Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – June 8, 2014

The latest on Joe Thornton, Kris Letang, Brad and Mike Richards, Paul Stastny, Jarome Iginla and more. 

Will Joe Thornton accept a trade?

Will Joe Thornton accept a trade?

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman believes it’ll take being deal to a “five-star lock” Cup contender for Joe Thornton to waive his no-movement clause, like Chicago or Los Angeles. Friedman guesses Thornton will wait to see how next season unfolds…The Canucks could be in better position to “win” a Ryan Kesler trade now than at the trade deadline. Friedman wonders if the asking price for Senators’ center Jason Spezza (a player, first-round pick and prospect) could drive up the asking price for Kesler…Friedman envisions a scenario whereby the Panthers trades the first overall pick, then using the first-round pick acquired in that deal (provided it’s sufficiently high enough in the first round, and if the prospect they’re targeting could still be available) to trade down again. In that way, they get the player they want plus an extra haul from the two trades…He wondered if the Islanders, who selected Griffin Reinhart in 2012, might select his brother Sam in this year’s draft…Friedman doubts a rival team will try to sign away P.K. Subban with an offer sheet as the Canadiens will match…The Canadiens and Mike Weaver had talked about re-signing but decided to wait until the season was over…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Thornton holds the cards. If he won’t accept a trade, there’s not much Sharks management can do to convince him. If he will accept a trade, you can bet he’ll favor going to Cup contenders…If the Sharks do trade Thornton, it could affect the Kesler and Spezza situations…I think the Panthers will trade the first overall pick, it’s just a matter of finding the right deal…Forget about anyone signing away Subban. The Habs have a projected $26 million in cap space. Subban’s not going anywhere. For that matter, I doubt Subban’s even interested in an offer sheet from a rival club, stating his desire to spend his career in Montreal…I can see Weaver being an affordable re-signing for the Habs. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Vancouver Sun columnist Cam Cole expects the New York Rangers could buy out Brad Richards, while the Kings could buy out or try to trade Mike Richards.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I recently covered this in detail in a recent Hockey News column.

BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa believes the Chicago Blackhawks want to find a taker for forward Kris Versteeg, who struggled upon his return with the club this season. They’ll also need to find a replacement for pending UFA center Michal Handzus…Oft-traveled forward Benoit Pouliot, a UFA this summer, hopes to re-sign with the New York Rangers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman said he still sees Versteeg as part of his club’s future, citing the fact he’s still recovering from a serious knee injury suffered last season. 

NBC SPORTS: Jason Brough reports new Penguins GM Jim Rutherford had praise for defenseman Kris Letang, who’s been the subject of trade rumors over the past month. “You need that type of player”, said Rutherford.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: We’ll find out soon enough if Rutherford intends to retain or move Letang.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater reports contract talks between the Colorado Avalanche and Paul Stastny are unlikely to begin before June 20th. Dater claims the Stastny camp aren’t in any rush, suggesting they’re trying to use this as leverage to gain a better deal. Stastny is eligible for UFA status on July 1.

DETROIT FREE PRESS:  Helene St. James suggests Jarome Iginla would make an excellent addition for the Red Wings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Recent news claims the Iginla camp and the Bruins are in negotiations for a contract extension. Iginla might not be available on July 1. 


  1. Stasny wants leverage eh? Not sounding like he wants to give too much of a discount to the Avs…

    • In the end he’ll take the money over the loyalty. Most do.

    • When every good player around the League gets a raise, and it’s your turn…wouldn’t you want some of that pie? The only players that take hometown discounts are ones that used to be 1st/2nd line players and are now at best playing 3rd/4th line roles…and to keep a job in the NHL, they need to take discounts.

      • I wouldn’t lump everyone in one category. NJ’s Elias could make more playing elsewhere, but then you have to go through the hassle of moving and changing your lifestyle and learning a new system. He likes it in NJ.

        Then you have those idiot players who want to be traded to a cup contender and would take less pay to play for them.

        Then you have those hockey players whose agents run the show and they just spout off the BS that their agent made them believe.

        Then you have those hockey players who are greedy.

  2. Scary to think of the Hawks picking up Thornton may as well give the Richard trophy to Kane.
    Imo I think it makes alot of sense for the Blues to look into picking him up.

    • I can’t see San Jose trading with another Western contender. Even if they trade Thornton they probably expect to compete for the Pacific division title. The return would have to be insane, or Thornton will have to be more willing to go east.

      • Only problem with the east is who are the locks to be contenders? Cant see Boston or Pitsburgh having any interest. Might be a fit in Tampa.

        • Spezza for Thornton

          • lol thortnton wants to play for a contender not the senators

  3. Yes teams need a player with Letangs offensive tallents, not so sure if they need all the other stuff (health issues defensive liabilities) or the price tag. Good luck moving him.

  4. I think Cam Cole is going to be right on both of the Richards. It gets interesting after they get bought out, where they land and for how much. Lecallvier proved last year a buyout doesn’t diminish the demand.

  5. Stastny has said he would like to resign and will accept a hometown discount. I don’t understand the leverage angle….

    • “Discount” is a relative term. What Stastny sees as a discount from market value may not be what the fans or team thinks it is, as it all depends on what line sees as market value..

      For example, PK Subban accepting a deal for $7.5 million would likely be a “discount” despite doubling his 2013-2014 salary.

  6. Re: San Jose
    Don’t see Wilson trading Thornton now. It’s just not Wilson’s style to throw in the towel this early. If they have a “Vancouver” type collapse , then I can see Wilson cleaning house next February but until then it’s I’m going for the cup. Something is going on behind the curtain that we don’t know about. I’m guessing that on July 1 he throws money at Vanek. He let Boyle go but he has been replaced by Burns on the back line so they got younger, stronger, and a little (not much) cheaper at that position and removed 6.6 million off the payroll. If he can get Vanek as a UFA that gives SJ a top six of Thornton / Marleau / Pavelski / Couture / Hertl / Vanek and friends that would be hard to beat as a top six collection.

    • Dealing a veteran doesn’t always mean for picks and prospects.

      FOR EXAMPLE (only, not a proposal), if the dealt Thornton to Montreal for Plekanec and another NHL established element it could be change in team mix/chemistry they need; making Pavelski and Couture the unquestioned top 6 centres and adding an exceptional third line centre that brings a different skill set to the position.

      BTW – As a Habs fan, let me be clear that I don’t want Thornton.

      • Id take Thornton over Plecanec any day

  7. I don’t see San Jose going after Vanek – reason being is Vanek’s performance or lack thereof in the Olympics and playoffs – add to that his immaturity dealing with the media. Vanek has proven he is more into I than Team and he is not a leader.

    But, I agree that San Jose will do something – I can see them going after Moulson he is the type of player they need – one who hangs around the net and picks up the garbage. Joe is a playmaker – Moulson is a garbage man and very good at it. Now I’m sure that San Jose is going to buy out Havlet, so they will need to bring in a RW. I think a UFA that might be a sleeper is Steve Downie.

    Anyway, I just don’t see SJ going after Vanek. And I see them moving Pavelski easier than Thornton – more value, younger and Joe has a modified NTC. I can also see the Sharks trying to deal Kennedy as there just wasn’t any chemistry there.

    • Vanek….

      A poor performance in this years playoffs WON’T discourage teams from paying him the big bucks. San Jose will make a call if they want a goal scorer on the team. All in all he will get paid.


      Ya Moulson I believe is on everyone’s list. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Garth Snow offer up a 2ndrounder just to speak with him before UFA period starts lol.

      Doug Wilson has already stated he will be buying out Havlat.

      • Ya think Jes? I find it interesting that Vanek didn’t generate that much interest at the trade deadline – could it be because the Islanders were asking too much? I’m sure they could have gotten more than a #57 (2nd round) draft pick for him. For some reason, I think teams are on to Vanek and while he is a goal scorer – he is immature and petulant. I just think that more teams will go after Gaborek, Stastny, Cammeralli, and Hemsky – although you’re probably right – there will be a team that will overpay.

        Also, watching the SC and what I have seen of Brad Richards’ performance – I don’t see him remaining with the Rangers – maybe the Islanders will sign him.
        Speaking of the Islanders, IMO I think Snow just threw away a draft pick to “talk” to Boyle. While he may have been screwed by previous ownership in TB, I believe that if they are interested in him – he will go there. Or I can see him going to the Rangers, Philly or the Avs. I say the Rangers because it seems to be that the Rangers are losing the “size” battle in this year’s cup. They have the speed, but it seems like the Kings are just wearing them down with their size and the King forwards are as big or bigger than the Ranger D. Boyle would give them some “nastiness” and be a good mentor for their youth.

        • The Isles got more than Heniz 57 from montreal….The also got Colberg who Snow wanted but Montreal drafted him right before they picked.

          They could have gotten more for Vanek if they were willing to retain 50% on his salary making him affordable to more teams at the deadline.

      • Havlat may be an interesting post July 1st signing for somebody. 2011-12 and 2013-14 were marred by injury, but even this season he was at a 20 goal/82 games pace. Third line and power play guy or a discount top 6 roll of the dice for a team with a hole.

        • havlat is done

        • GHT, I think you might be right on Havlat, could be a bargain signing because when he did get the opportunity to play with the Sharks he did well – he just had tough luck with the injuries.

          • Havlat back to Chicago? 3rd line guy? Just a thought.

  8. Guess that rules out Thornton being traded to a Canadian team.