Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – July 29, 2012.

The latest on Shane Doan, Bobby Ryan, and Joe Thornton, plus updates on the Hurricanes and Sharks.

TVASPORTS.COM: Louis-Andre Lariviere reports Terry Bross, the agent for Shane Doan, claimed prospective Phoenix Coyotes owner Greg Jamison never contacted his client on Friday, leading Bross to claim he expects Doan to give him the go-ahead to negotiate contracts with other clubs. That runs counter to a report in the Phoenix Business Journal claiming Jamison did indeed meet with Doan.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch recently reported the Pittsburgh Penguins were prepared to make a four-year, $24 million offer to Doan if they haven’t already.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Appears to be some confusion over Doan and Jamison, but if his agent claims there wasn’t any contact, we have to assume Doan could be moving on. The Penguins supposed offer would be worth $6 million per season, which they can afford to pay, but could handcuff them down the road, especially for a player turning 36 in October.

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Jeff Miller has a collection of links from around the internet tying Anaheim Ducks winger Bobby Ryan to the Philadelphia Flyers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Buffalo Sabres, Colorado Avalanche and Detroit Red Wings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With Rick Nash off the trade market and Alexander Semin signed by the Hurricanes, Ryan would become the most attractive under-30 scoring forward potentially available. That being said, these reports are merely speculation at this point. I’m sure the GMs of those respective teams would love to land Ryan, but there’s no conclusive way of knowing if they’re pursuing him, let alone if the Ducks are truly shopping him.

Could the Rangers pursue Thornton?

BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont suggests the NY Rangers – who acquired Rick Nash last week from Columbus – could “make a real play” for San Jose Sharks center Joe Thornton, as he and Nash played well together in Switzerland during the lockout and in international play for Canada.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A few problems with this one. First, the Rangers are currently pursuing Shane Doan. Second, it would cost more of their young players (Chris Kreider, Derek Stepan, or Ryan McDonagh) to land Thornton, which the Blueshirts don’t want to part with. Third, they’ve already got a proven play-making center (one who has played on a Cup winner and was a playoff MVP) in Brad Richards. Fourth, the Sharks won’t part with Thornton unless he demands a trade. Fifth, Thornton doesn’t want to move.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Mike Halford speculated over possible moves by San Jose Sharks GM Doug Wilson, suggesting he might get into the bidding for Bobby Ryan (though the Ducks probably won’t trade him to a division rival), try to move Patrick Marleau (though he doesn’t sound as though he’s ready to move on), or stand pat.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s been talk of the Sharks shopping Dan Boyle for a scoring forward but I have my doubts about that. Boyle may be ageing and did get off to a slow start last season but improved in the second half. His experience, skills and leadership would be tough to replace.

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance reports Carolina Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford isn’t done making additions to his roster, as he’s now seeking a physical fourth-line forward, though that move could wait until training camp.


  1. Stop with the Doan rumors everyday Doan. Why is it that the big sport shows in Canada only show info when there is.

    • Scott, Doan is the biggest name available on the UFA market. All the media focus is now upon him. If I heeded your advice, I’d have dozens of fans writing in to complain about my lack of coverage of Doan, which in turn would likely cost me readers. Not smart business. Just skip over the Doan news if it bothers you.

  2. Are Kevin Paul Dupont and Larry Brooks the same person?

    • The same thought crossed my mind. Seems they both have a wicked case of the herp derps.

  3. If the offer on the table for Doan in 6m per season, I like Vancouvers chances to land him. His summer home is here and it would be easier to move his family to an area they already know.

    • The rumour is he was offered $7.5 per year over 4 years.

      Are you still interested?

  4. I want some of whatever Kevin Paul Dupont is smoking.

  5. KPD has been all over Thornton since joes Boston days…the guy doesn’t know nothing about Joe. never has never will. Pretty sure Joe wouldn’t even talk to him when he was playing in Boston. He throws out rumors all the time and they never ever pan out. Joes not leaving San Jose (this year anyways). I suggest not even listening to what kPD has to say.

  6. Do you not think the Penguins are missing out on getting a legit winger to play with Crosby? If they don’t get Doan, then what happens. Ray Shero has done a good job with the team, but his main priority should be getting someone to play wing with Sid!

    • If they don’t get Doan, what happens?…They probably still cruise their way to a playoff spot with home ice advantage and leave themselves with the cap flexibility to pick up whomever they want along the way as the season progresses. Crosby is a juggernaut and has never needed elite line mates to create offense.

      • Fair enough…but imagine what he could do with a legit winger on his line. The one time he has had one was when they traded for Marion Hossa, and he was only there from the trade deadline until the end of the playoffs. I love Kennedy and Dupuis, but they should not make up the rest of his line.

  7. Dupont’s article honestly reminds me (in a bad way) of Eklund. Don’t want to check but it would not surprise me if he copied,patse, and took the week off.

  8. Who is Louis-Andre Lariviere?

  9. 6 mil a year ,nice …what are the owners thinking they are in dicussions to bring a new CBA and they throw that kind of money around I hope the players stick it to them because they deserve it…Doan has maybe a year or two were he can contribute and then your stuck with him. Let him sign with the Coyotes because when they move next year he will be somewhere else anyways. And if there is a long lockout kiss his value good bye…

  10. Beau Bennett, Simon Despres, Jeffrey, 1st for Ryan. Anaheim gets some young legs that can all play now and pens get a winger finally

    • I’d much rather that trade happen than signing Doan for four years …

  11. Hmmmm, seems the asking price for Bobby Ryan is a 2C + Dman + Draft Pick. Come on Burke, make the deal, and make that draft pick a 1st rounder. Seeing how you plan on not being a bottom feeder this season coming.

    To Toronto: Ryan
    To Anaheim: MacArthur + Connolly + Franson + 1st Rounder (2013)

    Sounds like a lot, but Connolly would a salary dump for us, CMac would have to part to make way for Lupul or Ryan to play the 2nd line. Franson is an RFA, but can get ice time in Anaheim. The 1st Rounder would be the main focal point and seal the deal.

    2012/13 Roster


    Maybe even submit an offer sheet for Jamie Benn. Seeing how this is the only way that it seems like Burke can get someone. Offer Benn a 7 year, $6.5M, $45.5M contract. There we would only have to lose a 1st, 2nd and a 3rd rounder.

    To Toronto: Benn
    To Dallas: Kadri + Lombardi + 2012 2nd Rounder + 2012 3rd Rounder

    2012/13 Roster (Revised)

    Ryan-Benn-JvR (Big Line)
    Lupul-Grabovski-Kessel (Speed Line)
    Kulemin-Bozak-Frattin (Forecheck Line)
    McClement-Steckel-Brown (Hard Nose Line)

    • Now why would Anaheim trade Ryan for Connolly and McArthur?

    • that’s an awful deal that anaheim would never make. a first and a bunch of spare pieces for good young player with elite potential? not going to happen.

      and why would dallas trade benn. makes no sense.

      keep dreaming T.O.

      • Not trying to be an ass, but it’s usual TO fan drivel. Here is all the players we despise and think are crap, surely some other team will give their best players for them!!

    • I like your ideas but notmsuremthose players would be getting the deals done. But seeing as how rangers got Nash for basically a first and some spare parts anything is possible.
      Ryan will get moved, with Detroit, Philly, Pitt, not really doing much I think they’ll be looking to catch up with new York.
      I think there will be some interesting moves coming with e. Kane, benn still not signed as top rfa’s.
      I don’t know if Ryan would be coming to Toronto as I don’t know what his relationship was with Carlyle. But obviously Burke likes him as he drafted him.

    • your why they hate us

    • Besides not going to happen, I think you have a technical problem with your proposal. the 1st to get Ryan is the 1st that is part of the offer sheet for Benn. The first must be the teams own pick so there must be some other trade to get a different 1st to trade for Ryan. How will that happen?

    • Wow almost got through the comments without reading a delusional leafs fan trade proposal. McArthur and Connelly are useless and have little to NO trade value, the only value is Franson (little) and the 1st, and ther is no way the Ducks take just that for Ryan. Oh and the Benn trade was even dumber, so again Kadri has little value and Lombardi has zero value, and the draft picks aren’t remotely close for Benn. Dal and Ana would hang up the phone on Burke, whats wrong with you leafs fans?????

  12. I am a Bruins’ fan have been for 40 years Dupont sucks pocket puppet last to know anything real.He shows up for the pre game buffet early only time he gets anything early.

  13. I am a Leafs fan , but no GM including Bob Murray is stupid enough, interested or needs Connolly even as a salary dump.

    The funny thing is that Ryan is the only one of the the Ducks top 3 under contract long term. If I was going to trade someone for value now, it would be someone who is likely to bolt next year when they become a UFA. Hello Getzlaf and Perry!

    Ryan can ask for a trade but he really has no leverage, and can be told to “suck it up buttercup” or contemplate a trade to Columbus, where of course everyone wants to play.

    The difference between Nash and Ryan is Columbus had one top 3 crybaby. So Anaheim has one too, but he is much more expendable or valuable depending on your take, because of what Anaheim has left (Getzlaf, Perry, Selanne.)

    • not to mention theres no way we get benn for what was said above… kadri sure… decent prospect regardless of what trolls like to say he is… lombo just sucks… and 2nd and 3rd are just what everyone adds into a trade to make it sound good without giving up the 1st… for benn your looking at kadri + 1st + something else of value… not salary dump

  14. I’m ready for the leafs not to do anything else. The next draft year will be a good one. Whatever they do don’t trade the first. With injurys they will have players to step in and be competitive with all four lines. I still think Burke will do something. I want to see what the young players can do.

  15. LeafsAdvocate your dreaming Toronto has nothing to offer to land a first line player. The Leafs should see how year go”s and if they are out of a playoff spot then its time to blow it up. Really blow it up trade Phil cuz he wont sign there again and start over. They remind me of Calgary to scared to start over. Look at the young Oilers, now a very exciting team. Nothing wrong with finishing last tell me what 18th does for you.

    • i fail to see the logic in this post, Toronto has been on the rebuild, until they trade their young players for true gap fillers then i see no problem.

      Also Kessel is the go to guy in toronto, why would he choose not to resign? thats what he wants to be, hes also only 23 and an 80 point getter which in my opinion should stop the non sense talk about his trade. hes not the guy whos going to lead the team but hes a great player to build around and find some character guys to help him out but to be honest i dont know alot of teams that have a back to back to back 30 goal scorer on their team with a guy like Bozak on their line….do you?

      The leafs still have Kadri, Carter Ashton, Jake Gardiner,Frattin, JVR, Kessel, Franson(if he Signs) who are all under 25 and a couple of good prospects in Rielly, Percy, Finn, Mckegg, Colborne…and so on…i would say thats a pretty good rebuild.

      aside from signing connoly, which costed no prospects, lombardi who is only 1 more year signed there have been no bad trades for “older guys” infact they have all be young and somewhat smart moves…i have no problem with the rebuild…mind you we are not edmonton…but edmonton is still an unproven rebuild until they find defense and goaltending..either way both teams are a little off before anything will come of it…just hate people bashing on the leafs just because they are the easiest target. the shots aren’t even well thought out anymore.

  16. Also the leafs have More valuable assests that are “Movable” than say a Flyers team, or Pens or Detroit. The flyers will not move couturier, schenn or read, Pitts wont move…..crosby or Malkin, Neal or letang….and detroit is an organization hell bent on building from within and not getting rid of good players.

    either way the leafs wont go for Ryan and shouldnt give up what they want to get him and should just stay the course and development their own guys or investing in younger players.

  17. Leafs have won zero since sighning Kessel and it cost them Seguin and who knows Hamilton at worst. They have Connolly Lupul Lombardi MacArthur Bozak and Steckel with one year left. They have Dion Kulemin and Phil with two years left. I dont see a stanley cup run with this group. All are UFA”s so I say trade them for picks and prospects. I do not hate the Leafs I just think they and Calgary are trying to hang on to something that is not going to happen. Kessel will sign elsewhere when his contract is done I believe but hey it”s just one mans opinion.

    • my only point is kessel is not the second coming of jesus..hes just one guy, you are right though they dont have the team to win, but blowing up their roster wouldn’t do anything to help them except push them back, the difference between calgary and the leafs are the average age of the leafs is 22-30 while the average age of the flames is probably 28-35…young team with more promise and some prospects over an old team with nothing in the tank and some worthwhile players to trade that would only bring in future players. Toronto would have to trade future players to get older guys…they need vets and character which will come in time.

  18. I think the Leafs need a center who can play 1st or 2nd line and a goalie who can nurse Reimer for a couple of years. The idea is to get these pieces without mortgaging your future. Dubinsky can probably be had for Bozak and one young prospect {Kadri?]. Luongo will eventually be traded for a package like Franson, Ashton, and a second. Keep your top picks and most of your young prospects.With the addition of these two players you will make the playoffs this year and be competitive. Your young players will learn how to win and your future prospects and draft picks will gradually make you a cup contender.