Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – July 7, 2013.

A rumor of a multi-player trade involving the Canadiens and Flyers, several teams have interest in Mikhail Grabovski, plus the latest on the Penguins, Avalanche and Blues.

LA PRESSE: Stephane Laporte recently tweeted a rumor in which the Montreal Canadiens would trade Tomas Plekanec, Travis Moen and Nathan Beaulieu to the Philadelphia Flyers for Braydon Coburn, Wayne Simmonds and Max Talbot.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t know if Laporte was passing along what he’d heard or just making a suggestion. Regardless, I’d take this one with not just a grain of salt, but the whole shaker. It’s too lopsided in the Canadiens favor. Besides, the Flyers are deep at center (and yes, that includes moving Vincent Lecavalier to right wing) that I can’t see Plekanec as a fit there, unless GM Paul Holmgren is planning on moving one of his young centers in a separate deal.

Could cap constraints force Blues to shop T.J. Oshie?

Could cap constraints force Blues to shop T.J. Oshie?

STLTODAY.COM: Jeremy Rutherford reports the Blues signing of Derek Roy yesterday sets their payroll at $56.4 million, leaving them $8 million to re-sign Alex Pietrangelo, Chris Stewart and Jake Allen. “I think we’re going to be able to get everyone under the umbrella,” (GM Doug) Armstrong said, “and if need be, we have very valuable pieces — if we have to move players, that’s not going to be an issue finding a home for them.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No way the Blues get Pietrangelo, Stewart and Allen under contract for $8 million combined. Either one of that trio not named Pietrangelo is traded, or a salaried player on the Blues roster will have to be dealt. David Perron (cap hit of $3.812 million),  T.J. Oshie ($4.175 million) and Jaroslav Halak ($3.5 million) have popped up of late in the rumor mill.

TORONTO SUN: Lance Hornby reports Mikhail Grabovski’s agent claims “several” teams are interested in his client. Grabovski was bought out of his contract by the Maple Leafs last week, making him an unrestricted free agent.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Some pundits suggest Grabovski could end up in the KHL, where he could perhaps earn more than in the NHL. Still, given what little quality talent remains in this summer’s NHL UFA market, “Grabo” shouldn’t have difficulty landing with another NHL club.

POST-GAZETTE.COM: Dave Molinari reports the Penguins could go over the cap ceiling if RFAs Robert Bortuzzo, Harry Zolnierczyk and Dustin Jeffrey either accept their qualifying offers or negotiate new contracts with the club. Molinari suggests defenseman Matt Niskanen ($2.3 million cap hit) could become a trade candidate.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The shallow depth in the UFA market should make it possible for the Penguins to drum up interest in Niskanen. The Penguins don’t have to rush to make a move, as they’ve got until the start of the 2013-14 season to become cap compliant.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater reports the Colorado Avalanche’s defense remains mediocre, suggesting they turn to the trade market to address that problem. Though shopping Paul Stastny would make the most sense, the Avalanche seem determined to retain him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Perhaps the Avs could have interest in Matt Niskanen? The Penguins wouldn’t want any salary back, so the Avs wouldn’t have to part with a roster player. Just a thought…



  1. wow if the canadiens can pull off that trade i’d honestly freak out in amazement of how bad of a gm Holmgren really is haha…

  2. as for the Flyers and Canadians rumor about 1 hour after the rumor broke Wayne Simmonds tweeted on his Twitter profile the letter C. not sure if it means anything but with this rumor going on that letter C

  3. that letter C could mean the Canadians

    • You are blowing my mind

  4. If Niskanen
    is available I would be all over this guy !! He is a top 2- 4 D man and gives good offensive support with great skating ability and quality management of the puck …would be a very good steal for any team at that price ! I still thnk that Pitt should move Fleury and his $5 million out to help with cap space and get a goalie thats looking for a true shot and have Vokun mentor him and play 50 games at the same time …

    AVS –
    I still feel that there is a possible trade scenario with the Leafs here and just waiting to see how the Free Agenzy works out ….Sakic & Roy are eager to do a deal and the Leafs have a bounty of quality in Defensmen that can really help out the Avs and maybe another piece or two in this deal for the longer term. It would be a Seguin type deal getting quality players in return for both teams!


    There has been a lot of players playing outside there normal positions lately to help fill positional needs of the team ….Wendle Clark was D man for most pof his career and ended up being one of the leafs best Wingers in the end …Vinnie is now a winger in Philly and Brent Burns plays a DUO role in San Jose !

    In saying this there is a position on Left wing left open by Clark MaCarthur ……I really feel that Jake Gardiner is a better speedy winger with a great shot instead of a 4-6 defender with little physicality to his game …I would look at this move if I were the Leafs and use him on the Power play on the wing as well rushing the puck and build some plays off the face offs and uitilize his speed out on the rush off the dot !

    Ive said right from the get go with Grabo he would be perfect in Washington

    PHILLY – Have a feeling Philly is going to make a move with Coutourier to open a space for Vinnie at Center. IMO

    • Niskanen had a horrible playoff run, is soft and is best remembered for getting his eye socket punched out by Okposo … you can have him …

    • Trading Couturier for room?

      Not happening. He is untouchable, just like Schenn.

      If they make a move at center, I would expect Talbot being the guy out. However, Vinnie is slotted to play wing on Giroux’s line with Voracek, so it is a moot point.

      • You dont come out and say Iam going to trade Couturier when there is no deal in place …..what you do say is ….Vinnie is going to play on the wing with Giroux ….until you make a deal with Couturier ….VINNIE is NOT a WINGER …sorry he is a bonifide
        # 1 Center but on Philly the #2 ….Cutourier will have no space to play on second line if they keep Vinnie for 5 years trade him and get the assets you need he is one of the most saught after players………….. you will get a good return !

        • At this point in his career the return on Couturier may get a good return in a. 1 for 1 deal but you would likely be looking at taking a more experienced player in that deal for it to be even remotely considered an upgrade and at that point the player Philly would be getting would Probably be a higher cap hit the Couturier so what would be the point in that? I agree with Gary if they were to make a move around a center it would involve Talbot and some kind of package possibly with Coburn just not the deal that involves the habs, or at least the way the deal is outlined by Montreals media.

      • why is cotourier so untouchable

        its not like he is the next big thing.

        • He is not untouchable but he certainly won’t be moved to create “cap room” or in some idiotic deal you seem to think makes sense.
          Couturier has size, speed, defensive awareness and untapped scoring ability. This was his 2nd NHL year and he got stronger in the end.

    • No way the Leafs will move Gardiner to the wing. I think they would trade him before they experiment with that project. Right now Gardiner is considered a top potential D man and most teams would love to trade for him. If your wing experiment failed this stock would drop significantly and so would his confidence. Not saying he couldn’t fill the role just saying the Leafs would never take that chance. Maybe when he’s 33yrs old. If that scenario should be tried on anyone I would try it with Kaberle. His D game has always suffered in his own end but he is a great passer and puck carrier. He still has speed too. No good in the corners but if you could reinvent his game at center and teach him to win draws he would be a great set up man and two way center based on his defensive minded training.

      • He played the wing almost his whole life until some Dfense in College as far as I understand !

        • Not disagreeing it’s just a chance Nonis and the boys would never take. Nonis is a play it safe kinda guy. You can tell by his UFA signings and lack of big trades ie Seguin/Ryan deals.

          • What happens if in 2 years Ryan walks to Philly like he has said in the past he would like to do, Ottawa just traded 2 first round picks and Silfverberg who is a top 6 guy for a guy who makes 5 mill a year now (you think 5 milli a year is an overpayment but you would be all right paying that type of money for someone else plus those picks and assets for potentially a 2 year rental?) Think about it youre going to do JVR Riley and next years first for Ryan at 5 mill for a couple years because thats pretty much the cost plus the 5 mill he makes, no thank you. Ill just pay a ufa 5 mill instead of striping down like that again and pretty much do the Kessel deal all over again (you know the deal you bitch about ya. Lets do that again) …Seguin would never be traded to Toronto ever. Chiarelli and Nonis would look like an ass clowns if they did a deal like that.
            Do us all a favor and stop saying your a Leaf fan if you are just going to whine about stupid deals we didnt do and stupid deals that we did do that are now part of the past. You are a hypocrite, and starting to sound like a leaf hater instead of a fan so go hate, the deals that were done on Friday were pretty good deals and previously with Bolland and Bernier make us much better and at a lower cost then those done by Ottawa or Dallas. Plus we got rid of 2 mistakes in Grabo and Komi but go a head an keep brining them up like it was all Nonis idea to give out those deals had nothing to do with previous coaching staff and management. With guys like you and Backchecking no wonder the leaf fans around here get grief.

          • You and Nonis is are two peas in a pod Mr and Mrs play it safe. Backchecking and I are outside the box thinkers and risk takers you know the type of successful self employed type of risk taker much like a Chiarelli/Lombardi type of individual. Those are the type of people that get ahead sometimes failing but also very successful. You my friend are a play it safe stay the course and ALMOST get to the promise land but not quite, while you spin your wheels bitching about what could have been instead taking risks for what could be. Stop reading my posts if it upsets you that much.

      • And if a frog had wings….

    • Beer Goggles
      Your right about Jake Gardiner, Have been watching him since Ducks drafted him. Over the weekend U of Wisconisin games would be shown here. I have yet to see him hit anyone on purpose. Has great skating and passing skills & a pretty good shot but Carlyle will never put up with his lack of physical game. Always thought of JG as a soft Bryan Campbell, or Christian Ehroff. He will make a lot of money as an offensive d-man but just does not have the mental make up to change his game and be the complete package.

    • I think you will see
      Bozak between Kessel, JVR
      Kadri between Clarkson and Lupul
      McClement between Bolland and Kuli (actual checking line)
      Colborne or a marlie between Orr and McLaren (or a marlie)

      So no need to fill MacArthur’s spot already done by Clarkson. If Kuli gets moved then Colborne will move up

    • Honestly Gardner on the wing? You Know Randy Carlyle is the Leafs coach right? Not exactly a new age experimental type outside the box thinker (thankfully not one of those)
      One of the most ridiculious ideas you had since Phaneuf Kessel and Bozak for Duchene ….just embarassing really, you realize we have a pretty good compliment of wingers and need D right? Why would we use one of our better D as a winger?, because Wendal Clark did it? Have you been reading your hockey card collection again is that where you come up with these things?

      • Backchecking is an out of the box thinker. Doesn’t make him wrong just makes him sound crazy from time to time and considering we don’t know how that experiment would turn out we can’t fault him for coming up with the idea. Like it or not he could be 100% right. You will just never know.

        • No I do know that is a dumb idea many many teams would love a D man that can skate with the puck like that out of their zone and have that kind of poise under pressure with the puck, he is young and going to make a few mistakes but his upside as a D man is huge if it was possibly a good idea to play him on the wing why wouldnt have Eakins tried it, he not enough out side the box thinker there either? Stop trying to pass off yours and BC s stupid ideas as some new age zen thinking like youre Phil Jackson or something bad judgement is bad judgement and the pair of you got that in spades.

          • You keep your Tortoise mentality. It will get you far in life. NOT… Enjoy your cubical on Monday morning. I know I will be enjoying my pool.

          • Lol cubical just goes to show you know about as much about me as you do about hockey…not much

          • Go sit by the pool in your tin foil hat and pray to your shiney smooth rocks while you listen to what the wind says, maybe some more great deal ideas will come to you.

          • Solid come back. You really told me….

      • Just an idea ….Iam really not sure how anyone sees Jake Gardiner as this awesome defensemen ….he actually is terrible on defense !!

        He is a great pass rusher and unreal skater and this is the reason I suggested he has great speed for the wing which is where he always rushes the puck until he hits the blue line then cuts inside up the middle which is where MOST TURNOVERS happen …If he played wing he would have a better chance at rushing the puck and use his speed (AKA ) Blake Wheeler type player and be able to insert the puck deeper and look for a play in the slot or use his great snipe of a shot closer in the offensive zone where as Carlyle is cutting him off all of that and asking him to be more defenisive minded and chip the puck in hence cutting off his best attributes and exposing him to his weaknesses more often ….Gardiner is only good at rushing the puck and his close range shots ( goals) …from a defensive perspective that eliminates his best attributes

        • A dman that can hold the puck from end to end and can score and he’s a terrible dman? He’s young, D takes a long time to mature completely and he already has a good start. Or we could have kept a player like Schenn who was a defensive dman that needed a lot of work in both ends still.

    • The Avs are definitely not “eager to make a deal”. Quit making stuff up to fit your crazy ideas leaf fans. I am curious though how exactly did you arrive at the conclusion that “Sakic & Roy are eager to make a deal” Cause if you actually READ about the Avs intentions either on Their official site or even Dater’s irresponsible blog at the Denver post you would know (should have known for a while now) that they are pretty much set for next year because they don’t want to spend where they can’t resign everyone to new contracts. The Avs need to improve their back end, and don’t know how they plan on doing it exactly, but I can all but guarantee all leaf fans the solution is not coming out of Toronto. Use your head leafers. The Avs are right where they want to be with our forward depth right now and in no way do they want to have to shop any of it. I imagine to acquire the coveted 1,2, or 3 defenseman/men Adam Foote alluded to earlier this year the Avs will probably do so through a Concise, Well Thought Out trade that gives them EXACTLY the defenseman they have in mind. They will wait and build the back end intelligently and Sakic & Roy will not go GM gone wild like 90% of the rest of the GM’s in this league. And Toronto doesn’t have what Colorado is Specifically looking for. They are going to build this team right. And if they have to give up assets they really want to keep, they are going to get something they really want, and fits a specific role the Avs want.

      And when they get those last few pieces, the Avs will be young, elite, and dangerous. They will not swap deficiencies around the roster.

      The Leafs have nothing that the Avs covet, so Quit Grubbing On the Avs Roster Leafers!!

  5. Wayne Simmonds is exactly the type of player that Paul Holmgren drools over, he isn’t going anywhere … that proposal is a joke …

    • My exact thoughts that’s the guy that makes this trade proposal lopsided.

    • agreed

  6. Okay, okay, and good prospect for treasure, treasure, and dynamic depth roster player… yeah, everyone reads right through that.

    Philly and Montreal aren’t ideal trade partners. Montreal wants to get bigger but Philly doesn’t really want to get smaller.

  7. Grabo’s not going to the KHL. He just married a Canadian girl and said he wants to stay in the NHL.

    • Just a wild guess but I think he might end up with Ducks. One year deal like Derek Roy got. The one big question Ducks have is who is 2nd line center, Koivu, Holland, Bonnino.
      Frankly I’d let Holland & Bonnino fight it out in preseason and early season. I’d love to see Holland get a good shot. Big, Decent moves, good passer, great shot but at time he is a coaster. If this guy would work hard for 20 minutes a night he would be in the NHL.

      • Could be possible. I think you need to consider Phaneuf coming your way next year to be close to his wife. He will probably take a big pay cut to get down your way unless she wants to move closer to where they were both raised on the west coast in Canada. Anahiem or LA will probably be number one on his wish list followed by Phoenix. Failing those destinations Edmonton or Vancouver would probably be next.

    • Grabo’s wedding nite pillow talk: Sorry honey forgot to tell you that we are moving to Sibera, and by the way got you a job in the salt mine.

    • Money talks…

  8. Bergevin is really in rough right now, but Parros was a good start. I think he will be looking to move a center (Plekanec or Desharnais, though there’ll be more demand for Desharnais).

    So if you’re Montreal and you’re offering up this guys, which big player do you try to acquire?

    • Agreed. I think there’s still a market for DD, but as a great penalty killer and decent face-off man, I’d think there’d be much more interest in Pleks.

      • Agreed

  9. The Philly/Montreal proposed trade is just a ridiculous rumour started by the french press, and another example of how they try to indirectly manage the Canadiens by floating it out there to stir up french fans’ interest in an attempt to acquire another francophone player. It’s actually pretty sad, and probably helps to explain why I have always been a life-long Detroit Red Wings fan. French Quebecers have a real inferiority complex, as evidenced by the fact that they insist on having a french coach, GM, etc., regardless of whether there is a more talented and successful english candidate available, or their need to acquire a french-speaking, Quebec-born player – despite the fact that they are well past their prime. I live in Montreal, but am embarrassed by thier xenophobia.

    • Typical Quebec-bashing / french hating. The most storied franchise in hockey was born to give a chance to French players to play since they were not welcome in other teams. Remember black people in baseball? But here in Canada it’s still acceptable in 2013 to bash/hate a quarter of the population. Oh Canada, terre de nos Aïeux.

      • Its along way from that

      • Baseball got over that issue. Why can’t the Montreal media? You think that French-speaking players are not welcome on other teams? Give your head a shake!

      • Quebec is the only province in Canada that isn’t bilingue so Quebec alienates itself more than anything.

  10. HOMMER ….gets an “F” ….for failure !!!!

    IMO Philly is in trouble …..

    Traded the CORE captains …..Richards and Carter ( won the cup )
    Signed and bought out Bryzgalov to the worst contract and buyout in NHL history
    Signed Vinnie who is a legit # 1 Center man with size and skill and is playing him on the wing ….not good!
    Gave away the Vezina winning goalie …..2nd & 4th picks
    Signed one of the worst GAA goalies in the league …….Mason …..
    Traded 4 first round picks in players and picks for Pronger ( now can not be replaced )
    Has been fighting the cap ceiling because of his overpaid long term contracts ! ( Brier ) buy out

    Honorable mention – JVR – for Schenn …….

    How has this guy kept his job????

    • And I get razzed for suggesting things ….this guy is an NHL GM for petes sake !!
      oppps I created a whole lets throw more money at it to fill it up !
      Philly as gotten worse for more money spent not better !!!….. IMO

      There starting to remind me of Pat Quinn days !

    • Philly is not in any trouble. We traded Richarrds and Carter and got back Voracek, Simmonds, Schenn, Couterier (pick), and Grossman (pick) ……. Voracek and Simmonds alone outscored Richards and Carter and they are all much younger and way less salary,.That’s what you call brilliant deals.

      The media only asked if Vinny can play the W but he is set to center the Flyers 2nd line with Schenn on LW and Simmonds on RW. Hartnell is healthy and will be back with G and Voracek.

      Bob was going anyway because we could not afford him so getting 2 picks was better than nothing. If he stayed here his numbers would have been worse than Bryz’ anyway with our defense and injuries last year.

      Oh, by the way, Mason was 4-2 with a 190 GAA and a .944 SVPCT since he got here last year.

      Oh and honorable mention, we needed defense and Schenn had a great year for us. He will continue to be a great part of our defense for many years and we wouldn’t reverse that trade for anything.

      And that my friend, is how he keeps his job. You need to watch a little hockey and stop reading what these idiot writers say.

  11. The trade.rumor is horrible. I do think phili will be trading an.asset with a salary to get under the cap. For example but not saying it would happen.
    Gunnerson and a second plus a guy like Ross to phili for couturier and mezeros. Phili justifys trading a prospect for cap relief and prospect/pick

    Or how about throw in reimer
    Calgary trades Giordano, seldoff to phili for grossmen, mezeros and cutourier

    • Very true. In no way do I think phili would trade cutourier for a 3/4 defencemen either. Just throwing out ideas. Though I do think phili still dump a bit of salary. I like Giordano in phili. I think he would cit in there well. But they can’t make those types of moves until they move a bit of salary. They will be around 4 million under the cap once they put printer on ldir. I like getting emery but they should still get a young goalie not named Steve mason

  12. Re: Damien Brunner
    Anybody know what going on with Damien Brunner ? Thought he would be snapped up fast.

    • I’m still praying he will be the Sabres’ one and only signing.

    • I was hoping Boston would sign him. Would be a great addition. He’s their type of player.

    • Guy is asking too much for his limited experiene so its going to take a little while longer for him to sign

  13. Pleks is a valuable player, and Beaulieu is a high end prospect. Moen is coming of a disastrous season though and contributes next to nothing to this equation (At his current value anyway). Replace Moen with a higher value player, or add another player or pick into the package and maybe…. but straight up that is a bad move for Philly.

  14. All of a sudden, the wheels in Sabreland start to creek and turn. In spite of the supposed youth movement going on in the Buff…Darcy goes and reacquires Hank Tallinder to make little Ty Myers play like a good hockey player again. Which brings there blueline corps total to 11. Someone’s on their way out. Some are speculating that Colorado needs D-men and could stand to upgrade their goalie situation…hhhmmm…What’s even more interesting is that apparently, there is word slowly starting to leak from NY that if Buffalo were to, in fact move Ryan Miller, that a possible affordable replacement would be Rick DiPietro, since the Islanders are supposedly on the hook forces 1-plus million over the next 16 years, or something in that range. Maybe a change of scenery might snap RDP back to the promising goalie he once was… and with a more reasonable contract, less pressure.

    • I think the goalie situation is all locked up, Columbus signed theirs, NYI theirs, Jersey got theirs for future, Philly check, Minny resigned theirs, Phoenix got theirs, Edmonton picked up a couple of them, To / LA traded ones, Chicago and Dallas got backups, Calgary signed a KHL goalie, Can’t think of anyone at this point who needs an expensive goalie like Miller ? Am I missing something ?

  15. hey spec, do you think that philly will keep pronger on the LTIR to avoid the cap hit or buy him out to save the owner $$$. if you thought the FA’s this year were something, next year is simply epic

    • Don’t forget, teams have a year to sign next years, last January teams were licking their chops over Getzlaf & Perry, the way I see it the picking will most likely be thinner as each year passes and the few that become available will be way over paid.

    • Pronger is injured therefor he is not eligible for a buyout. Philly also used their two cap compliance buyouts so he would count against the cap if they could so I doubt they would do that. Lastly I do believe the contracts are insured so the Flyers have a portion if not all of the money owed to him covered by Insurance.

    • Bobby Ryan is a RFA when his contract expires. He is not walking anywhere in two years.

      • Well that sure went to the wrong thread.

        • It was noted on my end anyways

      • I believe you are wrong he is a UFA 28yrs old

      • He is UFA is the end of that contract.

    • Philly will keep putting him on LTIR each season until his contract ends. He cannot be bought out while he is injured. Even if they could they have already used their two compliance buy outs so he’d count against the cap. The owners also care little about wasting money. Lastly I do believe their contracts are insured which means the flyers get some if not all of his contract covered through insurance.

      • apparently my page did not update, so I typed it all again after coming back to the site. lol

  16. Colorado is fine without cast-offs from the Laffs. There’s a reason nobody trades with them….no talent on the team unless u call players with big holes in their game tradeables. Gardener is sad at defence & not 1 true top 4 D-man on the roster. As long as that remains unimproved every season will be hit & miss come playoff time.

    • No one trades with them???…accept the 2 past stanley cup champions the Ducks Flyers Flames…and the rest of your statement makes about as much sense as the no one trades with them jibberish… Move along

  17. No way Philly makes that deal unless Suban alone come’s back

  18. I stand by my assessment nobody trades with the Leafs. Castoffs,retreads & injury prone players r not the answer.

    Once Carlyles welcome wears off & his shelf life ends as the coach graveyard Toronto is watch Nonis have the impact he has proven before.

    Clarksons term & price in a poor UFA market is a direct result of Toronto’s lack of a true leader.

    Since the days of a 1 in 6 chance at hoisting the cup only the Cubs r more futile.

  19. Since Ballard & his cronies put the looney ahead of winning & let Sittler & McDonald walk Leafs Nation has suffered. For a storied team from the B&W tv days & early color tv the nation gets inferiority on a Crown corporation the CBC every Saturday. Once again money not product is stuffed down our throats. Add TSN or as known by ppl outside of Toronto as the TorontoSportsStation saturating us with mediocrity no wonder other crap happens in other sports in Canada.

    As I’m a fan of the Canucks & hold Leafs Nation in high esteem they deserve better than decades of inferiority.

  20. As a rebuilding team, there is no way the habs do that deal bc of one of their bonafide top 2 D is included. Beaulieu, at his full potential should be the best D partner for subban. He has size, 6 foot 2 (hockeysfuture, last to update his size), scoring power, PP quarterback and good vision.
    However anybody else like Georges or Diaz. Then for sure