Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – June 2, 2013.

The latest on Brad Richards, Rick DiPietro, Roberto Luongo, Ian White, Jeff Schultz and more.

Could the Sharks consider trading Joe Thornton?

Could the Sharks consider trading Joe Thornton?

BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont wonders if new Colorado Avalanche coach Patrick Roy pushes Avs executive VP of hockey ops Joe Sakic to trade their first overall pick for “a young bonafide goaltender”, suggesting Jonathan Bernier of the LA Kings as “the obvi0us target”…Though doubting it happens, Dupont mused about Joe Thornton playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs with Joe Colborne as his understudy for the next two or three years, feeling Thornton could also turn Phil Kessel into a fifty-goal scorer…Ryane Clowe will probably have to take a pay cut from the $3.625 million he made this season if he wants to remain with the NY Rangers…Sergei Gonchar would have to take a pay cut to re-sign with the Senators. Dupont believes he’ll most likely move on to a team like Dallas or Phoenix where he’ll make 25 cents on the dollar.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Avs reportedly (see below) would entertain trading down but it would take a huge offer for them to consider going lower than third overall. It’ll take more than Bernier for the Kings to tempt the Avs into parting with that first overall pick…I doubt the Sharks part with Thornton. Though I recently advocated shopping him, I believe the Sharks will try to re-sign Thornton to a shorter, less expensive contract. He loves living and playing in San Jose…Clowe won’t take a pay cut. He’ll move on for bigger bucks…I agree Gonchar would have to accept less money to remain with the Senators. Not sure if he wants to do that.

CBC.CA (via KUKLA’S KORNER): Elliotte Friedman reports the agent for Tim Thomas said there’s nothing new to report on the status of his client, but Friedman claims there’s some speculation Thomas could try to stage a comeback, either in the NHL or in Europe…Colorado Avalanche coach Patrick Roy said the Avs are willing to consider trading the first overall pick, but it would take a significant offer for them to consider trading past third overall…Friedman also reported the NY Islanders have let other NHL teams know if they’re willing to take Rick DiPietro’s contract off their hands, they’re willing to discuss an asset exchange to make it work.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Thomas wants to make a comeback there will be interest in him around the NHL, though considering his age and the fact he took a year off,  he’ll have to accept a short-term (1-2 year) bonus-laden contract with a base salary around $3 million…Just because the Avs are saying they’re willing to consider shopping the first overall pick doesn’t mean they will, but it doesn’t hurt to see what kind of offers they could get. It would have to be significant (at least one good, young, established NHL player, a top prospect and a first round pick) for the Avs to move it…The Isles would have to toss in a decent young player or a prospect to tempt a rival club to take DiPietro’s contract and then buy it out.Not saying a deal can’t be done, but it certainly won’t be easy. There was talk of a Luongo-for-DiPietro swap, but the Canucks would certainly want a decent player thrown in, and their ownership would have to be willing to buy out DiPietro.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports it’s still possible the NY Rangers use their remaining compliance buyout on Brad Richards, but management might consider retaining him for next season to see if he can rebound under their new head coach.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap space is the issue, as well as the need to improve their scoring. With Ryan McDonagh, Carl Hagelin and Derek Stepan to be re-signed and $13.5 million in cap space, there doesn’t appear to be enough to address those needs without buying out Richards, unless Sather can shed salary elsewhere. We’ll see.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: recently cited an interview by TSN’s Darren Dreger in which he suggests Roberto Luongo might refuse to attend training camp this fall if the Canucks haven’t traded him by then…It also appears Ian White might not be returning with the Detroit Red Wings.

CSNWASHINGTON: Ben Raby reports Capitals GM George McPhee will do what he can to accommodate Jeff Schultz’s trade request.

THE TENNESSEAN: The Nashville Predators will listen to offers for their first round pick, which is fourth overall.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Shea Weber and the fourth overall to Colorado for the first overall. Whaddya say? Kidding, of course, just beating some of the wackier rumormongers to the punch.


  1. While all Dratft trade talk looms concerning the top picks, I think the state of so many of the NHL teams, with players to move and many “resurfacings” necessary, and think you may see jockeying of slots, as teams get now needs, and move around the first round slottings but not out of it.

  2. Kessel, Bozak, Phaneuf, 2013 and 2015 1st round picks to Nashville for their 1st round pick (4th overal) and Shea Weber.

    • @Hugh I think we will all assume that is a joke. Otherwise you could be opening yourself up to numerous slanderous comments.

      • like mine below. :(

    • Beergoggles that you again?

      • Nope even I know Kessel, a UFA (Boz) a slow footed over paid Dman (Phaneuf) and a couple late 1st round picks won’t even get you Weber let alone Weber and the 4th over all.

    • Hugh, I know it’s tough being a Nashville fan but hang in there – you have a great coach , Vezina goaltending, a Norris trophy defenceman, and good prospects. It’ll get better – no need for silly stuff.

    • Bozak is a UFA. Kessel and Phaneuf will be in one year. I don’t see Nashville doing this.

    • Wow… you really think that would get you the 4th overall AND Shea Weber?

    • According to recent history, this trade could happen and set the Laughs back a few more years. LOL!!

  3. The Tim Thomas Saga, continues. If Thomas decides to make a comeback at (39) years of age who is interested?? I mean the leafs want a veteran goalie, to help mentor Reimer for a season or 2, so why not go out and get the guy who single-handedly beat the leafs all the time, on a year or 2 contract? Richards to me will get one more year, with tortz getting fired all the blame will be on his shoulders and not Richards or Nash.

    Now Thorton in a leafs jersey would look awesome and help us retain Kessel, when he becomes and 40-50 goal scorer with Thorton as his centerman. I doubt this happens, but what would it cost from the leafs?? 2013 first, Grabo, Gardiner? doubt that’s enough just throwing it out there.

    • Well iIll go back to my previous comments that for a no. 1 guy I would seriously consider giving up the 23 pick and one of our young D not so sure the sharks would want any part of Grabo tho….

      • I’d rather go after Horton and Clarkson as UFA’s and give up nothing then turn around and use one of either Gardiner or ORielly, and Kessel to land a number one stud Dman like Weber. We would need to shed Phaneuf’s salary though so he can be a throw in.

  4. If the Canucks do trade Luongo for DiPietro and a player and buy out RDP’s contract, are they still on the hook for part of Lu’s contract if he retires in a few years?

    How about Edler, Ballard, Raymond and Vancouver’s 1st and 2nd round picks to Colorado for their 1st overall?

    • That package wouldn’t even get you into the top 3.

      • So the inconsistent Edler, Ballard the buyout candidate, the rights rights to ufa Raymond and a late 1st+ late 2nd for a franchise prospect? lol.

  5. I say Habs trade Price for Mckinnon and a 2nd pick then pick up Luongo- Price will never live up to his potential in Montreal. This is a win win for everyone. All 3 team teams in the draft need goaltentending- you can can even say Price for Hall. The Habs need a franchise player and Price is not it. He will absolutely be a great goalie he just needs a change of scenery.

    • Top 5 goalies in the game with out a doubt this makes no sence as a Leaf fan I would love this but seriously funny that this was brought up….

    • Not every team has a franchise goaltender like Price… and you want him traded?

    • Price is a good goalie and I agree not a franchise one. A low percentage he ever wins them a championship. A change of scenery will do both a world of good.

      • This makes 0 sence

  6. im very interested to see what sort of transactions the Flames will do. Obviously the state of the franchise is in shambles. To be picking sixth overall while teams like Tampa and Carolina(star talent laden) are picking ahead of them is a major disappointment. Calgary had very few positive signs of strength and they need to do something bold to get into that top three position. Whether that be trading a combination of their first round picks and/or a bonafide NHLer such as Giordano or Glencross,to name a few, so be it….however even at the sixth position your still going to get a world class prospect so lomg as you draft well. JUst interested to see what can be done should they choose to do so.

    • It’s going to be a couple long years for flame fans I think…how is Feaster not fired? That to me would be the first step to improving this team…I’d be very nervous that that guy has the final say in the pick

    • Calgary picked a great draft to have 3 first round picks.

      And it really sucks that with Tampa already having a franchise player in Stamkos.. they are about to get another one. I guess they tanked in the right year as well.

      • Your right Sandy about the Lightning. I honestly think they tanked on purpose.

    • move gio for another first. move anyone for draft picks. i love them, but the team is terribble. gio st. louis’s first and next years third or secopnd for tampa’s first

  7. I highly doubt any of the top 3 are going to be trade. Why, Jones, MacKinnon, Drouin … no matter what you are getting an all world talent that likely plays in the NHL next season.

    I doubt the Sharks are going to be parting with Thornton and if they did I am sure some other teams would be interested in giving him a call. For the Leafs, I see them more likely to revisit Brad Richards again if he is bought out and being that Richards is a playmaker it might not be a bad call. The Leafs should be bold trade Grabo, don’t resign Bozak, buy out Komisarek & Liles … re-sign their important guys and try and grab Richards & Clarkson off of free agency.

    For years we’ve heard a lot of talk about Bernier and personally I think his stock has dropped. He’s been playing back up for three years, hasn’t been able to challenge Quick at all (even when struggling this year) and has a total of 48 games of NHL experience under his belt. There is no doubt the kid could turn out to be good, great even, but I think the Kings held on just a bit too long. The goalie market this year is going to be deep, so to move him you’ll have to take a lesser return. Hold onto him again and you risk him continuing to be a non-highlighted goalie and lower his value even more.

  8. I think all picks are in play. The only team IMO to be 100% surely picking in the top 3 is Tampa. They really don’t have cap room to be getting already proven talent.

    Buffalo, Dallas & Columbus are the teams to watch IMO. All three have a majority of draft picks and multiple in the 1st round alone. Dallas and CBJ are IMO in a get into the playoffs or else mood as Buffalo has publicly stated they are in rebuilding mode. Have a good feeling both Columbus and Dallas will trade some assets to acquire players to help them reach the playoffs very soon. As for Buffalo I honestly see them moving up. With Vanek, Miller, 16th overall selection, few 2nd rounders and bundle of later round draft picks all in play I honestly think Sabres will end up with 3 picks in the top 10; that’s including there 8th overall of course.

    • But the only guy with any value I think is Vanek if packaged with the 8 pick would move the sabers up, on the otherhand your sending a 50 point guy or more away with a pick that is going to be a very good player anyway for another pick….I’m not so sure it’s worth it I’m doubting Miller gets you a first this year as it will be a flooded market of goalies available Vanek on his own might land another first round pick with prospects loaded up it will be a good place to be but truthfully I can’t see Buffalo moving in to the top 3. They will be satisfied with stocking up for the future with the very deep draft class this year….

    • Jes, I think you may be right about Buffalo trading Vanek and/or Miller for a player, but mainly a draft pick. The thing is, I really don’t see them trading either to an East Coast team as we probably wouldn’t want to have to play against them – so you have 5 western teams picking in the top 10 – that you can trade Vanek/Miller to. On the other hand, if you look at the teams needing a goalie with a high draft pick – maybe Edmonton and/or Calgary. It should be an interesting draft and off season.

      • No way Calgary trades for Miller, they need to draft well this year or risk setting this team back further. Im hoping they can move up into the top three and keep the rebuild going.

  9. I really don’t see anyone on the Leafs that would add value to the Sharks roster, in fact I don’t even think they have the draft picks. I think it would make better sense for the Leafs to go after Ribero (scorer) or someone like Clowe – who has grit and leadership. On the other hand, I would like to see Thornton go to the Islanders perhaps for someone like Moulson and their 1st round draft pick or find a way to get Richards from either a trade or signing (if he is a buyout).

    Nashville has a #4 draft pick – I think they would do better to maybe go after Mason and then trade that #4 for someone like Duchene and a 3rd rounder or Eberle and a 2nd rounder.

    • The 4 pick would not get Duchene and a 3rd rounder…or Eberle and a second can’t see either the Isles or the Sharks liking the Thornton for Moulson deal…and if you think Moulson for Thornton is fair yet there is no one on the leafs that could interest the Sharks for Thornton including a pick and some of the young talent the leafs have say Gardner Kessel Kadri Franson Riley JVR not that anyone these guys are going anywhere necessarily but come on down you watch hockey? And Finaly no thanks we don’t want Ribero….did you see all the grit Clowe provided in the playoffs or all the points?….neither did I his best days are behind him and that is a UFA bust waiting to happen again, no thanks…. Besides that great observations!

      • Well Schticky – I guess I riled you up a bit – literally what I meant is that I don’t see any assets that TO would be willing to trade for Jumbo Joe. I can’t see TO trading Kessel, Lupel, Garner, JVR or Franson to the Sharks and I don’t see the the Sharks trading Thornton for the 22nd pick along someon like Fratton. But maybe you know something that I don’t – maybe TO would trade Kessel who gets the better end of that deal – why the Sharks. Thing is Schticky – Joe is a distributor of the puck – he may not score goals directly but he has gotten over 70 points a year for the past 7 years. In a short season, he had 33 points in assists – plus he’s pretty durable – but the Sharks are going to want something in return and I don’t see any secondary type of player that would add value to a 22nd pick. That is why I suggested going outside UFA for Ribero who is another goal scorer and Clowe – well I don’t think he was 100% this year and I think he can bring some leadership and grit to the team as he will stand in front of the net and dig in the corners. But hey what do I know – TO is the team that signed Tiny Tim for $9.5M on a 2 year deal after seeing how the Sabres were raked through the coals.

        As for trading Moulson and a 1st rounder #15 for Thornton and a 2nd rounder #49 I think it makes perfect sense. Thing is…..Sharks need an infusion of youth – so they are going to get rid of someone – Marleau, Thornton and/or Boyle. It is now Couture’s team and its time for Joe to go as he just can’t get them over the hump. On the other hand – he’d be a great pickup for the Islanders – give them some leadership and more all round skill.

      • How about Webber for Oilers 1st and Eberle?

        • Out of all those kids Edm has thats the one they would regret giving up.

    • Thornton to the Isles will never happen as the Islanders learned the hard way about over-priced players who do not produce or are past their prime and Thornton is both. Unless Thornton is bought out first and the Isles get him on the cheap for young player development he has little value on LI.
      I would focus on teams like the Leafs/Rangers/Flyers to grab ahold of that move as they will be obvious candidates and willing to take the risk.
      Flipping Moulson for a 1st would be interesting this year as the Isles have about 5 potential top six talents coming up that could replace him in the next 1-2 years.

      • Again 0 sense unless it’s a very late first round pick Moulson is not getting you a first, plus with the way he and Taveres play together and the team chemistry that’s there why would the Isles want to give him up?…not like he is a cap issue or a dissapointment and Thornton is still probably top 2 centers on most teams what do you mean has little value and should be bought out? Alot of teams would give up something of value to aquire Joe Thornton….do you even watch hockey?….

        • He had 40 points in 48 games….sure looks like he can still produce jeesh

        • Schticky -Why do you ask if anyone you respond to watches hockey – did you ever think we may know more about a team than you? Joe has had his shot for 7 years with the Sharks – all but one year going to the playoffs and he just can’t seem to get them over the hump – to the final. I didn’t even know Jumbo was playing in game 7 against LA unitl the end of the 2nd period – he was a nonfactor. Problem is…..the core of the Sharks has to change – Thornton, Marleau, Boyle and Pavelski are all UFAs in 2014 and now is the time to start shopping them around to see what you can get for them. If the offer is right, then move em.

          • Only people I ask if they watch are people like you and Mark there who propose whacked ideas like the avs trading an established young center and probably their best player who still has tonnes of upside and a pick for a pick or people with the idea that maybe the Canadians should trade Price because he is going nowhere where with the Habs and people would say a top center in the league who if you project out a whole season puts up around 80 point wins the majority of his draws and say well he dosent produce maybe the Sharks could buy him out, on top of that you said Moulson for Thornton (never mentioned and the Isles first) which makes it a slightly better idea but again why would the Isles want to give up Moulson?…

    • Why would the isles want to give up a first or Moulson alone, for Thorton who’s overpaid at $7m and a ufa next summer?

      • Exactly the Isles are not exactly big spenders and Moulson is a big part of that team, I think Joe is a little overpaid but still produces, and is still a top center in the NHL Moulson is a big part of the reason the Isles are starting to turn around and is a barging with that contract. Plenty of other teams would pick Joe up and probably give up a decent player and a pick I just can’t see it being the Islanders. The idea makes no sense.

  10. What about Couturier, the 11th pick and someone like Mez (might do well with a change of scenery) for first overall? Colorado could trade Stastny for a d-man (Yandle?) and get a decent d-man at pick 11, too. Pulock, Ristolainen, maybe an outside shot at Nurse. Then up the middle they have Duchene, O’Reilly, Couturier and have added Yandle (possibly), Mez and the 11th pick to their D. Philly loose a good Center man but still have Giroux, Schenn, Talbot, Laughton as their 4 centers, get some cap relief moving Mez and get that franchise D-man to replace Pronger. I think both teams would improve, but would that be enough or too much?

  11. Also, why don’t Toronto work out some sort of package with the Islanders that centers around buying out Di Pietro. Could Strome, Reinhart or Niederriter be in play. Frans Nielsen could be a great number 3 center with McClement as the 4th center. I think Okposo would be a better addition than Clarkson (much younger and cheaper for starters) and then there’s that young gritty d-man Travis Hamonic. Maybe the Leafs could get a couple of these guys, or even swap their own bad contracts like Liles, Komi. There’s options to sweeten the pot, too. Gunner or the rights to MacArthur, for example.

  12. All right, I’m going for a third post. Some one mentioned the Flames. I don’t think they have to go all out trying to get a top three pick, they just have to try and get Carolina’s pick so they get to go 5th and 6th overall. Nichushkin and Monahan would be a great start to a rebuild. I also think Carolina’s pick is the most attainable of the top 5. And, if Tampa Bay or the Preds take a risk and go with Nichushkin, then the Flames would get Drouin (very unlikely) or Barkov to go along with Monahan. Lets no forget that Anaheim got Getzlaf and Perry on the same day in 2003 and that was with the 19th and 28th picks, nor that this years draft is supposed to be the deepest since 2003.

  13. I doubt the Avs get another goalie. From Ryan Boulding (PHWA member):

    “Varlamov and Giguere are two very good goalies. Giggy could be certainly helpful a lot to Varlamov and I’m sure he’s already done that. I haven’t talked to Giggy since I took the job but I’m sure he’s like a big brother to him and is going to help him become an even better goalie,” said Roy.