Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – June 17, 2012.

Updates on Rick Nash, Roberto Luongo, Zach Parise, Ryan Sutter, Shane Doan,and more.


Will the Rangers pay big for Nash?

NEW YORK POST:  Larry Brooks reports the Rangers are still targeting Columbus Blue Jackets winger Rick Nash, but the question – as it was prior to this year’s trade deadline – is the Blue Jackets asking price. Back then, the Jackets sought “Chris Kreider; Derek Stepan or Carl Hagelin; Ryan McDonagh or Michael Del Zotto; plus Brandon Dubinsky and a first-rounder”, which the Rangers rejected. Brooks believes “Philadelphia, San Jose, Carolina, perhaps Toronto and perhaps Boston — are in the race” for Nash. He adds the Rangers won’t part with Kreider, McDonagh or Stepan, and feels Dubinsky could go the other way, along with perhaps Hagelin or Artem Anisimov and Del Zotto, though it remains to be seen if Rangers management would part with them.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Joe Yerdon cited Newsday’s Arthur Staple and Andy Strickland of 590 The Fan in St. Louis regarding the steep asking price by the Columbus Blue Jackets for winger Rick Nash. “Staple reports Columbus GM Scott Howson is looking for a package of 4 or 5 major pieces in return for Nash while Strickland says a package of two quality roster players and two prospects would be the price”, writes Yerdon.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty reports not to expect the Boston Bruins to get into the bidding for Nash or for pending UFAs Zach Parise and Ryan Suter, as the asking price for the former would be too much, while the latter two would be expensive to sign.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s anticipated the Blue Jackets will move Nash this week, as they apparently want to move quickly to ship him out and thus turn their focus toward other areas of their roster this summer. I’d be very surprised if the Rangers move Kreider, and McDonagh is off the table. Dubinsky, a first rounder, and Del Zotto could get it done, and if the Blueshirts make that offer, the Jackets should accept it, because I doubt they’ll get a better one from a rival team. That’s assuming, of course, Sather is keen to make such a move.

I don’t expect the Bruins to get into the bidding for Nash, Parise or Suter, and I don’t see why the Flyers would want Nash when they’re already loaded at forward, and defense seems more of an issue for them. The Leafs need a quality starting goalie and/or a first line center, not a scoring winger. The Sharks and Hurricanes could get into the bidding, but I doubt they could out-bid the Rangers in terms of roster players. Hopefully we’ll find out later this week what it ultimately takes to make a Nash trade happen.

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons wonders if the Maple Leafs will look at acquiring Vancouver’s Roberto Luongo, as there’s so very little quality goalies available via trade and especially through free agency…Simmons also expects the Bruins to trade Tim Thomas’ rights to a low-spending team like the Avalanche or Islanders, which would help those clubs become compliant with the salary cap minimum for next season…It appears Zach Parise is leaning toward remaining with the Devils.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Acquiring Luongo seems the only logical choice, but as Simmons noted, it comes with pitfalls.  It also comes with a significant stumbling block, which is the animosity between the respective managements of both clubs…The Bruins might not be able to move Thomas’ salary from their books, but you can bet they’ll certainly try…It wouldn’t surprise me if Parise does re-sign with the Devils.

ARIZONA REPUBLIC: The Phoenix Coyotes face a number of significant off-season decisions, including attempting to re-sign captain Shane Doan and veteran winger Ray Whitney, signing goalie Mike Smith (one year remaining on his current contract) to an extension, and finding more offense, GM Don Maloney also dismissed a rumor Michal Rozsival could jump to the KHL.

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple reports Islanders GM Garth Snow isn’t expected to trade his first round pick (4th overall), but he is apparently trying hard to land a defenseman for his thin blueline, as only Mark Streit, Travis Harmonic and Andrew MacDonald will be returning next season. A restricted free agent like Montreal’s P.K. Subban might’ve convinced Snow to part with his pick, but sources say the Canadiens won’t part with Subban. Trade possibilities are what Staple considers “veterans playing mediocre hockey on fairly unworkable contracts”  including Calgary’s Jay Bouwmeester, Pittsburgh’s Zbynyk Michalek and Paul Martin, and Vancouver’s Keith Ballard.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Snow could end up retaining his pick and then shopping around elsewhere for affordable, short-term help for his blueline. No surprise the Habs won’t move Subban, nor should they.

THE TENNESSEAN: Josh Cooper reports Ryan Suter’s contract situation is preventing Nashville Predators management from re-signing other UFAs, like defenseman Hal Gill and center Paul Gaustad. Cooper also believes that, unless Suter wants to completely sever all ties with the Predators, they won’t shop his rights prior to July 1.

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Helene St. James suggests Washington Capitals defenseman Dennis Wideman could be a free agent target for the Red Wings if they lose out on the Ryan Suter sweepstakes.

PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW: Penguins defenseman Matt Niskanen has rejected the Penguins one-year, $1.75 million qualifying offer, but remains intent on returning to the team.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Though he rejected the Penguins offer, Niskanen remains a restricted free agent and the Pens still own his rights. 

RDS.CA’s Renaud Lavoie reported via Twitter “The Canadiens told Travis Moen that they want him back. Moen could be a UFA July 1st”.


  1. Larry Brooks is in his usual “New York Entitlement” mode today. He thinks CBJ will trade Nash to the Rags for a bad contract (Dubinski) instead of quality.

    This is the problem in trading for Nash. CBJ wants a King’s ransom, but the other teams only want to trade 3rd or 4th liners, 2nd tier prospects, and other than 1st round draft picks.

  2. Sorry, Spector, but you are nuts if you think Dubinski, Del Zotto and a #1 will get Nash.

    If that was the price, certainly 10 teams could beat that offer.

    • Well said! :)

    • I see a deal being done Nash for Dubsinsky, Del Zotto and Zucarello or Anisimov – I think all have been in and out of Torts doghouse recently. I think it would be a good trade for both teams. I’m sure the Sharks are offering Marleau, but I heard the Jackets want Clouture..

  3. If Howson screws up the Nash trade he will be forever saddled with the label “the guy who gave Nash away”. Big risk for him too.

    I wonder if the owner has any input on the trade??

  4. I think howson over values Nash. do i think nash is a good hockey player? yes, but would i sell the farm for the guy? No Rangers were a very tight team last year if they could add nash without giving up a core player they could be scary good. Leafs almost half to go out and get a trade done with van to get lou, i keep hearing everyone say sign harding, hes just as unproven as scrivens so why not give scrivens a shot?

  5. I think a Rangers proposal of Del Zotto, Dubinsky, Mclirath, and a 1st Rd. pick should do it. To have a blue line with Johnson, Del Zotto, Wisnieski, and possibly Mclirath (a year or two from now). Is a pretty good D they obviously need to get better in goal and go forward with this years 2nd pick overall. If they go in this direction they are a better team without Nash for sure.

  6. Yes, Howson over rates Nash. But he is also aware of the terrible package that Atlanta got for Kovalchuk. A third line winger (Bergfors), a #5 Dman (Oduya), a suspect prospect whose ceiling is a fourth line center (Cormier), and a late 1st rounder. Atlanta gave him away.

    What does Winnipeg have to show for that now? Cormier and the two picks they got for Oduya.

    So yes, he wants some quality talent, not just a collection of mediocre talent.

    Spector’s package could easily be topped by Boston, for example: Peverley, Boychuk, and Boston’s 1st is better than Dubinski, Del Zotto and the Rags’ 1st. Yet, I’m certain Howson would laugh at that offer from Boston.

    • I am sorry but I think you are over valuing the Bruins players a little bit. Huge B’s fan here and I think Del Zotto is better than Boychuk. Dubinsky is younger than Peverly and has more potential at this point. I think Peverly has hit his ceiling and you will only see that kind of production from him when he’s on a really good team like Boston in Columbus I think Peverly would be a bust. Boychuk has the advantage of being paired with Chara for most of the regular season. That would make ME look good.

    • That’s why Don Waddell is a scout right now … and I have a feeling Howson will be following suit after he butchers the Nash trade and the 2nd overall pick …

      • After the blunders of last season Howson should have already be gone.

        They’re making the same mistake Montreal did. Waiting too long to drop the axe. Then a new GM has to come in and attempt to clean up the mess. Nothing like having a team set back another year because of poor management.

        • @Bruce

          I see Buffalo taking the same chance with Regier.
          He’s got 4 picks in the first 2 rounds. How many do you think he will trade away??

          I think 3 or 4 of them.

          • Yeah, but don’t be surprised to see a Penguin or Shark in a Sabres Jersey.

        • Nobody could forsee that carter trade would be a bust, at the time it looked like a great trade. Gotta give hawson props for fliping carter for johnson. Johnson is a good dman and will the corner stone of the jackets defence for many years to come.

  7. By the way this is a deep draft if Columbus gets a 1st Rd. pick in this draft from the Rangers they are looking at three 1st rounders because I believe they received a first from LA for Carter. Now I know the Rangers and Kings picks are later in round but like I said deep enough draft to make an impact.

    • I think they are opting to take the Kings 2013 1st round pick instead since this year it will be #30. So if they get one from the Rags they will have 2 this year and at least 2 next year as well. I agree that Dubinsky, Del Zotto, McIlrath and a 1st gets it done for Nash.

  8. I do love Rick Nash, but I have to say he’s being hugely overvalued. Last year, Max Pacioretty had more goals, assists and points than Nash. In fact, Pacioretty’s stats last year are the same as all of Nash’s last 3 years (aka it wasn’t an off-year for Nash last year, but a normal one).

    You can say CBJ gives Nash no talent to work with, but it’s not like people think Desharnais and Cole are superstars, either. I’d argue Nash has at least as much talent.

    And Pacioretty is 4 years younger and on a better contract.

    Nobody thinks Pacioretty is worth anywhere near what Nash is (myself included). But that Howson wants 4-5 significant parts for Nash, when there are other, “pretty good” players outperforming him, at 25% the salary? That sounds like huge overvaluation to me!

  9. 1. As a habs fan, no to trading Subban (unless its a really crazy offer). I’m annoyed at all the “ideas” to trade him like as if we “need” to trade him.

    2. About Nash, I don’t think a first, dubinsky and del zotto is enough. I think they’ll have to toss in Hagelin at least.

    also, if I were Columbus or Philly I would say a trade should be made between them regarding JVR and columbus’ second overall draft pick. Philly can do without JVR but they need defense and with the second overall pick they would be able to get the pick of the litter in terms of defensemen.

    • Why would columbus move the 2nd overall pick?
      they need to rebuild with the best of them.
      give your head a shake

  10. jeese overpayment much. Nash didn’t even perform well this season, he had 59 points in 82 games. A first rounder alone could probably be close to getting that in the future, let alone adding Del Zotto and Dubinsky… i dont know i think if the Rangers were to finish that trade….columbus would win it for sure.

    • Maybe overpayment but imagine on one line Richards/Nash and Stepan/Gaborik on another that is balance the Rangers should be willing to overpay for.

      • Nash – Richards – Gaborik
        Kreider – Dubinsky – Callahan

        bada bing bada boom

  11. I think Howson is playing a very old negotiating tactic….ask for the Moon and accept a continent…in other words, he is asking for more than he is going to get to try and drive up the price and get the most he can.
    Subban is staying, ignore all rumours of him being moved. IF the Isle need D they can have any of Weber, Kaberle, or Diaz. Diaz would carry the largest price tag of the three but none of them will cost a 1st rounder.

  12. Oh, and as long as he does not cost too much to re-sign, re-signing Moen would be a very good move, as well as Darche.

  13. 5th overall pick = come home to Vancouver for Luongo

    • Luongo is not worth a 5th round pick, let alone #5 overall. His contract kills any value he has as a player

      • Gary – not sure what you’re smoking but pass some this way.

  14. DaBroons…the problem with comparing Nash with Kovalchuk is that Nash is under contract, while Kovalchuk was set to become a UFA on July 1st. Nash should certainly net better than the mixed bag that Atlanta got for Kovalchuk.

  15. Jackets rebuilding? It seems like they’ve been rebuilding for ten years now. When do their fans just say enough of this crap and not even go to games anymore

    • Soon. Then the team moves like it or not.

  16. Howson is asking way to much for Nash. He should be asking for a top 6 forward or top 4 D, a high prospect and a 1st round pick. That’s it… This rumour of them asking for 5 ‘players’ is downright ridiculous. No team will pay that..

    If the Rangers want him it will cost them a core player… you won’t get Nash by giving up only 3rd or 4th line players…

  17. I see Dubinsky having a bounce back year next season. He should be moved back to center with Callahan and Kreieder giving them a nice 2nd line. I wouldn’t offer him in a Nash package. The only forwards on the roster I would offer up are Stepan, Anisimov and Hagelin. Throw in a pick or 2 (maybe their 1st this year) and if Coloumbus bites great. If not go fish.

    I don’t see Stepan and Anisimov’s stock or potential ever being any higher than they are now. Hagelin’s stock is pretty high for someone who I don’t think will develop into much a goal scorer. With an addition of Nash and the emergence of Kreider those 3 become 3rd line guys anyways. If Columbus likes Staal or Del Zotto better than Johnson then include a Defense swap in the deal. I think the Rangers could use Johnson’s offensive potential in their transition game and on their power play. I think he isn’t more consistent and better in his own zone than Del Zotto. It’s all about trying to get better for next year.

    • ROTFLMAO, Bruce! You don’t get a fiver for three pennies.

  18. Penner got a solid prospect and a first rounder. Zidlicky got Kurtis Foster, Nick Palmieri, Stephane Veilleux, 2012 2nd-round pick 2013 3rd-round pick. Someone will pay the price, they always do. According to Darren Dreger, Howson is taking offers from all teams, not just the ones on Nash’s list, so you can guarantee those not on the list will be padding the offer. Personally I would avoid this deal like the plague. With Parise possibly staying in Jersey the demand will go up, but what I am wondering is “if” the rumours are true and Kane doesnt want to resign in Winnipeg, how many teams will go after him instead.

  19. If Burke gives up anything close to the 5th overall pick he should be fired ASAP. Ownership has to ensure that this does not happen. There are much better ways to use that pick, and maybe just maybe, pick a good player for a change. Luongo, if he comes to TO, comes at a very low price. Van hands are tied. Enough wit the foolishness already.

    • The 5th overall pick for Luongo and you think Burke should be fired? That is hilarious. A first for one of the best goalies in the league is a no brainer. Give your head a shake there kip.

    • nucks hands are certainly NOT tied they can still decide to keep both goalies and make a trade at a later date to get a better return,plus remember lou is under contract as is corey is a RFA
      gillis is still driving the bus people!

  20. I don’t think my Sharks are seriously in the mix for Nash. I mean, they could package Pavelski, Clowe and Niemi together, but I don’t think that that would get it done on a rebuilding team. The draft and minor cupboard are bare…a mid-fist (which the Sharks need to keep to replenish their propect list), and not another pick until the fourth or fifth round. They really need to trade Clowe and Neimi to get some really good third line players and move Pavelski back to center on that line. They needs guts and speed at this point, not Nash.

    • I agree Nash would cost the Sharks too much in younger players they can’t afford to lose. Pavelski should definitely be moved back to center. I think Couture should go to wing unless they do something drastic like moving out Thornton and Marleau. I don’t think they would move Clowe unless they got something fantastic in return. Unless they have another goaltender ready to start full time they won’t move Niemi. If they turn it over to one of their younger goaltenders are they going to trust them come playoff time to lead them to a cup? Wilson is under ever growing enormous pressure to win now, especially with Thornton and Marleau being his core guys. Stuart is a nice addition. He will look nice playing alongside Boyle or Burns. Murray skates like he is stuck in a rink full of mud.

      • MacLellen hasn’t been given the vote of confidence from Wilson as of yet.I’m sure the Sharks are talking Marleau, but I think they are going to end up moving Pavelski and Clowe. I don’t think MacLellen is the answer, they need a better coach, but they also need a younger defense. By not resigning White and Vandermeer – that will open things up for the youngsters, bringing Stuart back lends stability and veteran leadership, but they could use someone who has some wheels versus Murray who is slower than molassas. As I have said, I can see Vanek, Sekera and Weber or a draft pick being traded for Pavelski and Clowe.

  21. Del Zotto, Dubinsky and a 1st is a fair offer for Nash but I do not think Howson will accept it. Nash is WAY overrated and his contract makes him all the less attractive. Is Nash a top 5 player in the league? Not close in my opinion and with that contract he is being paid top 5 salary for the next 5 years.

    Tampa has some guy name Vinny with a similar redonkuous contract. As a Ranger fan I hope Sather stays away from Nash. Would much rather have Bobby Ryan if he is available.

  22. I don’t think Nash is over rated at all. He is a goal scorer who has never had any quality line mates. He has consistently scored 30 goals a year on a terrible CBJ team. This guy is a threat to score 50 goals a year, and they don’t come around very often. The contract is bad, but not terrible. Especially with the Cap likely to increase this year.

  23. I’m not even a Nash fan, but I think it’s completely unreasonable of NYR to say that Kreider is off the table. If I’m Howsen and Kreider is off the table, then I say to Sather: “We’re done here, because you’re obviously not even serious” and move on. Nash may be overrated, but he might also be better than Kreider will ever be. And the Rangers are a contender now. If this isn’t the time to give up future potential for present day established talent, then when is??

    Dubinsky is a plug, their 1st rounder is a late one (28th…might as well be an early 2nd at that point), and the Jackets are already relatively strong on D which makes their need for McDonnagh or DelZotto minimal.

    I think the Flyers could easily afford a better offer. Some combination of their 1st (20th overall), VanRiemsdyk, and Braydon Schenn should be doable. Flyers sacrifice some future potential, but it’s ok because they’re in their cup window now and need to win, and the Jackets actually get a few pieces that are worth a damn.

  24. Nash is a very good player but if you trade for him you also get his large cap it’s very hard to value a trade.If I was gm I’d stay clear of this guy.I would rather sign Parise or Suter and keep all my players.As a Bruins fan I would like to see Savard and Thomas’s contract off the books and sign one of these guys.If I was going to trade for Nash my best offer would be Krejci,Horton and a first.I think that’s a lot for a guy who Krejci alone could put up better numbers and cost half as much.

  25. Luongo is definately worth more than people suspect considering he has been at the top 7 goalies in the league over the last 5 yrs. One win away from the stanley cup. Can’t figure out how donuts can say he isnt worth much!Not all those loses can be attributed to just him , as I remember its a team game,of course he lets in a bad goal,but what goalie doesn’t. Anything better than what Toronto has right now and he isn’t a Thomas who decides he wants to take a yr off cause he is tired awww right! Oh yeah perhaps he wants to meet the next president if it changes! lol
    There isn’t isnt alot of goalies out there and Luongo is the best right now available. I do agree his contract really does suck,and perhaps canucks have to take a salary back. His contract isn’t the only one that is bad in the NHL can think of a few.
    I dont believe LA will get rid of there back up till Quick is signed, since he has only one year remaining. Believe it or not Canucks have to get the most out of this situation if it means getting the best value they will try.

    Most fans of hockey know the situation the NHL put them selves in,and the value of each player differs which remains what and which donut GM will over pay for there so called elite players.Over paying for players seems to be the norm now and no team out there is beyond this . Just believe there will be a taker for Luongo at what price guess the depends on how desperate this team is,Gillis will get what he thinks Luongo’s value is. I am sure what team gets this goalie will do better than they are now. Most likely Toronto would love to have him,but also Florida and maybe Columbus.

    My opinion dont care about the rest! lol


  26. I would give them krejci, boychuk, and our 1st that frees over 8 million in cap spacr