Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – July 6, 2014

Latest on Mike Ribeiro, Daniel Alfredsson, Dany Heatley, Tyler Myers,  Michael Del Zotto and Jacob Markstrom. 

Is there a market this summer for Dany Heatley?

Is there a market this summer for Dany Heatley?

RDS.CA: Roger Leblond analyzes the respective statuses of pending UFAs Mike Ribeiro, Daniel Alfredsson and Dany Heatley, wondering if the trio can convince NHL teams to take chances on them.  Alfredsson and Heatley are in obvious decline, while the Arizona Coyotes management publicly stating “behavioral issues” were behind their decision to buy out Ribeiro could hurt his chances of signing with another NHL team.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Alfredsson has stated he’ll either play with the Red Wings or retire. That decision is expect in August. Heatley is well past his prime and will be fortunate to land with another NHL club. Ribeiro is 34 and still has the skills to be a second-line center, but his departure from the Coyotes could certainly hurt his free-agent value. Still, I can see him landing with a club on a one-year deal before training camp opens in September. 

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Helene St. James suggests Buffalo Sabres defenseman Tyler Myers as a possible trade target for the Red Wings in their search for a right-handed defenseman.  “Myers is Buffalo’s top defenseman and the asking price is going to start with one of Gustav Nyquist, Tomas Tatar or Tomas Jurco,” writes St. James. “Buffalo might well ask for Anthony Mantha, but the Wings aren’t relinquishing him. One player alone wouldn’t do it, though — there would likely be a high draft pick involved, too, maybe even a second player, someone in his mid-20s.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That high asking price from the Sabres will likely ensure Myers remains in Buffalo. The Wings will probably have to look elsewhere for a more affordable option. 

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports former Rangers and Predators defenseman Michael Del Zotto has reached a moment of truth in his NHL career.  Cut loose by the Predators, the 24-year-old Del Zotto has become an unrestricted free agent unable thus far to land with a new team. Brooks suggests it’s due to a perception Del Zotto is difficult to coach…Brooks also wonders if the Columbus Blue Jackets might be a worthwhile destination for UFA goalie Martin Brodeur.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s possible Del Zotto could face having to do a training camp audition this September to earn himself a contract…The Blue Jackets appear content with Curtis McElhinney as their backup for Sergei Bobrovsky. 

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jason Botchford reports Canucks goalie Jacob Markstrom has requested a trade, and it’s believed three teams have expressed interest. “We’re exploring that for Jacob”, said Canucks GM Jim Benning. “But if that doesn’t happen, Jacob comes to camp. He has a good attitude. He understands the situation.”


  1. Meyers is not going anywhere.

    • MYERS isn’t going anywhere….

    • I’d trade him if Detroit included Mantha plus in the deal. The Sabres really missed out on Mantha at the draft, although I’m not complaining about having Zadarov.

  2. You know what would make hockey interesting. Cutting everyones salary in half at 50%. Terms are, if your team makes the playoffs, you get 65% of your pay. Makes 2nd round and you get 75%. Conference finals 85% and cup winning teams 110%. Now this will make for some entertaining series and surprising winners.

    • Interesting idea. No free agents would likely sign with bad teams, however. I’m sure there are other issues.

      But, I’ll go you one better for the sake of discussion: the teams must refund to their ticket buyers along the same percentages. For example, if a team misses the playoffs, then their ticket buyers get a 50% refund, and so forth.

    • Hell would literally have to freeze over so the NHLPA had another option for their players to play there, before signing an agreement like this.

      • And how would the cap work in this environment? You maybe $20 million over under….it depends on how you do this year?

    • Two lock-outs ago they had a chance to really create a system that works like the NFL. Big contracts based upon the stature of the player (perceived or otherwise) but not GUARANTEED. Barring injuries, they don’t work out in that first year they are released In the case of the NFL in March) to make whatever deal they can somewhere else. But the small-market owners caved in to the big boys after a cap situation was formulated and so now the teams – and fans – are stuck with a situation where teams simply can’t trade overpaid and over-valuated players like Phaneuf, Clarkson, Fleury, Letang and others of that ilk.

      • So you,re ok with the owners pocketing that money but not the players.

        • YES I am. Players that coast and lack effort don’t deserve a full pay check. In the real world, people get fired when production drops and they get lazy.

          • How many people in the stands are wearing Rogers communication, or James Dolan Jerseys? How many people buy their tickets in hopes of seeing an owner?

          • NYR4LIFE: How many people would be sitting in the satnds if it were not for the owners? ZERO as there would be no team, no building, no league.

        • I didn’t say that. What I said – in effect – was that those players who do not live up to the contract signed (not counting injuries) are released to make whatever new deal they can elsewhere. Anyway, it’s the owners who fork over the hundreds of millions to start a franchise and pay all the ongoing expenses associated with running a pro franchise, so why shouldn’t they pocket the bulk of the profits? The stakeholders at General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Hyundai, Toyota and other giants of that ilk pocket the bulk of their profits while the unionized workers negotiate COLLECTIVE agreements to form their salaries. In pro sports, each “worker” negotiates his own salary. Some union!

  3. Buffalo can ask for the moon for Myers, but the bottm line is he still is far from a very good defender, just a big guy with a long stride and some offensiev juice.
    Besides instead of a bridge deal they paid him like he was a established fixture.
    His pay is MORE than Duncsn Keith’s the Norris trophy winner.
    Granted, teams are always interested in bigger fluid skating defensemen with upside, but NO team is going to take on a salary like that (throw off their establisged payroll pecking orde rof theri current dee-men) and pay with really solid upsided talent.
    Take a gander at what those Wing players get and you easliy see which team is better off right now.
    As more years of UFA overpaying come about and maybe Myers actually becoming a defenseman with make trading foe a guy like him easier than going UFA crazy for one, but that’s a few years down the road IF he truly improves.

    • Get off your high horse Bill. Myers is a very good defenseman.

      Keith signed for less to keep the Blackhawks together no other reason behind that.

      • Now I am waiting for someon to say he’s better than Phaneuf.

        There’s isn’t a catagory Myers is better than he is.

        I don’t like the guy, he too is overpaid, but he still is a sold second pair player DEFENSIVELY.
        Tell yourself Myers….

        • I’d rather have Myers than Phaneuf.

          Less money, more upside…..

          no question.

          • Less money true, more upside possibly, after his first year Id say there is also a possibility Myers doesnt even come close. Past 3 seasons 55 points for Myers, -29 Phaneuf has 105 points and is -11 in the same ammount of time on almost an equally as bad defensive team Id say Myers is trending the wrong way, but yes he is only 24 still upside there.

      • Myers is a bum … Murray will deal him and whatever he gets will be an improvement

    • Defense is education, offence is intuition. Some time it takes time for a defenceman to come into his own. Given this basic fact and all the natural talent and potential Myers holds I would gamble on him. After all a thoroughbred needs to be. Token before you can train it. Not unlike Montreal’s treatment of Subban.

  4. More than Duncan Keith? Thats simply not true and Myers s only making 5 million per year. Very reasonable, considering what Subban is about to get and a rising cap. He kinda reminds me of a young Bowmeester. if he turns out that good then hes certainly worth the 5 million. At least he’s a top line guy. Phaneuf makes 7 million.Just throwing that one out there.

    • Buffalo made the same mistake the oilers made giving to much money to young unproven players right away.. The phanuef comparable isn’t really relevant because he was becoming a ufa Myers still had what 5 years of rfa status..

      • Yeah and the fact that the Atlanta Thrashers kept Evander Kane around, and then he scores 30 one year, and instead of a bridge they open the bank…He is another guy STILL LEARNING TO PLAY HIS POSITION IN THE NHL.

    • Myers is making 5.5, and Keith is making 5.538. So you’re right that he doesn’t make more than Keith, but it’s pretty close

      • hi salary actually goes down each year

        • and what is the team that acquiring him CAP hit on him? what I stated.

      • How long is Keiths contract for again? lol big difference between a 72 million dollar deal and a 38 million dollar deal, using cap hit as a comparison between D men like Keith and Myers is…well a little deciving to say the least.

        • yeah because one guy is not earning 38 million – most guys on dee who make 38 million are solid. This kid’s still training on the job….

    • If Detroit offers Glending and a 1st round pick – Tim should jump on it. Thing with Myers is you never know what your going to get. Yes, he improved his value last year – but he could only go up because over the past few years he has been terrible. While his consistency is questionable, I have more concern over his durability because it seems we have seen more injuries to him over the past two years. Myers to me is just not a physical D-man and at 6’8″ and 210+ he needs to bring that to his game. We see glimpses of it when he gets mad, but that is what makes him so aggravating.

      If Buffalo decides to keep him, I think Gorges will be a great mentor for him.

    • Then Cap is a liar.
      Myers’ Cap hit is 5.5 million. THE CAP HIT each year is MORE than Duncan Keith’s Cap hit each year of his deal. And no matter how long the deals go, as Keith’s goes FOUR years longer, Keith during his contract was always a better player than Myers, and will BE a better player than Myers in the twilight of his (Keith’s) contract.
      Where you sound delusional is when you put Myers in the same sentence as Keith or Subban.
      So…. you have two players, ONE has won two Norris trophies and basically makes a difference in EACH contest and determines outcomes.

      The other is STILL LEARNING to PLAY his position.

      I am not trying to be harsh,

      He had 2 goals and 8 assists and was a plus 6 in the Sabres 21 wins. Not a big offensive factor and that is his strength.
      So that makes him a minus 32 in all the rest.
      Not saying it isn’t a team game, but developed polished NHL defenders are hard to play against and make a difference defensively. He does NOT.

      I am not saying the kid cannot become an solid NHL defenseman, just that HE IS NOT NOW. You can convince yourself otherwise but eventually you will see all the areas he still neeeds to improve upon…

      No one is trading really good players for a unpolished giant especially when he is paid far more than he is worth.

      Please just follow my train of thought:

      Since the “rumor” said Detroit, let’s assume they do trade a really good youngster for him.

      He walks in making more than their BEST defenseman Nik Kronwall…and their next best defenseman, Jonathan Ericsson.

      They BOTH are without question better players than he is.

      You don’t see that as an issue? Well it actually happens a lot because players of the same position comapre their play and their salries and if you are convinced (In this case rightly so) that you are better than a teammate, you feel you should be making more than him.

  5. Spector – what’s going on with Ott, Roy, Setoguchi et al. I guess I wonder more about Steve Ott because I heard Buffalo talked to him and it was kind of assumed that he would resign with them. Perhaps he didn’t like the “role” offered, but it seems to me that as more days go by – the money and term go down.

    With Del Zotto – I would like to see Bflo pick him up – we know what he is capable of and I think maybe like Myers he has just lost his way – his ship needs to be righted. IMO I think he could turn out to be a “steal”.

    • Ott… looking like he only returns at this point if Murray is able to deal Stewart and/or Mitchell to create roster space. I, for one, am hoping he’s successful. Word has him trying to parlay Stewart (and possibly Mitchell) to the Senators for Mark Stone and another prospect (possibly Prince… WNY ties).
      MDZ is reportedly close to signing with Detroit… where I’m sure he’ll thrive. If not, he’s probably on his way out of the NHL.

    • Last I heard Sabres hadn’t fully closed the door on Ott but the additions of Gorges and Gionta lessens that need for leadership.

      • Buffalo is Ott’s first choice. I think Buffalo is thinking about a trade with someone.

        They can sign Ott to a short term deal like 3 yrs.

        Buffalo has 5 players on the last yr of their contract that probably wont be back in 15/16….Mitchell, Kaleta, Stewart, Stafford, and Flynn.

        Ott is better than Mitchell, Kaleta, and Flynn. Buffalo will be over the floor when Ennis is signed, Ott would give them added buffer.

        There has been also rumors swirling that OTT Murray wants Buffalo’s Hodgson and/or Stewart. BUF Murray wants a few high prospects in their system.

        • I agree Kaleta and Flynn would be no loss, but I think with Mitchell coming over to Buffalo might be the change of scenary he needed. Stewart, I’ve always felt he would be a good fit – 26, has grit, plays physically and he can be a great mentor for our youth.

          In reality, with the signing of Gionta and Moulson – we have some great mentors for our youngsters and I think Ott’s window in Buffalo is closing. It’s not about the $, it about the type of character and leadership you want to instill with our future players.

    • There is absolutely no need for Ott on this team. We have many players that brings what he brings. Hell we have 3 lines of players that do what he does. Hoping to God Murray realizes this as well and moves on.

      • I think there’s always a need for a gritty leader like Ott on any team. Why Murray got McCormick is the move that I don’t understand. I’d rather have Ott than McCormick any day.

  6. Ott is a waste of space.
    Will cheap shot all over the ice but will run and hide when it’s time to drop the gloves.
    That’s why he’s not signed yet. No thanks will take anyone else on my team.
    Bruins fans know what I mean.

  7. Dont the flyers need defense, how about throwing Delzotto the job for a year. Delzotto is great on the power play. I find it hard to believe he has coaching issues when that whole situation in new york was a mess. Very underrated defenseman.

    • Excuse in Nashville would be?

  8. Ott in a hawks uniform would be good just dont have cap space

  9. Sharp leddy to buffalo for myers

    • bad trade for the Hawks

    • LOL! Really? And only the Leaf fans overvalue their players….

  10. St. James, along with Ansar Khan, are both Ken Holland’s chief apologists amongst the press here in Michigan. Every year they write about Holland being unable to make trades because other teams are asking for Detroit’s top prospects and picks for their own mediocre players. Then we see those mediocre players ultimately traded for much, much less than their supposed asking prices. We are supposed to believe Buffalo is demanding a bigger package than what Spezza or Kesler were moved for?

    I still think Myers can develop into a solid NHL defenseman, but right now he is not, as Bill Placzek rightfully points out. Myers is not worth players like Nyquist, Tatar or Mantha straight up, let alone as part of a package. I am sure Buffalo would start by asking for those players, just to see if Holland had been smoking anything that morning, but then they would most likely come back to reality.

    St. James is just speculating, using extreme examples, to try to make Wings fans happy that Holland does not make these trades, and to try and appease a fan base upset about the prospect of returning the same roster that barely made the playoffs last year, and got spanked by Boston in the first round. As great as the Wings organization is at drafting and developing players, Ken Holland has shown difficulty in filling out the rest of a Stanley Cup caliber roster in today’s cap world. As much as I like Holland, and respect what he has done in the past, I had to come to that realization, and eventually so will Helene St. James.

  11. Hey Spec,

    Do you know if Jacob Markstrom will have to clear waivers if he’s sent down this coming year? I’m just wondering if they don’t trade him will they lose him for nothing leaving just Mattias for the Luongo return. Ugh!

    • He must pass through waivers to be demoted to the minors in 2014-15.

  12. Thanks buddy! So the Canucks also have Joacim Eriksson and Joe Cannata to share the goaltender duties in Utica. They are both the same age as Markstrom, so do they have to clear waivers too? Also what do you think of Cannata? I think he’s steadily improved every year and has kinda been forgotten about? He totally deserves better.