Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – June 3, 2012.

The latest on Suter, Parise, Luongo, Radulov, Holmstrom and more.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports Red Wings GM Ken Holland is believed eyeing potential UFAs Ryan Suter (Nashville) and Zach Parise (New Jersey) if they aren’t re-signed by their respective clubs, and would be willing to trade for their negotiating rights. He also observed an “intriguing” trade proposal from the web  in which “the Washington Capitals trading Mike Green and centre Brooks Laich to the Red Wings for Johan Franzen, Darren Helm and (Jakub) Kindl”…Matheson wouldn’t be surprised if the Maple Leafs deal for Roberto Luongo, as Leafs GM Brian Burke is “all about the big trade”…Potential UFAs like Chris Kelly and Brandon Prust would be good additions for the Oilers…Flyers will be shopping Sergei Bobrovsky, and could look to add a veteran backup.

David Staples believes Chicago Blackhawks center Dave Bolland would be a worthy trade target for the Oilers.

Radulov to the Rangers?

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports the Rangers will target college defenseman Justin Schultz, but if he’s unavailable, could try to trade for Predators RFA Shea Weber, rather that overpay Ryan Suter in the UFA market…Brooks also reports the Rangers, facing the prospect of Marian Gaborik sidelined until mid-December,  have contacted the Predators regarding RFA winger Alexander Radulov, who also has an offer from CSKA Moscow.

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Helene St. James speculates if long-time Red Wings forward Tomas Holmstrom might follow his friend and now-former teammate Nicklas Lidstrom into retirement.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Wings won’t be the only team bidding for Suter and/or Parise’s rights if it appears they won’t be re-signed by their current teams, as it’s been a growing trend in recent years, rather than wasting time pitching offer sheets… I wouldn’t put any stock into that Red Wings-Capitals trade suggestion…Burke is about making a big trade, but he also hates contracts like Luongo’s. Should be interesting to see which side of Burke’s personality wins…Kelly and Prust are likely to be re-signed by the Bruins and Rangers respectively…Bobrovsky has no future in Philadelphia with Ilya Bryzgalov as the Flyers starter…Bolland would be a good fit with the Oilers, or most teams, but there’s no indication the Blackhawks want to move him…Interesting to see the Rangers might try to acquire Weber, but it remains to be seen if the Predators move him, as they seem committed to retaining he and Suter. Radulov, on the other hand, could be had, provided the Rangers could convince him to come to New York.


  1. Matheson is the world’s biggest idiot. He lists Bobby Orr as only the 10th greatest player ever!! The Canadian media’s pathological obsession with Gretzky b/c he played for a Canadian-based team for many years is absurd. He was the bigget pu$$y who ever played; he didn’t wear a cup, he wore a tampon. He had to have Semenko protect him (plus the refs of course); was a totally one-dimensional player, a centre who didn’t even take face-offs b/c he didn’t have the strength. He wasn’t even as good as Lemieux.

    Orr was the best player at BOTH ends of the ice, and fought his own battles. Does anyone honestly think that a team of 5 Gretzkys could beat a team of 5 Orrs? It would be a rout.

    • I’m not going to downplay Orr, definitely one of the greatest players to ever play. But dude…seriously? Gretzky is the best player in the history of hockey. He’s highly decorated and owns a plethora of records which will never be broken. Yes he played for a Canadian market but he also played in quite a few American ones that would make a difference lol!

    • not as good as Lemieux, yet put up 2x as many points.

      a wimp and a pussy, yet play 2x as many games

      Take a look over his is mind popping.

      He started his career with 9 straight 50+ goal seasons I believe……

      Orr was good, but nowhere near the best ever.

    • dude…record books don’t lie…Stats dont lie…Gretzky got more assists than ANYBODY had TOTAL POINTS! As far as being”a pu$$y”..If you’re old enough to remember,It was’nt Gretzky that took his ball and left for a couple of years,whining about all the clutching and grabbing,that was Mario, which makes him a bigger crybaby than Gretz ever was…

      • Did you ever see Gretzky behind the bench as a Coyotes coach?

    • UM didnt lemieux retire because he couldnt handle the hooking and holding??? Gretzky never “took his ball and went home”. If you dont like the guy its one thing but to try and take away everything he has accomplished, done for the game and given the game is flat out ignorant

  2. I don’t know to much about bobrovsky, other then they call him BOB lol. Anybody think Toronto might be a good fit for him?? besides the fact philly and Toronto hate each other??

    Detroit is going to make a huge splash this summer but i do not see them getting Sutter, unless he get grossly overpaid. Why not go after Shea Weber in a trade???

    Any Thoughts?

    • he has great movement, but has issues covering the top part of the net. His confidence has taken a beating, and his level of play has dropped since his stellar beginning.

      I don’t think at this point that he will be much more than a Brian Boucher type of goalie..good as a back up, but never good enough to carry the team.

  3. DaBroons – Bias much? Greker is the greatest of all time for obvious reasons, regardless of your bias and ignorant ramblings

    • DaBroons:
      WOW!! I can’t believe you would be that biased against the greatest hockey player to date just because he’s Canadian.

      Let’s do the math;
      Grets vs Orr

      Gretzky -games 1487 Goals 894 Assists 1963 Points 2857 Points per game .06 Cups 4

      Bobby Orr-Games 657 Goals 270 Assists 645 Points 915 Points per game 0.41 Cups 2

      Now to be fair The great one played in twice the number of games so lets double all the stats. Assuming the same pace.

      That gives Orr 1314 games 540 goals 1290 Assists and a total of 1830 in points.

      No where near The Great One’s stats. Only off by 1000 plus points.

      Mario is the only one who even comes close to his numbers. Oh and by the way, he’s Canadian too.

      • your numbers are wrong…

        2857 / 1487 = 1.92131809 pts/ game

        915 / 657 = 1.392694064 pts/ game

        goals are:

        894 / 1487 = 0.601210491 goals/ game
        270 / 657 = 0.410958904 goals/ game

        incredible numbers either way, but Orr is not in the same class as Gretzky

        • Comparing numbers for Orr and Gretzky is not going to work. Orr played D. Mind you he covered the whole ice surface his roll was as a defense. Both players are great and unless you had the honor of actually watching both play throughout their careers you cannot prove which was better.

        • Ooops I see what you mean…my bad.

  4. I’d be real surprised if the Rangers took a flyer on Radulov after their experience with Nikolay Zherdev. He is the type of player that Torts absolutely hates! Also Bobby Orr might have been the best defenseman who ever lived but to try and compare him to Gretzky is somewhat delusional! @ Dabroons: If you don’t stop it you’ll go blind! oops Too late!

  5. Hey Dabroons you are a complete idiot. Take your grade three education and beat it. While I believe Bobby Orr revolutionized hockey (and I am a Bruins fan as well), Gretzky was an unbelievable player who changed the way offensive hockey was played. By the way, he did take face-offs and spent way more time in his own end than Mario ever did. As for Semenko being on his wing you must be an idiot to think Sather and Pocklington were not going to protect an investment like “The Great One”. Refresh my memory again as to who won 4 Stanley Cups and who won two each. If you want to see a “pu$$y” as you put it, look in your own backyard at someone like “The Mouthpiece” Marchand.

  6. Can’t see Burke trading for Luongo with all the other possible options out there. If anything he should use a combination of Marlies along with this years pick to land Edmonton’s 1st rounder. After watching the Marlies playoff games there really aren’t any untouchables, no one is ripping it up in this years playoffs save and except for Frattin but we’ve all seen what he can do in the NHL (he will be a good 2nd line player). Guys like Gardiner, and Kadri should have been ripping it up but instead Gardiner has looked average (could be a sofmore jinx this coming year) and Kadri looks like he needs yet another year of grooming in the A. There is promise but I don’t see any future stars in the making to warrant not trading for Yakupov. Burke can go after Justin Schultz and use some of his other D men to trade up in the draft or use them to get some upgrades at key positions.

    • I hear Kadri is too small and has trouble adding muscle. It must be his chemical make up. If he can add some beef he had great potential.

  7. I don’t know how you start talking Gretzky, Orr but your an idiot.
    Anyways interesting comment about bobrovsky being done in Philly. Adds another goalie to list to be on the move. Bob might be a good fit in Columbus.
    I to don’t see Suter going to Detroit as they are a team known to sign players to less money. And I don’t see Suter passing on some of the money that other teams will throw at him.
    More and more I am leaning towards luongo not being moved. I just cant see why a team would tie up that money and term when there are other more reasonable options. Unless Vancouver just basically gives him away. If I were Tampa I would go after vancouvers other goalie Eddie lack. He too is now stuck behind Schneider.

  8. Burke is one for the Big trade when it makes sense. Luongo does not really make sense for the leafs right now.

    • Luongo doesn’t make sense for any team right now.

      I don’t get the whole trade multiple players for Luongo. The Canucks should be sweetening the pot to get rid of him. They have to look at it as the trade for Luongo gets them Schneider…who is better, younger, cheaper, and oh yeah, better.

      The Canucks should trade Luongo and run. They are going to be lucky to just get out from under that contract. I can see them having to take a bad contract back to rid themselves of Luongo.

      • Gary Dream On if u think that Luongo is gonna go for a dime. Here are some facts:
        -He is by far the best goalie available today.
        -Contract good for another 6 yrs last 3 are can be bought out by a rich team like TO
        -TO needs to get into the playoffs – otherwise Burke will be fired
        -5 mil per year for a goalie his caliber is nothing (just look at Bryzgalov)
        -Schen and TO 1st pick to Vancouver or Luongo goes to another team.
        -Do u really think that Gilles would give Burke a break?
        -TO without Luongo is on a rebuild mode.
        -Tampa would be the ideal team for Luong and would take Tampa deep into the playoffs

        • I don’t think Luongo will fetch that much, but he is worth something to a team that really wants him. Multiple players will likely have to be moved to make the money work out. I don’t think Luongo will go for a premium because Vancouver needs to move him, and teams know that. Most teams will also want to send a poor contract back and that will likely be the foundation of the deal. Players, Picks and prospects can go either way also to level things out.

          • Innovator I disagree with you. Take TO and Vancouver out of the equation and pretend its a goalie and a team that needs a goalie.
            Would that team not sign Luongo for 5 mil a year for 4 or 5 years considering how much Bryzgalov got last year.
            And that how i come to the conclussion that a team like TO needs Luongo and i think it will be good for hockey in Canada to see TO be able to compete.
            The only other choice TO has to blow up what they have and start from the beginning like Edmonton and wait 5 years with 1st round picks but by that time Burke will be gone.
            Gilles is not going to give Burke a break, no love lost between them.
            But i also think that Tampa would be foolish not to take Luongo as they have a good team that with a goalie like Luongo they can go deep into the playoffs. Never mind what Yzerman says in public its all bla bla bla.

        • No way Luongo gets anything remotely
          close to Schenn and a 5th overall. Try Connolly and next years first (20th pick or so) MAYBE a mediocre prospect on top.

          • Even when not thinking about who the teams are. 1.0 Luongo has asked for a trade, which decreases his value. 2.) Schneider is a RFA and will not sign long term with Luongo in the fold so Vancouver has to get rid of him. Luongo is a good/great goalie. 3.)Philly was desperate for a goalie and paid the price for that. 4.) Luongo also has a NMC which means the nucks options are limited. 5.) Luongo has like 9 years left on his deal, and that will cover another full CBA. That is alot of question marks for GM’s.

            They won’t make a killing on this deal and will likely have to eat a salary on a shorter term to get the deal done, but I do expect them to get something useful at the same time.

        • I live in Vancouver, and have watched Luongo fail over and over. He simply is not worth his paycheck. Call him elite if you want, but if he were so good, then why did he get bumped from the starters role by the backup.

          You can’t compare Breezy and Luongo. Philly was desperate, and overpaid. The Flyers are my team of choice, and I was terribly disappointed when they signed Breezy. He too is not worth the money.

          His contract is for another 10 years…not 6. His contract was for 12 years originally, and he has played 2 years. Looking at buyouts….Timmonen has 1 year left in Philly. His cap hit is 6.5 million. His actual salary is 3 million. Take the 3 million, go to 2/3’s = 2 million. Split over 2 years is 1 million per. However….the 1 million per comes off the cap hit, and his pay for next year on the cap is over 4 million….something to think about. Numbers are from capgeek.

          I think Gillis would trade with anyone who is willing to take that contract. He is not trading from a position of power.

          I don’t think he is the best goalie available. He makes alot of mental errors, and will fold like a tent under the pressure of Toronto.

          TO’s position does not matter to me, the Canucks, or to a lot of people.

          Tampa won’t take that contract with Vinnie there and Malone making 6 large.

          I just don’t see it being a sellers market for Luongo…who is under contract until he is 3 years older than Brodeur, his play has fallen since the Olympics, has a huge cap hit, the uncertainty of the cba…I just think that Gillis would take a high priced contract back that is done in a few years, just to move Luongo. The Canucks clearly want Schneider to be their guy….and getting to keep him at a lower hit than Luongo is considered a win.

          Just my opinion.

          • as a Canucks fan I’ll try to keep the bias in check, but Luongo carried the Canucks for a number of years before and after his new contract. He can get a team deep into the playoffs, the team around him needs to be able to score in the playoffs and have the mental strength not collapse when he lets in a soft goal (which happens). Example, Quick lets in a goal from the red line, but Kings win the game. Luongo is worth more than a salary dump (i.e. Komisarek).
            2. He is not being dumped for the backup, it’s the rise of a future No.1 that is replacing him.
            My hope: keep both for at least another year as the best tandem in the league or trade to TBay along with Raymond(RFA) for Malone and a 2nd rounder.

          • Gary and Innovator:
            Put yourself in Burkes shoes. Looks in the mirror and says: hey if i dont get TO into the playoffs ill be fired, so what do i need to do.
            #1 priority for TO is a goalie. Looks to see who is available and who actually can give hime the chance to take TO into the playoffs. The only and i mean the only goalie thats available is LUONGO and how many other teams need a goalie really bad. 3 or 4
            So Yzerman looks around and says i need a good goalie to get me deep into the playoffs what do i need to do.
            Well guys if you think that TO or Tampa r gonna get Luongo for a dime keep dreaming.
            Luongos last 3-4 years are at 1mil a yr. you simply buy him out especially TO with such deep pockets.
            Is luongo gonna be an ellite goalie for the next 4-5 years YES YES YES YES and YES.
            So as i said before Luongo to TO for Schen and maybe swop 1st round picks
            As for Tampa – Malone and there 1st pick

  9. A word of warning: it’s one thing to disagree with someone’s opinion, it’s another to be insulting. Please be respectful of your fellow posters or you will be banned. Only warning!

  10. Also, spare me the school yard put downs of players. You can debate who’s greater without sounding like grade schoolers.

  11. Why would Luongo even be considered by Toronto? He can’t handle the pressure of play in Vancouver when the playoffs hit! These long-term contracts for goalies just don’t make sense…in fact, contracts over four years for anybody doesn’t seem to make much sense these days (Kovalchuk, Bryzgalov, Luongo, etc.).

    I haven’t seen anyone talking about the Sharks going after either Suter or Parise lately, but that’s just what they need. You can forget about them getting rid of Marleau, Pavelski or Thorton…those guys are just too good all round type of players….but they don’t provide the grit the team needs. If they pick up Parise, they migh trade one of them to get some awesome third liners who can throw their weight around and toss in a few points as well. If Staylock is healthy, they should have some room to move Neimi as well.

    • I just can’t seem to remember the last time the Sharks were able to land a big time UFA though… Wilson has stated time and again that he doesn’t like to overpay in bidding wars, and that’s exactly what will happen with Parise and Suter. Look for them to make a trade with Columbus for Rick Nash. Would I rather have Parise? Absolutely. But with the sharks up against the cap, and all I just don’t see it happening

    • Can’t handle the pressure, u must mean taking a team to game 7 of the finals….and exactly what did luongo do in the first 2 games to warrant being pulled??? Again a reminder for someone who can’t handle the pressure, won a gold medal in his home arena on the worlds biggest stage….hmmmm…me thinks the Van fans should chill out on this guy, hope wherever he goes, he comes back to Van and shuts these so-called fans up once and for all.

  12. I’m Canadian, watched hockey since I was 5 (early 70’s lol), and while I agree that Gretzky was more “pu$$y” than all the other greats combined, I disagree that Orr was better.
    Orr was more passionate for he laid his “life on the line” to win, but Gretzky undoubtedly possessed more skillset. Orr played when the game was tougher, before stars got treated with “whitegloves”.
    While he does hold many records, those were easy for such a skilled player to reach when any “hard” obstacles were taken out of your way. Mario’s accomplishments were reached LIKE A MAN.
    But 5 Gretzkies vs 5 Orrs, G’s would win.
    Great skater, shot, setup, hockey sense, but Mario was a FULL player who won without being coddled by his tough guy teammates, or cradled by the refs.
    Everyone hates the Leafs, but can you imagine had that highstick he made to Gilmour been called… NHL was striving to gain more of a market, they needed Gretzky on an American team, they got it. They helped to let the Kings have a chance at the Cup (but the Habs still beat ’em), but they went fruitless…
    Look at the Kings now – all of em playing like MEN, accountable as a TEAM, winning cuz they’re winning the battles, not like preMadonna-Gretzky would’ve done.
    Far more talented as a SKILLED player, better suited for the open-ice KHL.
    My opinion of an NHL player is more like Mario. While I enjoyed watching him display those wonderful skills, I still had a hard time cheering for him due to his lack of grit. Doesn’t take much to win battles along the boards when nobody’s allowed to punish you.
    Gretzky = most skilled player, anti-tough 😉
    Orr = amongst most skilled, tougher than most.
    Lamieux = skill & grit, got pu$$y but wasn’t one

  13. TB {Admirals} note.
    Dustin Tokarski 10-2 in playoffs.
    This unprepossessing kid, generally written off as a backup as best, has a career of growing into positions and playing his best in big games — since he was 14! Is there reason to believe he can’t grow into, say, a Chris Osgood level goalie with big game ability. Another reason for the Lightning to look for a two year fix rather than a 10. It is likely not lost on Stevie Y that Voukoun was the odd man out and signed for 1MM last year. Why, with the team talent coming through the organization wouldn’t you concentrate on building a 6 deep quality defence, a 12 deep quality offence, wouldn’t you buy a two year stopgap, draft a goalie or two, & be patient. The fan base makes a difference. From drafting Lecavalier to the cup was seven years and the team improved every year. Only two were playoff years. Yes they bought a goalie, but in the minds of many the most important move was Darryl Sydor. I think 9 of 10 TB fans would prefer a stud young defense man to Luongo. It’s hard to tell what the pressure of the TO fan base will demand. In TB fans vote with their feet. If the team isn’t on a good direction they stay home. Toronto clearly has different issues. Here’s a cultural note that tells something about what’s pushing Stevie Y. At the end of last season, Rollyson put together a couple of good games, and won his last one. He got an extended standing O from the fans for his two year body of work, including the conference finals in his first year, even though his play was much of the reason TB did not make the layoffs this past year. I don’t see much support for Luongo to TB from TB where the work-in-progress looks promising.

    I look at other teams prospects also, asking the the incremental value of Loungo over the other options compensate for the incremental cost and risk? 50-50 He stays in Vancouver or goies in a “bad” trade/ salary dump. Nothing tells me there is a competitive market for his incremental values over the other options.

  14. Thank you Lyle…those posts were very annoying to read/skim.

  15. I don’t believe Luongo ends up in TO unless the situation gets desperate and I don’t believe it has. Burke has stated they are committed to Reimer and they’ll look to bring in a vet and my bet is they will be the front runner for snagging Vokoun in the off-season. I don’t believe a lot of the young goalies being suggested are a good fit either as again, they want a mentor. I think as a back up, Burke could look at Huet, Mason, Biron, or Johnson in net as affordable options.

    I am interested to see what happens with this Schultz situation. A lot of teams seem to be in on this guy, Oiler, Rangers, Leafs seem to be rumored the front runners. I don’t think I would count the Oilers out of that running as many people seem to. With a very young offensive core and say the Oilers managed to swing a deal like 1st overall for 2nd overall + Nikitin or Tyutin, maybe Methot. Then pick up Murray. Really becomes a solid D-Core. (I also fully believe if the Oilers can add two good pieces to their blueline Suter/Weber could consider playing there).

  16. If Luongo goes to the Leafs.. what becomes of Reimer/Scrivens? Both are really good young goaltenders who won’t want to be second fiddle to Luongo for 5+ years…

    Wouldn’t it be better to get another goaltender for 2 or 3 yrs… then one of Reimer or Scrivens would be ready for the #1?

    As for the draft… the Leafs will still get a good young player at 5th… Would they be wise to draft a centreman — there are some good ones in the draft this year…

    • I like Galchenyuk for the 5th spot. If he’s gone, id trade down a spot or two and take Faksa. I agree drafting a forward is the best move.

  17. I’d be downright giddy if the Preds could get someone like Stepan in exchange for Radulov. A guy like Stepan may not be as talented as Rads, but at least he’ll come to play every night and not hold the KHL card over the teams head at every turn.

  18. You guys might not agree, but coming from a Fan that doesnt like the canucks, Luongo is going to be in the top 20 goalie of all time, by the time his career ends. All he needs is a cup to solidify it. (which will be hard) imo if a trade to the leafs would hypothetically happen, it would have to consist of Luongo+B level prospect for komeserik(salary dump) and the 5th overall. Personally i beleive that Gms speak in lawyer talk, so media like mckenzie might not know exactly everything.

  19. @JJB
    Couldn’t agree more. There are way to many options out there for the Leafs as far as goalies to bother with Lou’s contract. You can add Thomas to that pile if he would agree to play for TO next season and the B’s don’t mind taking a chance on possibly meeting him in next years playoffs.

    The Leafs can afford to dangle a few Dmen especially if they land Schultz. Let’s face it they can afford to over pay him and if he doesn’t work out dump him in the minors

    • It won’t come down to money with Schultz. He will still be considered a rookie and is therefore limited to the rookie cap. It will basically come down to what team he wants to go to.

  20. I just think Wayne came into the NHL at the perfect time during the 80’s. Back then, goalies weren’t as good. As for Bobby Orr, he changed how the position of D-man was played. He did everything great, and he played against some really tough teams during that time

  21. With Thomas apparently taking at least next year off from both hockey and the Bruins, the goaltender sweepstakes this off season gets even more intense.
    If in fact as Thomas indicates that he is taking time off to reconnect with the three F’s, family, friends and faith, I salute him. To make the NHL and not only stay there as not only an everyday play but as a star takes an inordinant amount of dedication and usually something or some things have to suffer and it appears that Thomas’s family and personal life suffered, and that is much more important than hockey. I applaude him for what he is doing and wish more people, never mnd hockey players placed that kind of value on their families.
    While rumours ran rampant about Boston trading him, and media mongers had him going everywhere from Tampa to Toronto he has managed to put that at rest, for now anyway. But I still think that something has gone wrong with Thomas and the Bruins management. First he does not go with the team to the White House and that was attributed to his political views. Next he moves his entire family out of Massachusetts all the way over to Colorado and that was attributed to his desire to work with the US Olympic team. Now he does not retire but instead wants to take a year off, which if I am not mistaken, seeing as he is over 35, still will count against the Bruins salary cap for this coming year. If he retired it would not but he is not retiring. It almost, to me at least, seems like someone in the Bruins management said or did something he took as a personal insult and he is paying the back.
    This now takes one all star goalie out of the mix for teams
    looking to shore up their netminding woes and makes those who will be available even that more valuable.
    It will make draft day all that much more interesting with trade rumours running wild. Sports talk shows should
    have even more fodder and people like me will be waiting for the real truth about Thomas to surface.

  22. To Colorado- Tim Thomas
    To Boston- Last round pick

    Thomas comes off the books for Boston, Colorado gets cap money towards the floor and if TT decides he’s ready to play again next year, he’s already living there. Boston would only see him maybe twice next year and highly doubt Colorado’s making the finals next year should Boston get there. If TT plays for Colorado, he could play a good mentor to Varly.

  23. Well, I’m not really a numbers guy. But I do know this – Zach please direct from Los Angeles to Detroit. No worries, Ryan will pick you up at the airport.

  24. With Thomas out I think Burke goes after Luongo. But the Canucks need a third line centre to replace Hodgson, and perhaps a goalie. That tells me Lombardi, Connolly or Bozak, but you need one of the first two to dump a big salary. Sorry guys, Burke loves Komisarek, I do not think he goes anywhere.I think Carlyle will lobby to keep Schenn. Maybe they include Franson, or Rynnas, or Owuya in a deal with Lombardi.

    I think if picks are involved for Luongo, this years first will not be involved. If Leafs are going to trade that pick it better be part of a deal to land Nash or Staal.If you were Staal and the Pens asked you to waive your NTC so they could get a top 5 pick, I would have to think Toronto would be one of the few teams you would want to play for. Columbus -No.No explanation required. Colorado – No, not to be 4th centre after Stastny, Duchene and O’Reilly. Edmonton – No, too many star forwards, no defense and questionable goaltending. Montreal- Perhaps. Carolina-Good chance to get to play with my 2 of my brothers, but as a budget team can they afford up to 24 million dollars for 4 players ( Ward, Staal, Staal when resigned, Skinner when Entry level deal is over)? Toronto – Can afford me, good team developing, especially if they land Luongo..I would be the undisputed number one centre..

  25. I Think we are All in agreement That luongo is probably not anyone’s frist choice for a veteren starting tender (length of contract, must give assets to aquire)but once vokoun is signed and with Thomas apparently out of play The options for whomever loses out on vokoun tbay or Toronto for example, become limited and luongo becomes more attractive.
    I still personally Think That nj is a darkhorse for lu if marty retires. They really dont have anyone in The pipeline to replace him. Then lu means Lou doesnt need to rush his replacement search

  26. Holmstrom’s retirement may hinge more on what the Wings intend to do via UFA than anything else. The “Holmstrom Rule” has pretty much rendered him useless in the playoffs & down the stretch of the season. He was a great addition to the Wings and his style (via Ciccarelli’s schooling) help them win their ‘Cups, but his skills have dimished and been stunted by the NHL’s rules committee.

    Besides that, the Wings have plenty of faster skating 3rd & 4th line players. The days of the crease crammers is over in the NHL.

  27. @DaBroons: The dictionary definition of ignorant is “lacking
    knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact”. Your posting is a perfect example of this.

    Leaving aside the futility of direct comparisons of players from different eras playing different positions, your comments about Wayne Gretzky are absurd.

    Watching him eliminate the Leafs in the latter games of the ’93 conference finals just confirmed what the 4 Stanley Cups and all the records already showed: he is “The Great One”. You may remember he was playing for a US-based team at that time. Indeed, it’s arguable that without his trade to the LA Kings, the Ducks/Sharks/Lightning, etc. don’t even exist.