Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – June 16, 2013.

Check out the latest on Stephen Weiss, Tuukka Rask, Henrik Lundqvist, Ryan McDonagh, Daniel Cleary and more.

Several teams have interest in Stephen Weiss.

Several teams have interest in Stephen Weiss.

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman reports the Calgary Flames offered up their three first-round picks (6th, 22nd and 28th overall) to the Colorado Avalanche for their first round pick (first overall) but their offer was rejected…Friedman also reports there’s a belief the Avalanche, Lightning and Predators won’t move their picks, but the Carolina Hurricanes are willing to move their pick (fifth overall) for the right offer…The Florida Panthers and pending UFA Stephen Weiss are in contract talks. The Dallas Stars, Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs have contacted the Panthers to express interest in acquiring Weiss’s rights if they’re unable to reach an agreement on a contract…The San Jose Sharks are talking contract extension with Logan Couture…The Flyers are talking contract extension with Claude Giroux, but have to wait until “all their buyout stuff” is finished before agreeing to a new contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  The Avalanche obviously want more than just first round picks. They also want at least a good young NHL player as part of the deal…The Hurricanes could seek a good young defenseman as part of the return for their pick…We could know by the draft weekend if the Panthers will re-sign or trade Weiss…I don’t foresee the Sharks having any difficulty re-signing Couture, who could make between $6-$7 million per season on an eight-year contract…Once Briere and/or Bryzgalov are bought out, expect the Flyers to announce Giroux’s re-signing soon afterward, probably for $7 million per season on a seven-or eight-year deal.

BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont speculates upon the potential impact of Evgeni Malkin’s new contract might have upon Henrik Lundqvist’s contract negotiations with the NY Rangers. Dupont believes there’s  “a remote chance” the 31-year-old Lundqvist could make more than Alexander Ovechkin’s league-leading $9.538 million per season…Bruins starter Tuukka Rask could see his salary double from the current $3.5 million per season…Patrice Bergeron could earn an eight-year contract extension comparable to Zdeno Chara’s $6.917 million per season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lundqvist could get perhaps $8 million per season, but given his age, it’s the length of the deal which could be a sticking point…Rask could get at least $6 million per season on an eight-year deal…I concur with Dupont’s take on Bergeron’s next deal with the Bruins.

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons reports the Maple Leafs will use a compliance buyout for Mike Komisarek but not for John-Michael Liles.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports the impending coaching change for the Rangers and lack of affordable depth at center on the open market, it appears less likely the Blueshirts buy out center Brad Richards…Brooks suggests the Predators re-signing Roman Josi to a seven-year, $28 million contract extension could have an effect upon the Rangers contract talks with Ryan McDonagh. He wonders if five years, $25 million could be enough to prevent him receiving an offer sheet from a rival club, like the Edmonton Oilers…He wonders what kind of bounty the Penguins could receive by shopping Kris Letang.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Retaining Richards could make it difficult to re-sign McDonagh, Derek Stepan and Carl Hagelin, and would prevent them getting into the bidding for this summer’s significant free agents…Brooks makes a good point about the impact of Josi’s contract upon the Rangers efforts to re-sign McDonagh…If the Penguins trade Letang, they’ll be in the market for a skilled puck-moving defenseman.

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Helene St. James reports the Red Wings have to decide if they’ll re-sign Daniel Cleary or use the savings to pursue someone else on the UFA market, like David Clarkson or Bryan Bickell. Cleary also has to decide if he’ll accept a hometown discount to remain with the Wings or test the market.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: John Vogl reports the Buffalo Sabres, who hold the eighth overall pick, are hoping to move up in the draft. Vogl notes the Sabres “have ammunition” as they also have the 16th overall pick and two second round picks, plus goalie Ryan Miller and Thomas Vanek have made it known “they’d be accepting of trades”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Keep an eye on the Sabres in the coming weeks, as they could be making one or two significant moves this summer, which could involve their draft picks, Miller and/or Vanek.


  1. Shero should send Letang to Carolina and try and fleece Jim Rutherford like he did last year …

    • OH YEAH.. love Sutter and the pair of young D-man we got

      • I cannot tell if this is sarcasm.

    • yes, cleary the pens could not use staals two way play or clutch leadership and goal scoring.

  2. No not Weiss, please not Weiss if it’s Weiss we may as well just give Bozak his ransom they are the same damn player.

    • I agree, but I can see nonis going after him, I’d rather take a shot with fillpula, think he would be a better choice then both weiss, and bozak. I do not think richards will be bought out this year, considering tortz was fired or id say try and get him. but with new coach i think he gets another year just like grabo

      • I would take a look at fillpula as well baring that I’d go the other way and try and find another deffensive type center (Gordon Bolland) and try Kadri on the top line and Two. I know it dosent sound like exactly what the doctor ordered but until we can find a true number 1 center with some size and plays a bit more of a 2 way game I don’t think we should be wasting anymore money on these small.centers and with Weiss its a small fragile center at that.

        • These rumursof tradingfor another teams buyoutplayerswhat about actually keeping lecaveleir for a year. Can alwaysbuy him out next year if needed.

          • I was thinking the same thing. The Leafs need a true #1 centre.. and Lecavalier is one. If it doesn’t work out for 1 season.. then the option is still there to buy him out.

            If Fillipula goes UFA.. I hope the Sens will be after him as well. Hoping his ties to Paul McLean can get a deal done..

          • The only reason Tampa would consider the trade or Vinny waiving his no trade clause would be so the Leafs could buy him out so he could return to Tampa and for Vinny to make more money in the process there is 0 chance this deal would happen otherwise. If the Leafs reneged on the deal and just didn’t buy vinny out how happy you think he would be and how well you think he would play if he played at all? And how would the Leafs look to every other player in the NHL good luck signing free agents.

        • oh christ are you serious
          Khadri 1
          Culborne 2

          and Weiss no better then Bozo

      • Rangers have $14M to resign some key components – Stepan, McDonagh, Hagelin and Zuccarello while they also get Lundquist under a LT contract. I can see them buying out Richards – he really didn’t fit too well in their style of play. They also could trade him, although I think his salary is a handicap because of lowering the cap.

        • Really neither he nash or the guy they sent to minny could play tort rules

          Vign will let them pkay the game they are paid to play

          • I really don’t think it matters who is coaching the Rangers, they still have to resign Stepan, McDonagh, Hagelin, Zuccarello, maybe Clowe and another D-man. In addition, they need to get Lundquist under a LT contract. So having Richards salary would also give them some breathing room.

  3. Wow
    If Nashville gave Josi a 7 year deal @ 4 million a year average, what are Shattenkirk and
    Pietrangelo demanding from the Blues ? Bad enough trying to sign one of them but
    two at the same time will be tough. It’s not so much the dollars but theses 7 and 8 year
    deals will really tie down and freeze up some of these teams from making deals.
    Looks like this will be the new norm.

  4. Marc Bergevin must cringe thinking Ryan McDonagh was in the Habs stable.

    I think Richards and Nash could thrive under AV too bad money may dictate otherwise.
    Stepan and Brassard looked good last year and not sure either of them would work on the wing. No point keeping RIchards at that money unless he is playing 1st line minutes.

  5. With Darcy running the show it’s gonna be the same ol’ shit for the Sabres.

    • Hey Jes, Darcy has done some good things under new management – trading Gaustad for a 1st rounder, trading Kassian and Gragnani (who is now signed with HC Lev Praha) for Hodgeson and Suzler, getting some prospects and draft picks for Pomminville, Draft picks for Reghr and Leopold – I like it. Oh, I forgot – Ott and Pardy for Roy – big move to change the attitude of the Sabres. Yes, he’s made some errors – signing Leino for a high contract and the guy hasn’t really played a full season due to injury – thing is…..he does show glimpses and does have the potential. Signing Myers to a Long Term deal – well hopefully Myers will learn from Teppo now that he is running the D. I like our prospects and I think that with the lowing of the cap and amnesty buyout – it kind of plays into our hands. We need a veteran player like Briere – who can mentor our youth, and take leadership. Briere had a crappy year due to injuries to himself and his mates – but he still has the touch. We also have some valuable assets to trade – Vanek and Miller along with prospects and/or draft picks. Vanek and Miller are more valuable as separate trade candidates than packaged together. So, I’m looking forward to the offseason and the moves we make.

      • Buf is in a place where they need to decide if they want to rebuild or retool.

      • Yes Steve Regier has made some good decisions. I am also looking forward to the offseason most notably the draft and honestly if Regier cannot trade up to at the very least #4 or #5 he has failed in my eyes. This years the draft to get better and to get better fast.

        And to answer gh’s statement, the Sabres are in rebuild mode not retool mode. With Vanek and Miller basically turning on fans during there post game interviews and expressing a high interest in leaving I don’t see them coming back. So that plus we traded our captain for future and up and coming asssets basically leans the table towards rebuilding by a mile.

        • Well then I hope they trade miller and Vanek in separate deals to get 1st round or early 2nd round picks this year since the draft is so deep. Even if they have to throw in a third rounder or take a buyout contract to get it done. I can’t see any contract they will buy out on their team. Leino maybe but they can wait and see what happens this year first.

        • Jes, I understand what you are saying, but in all honesty – the Sabre’s core didn’t get the job done. I think any Sabre fan had high hopes after we obtained Reghr and signed Leino and Ehroff, but it was a bust. I also think a bad move was making Pomminville Captain – he just didn’t have leadership in him. While i would like Vanek to stay – I know that Miller is thinking “Go west old man” because the wifey is there. While Miller is a decent goalie, I still don’t think he is an “elite” goalie as he chokes. He can make a dozen difficult saves, but then there is the soft goal he lets in . Sometimes a goalie has to steal a game and Miller hasn’t done that for awhile, he went soft like Pommer, Stafford, Gaustad, Boyes et al. I’m looking forward to the draft and the upcoming season as we have a number of players who are leaders. I’d like to the Sabres get another top 10 pick, but if they don’t it won’t bother me too much. Where I’ll be disappointed is if Darcy doesn’t trade Miller or Vanek and get the most value for them. It’s time for them to go.

        • Judging Regier by whether he moves up in the draft is ridiculous. IOW you’re asking him to do anything…even grossly overpay and gut our team…just to get a higher pick.

          What decent GM would do that? In fact THAT is a reason to fire him, not if he doesn’t move up.

      • Thank you Steve for setting Jes_SabresFan straight about Darcy and saving me the job.

  6. I agree that Weiss is not much of an upgrade if at all, although given a new opportunity he just might prove to be worth the risk.
    Richards will not be bought out. AV will rely on his experience and thus give him his confidence back.
    Please explain to me how Rutherford got fleeced.
    Nashville must be assuming that Josi will turn out to be their number 2 guy. If he does then the deal is a steal, but if he doesn’t then its going to be a long seven years.
    The blues are in a tough spot. Three d-men making a quarter of the teams payroll, that is if they go to the cap. Building a team from the defense out is good but you can’t rely on your d-men to do the scoring. The blues have a nice group of forwards but they are not living up to their hype.
    Bergevin is well aware of the McDonagh trade but he probably hasn’t given it a second thought because he wasn’t with the team when it happened and there’s nothing he can do about it. Besides, just because he has developed into a stellar d-man with the rangers doesn’t mean he would have done the same withs habs.
    I totally agree with you jes. When they let Ruff go they should have done the same with Regier. He is not going to change the way he does things. He is notorious for being very difficult to make any kind of deal with. The sabres have to figure out what the problem is because it seems that most UFa’s can’t wait to get the hell out of Dodge. If the sabres can’t keep their own players how in the hell are they going to attract others?

    • The only way you get any UFA to head to Buffalo is to overpay them like Ville.

    • Well you have a new coach, an owner that will spend and the funny thing is that a lot of players come back and make their homes in Buffalo because it is a good place to raise a family and live – you get more bang for your buck. Yes, Darcy is difficult to deal with – who got a 1st rounder for Gaustad, Hodgeson/Sulzer for Kassian/Gragnani (who is over is over in Europe now). Oh….what did we get for Regehr – 2 – 2nd rounders (2014/2015). Leopold – a 2nd rounder and a 5th rounder – not too bad.

      First thing that needs to be done is change the attitude in the clubhouse – while half the core has been traded – get rid of the final two pieces. Winning is as much an attitude as skill and while I’d like Vanek to stay – it’s time for him to move on. Lindy shielded Vanek, because Vanek is his own worst enemy – over the years, his frustrations and pressure that he put on himself were clearly written on his face. He wore his immaturity well and while he is skilled and a scorer, he never became the leader he should/could have been.

      Thing is….while a lot of people cry for Darcy to be let go, the reality is, he ain’t going nowhere – so let’s hope he can get the most for Buffalo when he trades Vanek and Miller.

  7. Stepan and Brassard seem to be the young pair of centers going forward with the Rangers. Either Boyle or Powe on the third line, and they’ve got Kris Newbury who has some Greg Campbell in him. Use the cap space freed up from the Richards buyout to get Stepan, Hagelin and McDonaugh locked up for a few years.

    It’s a good time for the Rangers right now. Their depth is actually not bad. Just sign Lundqvist for a few more years and start looking for a replacement to groom

    • Thank you Chas – that is exactly what I am saying. Brassard was a great pickup for the Rangers.

  8. Some of these contracts are plain scary, 8 years all over, no trade/movement clauses and 6+ million for everyone. Does management realize that 8 years is pretty much 2/3 of a hockey career? And most players already finished 3+ year contracts?

    There must be a lockout within 6 years so the teams get more buyouts.

  9. What would it take to get Jumbo Joe out of San Jose?? with Logan Couture signing an extension and Marleau and pavalski both able to play center…. Joe is expendable. Even at 35 he still has some good hockey left in him and would be great on the top line and being a mentor for colbourne. get’er done!!!!

  10. What would it take for Nonis to get either Carolina’s #5 pick or Edmonton’s at #7? Maybe their 1st rounder and one of either Stuart Percy or Matt Finn? Then using the pick to secure a potential future #1 centre in Sean Monahan.

    RE: Weiss, agreed. He’s no upgrade on Bozak — and with Bozak & Kessel’s developing chemistry, I’d focus on bringing him back as long as you could lock him up UNDER 4.5mil per year. The bigger move at centre needs to be unloading Grabovski (who, despite an underperforming year, is still a valued asset for many teams looking for 2-way, creative, hard-working depth). Take draft picks, cap room, or a veteran D-man for him (to alleviate pressure/minutes from the still young core of Phaneuf, Gardiner, Franson, Fraser) and it opens up room in the middle for the developing Bozak-Kadri-Colborne-McClement.

    ***The wildcard of course is Richards. If he’s bought out due to financial necessity in NY, Nonis NEEDS to make signing him his absolute top priority.


    • Agree for the most part I think it will take alot more then Percy or Finn To move up that far even with our pick they will be looking for a player with some nhl experience and lots of upside and let Bozak walk for any more then 4 mill but ya Richards if bought out should be the center we go hard after with the current UFAs that are available Fillpula might work but the rest so far (barring any surprise buy outs) are all undersized 1demesional type players that I can’t see being any improvement over what we have already. Get rid of Grabovski and that stupid contract while we can should be another priority.

  11. It’s the usual suspects when it comes to possible off-season acquisitions or the Leafs. Weiss, Richards, Clarkson, etc. I think the Blues offer some intriguing possibilities with a bevy of young forwards that need to be resigned. Anyone think Perron, Stewart or Berglund might look good in a Leaf uniform? How about Clutterbuck in Minny? The Blues could be somewhat handcuffed by their own self imposed salary budget in their efforts to resign their free agents, with Shattenkirk and Pietrangelo garnering most of the attention. There’s even been mention of offer sheets aimed at the two stud blueliners (Edmonton have a history) further complicating the financial picture in St. Lou. Minny have cap issues, and as a result, there’s talk that Clutterbuck, among others, might be available. Perfect replacement, and then some, for Komarov! Any thoughts?

    • Stl is really lucky that most of the teams that have money to burn are tight against the cap (some even with using up both buy-outs). I still think someone will take a run at the de man but it would get interesting if someone tries the forwards. Do you know if RFA has arbitration rights? If Stl can take anyone to arbitration that would stop offer sheets (I think?). That would give them some time to figure out other RFAs contracts (without arb rights) and any offer sheets to them.

      • This is the first time through the off-season since the new CBA has been implemented, so I don’t know how the arbitration process is set up now, or even if it’s still an option. However, there’s been no mention of it in anything I’ve read or heard regarding upcoming RFA’s.

      • Honestly I wouldn’t mind seeing 1 or 2 young D moving from St Louis, it might give us some leverage to get a guy like Backes as our number 1 center If we could swing a deal along the lines of 1 of our young puck moving D and a pick for Backes this would be perfect…lol

  12. Calgary should try the same deal with the 3 1st rounders to Florida and TB. Most of the scouts say all 3 top picks will be superstars. But it might be better to trade one of the 2 later picks with Cammalleri for a pick somewhere in the 11 to 16 area, if possible.

  13. As I understand it a player such as Vinny LeCavalier cannot be bought out and resigned by his former team or a team he is traded to for at least one year.

    I f we are into crazy talk and Bobby Ryan is in play, how about this one. Gardiner and Grabovski for Bobby Ryan . Leafs put JVR centreing Kessel and Lupul. Go hard after Clarkson and your second line is Ryan, Kadri and Clarkson. Third line is Frattin, Colbourne and Kulemin. Fourth line is Hamilton/ Fraser, McClement and Orr. Morgan Reilly plays or not this season, but definitely next, How many winning games did the Leafs play without Gardiner this year? I like him but to get a good asset you have to trade a good asset. Anaheim needs a PM defense man and a gritty/ skilled second line centre if Koivu packs it in.

    • That is the offer sheet rule with rfas I’m not sure it applies to buy outs it may but I can’t see it with the amount of speculation regarding teams trading buy outs for assets and to others for cap room, and I can’t see the nhlpa being ok with the idea when they were bargining that if a player was traded and bought out he couldn’t sign where he wants to play or where he may already have family, roots ect.