Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – June 23, 2013.

The latest on Jonathan Bernier, Kris Letang, Marc Andre Fleury, Shawn Horcoff and more.

Could the Maple Leafs offer Jake Gardiner for Jonathan Bernier?

Could the Maple Leafs offer Jake Gardiner for Jonathan Bernier?

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman reports the Toronto Maple Leafs, Philadelphia Flyers and Minnesota Wild remain interested in LA Kings goalie Jonathan Bernier, but a source wonder if the NY Islanders could make a late bid. He believes the Flyers are the favorite for Bernier, but they won’t part with Sean Couturier for Bernier…The Pittsburgh Penguins might trade Kris Letang, and teams are getting prepared for that possibility if the two sides fail to agree to a contract extension…Friedman also said the Edmonton Oilers have allowed Shawn Horcoff to contact other teams.

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons also believes the Flyers could win the Bernier sweepstakes. “The Kings have targeted young stars or budding stars in their search: Jake Gardiner from Toronto; Brayden Schenn from Philadelphia; Charlie Coyle from Minnesota”, writes Simmons, who doubts the Leafs part with Gardiner.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports teams can only use their amnesty buyouts during the initial buyout period (48 hours following the completion of the Stanley Cup Final to 5 pm ET July 4), and not during the second buyout period which follows the end of salary arbitration in August. That period is also only restricted to teams who either filed for arbitration or had players who did so…If the NY Rangers decide not to buy out Brad Richards, most of their $13 million cap space will be invested in re-signing Ryan McDonagh, Derek Stepan, Carl Hagelin and Mats Zuccarello, meaning they’ll essentially ice the same roster as this season…The Devils ownership and financial problems could affect the club’s efforts to re-sign pending UFA Patrik Elias. It could also make RFA Adam Henrique an offer sheet target, as the Devils have lots of cap space but not much available cash…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lots of confusion over which club would “win” the Bernier sweepstakes. Reports late last week out of Philadelphia suggested the Flyers couldn’t match the offers by other clubs (especially the Leafs). No surprise they don’t want to part with Couturier. GM Paul Holmgren thinks highly of him and wants to keep him…If Leafs GM Dave Nonis actually traded Gardiner for Bernier, he should be fired immediately. That being said, I don’t believe Nonis would part with the promising blueliner. If the Flyers can get Bernier for Schenn, I say go for it. I doubt the Wild would part with Coyle, who has star potential…If the Rangers keep Richards, they’re out of this summer’s UFA market, but I wouldn’t necessarily rule them out of the trade market. Still, GM Glen Sather could give this roster a chance under new coach Alain Vigneault before making any significant changes…Interesting point about the Devils and Henrique, but I think the NHL authorizes GM Lou Lamoriello to match any offer for the young center.

TRIBLIVE.COM/THE SPORTING NEWS: Rob Rossi considers the Pittsburgh Penguins options with defenseman Kris Letang, including retaining Letang for the final season of his contract to mentor promising blueliner Simon Despres, just as Sergei Gonchar helped groom Letang. Sean Gentille noted a report in the suggesting if the Penguins change their minds about retaining Marc-Andre Fleury, the Minnesota Wild might be interested in him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Much of the expectation about Letang is the Penguins will trade him if there’s no deal in place by next weekend. We’ll know soon enough if that’s the intent, but as Rossi noted, they don’t have to go that route, though they would risk losing him to free agency next summer for nothing if they opt to keep him for next season. As for Fleury, the Penguins management appears keen to keep him, so I don’t expect him to be going anywhere this summer.

DETROIT NEWS/DETROIT FREE PRESS: John Niyo believes the Red Wings shouldn’t mortgage their future but also doesn’t believe they should stand pat. He suggests pursuing Florida’s Stephen Weiss, Boston’s Nathan Horton or Chicago’s Bryan Bickell if they’re available in the free agent market to replace Valtteri Filppula. He also believes they need to add a reliable defenseman. He also points out they could free up cap space by buying out Mikael Samuelsson and possible Carlo Colaiacovo. Helene St. James makes the case for the Wings to pursue David Clarkson.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Wings should be a preferred destination for top UFAs, but over the past couple of years they haven’t landed any significant free agents, though that was due in part to having limited cap space. They’ve got just over $10 million in cap space this summer and must re-sign RFAs Brendan Smith, Jakub Kindl, , Gustav Nyquist and Joakim Andersson, plus re-sign or replace Damien Brunner and Dan Cleary. Buying out Samuelsson, Colaiacovo or Todd Bertuzzi, however, could give them the wiggle room to dip into the UFA pool.

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER’s Eric Stephens reports via Twitter Anaheim Ducks GM Bob Murray said his club doesn’t intend to use compliance buyouts this summer.

NEWSOBSERVER.COM’s Chip Alexander reports via Twitter the Carolina Hurricanes “could trade No. 5 pick and move down on draft day if their draft target is taken in top four picks. Unlikely Canes to move up.”


  1. The Pittsburgh Penguins might trade Kris Letang, and teams are getting prepared for that possibility if the two sides fail to agree to a contract extension…

    Now there is some top-notch investigative reporting …

    • It sure is..I’m not sure who their sources are but that is a real possibilty

  2. Ownership HAS to sign Elias if they hope to make playoff money next year. The offense has been nearly dead since the departure of Parise and Niedermeyer and Rafalski are no longer on the backend to carry the o load either.

  3. Lyle, according to dave pagnotta from the 4th period, flyers are offering read for bernier and are willing to move couts or b schenn, but it has to be for a “top tier, high impact plyr” (prob a dman like yandle or shattenkirk). this opinion matches what i’ve heard locally here in philly…though we never know what holmgren has up his sleeve. read is as good a fit on a cup contender as any team can offer given his low cap hit, 20 goals, speed and all situations ply. when mitchell comes off the books, LA could match that $$ w/ read. the bryz storm is worse than reported nationally and now i understand why dreger and mckenzie still feel he’s CBO’d…obvious that bryz and ritch winter are angling for him to leave philly.

    • Tim Panaccio of (who I consider a reliable source for Flyers rumors) speculated the Flyers could offer up Read, but he believe the Kings would want Voracek. Also, Elliotte Friedman (another reliable source) claims the Flyers won’t move Couturier. I could see parting with Schenn, though.

      • ask tim about schenn for bernier and my bet is he’d say “no go”. schenn held in regard a half notch below couts. read a better fit.

      • let me add that schenn has not been an impressive winger. much better at center where LA is logjammed.

        • So if gardiner is in any discussions which i hope he is not, why not gardnier for schenn, yes i know his brother played for the leafs, and if not a need for a top 6 forward we would not have traded schenn (still think jvr is better;). but it addresses both teams needs, and seems like a good hockey deal.

          • Boy with the extortion Lombardi seems to be doing thru the media makes you wonder why all the Gms that are interested in Bernier collectively don’t just say this is getting out of hand, take back their offers and send Bernier agent 3or 4 offer sheets to consider. If there was a threat of this I’m sure the price would come down.

    • Schenn, Gardiner, Couturier, Coyle should not be traded for Bernier. Bernier is the latest back-up goalie over hyped. Sure he could be something but to his point he has proven little with a great team in front of him. Reimer has proven more and has a far weaker team in front of him. NO I’m sure as hell not a leafs fan. Bernier is worth a 2nd round pick and a mid range prospect or a mid range player like Read (who is probably at his peak). Most of these teams problem is not goaltending but the team defence in front of it. Up grade there.

  4. God if Bernier is commanding this much of a return then the Leafs should be offering up Reimer for some of these guys. Reimer is just as good (some say better) and has actual playoff experience which Bernier does not.
    Once Remier is moved for a significant asset like what’s being reported being offered for Bernier the Leafs can target any one of the following goalies (some of which will cost nothing significant in return) Luongo, Miller, Halak, Hiler, Thomas, or Backstrom to take over and keep Scriven as backup.

    • I am not apposed to bringing in Bernier, but if it cost anything significant like a gardiner then i have no interest. Gardiner is going to be a top dman for the leafs in the next 2 seasons, and if he is moved it should be for a younger established center-man. I would be okay with frattin and scrivens going the other way, or just offer sheet him at the price of a second round pick

    • It’s gone from Fratin and a pick or Scrivens kinda deal to Gardner??? No wayy too much I will literally wet my self if Philly sends them Coture lol, on to the next goalie controversy!

      • Keep Reimer and upgrade the team in front of him.

        • I’ve never said get rid of Rimer I think it’s better to have options in net especially. In a full regular season I like the idea of having goalies that push one another like in Aniheim Ottawa St.Louis and Chicago and Boston to a point this year where Kuhdobin and Emery played very well, I don’t think this is the case in toronto with Scrivens and Rimer. Do I think Bernier would help this situation yes, but would I be willing to give up maybe our best D prospect to get him on a team that needs D? No are you crazy? Lol I’d be Fine signing Emery to a one or 2 year deal.

          • I agree with the two goal system if you don’t have a star goalie but bernier might not be the answer. A proven older goalie with a little gas left in the tank might be a better situation for Toronto. Gives you some quality games and can help Reimer. Maybe a UFA or trade that will cost the team less. It should be Reimers net with a back-up knowing his role. Reimer will only get better if they put the players in front of him.

        • I agree with you guys, at first i was okay with bernier and reimer playing for the leafs, but thats when i thought it might be a frattin for bernier at most or a scrivens and a second for bernier, but this is getting out of hand. Gardnier seriously, couterier, schenn. these guys are a no go for me if I am Toronto or philly. nonis, holgren, and the rest of the gms interested should just offer sheet this guy for a second if thats the case.

          And the only way I am trading Gardiner (which i still think in the end would be a huge mistake) would be for someone like B. Schenn, fills both teams need and i think the value is there.

  5. I think you are really underating Brayden Schenn, Lyle. From my perspective, the Flyers would be fools to trade him for an unproven 25 year old goalie who may be nothing more than the 15th-20th best goalie in the league. Schenn still projects as a strong 2-way center who can rack up at least 60 points a season.

  6. Question:
    If Philly buys out Bryzgalov I see him going to one of two places. (A) Phoenix if they don’t sign Smith. He has his money so won’t need a lot from Phoenix, he played very well in Phoenix and He won’t have the press dogging him in Phoenix. (B) takes his money and goes home to Russia.
    What is going on in Colorado. Have heard that they were not happy with Varlamov but that was before Roy became coach. You know Roy will have a lot of influence as to the goalie there. Anyone know what’s up ? Also, doesn’t Tim Thomas now live in Colorado ?

    • Probably in a cave somewhere yes…

  7. Kyle, for the first time, we disagree. I think Bernier is worth more than most of those players, and has more long term value and potential than the likes of Charlie Coyle (who has size but doesn’t think the game well) or Jake Gardiner. I like Gardiner, as you do, but the question remains which player brings the Leafs closer to establishing themselves as a contender? I think while Bernier is still a project he plays with ice water in his veins and exudes with ability…
    …and why would the Kings give Schenn away and then expect an easy transition for both sides in a return?

    • Gardner does with out showing doubt there are more questions on D then there is in net and none of those questions are about a young D like Gardner who has showed maturity beyond his years may have been their best D (toss up with Franson) down the stretch and in the playoffs no question. Gardner is untouchable unless lots or a very big piece is coming back.

  8. off topic, no way will domi ever go to ottawa

  9. Scrivens, Frattin and a 2nd for Bernier. Hmmmm not sure what I think of this.

    • i do … Nonis should be in handcuffs right now … the Kings gave Bernier away … if the 2nd was a 1st that would have been equal but those two and a 2nd? Lombardi must have let Hextall cut his teeth on this one …

      • I don’t think this is a steal. Scrivens is himself a good goaltender and could be Bernier’s value in a year or two.

        If that’s the case, then the Kings get Frattin and the 2nd for free.

        • I think the country quaked a bit when Maple Leafs fans heard about the trade 😀

          “Stop with the Bernier to Toronto rumours”… heh heheh heh heh….

          • yup i am pretty excited I wanted him here just not for gardiner , sad to see frattin go but i knew he would be part of the trade, scrivens would have left the leafs next year anyways. and the second in 14/15 i am fine with. our goal issue is over let the kids be a 1a 1b punch and NOOOOOO LUONGO contract good day to be a leafs fan.. go leafs go

        • Happy to get Bernier because I don’t think Scrivens ever got or would get an opportunity in Toronto. I agree with MJR that Scriven’s could have Bernier value in a year or 2. He is like a mini Cujo

      • how is this a steal?

        guys unproven…. it’s like if I were to talk up enroth like he’s the next hasek… thats what u guys are talking bernier to be. the guy plays for the defending cup champs of course he’s going to look good. remember how good toskala looked in a sharks uniform then along came his career with the Laughs, and we all know how that turned out.

        This could be a steal down the road sometime but right now it’s a fair deal.

        • It’s a steal because Frattin will never be more then a 3rd line small winger (with lots of heart) and Scrivens will have a tough time staying in the NHL because he does not stay sound positionally and gives up a ton of rebounds.

          The big question Leaf fans need to ask themselves is how much is Bernier going to sign for. If it’s more then $2.5M per season (for an unproven goalie) then this deal is not a steal. Reimer is making $1.8M and due for a raise next summer. If Bernier demands $3+ and Remier asks for the same next summer the Leafs will have over $6M in two young unproven goalies. Better to have one of the many proven goalies currently on the market.

          Lets see how much they sign him for before deciding whether or not Nonis stole him.

          • I’m betting 3.5mill 3years… He will definitely get 3+ again a Rask type deal (which Rask signed before Thomas left) Can’t say that they aren’t comparable in almost everyway. Typical RFA goalie with potential deal I believe but we will have to see.

          • Then it won’t be a steal. Everyone posting on here never considers the cap and RFA’s that need to be signed and adding UFA’s to the mix. IF Bernier signs for $3.5M then Reimer needs to be moved for a cheaper back up.

            Nonis needs to start getting guys like Franson, Kadri and Fraser under contract so we can see where the buds are cap wise. I’m getting worried the Leafs won’t have enough to go after a UFA or two. That is unless Phaneuf is really on the block like TSN is tweeting.

          • $6 million for the goalie position as a whole isn’t terrible since the definite #1s in the get between 5-7. Things look bad if the Leafs goaltending is not solid.

    • I think it was fair for both clubs trade value wise. But this is kind of a slap in the face to Reimer.

      • Agreed

      • yup. reimer was the only reason they even won a game in the playoffs. if they were gonna get a goalie should have went for a proven guy like luongo or miller. reimer and bernier are both unproven but of course both have tremendous upside more importantly on bernier’s side IMO. from what i heard from leafs fans that there need is a #1 or #2 center and a Defenseman. This kind of throws Reimer under the bus.

        • You’re nuts! You think Rimer was the only reason they one playoff game??? You couldn’t have been watching. agreed he played well but Kessel with 7points in seven games JVR was a beast onto the forecheck in font of the net with Bostons big D again 7points in 7 games Kadri was probably the best player on the ice period in game 6 scoring playing well in his own end and assisting on JVRs goal…. please yes Rimer played well but let’s not get carried away.

  10. Seems like a fair deal to me. Nothing major left Toronto. The second pick is the important part going back.

    • 2nd pick 2014 or 2015…

  11. TSN tweeting Phaneuf in play. Man that would be sweet. Free up major cap space.

    The Leafs retained $500k cap on the Frattin deal… Boooo

    • 500k of a cap hit will not hurt the leafs this year. No biggie

      • Every bit counts especially with 3 UFA’s to sign and 7 RFA’s to sign who all had a banner year.

        • Komisarek gets bought out that will save some space so its almost 24 Million. Leafs will have plenty of cap space left over this season

          • And honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if Lyles or Grabo do too, they will have tones of room, yes there are some RFAS that need to be looked after but still pretty comfortably done.

          • I’m not getting into an argument about the Leafs cap space again but I really don’t think it’s as good as you think. The Leafs are stingy and won’t buy out Grabo and probably won’t buyout Lyles either. It will only be Komi and they will save the other for next year if they feel they need it. So count your cap with just one Komi buyout. That leaves:
            Cap $64M
            Leafs currently under contract $44.5M (12 Players)
            Leafs currently under contract (buying out Komi) $41M (11 Players)
            Cap space remaining $23M
            Number of players to sign 12
            RFA’s still to sign 7
            MINIMUM Dollar per RFA
            Kadri $3M
            Fraser $2M
            Franson $3M
            Bernier $3M
            Gunnarson $3M
            McLaren $750k
            Colborne $750k
            Total MINIMUM RFA dollars spent $15.5M
            Cap remaining $23M – 15.5M RFA signings = $7.5M

            That leaves 5 roster spots to fill with $7.5M
            WTF are we going to get with that money. NOW if Phaneuf gets moved it suddenly opens up another $6.5M giving us $14M to fill 5 roster spots. Much much better.

          • Again I guarantee you Fraser a bottom pairing D won’t make 2 mill I can’t see Gunnarson making 3 if they don’t deal him add another 4-5.5 mill depending on who else they buy out for Grabovski or Lyles. Cause they will if they need to there is another 7 mill at least on top what you have there with out counting any further moves lots of room

          • Probably not considering these are minimum prices for these RFA’s. Kadri will probably get $4 to $4.5M (not $3M) as an example. I bet you bragging rights they don’t buyout Grabo or Lyles this year…

            Leafs will be tight unless they find a trading partner for Phaneuf, Lyles and or Grabo. Problem is you are already seeing examples (Bernier trade making Leafs retain $500k) how teams won’t take entire salaries on a trade without making the Leafs retain part of the salary.. This trend will continue.

            Leafs will be tight very soon

  12. Next Up Letang:
    Don’t see how Shero lets Letang get away, not with all that fire power up front to pass to.
    This is much different than the Staal saga. It was not about money or contract length with staal.
    It was about being a 3rd in center in pecking order and playing with his brother.
    Letang is different, you can trade Staal and still have the two top centers, you trade Letang
    opps, who carries and passes the puck out of your zone. Also, you can trade Letang during
    the season or at the trade deadline. Shero most likely figured that there would be a lockout
    and just maybe No season, so that also factored in with Staal.
    Now if there is one place that Letang could be traded to, I’m guessing San Jose.
    The past year or two SJ fans have talked about replacing Boyle, Boyle is the offense on
    defense. Letang would fit perfectly in Boyles spot. Also Boyle could fit in at Pittsburgh for
    a year or two and at a cheaper price. Now what goes back to Pittsburgh besides Boyle ?
    Well not prospects, they are thin on those but they have their own #1 and they have what they got
    from Pittsburgh for Murray and what they got from NYR for Clowe.
    Also Wilson has never been shy to trade picks and prospects for something that will help
    him now, think Heatly, think Burns, Wilson loves to trade for big names and tomorrow will
    take care of itself.

    • I’m sure the Sharks would love to get Letang, especially with three older defensemen on board near retirement. However, Boyler is still an important part of the Sharks, and I think Wilson’s focus is going to be on getting someone to replace the oft-injured Havlat on the second line. I’d say Wilson is looking more at forwards that could get moved because of cap hits, like maybe Hossa. He’s got the draft picks this year to maybe pick up a future defenseman.

      Not saying a Letang deal to Sharks is not possible. He’s a top player, and any team would be grateful to have him, despite his defensive lapses…

  13. i thought Reimer was good for the Leafs also…..Bernier not yet proven…….good upside however…….wait a year and see if it pans out……they could always trade Bernier again or Reimer next year……….surprised the Leafs did this without giving up too much……..Frattin (3 rd line), Scrivens (backup)……….what might tip the balance is the 2 nd round pick in the deep draft……

  14. feel sorry for bernier…toronto….ouch!

  15. how about the leafs now trade reimer and holzer to philly for coburn
    coburn gives leafs their top 4 dman and toughness in front of the net
    philly gets a new goalie cap relief and can then buyout bryz for more cap space also holzer 5/6 dman

    • Not a bad plan but 1 can’t see Philly thinking that’s a fair trade 2 I doubt the Leafs would deal Rimer to the east especially now…lol 3 They would still need to find another goalie again I don’t think this is because they don’t think Rimer can be a great goalie they want there to be competition for the number 1 job and to be deeper in net incase of injuries confidence factors streaks ect, I think it was more of we feel better with Rimer and Bernier then we do either Rimer and Scrivens, can ya blame them? Lol

      • I would like the Leafs to get Coburn type defencemen, but Philly needs another one of him as much as the Leafs do. If the Leafs offered Bernier for Coburn maybe they would think about it. I could see them offering up a lesser dman like Nicklas Grossman for Reimer. That wouldn’t be a bad deal either, since he is a stay at home guy.

  16. I really hope these Gagner rumors aren’t true… What do the leafs need another 511 2nd line centre 4 ? They had that with bozak last year. If they are trading phaneuf call Philly and get it done for schenn or couturier.

    • I hope they can trade dion for Ganger and sign Boyd Gordon suddenly I like our centers and yet even more cap flexibility to address other spots. With the UFA centers that are out there, they will all be undersized and overpaid I’d rather have Ganger playing top line then Weiss Ribero Briere or Bozak. Dions contract going away is a bonus! If this was true you could look at signing Clarkson and 2 more D around 4. Mill a piece and still have room after Komi and whoever get bought out to re up some RFAS at a decent increase, I’d like that deal alot lol

      • Cotureier isn’t ready to be a no 1 center yet, full of potential but not quite a fit for us yet IMO.

        • Which d men are they going to sign? I’d much prefer couturier then Gagner. Is Gagner really that much better then Kadri? I think not. I iIke the Gordon idea but not a top 3 or Kadri Gagner and grabo.

          • Well I think I would rather have a couple D Like Scuderri and Babchuck as opposed to 1 Dion and they would be in that price range maybe a little more. with Gardner and Franson I don’t think we really need any puck moving D and if Fraser is resigned it leaves a spot open for Blacker Holzer or Gunnarson if they keep him. I think along those lines gives you a little better balance of youth and a couple vets stay at home types aswell as puck movers…it’s a big if cause Scuderri will be well sought after.

          • Couturier had a bad year last year possibly a step back from his rookie year and if you look at his numbers he is still away off a number 1 center, only in the league 2 seasons never above 30 points great potential yes, next year’s number 1 center no thank you. Ganger is still young despite being in the league 6 or 7 years never been under 40 points was on pace for over 60 this year not great on the dot but if you pic up Gordon him and McClement would be a great 1-2 punch for deffensive draws again if you look at the centers available in the UFA market they are all mostly small him Kessel and Lupul would be a very good line I think, again if there was another deal available with Dion and a number 1 it might be worth looking at but really I don’t think that one is that bad, Oiler fans on the other hand…lol

  17. I have to figure there will be something brewing between Edmonton and the Leafs just because of the Eakins factor. Both clubs have players the other needs is just finding the right fit trade wise.

  18. And yes I do kinda feel bad for all you people that I know are driven nuts about Leaf talk today must suck so, with that I am done till tomorrow :-)

    • Scuderi would be a nice addition to the Leafs corps at a reasonable term and salary. As for Babchuk, we won’t be seeing him in the NHL anytime soon. There’s a reason he played under 10 games this past year. He’s KHL material at best.

  19. I really think the Leafs and Philly could be good trade partners potentially. If the Leafs gave:
    Reimer (1.8mill 1 year)- to compete with Mason for the #1 goalie position, they are both cheap, and allows you to buyout Bryzgalov.


    Phaneuf (6.5mil 1 year)- the supposed top 4 dman/minute muncher {im not a fan} which are two things they need in Philly whether he can really do it or not. Also he has a 1 year contract an will likely demand less yearly in his less contract.

    Both these moves would fills holes for Philly and help sort their cap a little bit.

    The Leafs could ask for 2 dmen in return from the group of Coburn (4.5mil 3yrs), Mezaros (4mil 1 year) and Grossmann (3.5mil 3 yrs), L. Schenn (3.6mil 3 yrs).

    Leafs Dmen minus Phaneuf would involve Franson, Gardiner, Gunnarson, and likely Fraser as shoe ins making the needs either 2 defensive oriented guys or 1 defensive oriented guy and a responsible 2 way dman.

    Schenn could be a fit as a defensive dman, but its doubtful he would return Toronto, and he seems to perform better out of Toronto.

    Mezaros would almost certainly be a target as a responsible 2 way dman, especially on a 1 year deal.

    Then one of the defensive dmen. Coburn or Grossman who both have larger long contracts that the Flyers would give Philly more flexibility.

    Coburn would be a target for the Leafs and 29 other teams. Very solid defensively and above average defensively, as known commodity. Chances are this is the one guy they would resist to move, despite the larger longer contract.

    They would want to saddle a team with Grossman. He is solid defensively but limited offensively and has only played roughly 20min a game the past few seasons, and it overpayed for a few seasons likely, but the Leafs have a specific role to fill and he could be a good fit.

    To: Toronto – Mezaros (4.0, 1yr) + Grossman (3.5, 3yrs) = 7.5mil, 1yr… then 3.5 for just Grossman, but depending Mezaros fit he could get 4mil here again or elsewhere, so lets say 8mil for both with a small raise.

    I could see a possibility of getting Coburn (4.5@3) instead of Mezaros if Philly wanted more flexibility and I think Toronto excepts either trade. Which means locked into 2 defensive dmen for at 8mil for 3 years for sure. I think the Leafs are happy with either combination.

    To: Philly – Reimer (1.8, 1yr) + Phaneuf (6.5, 1yr) = 8.3mil for 1 year and if they keep both maybe for Reimer at 3mil and Phaneuf 4.5 = 7.5 (probably between 7-9mil combined cap hit depending on if they have career years). Keep in mind Philly would have (5.6mil+3.5mil=)9.1mil coming off the books from Bryzgalov buyout and no more overpaid Grossman. If Coburn(4.5@3) and Mezaros(4@1) flip with Grossman(3.5@3), it becomes (8mil+5.6mil) 13.6mil cap relief the following season, which is huge.

    This deal would fill holes on both teams. Give Philly cheap #1 goalie candidate, a minute munching 2 way dman, and cap options moving forward. They might need to find a 5-6 dman to replace Grossman, but that can be done cheaply which they would undoubtedly prefer.

    Torontos get a stay at dman (for 3 years who could turn into Komisarek 2.0, but at least he isn’t here to be a saviour) and Mezaros who is a solid 2-way dman for at least 1 year.

    Philly Goalies would be Reimer/Mason, and D in some combination would be Timonen-Coburn/Mezaros, Streit-Phaneuf, Schenn-(AHLer promotion/cheap UFA)

    Toronto D in some combination would be Franson-Fraser, Mezaros/Coburn-Gunnarson, Gardiner-Grossman

    The Philly D looks pretty solid with Streit in and the group and Phaneuf in a less pressurized role and Schenn with a kid in protected minutes.

    • I’m not a Phaneuf fan but think he could thrive on a second pairing.

      In regards to Mezsaros, I think his best play is behind him. Injuries have really taken a toll on the guy. He was lights out a few years back in Philly (Named Best D-man on the squad) Since then he’s been in a steady decline. Not sure if it’s solely due to injures but he looked terrible when he returned this season.

      If there were a trade for Reimer/Phaneuf for Grossmann/Mez I think Philly would gladly take it.

  20. Yikes that was long. Just food for thought if Philly wanted to move Hartnell’s long contract after an average injury riddled season the Leafs would jump especially if they miss out on Clarkson and maybe Clowe or Bickell.

    • How about Hartnell for Luongo and mid round draft pick.

  21. Question? Booth can’t be bought out in 1st buy out window because he’s injured, but if he’s healthy by sept (2nd buy out window) is there anything from stopping Van from doing it then.

    • They could buy him out then if he’s healthy but he’d count against the cap. The Amnesty buyouts can only take place after the finals are done.