we will have to institute a luxury tax system like the NBA, and limit contracts to five years max!

    • I do agree these long term deal like this Weber deal going down is rediculous. And the contracts need to be broken down in equal amounts over the term of the contract. So that the cap hit affects your team every year

  13. I am not a fan of these ridiculous contracts, and I truly hope the new CBA includes term limits on contracts. As a broke down old soldier with too much time on his hands, here is a list of FA contracts with ridiculous terms and how they affected the teams that signed them.

    Luongo, $64 million over 12 years, has had some solid numbers but struggled post-season and is now trade bait as he has moved down the roster to backup. Rick DiPietro, $67.5 million over 15 years, has only played 13 games the past two seasons. Vincent Lecavalier, $85 million over 11 years. Has been less than a point per game player since 2008 and is no longer considered an elite player. Alexei Yashin, $71.5 million over 10 years, enough said. Scott Gomez, $51.5 million for 7 years. Numbers trending down for 5 consecutive years, culminating in a disastrous year last season. Shawn Horcoff, $33 million for 6 years. Was rewarded for solid season during Oilers cup run is still solid NHL but not at top 6 money. Wade Redden, Jonathan Cheechoo, Mike Commodore, Rostislav Olesz, Jeff Finger, Cristobal Huet and many , many others indicate signings that have ended up hurting their teams by being over paid, for too long, and crippling their franchises when it comes to moving or ridding themselves of the contract.

    Since the lockout, the Stanley Cup winners have shown you don’t need big name free agents with idiotic contracts. The following doesn’t include midseason trades, or resigning the teams own RFA’s. 2006 Hurricanes signed FA Ray Whitney and Corey Stillman, considered minor deals at the time. 2007 Ducks signed FA Shawn Thorton and Michael Leighton, again considered minor moves. 2008 Red Wings, signed Brian Rafalski and Dallas Drake, both key contributors to the cup. 2009 Penguins sign had no major signings. 2010, Blackhawks signed Marion Hossa who was a key contributor to the cup win. 2011 Bruins did not sign any major free agents. 2012 Kings signed Simon Gagne, modest contribution to cup win.

    I think this proves to a certain degree that free agent signings actually have little to do with actually winning the championship, at least much less significant than trades.

    • Old soldier Luongo is strugling R U KIDDING. Did you see who gave the puck up when Luongo got scored on when they were playing against LA . Luongo was having the game of his life against LA.
      AV put Schneider in to change things up and he decided to stay with him. It happens all the time The only difference is Luongos nose got out of joint because of that . If he sat there and took it Id be upset Put yourself in Luongos shoes would u not be upset

  14. Also Toronto is in those teams so it takes even more frOm the others to compensate for torontos crapiness

  15. The rangers definitely DO have glaring needs and those needs were exposed in the playoffs by the Devils. Torts the cry baby could only play 2 D pairs and 3 lines. To me that’s a D pair short and a line short of a complete team. So yes they do have glaring needs

  16. i believe the main reason why a Canadian team hasn’t won the cup in 20 years is that Canadian teams/fans are too impatient to rebuild their team (look at calgary and toronto as classic example of this right now). all the cups won since the lockout except detroit and maybe boston have been by teams that got high picks by sucking for a number of years.

    in canada, the gm’s trade picks just to make the playoffs. vancouver rebuilt a bunch of years ago and have been a contender and edmonton is rebuilding because their management is/was so crappy they couldn’t help but be horrible. but montreal, toronto, ottawa and calgary (probably winnipeg as well) don’t let the teams suck too bad, they mortgage their future to be mediocre.

    if canadian teams were good, then the players would want to play here. some guys don’t like the spotlight, and most guys are always going to avoid the edmonton and winnipeg’s of the league (sorry but it’s true), but i think a lot of guys truly want to play for 20,000 screaming fans if they think they can win.

    wendel clarke and doug gilmore are icons in toronto and they didn’t even win anything. can you imagine a cup winner?

  17. As to the lack of Canadian teams winning the cup over the last 20 years, I would have to say that this is mostly due to the fact that the teams have been average. They usually don’t finish last, which leaves them with middle round draft picks. Pittsburgh got great by finishing terrible for several years. Boston (spit) got good by having Toronto do terrible. Edmonton is going up because of their terrible finishes.
    Another thing to think about…up until Winnipeg moved there were 6 Canadian teams in 2 divisions. That means that 4 out of 6 division winners are automatically American teams…getting home ice in the first round. The deck is already stacked against them.
    These aren’t excuses, but it kind of shows how this championship drought got going.

  18. Don’t forget the cup will be back in Tampa again when the Lightning win the cup this year!

    • the only cup in tampa will be the one under the jock strap …

  19. i would like to comment on the ny rangers getting both doan and nash. the money is not a problem they have around 13 million right now and dubniski will go in a deal thats another 4 million. getting both would cost 14-15 million. that would really take care of there offence scoring. but this would put the team right around the cap. i hate to look a year into the future but callihan and lundquist will be in there walk year and i am sure you will need another 15 million to resign them. so the trading gaborik rumors may have some truth to it. but as aranger fan now is now and if you can get both nash and doan it is a move you have to make right now

  20. I saw all these postes yesterday, but I was too caught up to reply, so here goes:

    1) If anyone thinks that Bernier is at the same level of Luongo shouldn’t even be allowed to trade hockey cards. Bernier has 40 games NHL experience and has never been able to show he can be a #1 goalie. Luongo has SEASONS in Florida with 2000+ saves. Luongo is elite, Bernier is a bonafied NHL backup at this point- and certainly not a guarenteed starter. You could argue that bernier’s inability to win the #1 job over Quick, who was a far lesser prospect, is a reflection of him being overhyped to begin with. You can’t compare the numbers of Bernier and Luongo. Bernier played 16 games, Luongo played 55. Add 39 games in for Bernier and his numbers go down.

    Get real. Experience and past performance is what defines “calibre” and Bernier can’t even put on Luongo’s sweaty socks.

    2) Canadian teams have been unable to win the cup since 1993 for several reasons, but none of them are that Canada has been unable to produce top quality talent. Canada’s vicotories at International events at all levels reflects this. The minor leagues and developmental leagues in Canada are the best in the world. Most management and “hockey minds’ come from Canada.

    A lot of factors go into winning a Stanley Cup, and Canadian teams have been able to breaktrhough the barrier. Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa, and Vancouver all made it to the finals and were just unable to do the job. This is four out of six teams (I exclude Winnipeg since they have only had a season back in Canada). I don’t think this is an actual problem, but more a feeling that we all build in our minds.

    To make an argument using facts:

    -Since 1994, there have been 18 SCF = 36 participating appearances.

    -Teams who have made multiple appearances: Detroit (6), NJ (5) meaning 11/36 appearances, or 31%, have been two teams. These teams are dynasties, and nothing was going to stop them from making it all the way.

    -Of the remaining 25 appearances, 6 teams have made two appearances: Pit, Van, Col, Phi, Dal, Car, Ana = 12 appearances by temas who went multiple times.

    -Canadian teams: Van (2), Cal, Edm, Ott = 5/36 appearances, 14% of the total appearances, or 20% of the non-DET/NJ appearances.

    -Canadian teams (six, excl. Win) are 20% of the league.

    This is not as big of a problem as we make it out to be. Sure, Canadian teams have not been able to win a Cup, but neither have very, very many other NHL teams, let alone those who made it and didnt win: Fla, Phi (2), Wsh, Buf.

    In fact, I would say the biggest dissapointment is Philladelphia who is the only team with two or more appearances and has not been able to win the Cup.