Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – June 10, 2012.

The latest from the Ottawa Sun, Edmonton Journal, NY Post, Hockey Night in Canada, and Boston Globe.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch lists Columbus right wing Rick Nash, Vancouver goalie Roberto Luongo, Pittsburgh center Jordan Staal, LA Kings goalie Jonathan Bernier and Boston netminder Tim Thomas as his top five “pre-draft” trade possibilities.  Garrioch links Nash with the Rangers, Sharks and Sabres, noted Luongo’s contract make him tough to move, linked Staal to the Sabres and Blues, claimed the Blue Jackets made a pitch for Bernier last year, and suggested Thomas could be dealt to a team seeking to reach the salary cap floor next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Sabres are to pursue Nash or Staal, they’ll certainly have to move out some salary to accommodate either guy. As Garrioch noted, Derek Roy is believed available, but his stock has been in decline.The Blues new ownership isn’t expected to pursue trades for “name” players this summer.  Interesting comment about the Blue Jackets and Bernier, as reports out of Columbus suggest the Blue Jackets have been lukewarm toward him.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports former NHL enforcer Georges Laraque would love to return to the Edmonton Oilers to finish his career…He believes the “best bet” regarding Alexander Radulov (provided he doesn’t return to the KHL) is the NY Rangers try to acquire his rights, re-sign him, and send either Brandon Dubinsky and his $4 million per season contract to the Preds, unless they want someone younger like Derek Stepan…Colorado Avalanche forward David Jones’ new four-year, $16 million contract sets the market value for comparable forwards and pending UFAs P.A. Parenteau, Jiri Hudler and Dustin Penner…Matheson wondered if the Coyotes would qualify forward Gilbert Brule. He doubts Wild forward  Guilluame Latendresse, Panthers winger Wojtek Wolski or the Flames’ Blake Comeau get qualifying offers…He still advocates the Oilers contact the Predators about young defenseman Ryan Ellis…Matheson also believes Ryan Suter’s agent could test the UFA market, then allow the Predators to match or beat the best offer…He “can see” the Kings moving Jonathan Bernier to the Lightning for Mathieu Garon and one of the Bolts first round picks…He knows the Hurricanes would love to land Jordan Staal, but doubts they have the depth in available young talent to entice the Penguins.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No offence to Laraque but I doubt any NHL team, let alone the Oilers, will give him a shot at a comeback…The Rangers have reportedly inquired about Radulov. More on that later…Agreed the Jones overpayment works in favor of Parenteau, Hudler and Penner…Brule’s performance in the playoffs could get him a qualifying offer from the Coyotes…Still don’t see the Predators giving up on Ellis…Suter could test the market, but that remains to be seen. Contract talks between he and the Predators are believed ongoing…Garon and a first for Bernier? Holy overpayment, Batman!…Any talk about Staal between the Coyotes and Penguins could being with Jeff Skinner.

Could Rangers have interest in Ryan or Getzlaf?

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks updates the Rangers reported interest in Radulov, claiming it is “conditional”, as management will weigh his upside against others (Columbus’ Rick Nash, Anaheim’s Bobby Ryan, New Jersey’s Zach Parise) who might be available. Brooks claims there’s at least one other team inching toward dealing for Radulov’s rights. He also suggested if management isn’t confident Derek Stepan or Artem Anisimov can fill the second-line center role, it could shift their focus toward Anaheim’s Ryan Getzlaf or Pittsburgh’s Jordan Staal, as both has one year remaining on their respective contracts and will be eligible for UFA status next summer…Brooks believes if the Rangers sign promising free agent prospect Justin Schultz, they could shop Michael Del Zotto…If the Bruins want to trade Tim Thomas to clear his salary, Brooks cites the New Jersey Devils trading Vladimir Malakhov to the San Jose Sharks as precedence for dealing an over-35, suspended player to a team willing to absorb his salary.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In other words, the Rangers could have interest in Radulov if it is determined they cannot land somebody better before July 1st…I don’t expect the Ducks will move Ryan or Getzlaf, and the Penguins aren’t in any hurry to move Jordan Staal…The Rangers could move Del Zotto if they sign Schultz, but I’m guessing they’d hold off on that until they determine the young blueliner can make the transition to the NHL next season…Don’t rule out the possibility of the Bruins moving Thomas to a team willing to take on his salary to become cap compliant, but if they’re gonna do it, they’ll have to strike this summer, as the next CBA might prevent those moves.

HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA: During the June 9th “Hotstove” intermission segment, Elliotte Friedman reported Sidney Crosby might be getting a ten-year extension from the Penguins, perhaps an average salary around $9 million. Glenn Healy believes if Crosby gets that big contract, Jordan Staal will have to go as they won’t be able to afford him. Tim Wharnsby reports of speculation if that happens, Staal would be joining his brother Eric in Carolina…Friedman reported a rumor Jets goalie Ondrej Pavelec has a one-year, big-money offer from a KHL team. Ron MacLean says that offer could be considered “insurance” if there’s an NHL lockout…Friedman reports “a lot of GMs who don’t like their teams” could turn toward trades, rather than the shallow UFA pool, to bolster their rosters.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Crosby’s agent confirmed last week contract talks with the Penguins have begun. It remains to be seen if a new deal is signed by July 1st or later this summer, but it would cast Jordan Staal’s future with the team in doubt. Bear in mind, however, the Penguins don’t have to trade Staal this summer, as he’s still under contract for one more year. I’ve already commented on the “Jordan to Carolina” speculation…My take on the Pavelec rumor can be found in my “Canadian Corner” update…Sounds like there could be a lot of trade activity in late-June, which could also be considered a sign there either won’t be a lockout, or if there is one, it won’t last long. 

BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa wondered if the Colorado Avalanche might acquire Tim Thomas’ cap hit in order to become cap compliant. Thomas apparently intends to retire in Colorado Springs…If Tuukka Rask and the Bruins aren’t close in contract talks, either side can file for arbitration.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggarty confirmed the Bruins are closing in on new multi-year contracts for pending UFA forwards Chris Kelly and Gregory Campbell.


  1. I would assume that the Staal to Carolina would include Skinner, but I don’t know if anyone else would be added to either side. I haven’t seen skinner play enough to make that judgement.

    • Tom, Skinner is/was being groomed to be 2nd line center, but that hasn’t panned out too well, so maybe J.Staals replacement? He actually would be better suited for a 3rd line center positon (of course if he doesn’t remain on the wing).He does need to work on his defense some more, but he could grow into the position. Even given the fact that he’s more of a scorer.

      • I thought that he was a scoring winger. He would play along Sid in Pittsburgh. Would there be any pieces added to either side, or would it be a 1 for 1 deal?

        • Yeah, definitely more too add too the trade. How bout McBain+Skinner+8th pick for J.Staal+Martin+3rd round pick? Sound like a fair deal? He would work well with Crosby IMO too!

          • That seems like an overpayment from the Hurricanes standpoint. Since I’m a Pens fan, I’d be fine with that deal, but I don’t think that many Hurricanes fans would be okay with that

          • Any deal with Carolina would include Brandon Sutter who would move into the third line center slot … he would become the shutdown center … McBain & Skinner and the Canes 1st but the Pens would have to sweeten the pot for Skinner …

        • Yeah, he is a scoring winger. But at one point in the season,Paul Maurice, (before he was fired) moved Skinner to center and he played that position for a while. He became a defensive liabilty so was moved back too wing again. The Canes never could find “the guy” too fill 2nd line center and have struggled in that department all year.

    • i live in raleigh, i dont see them including skinner. he is too much of fan favorite, especially to the younger market of a college town.

      eric staal has switched to wing a number of times. they want jordan to play with eric, not take a back seat to him.

      sutter, mcbain and a pick

  2. I don’t think thats an Overpayment for Bernier so long as it’s Detroits first rounder and not ours. And that’s my line.

    • Agreed, look at what Varlamov got for Washington. And No he isn’t better than Bernier.

  3. I would hate the Canes include Skinner, but of it meant getting J.Staal..then I’m not opposed, because the team has Jokinen (better on the wing) too fill Skinner’s spot. Center depth is something the Canes could use at this point. I think the Canes need to fix the defense a bit by adding another stay@home guy..but getting Jordan alone is a defensive change in itself because of his two-way ability. I would love too see the two brothers on the same side!If Rutherford and company ar serious about adding payroll, then throw everything at Parise,make the trade for J.Staal, and get another Dman and we are set! BTW, wouldn’t mind having Nash either, just not enough pieces to get a deal of that magnitude done.

  4. I think the assumption that Staal wants to go to the Hurricane may be over kill.
    Staal has stated he wants more responsibility and the chance to be that number one centre. Can he get that while standing behind his big brother? I don’t think so. Now if he played on the wing and could play WITH his brother on the top line, that would be completely different.
    Not to mention the Canes don’t seem to have the type of assets that would be a good fit in Pittsburg. Who would they trade for him??

    I can see a team like Buffalo trading for him and signing him to a long term $6 million per season extension.

    Roy plus Sekera and the 22nd over all in 2012 for Staal.
    Stafford plus a young d-man plus both 2nd rounders for Staal.

    Does this sound reasonable? (I know its a bit of an overpayment, but it guarantees the Pens interest)

    • I have never heard that he wants to be a #1 center, just wants to expand his role as a goal scoring center, which could be at first or second line center. He wants to get payed like former #2 pick is how I see it . He’s just way too talented too be sitting “stuck” behind 2 other talented centers with no hance of progressing forward.I think the Canes could easily slot Eric at wing and have Jordan as first line center or vice-versa. As far as your proposal, Buffalo is just not a fit IMO . Your trade sounds ok though.

    • The stafford deal isn’t bad, but the Roy one is bad. Were you saying:

      Roy and Sekera for Pens 1st and Staal?

      If so, that is a terrible deal. I think that if we were to trade Staal to the Sabres, we would either get back Myers in a 1 for 1 deal or Ennis and others that aren’t roy

      • Tom:

        I believe he is saying Roy, Sekera and the first for Staal…too much in my opinion.

      • Oh sorry, Buffalo’s first rounder to Pitt.

        • Okay when you said 22nd overall, that is the Pens pick, so I was a little confused. I’d rather get Ennis than Roy to be honest

    • Derek Roy has one season remaining on his contract, becoming a UFA in 2013. I do not know if the Penguins want him short-term as they wait for a long-term answer.

      I do not know if the Sabres will trade any of their younger players this offseason.

      As for Rick Nash coming to Buffalo, improvements on the right wing are welcome. I think the Sabres want to address the elusive center position this offseason.

    • Stafford + Brennan + 42nd overall for Staal? (Or substitute Pysyk but take out the pick.)
      I’d also be down with Roy + Adam + either one of our first round picks (12th or 21st). Of course, all conditional on the Sabres being able to negotiate with him and ensure he’ll be a Sabre for more than one year. Not really interested in trading Sekera. He’s our most mobile defender and does very well playing tough, shutdown minutes…And he’s on a great contract. Less than 3 mil cap hit for him has to be one of the best bargains in the league when you look at his advanced stats.
      I could also see the Pens trying to get someone to take Martin in the deal to shed his cap hit, if he’ll waive his NTC, but then Buffalo would subtract a little, because his value is basically negative at this point.

      • If the Sabres are to trade a young forward in the offseason, Luke Adam may be that guy. He struggled on offense and production both with the Sabres and Americans this season. Adam may rebound this season, or may need a change in scenery.

      • Both aren’t good deals. They really aren’t. Shero would hang up the phone on you if you were to offer that

    • I can’t see Darcy trading Stafford as the line of Ennis, Stafford and Foligno really gelled. I know the playoffs showed the Pens deficiency on D and I can understand Tom’s desire to trade Staal straight up for Myers, but I think a more realistic approach would be Roy, Sekera and a draft pick or Weber. Remember we have a few high draft picks. While Roy has one year left on his contract, Staal also has one year left on his contract – so, it is a risk either way for both teams. Roy is a scorer – has a history of scoring almost a point a game for the past few years – last year the exception because of injuries to the Sabres, but mostly I think his recovery of his torn quad was still in process. Most likely he would turn his attitude around in Pitts and mature a bit. Sekera and Weber would both shore up the D – Sekera being an offensive minded D with speed and Weber being more physical – I think both are an improvement over Niskenen

      f Staal isn’t available, Ican also see Bflo doing a deal with the Sharks. I know the media and Shark critics are committed to Thornton, but are focused on Marleau as being a nonperformer in the playoffs – so I think to save MacLellan’s job – Marleau is on the table. Problem is, Marleau is 32 and makes $7MM. To me, the problem was the Sharks D – they need to replace White, Vandermeer and Murray (who is god awful slow) with some speed and experience. They are also looking for more scoring. So Bflo can trade Vanek, Roy, and Sekera or Weber for Pavelski and Clowe. Gives Bflo some cap relief, attitude relief,leadership and grit while giving the Sharks an offensive minded D man and scoring.

    • Pittsburgh has an H on the end of it … welcome to the 21st century …

  5. Your probably right about my trade proposal Tom. Canes fans would lynch Rutherford for the over payment but I see getting the brothers together as a great marketing idea, and that’s something the Canes could really use. Money makes the world go around and the Canes need more money! LOL! thanks for your great input on the trade ideas. You’ve been real cool! Hopefully the two teams can work a great deal that’s fair for both sides. BTW, I was pulling for your Pens in the playoffs since my Canes were out of it long ago. I can’t stand the other teams in the east so I pulled for them.

    • I assume that the deal would be Skinner and a 1st for Staal and a 1st or something like that

      • Sounds fair enough to me. I you guys really want to rid he Martin contract, I wouldn’t mind having him here. I bet a change a scenery would help the guy. I would hope that is!

  6. Why is everyone assuming Staal wants to play with his brother in Carolina? Maybe he wants to play with brother Mark in New York? They would love to have him I am sure.

    But alas I am a Leaf fan and would love to see him in TO. I would give up a number of the following Leaf players in various combinations ( Lupul, Gardiner,Schenn, Kadri, Komisarek, Kulemin), along with exchange of picks, as part of a package to land him.

    • So Lupul, Gardiner, Kadri and the 5th overall pick for Staal and the 22nd overall pick? That isn’t a bad deal. Oh yeah, Staal said that he would prefer to go to the Canes

  7. It would be great if the Bruins could move Thomas. What’s different from the Malakhov deal is that league has become more harsh on cap circumvention, docking a third and a future first round draft pick and $3 milion from NJ for the Kovalchuk signing. Thomas and a first for basically nothing in return could result in the Bruins losing at least another future first as a penalty by the league. Chiarelli kept Savard on the books this year and to cover Timmy’s absence will probably be moved to LTIR. That $5 mill will go quite a ways in resigning Lucic, Seguin Horton and Marchand next year.

  8. Carolina has a great pool of young prospects including; Dalpe, Murphy, Dumoulin, Faulk, McBain and V.Rask. I’m sure they could entice Shero to part with J.Staal. It’s my opinion that Dalpe would definitely have to be involved, and probably one of those D.

    • I’m a Canes fan, and wouldn’t care a bit if they parted with Dalpe. He has had way too many chances to shine and hasn’t shown me a thing that I wouldn’t see from one of 3rd/4th line guys. I am sure he could develop into a sniper as projected, but it won’t happen in Raleigh or Charlotte for that matter. Maybe I am selling Dalpe short, but he had the best chance to make an impression at training camp last year, though he did make the roster,he never really got it going with a chance to be a topline guy.He ended up in Charlotte with a couple of brief stints in Raleigh. I think for better of the team, make him the showcase prospect in a trade for Jordan along with McBain and this years 1st. That should get it done. Still don’t wanna part with Skinner, but again he could be expendable given the fact that we got Jussi Jokinen too fill that wing spot and very well.Still not sure Skinner would be involved in any trade talks just because he’s such a fan favorite here, and Rutherford would never live it down if he traded a favorite who happens to be a Calder trophy winner.

  9. I was listening to a sports radio station this week and one of their topics got my attention. They had suggested trading kessel and getting assets back for him to improve multiple positions. Now I was against it because the leafs need top line help not filling other holes, but this staal talk may swing me the other way. Why not a straight up trade kessel for staal. Kessel would be a 40-50 goal scorer for pitt playing with either crosby or malkin. Staal is the big strong power centre the leafs need and carlyle loves these type of players. Both players. Have similar contracts I believe with 1 year left on both. Burke is going to be open to anything this year with 100% needing to make the play offs. Leafs could move kadri up to the wing this year with staal and lupul as staal would help with kadri’s defensive weakness. Also if the leaves do draft galachunyk (spelling?) He would be able to take a second line roll and not be thrown to the wolves in his first year.

    • The reason I’m going to say no to that is because we need long-term security. We aren’t going to trade Staal, who may leave next summer, for someone who will probably leave next summer. If he would agree to a deal before we traded, then I would be interested. Actually, he has 2 years left of his deal. That would interest me, but the Pens would need more back than just Kessel.

    • I don’t think Galchenyuk will make the team first year. Kadri is not first line material at least not yet. I would be open to trading Kessel to get Staal back, but I think the leafs would want a little extra back also. But I can’t see it happening anyway.

      • The Pens would want more back than just Kessel. Kessel hasn’t done anything in his career to prove that he is worth Staal

        • I got the impression that Jordan doesn’t want to be the 3rd line guy – he wants more of a leadership role and be the top 6 guy.Can’t see that happening behind Crosby, Malkin and Neal.I also can’t see him playing behind his bro – NC is Eric’s team and Marc is one of the faces on the Rangers. I think Jordan wants to take ownership/ leadership of a team. The Sabres, Nashville, Colorado, St.Louis and Florida need that identifier. Vancouver = Sedins, Sharks – Thornton, Phoenix = Doan, Philly = Giroux.

          • Staal to BUF for Myers

            Staal to NSH for rights or Radulov, Gaustad, and Gill or Wilson (is that too much?)

            Staal to COL for rights of Johnson and Downie

            Staal to STL for rights of Oshie and Stewart

            Staal to FLA for Versteeg and Goc

            I couldn’t really make any good trades with the teams you gave me. None of them really had players under contract

        • Are you kidding? Kessel has had 4 straight seasons of 30+ goals, 3 of which were on a non playoff bottom of the league leafs team. Imagine him with crosby. Yes kessel hasn’t won a cup and he’s not a power centre like staal so sure you will have to throw a 2nd rounder or so in there but don’t say kessel hasn’t done anything. People were just trading skinner for staal and kessel is worth way more then skinner

          • I never said he was nothing I said he has a lower value than Staal. He plays no defense, which really hurts his value. A Staal for Kessel deal I would be fine with, but no more from the Pens side

        • Leafs don’t have anything the Pens need to get back … nothing

  10. First off, Myers isn’t going anywhere. They’re building the team around this guy. I also feel that they’re trying to move up in the draft. I think they guy they’re after is Galchenyuk.

    Failing that, they may make some overtures to Pitt for Staal. I don’t see them going after Nash – at least I hope not.

    I am hoping they will trade Vanek. His attitude does not help the team and I think he’d warrant a good return. I might include him in a package for Getzlaf.

    I wouldn’t trade Skinner for Staal. Pitt gets the better deal there.

  11. That’s what I’m talking about Tom – although a deal with the Sabres for Roy and Sekera gives them 3 years of Sekera locked in at $2.5MM and a year with Roy at $4 – throw in a draft pick and it is a good trade. We get Staal for the year and negotiating rights – Staal gets a team on the cusp. I also agree that they are not going to shop Myers – he is their future, but Weber and Sekera would be good assets for any team.

    I also agree that Vanek has worn out his welcome – we need leadership not a player that shows frustration and pulls temper tantrums. Vanek wears his emotions on his sleeve and I will grant that he has taken some beatings in front of the net, but when he gets frustrated, he just gets down on himself too much – time for a change Thomas. Buffalo could also do a deal Vanek, Roy and Sekera for Getzlaf and Ryan.

    Thing is, Sabres do have some assets – young D Men and also Vanek and Roy who are proven scorers. Yes, their numbers were down this year, but a change of scenery would probably up their numbers. Vanek scores an average of 36 goals a year and an average of 66 points a season over the past 6 years. Roy (if you don’t count 2010 when he was injured) averages around 25 goals a season (over five years) and 65 points per year. In reality, the tradeoff in the potential for scoring is similar, but Staal has something the Sabres are lacking – leadership and that is worth adding Weber or Sekera and/or a draft pick. The risk is that Roy walks away or Staal walks away after a year – but that is the risk for any team.

    • Weber and Sekera both suck … Roy is a smurf … Pens have enough of those …

      • Van – be realistic, Sekera logs a lot of minutes and is an offensive d-man with speed. Weber is a physical d-man who has done well under the mentoring of Regier. Sabres have a corp of d-men that are very desireable. Say what you will about Roy, but he does score – just needs some discipline.

        Staal will not go to the Rangers, I see them making their move for Nash. Aside from that, I don’t see Jordan wanting to be a 3rd line guy – Rangers have Richards, Kreider, Boyle, Ansimov, and Stepan. I also don’t think he wants to play with a brother right now – I believe they played together growing up – now they want to make their own mark. Rangers aren’t going to trade Girardi, but I do see them doing something with Dubinsky and Del Zotto (both have been in Trots doghouse) possibly for Nash.

        • Steve,
          Weber was a healthy scratch 1/2 the season until injuries started … even though he’s a local guy, he and Sekera aren’t nearly enough for Staal … I don’t see a matchup with a Sabres at all. Reiger over values his players anyway, Shero doesn’t deal with that bull.

          • Reiger may overvalue his players, but he did get a 1st rounder for Gaustad and we did get Hodgeson for Kassian. A deal with Roy, Sekera and Weber isn’t a bad deal. Weber did sit the first half of the season, but like I said, playing and being mentored by Reghr his play has improved – he will clear out the net, is physical and cheap. Sekera had a very good year and I think he is modeling his play similar to Leopold and Erhoff. He has speed, can jump into the play, is an offensive threat and is reasonably priced for the next few years. Roy, like Staal has one year left on his contract. As stated before, he will get you an average 25 goals per season and 65points. He has attitude, but a new environment would change that.

            I’m not saying Staal will be moved – although he might. The end of June is going to be interesting as I think a lot of teams are going to tweak and trade versus relying on the draft. The thing is, no one is untradeable and we all may be surprised.

  12. Why not try to trade Staal and others to the Rangers for Girardi? I know that he is good, and the Rangers might not even be willing to move him, but they have a crowded blue line, so maybe.

    • I really don’t see them trading Staal to a divisional opponent unless it is a killer trade. The Rangers would have to overpay big time IMO.

      • We would have to overpay to get Girardi though

  13. The Canes would not part with a kid like Skinner who is one year removed from being a 30 goal scorer, cedrtainly not for J. Staal. If that deal were to get made, it would have to be for the Canes 1st round pick in this draft (#8 overall) and include one of their Dman prospects and a Dalpe or Boychuk thrown in as well. Maybe B. Sutter too. The Canes need to add to their offense, not add and subtract.

    If the Canes could get someone like Stepan for the rights to Radulov, I’d be quite happy with that return.

  14. @ Ed Van Impe,

    Sorry, Ed, Pens do have needs, that even the Leafs could help address. More depth on D, and the Wings.An upgrade in goal over Marc Andre Fleury, but they just solved that with Vokoun. What they have are 3 of the best centers in the league, which they are fortunate to have. They will take players that will help and where they are offered.They and any other team could use a Kessel, or Lupul for starters. You can be a Leaf hater, but every team in the league has some top players.Fortunately your GM is more realistic.

    • @ Ed Van Impe,

      No need to hate on every post you make either. Discuss without the shots.

      It sounds like you are a Pens fan. I would be resisting any change that didn’t solve a glaring hole, which the Pens don’t have, too.

      I think the writing is on the wall though, if Sid signs a big extension how can they afford to keep Staal without taking somebody in return who can fill his spot for equal or less money than he is making now? Where else can they cut? I don’t see many options.

      • Who are you, the internet police? Mind your own business. If I want to take shots I’ll take them. If I want to hate, I’ll hate. You don’t think the Pens have glaring holes? Do you watch hockey?

        • Guys, you can disagree without being disrespectful, ok? No need to jump down each other’s throats.

        • When I say glaring holes I mean a spot that they can’t win without fixing, like the Leafs goaltending issues.

          One of two defense could make a huge difference in Pitt.

  15. Terry war bucks is going to get his center.

    Muliple picks and d prospects plus a roy rental could
    get a couple talks in the works

    • Mangler, I agree with you – but Darcy needs to make sure it fills a gap in the Sabres lineup – leadership and a center. That is why I don’t see them going after Nash or Parisi – they’ll let the Rangers, Detroit, and others fight it out for those guys. We have some good assets we can trade: Roy, Vanek, Sekera, Weber, Adam and draft picks. We also have some very promising guys in Rochester McNabb, Brennan, Tropp, Turnbull, Pysyk and Schiestel. So, it will be an interesting end of June

  16. It’s a little smokey in here. Put down what you’re smoking and come back from fantasy land. Staal isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. He isn’t on the block and he isn’t a free agent.

    • @Bruce
      We Sabres fans have needed that smoke to make it through year after year. jk lol