Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – June 9, 2013.

The latest on the Rangers, Blues,  Maple Leafs and more.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports Rangers staff will be convening their organization meetings this week where it’s expected they’ll discuss a possible compliance buyout of Brad Richards and the cost of re-signing pending UFA winger Ryane Clowe, which could also cost the Rangers their second round pick in 2014 to the San Jose Sharks (Clowe’s former team) if he’s re-signed. Brooks also reports the Rangers aren’t expected to pursue Islanders pending UFA defenseman Mark Streit, but could have interest in New Jersey’s Marek Zidlicky if he’s available on July 5.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given Clowe’s concussion history and the already high cost the Rangers paid to land him, they’d be better off seeking other options. Streit is believed seeking over $6 million per season on a four-year deal, so I don’t blame them for passing. The Devils are reportedly keen to re-sign Zidlicky, so he might not be available come July 5. 

Could Alex Pietrangelo receive an offer sheet this summer?

Could Alex Pietrangelo receive an offer sheet this summer?

STLTODAY.COM: Jeremy Rutherford reports Blues RFAs Alex Pietrangelo, Kevin Shattenkirk, Chris Stewart and Patrik Berglund could become attractive offer sheet targets. There’s only been preliminary contract talks between these players and Blues management, though GM Doug Armstrong expects talks to intensify 10 to 14 days before the June entry draft weekend. Armstrong also isn’t concerned about offer sheets, noting the decline in the salary cap for next season, plus his club is prepared to match any offers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The decline of the cap for next season could prevent teams from going that route, as is the fact offer sheets are rarely a successful tactic to pry away talent from a rival club. Still, one shouldn’t assume a club with cap space and a willingness to spend wouldn’t try, especially if a rival is having difficulty signing a talented RFA. 

BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont reports Tim Thomas’ agent said he knows of no plans by his client to play in Europe next season…Rumored compliance buyout candidates include the Rangers’ Brad Richards, Tampa Bay’s Vincent Lecavalier, Philadelphia’s Ilya Bryzgalov, Montreal’s Tomas Kaberle and Chicago Steve Montador.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I didn’t put any stock into those “Thomas could play in Europe” rumors. It’s the NHL or nothing if he stages a comeback…Richards, Kaberle and Montador appear likely buyout candidates. It would make sense for the Lightning and Flyers to buy out Lecavalier and Bryzgalov, but there’s talk of reluctance by those clubs to make those moves, at least this summer. 

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons reports the Maple Leafs could pursue Stephen Weiss if Tyler Bozak seeks more than they’re willing to pay. The Leafs aren’t expected to make an offer to pending UFA forward Clarke MacArthur. Simmons also believes the Leafs will seek a goalie comparable to Tomas Vokoun to back up James Reimer next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nothing really new here which wasn’t reported a month ago. Still, good to have an update, as things have been quiet on the Leafs front for nearly a month.


  1. No, no, no… Please there has got to be better options then Weiss and CMac….lol

    • Srry read that wrong….phew

    • I hope they don’t go after Weiss or Mac. Give some of the money to Horton. Grit and proven playoff performance are tough to find. Don’t be stupid

      Eakin heading up the Oil. I love it, I will be his biggest supporter. GO Dallas, Go Oil…

      • Talk about getting the head coaching job at the perfect time. The Oilers really can only go up from here. Just need a top 3 de man and they should be good to go.

        • It is the perfect situation for both the Oil and Dallas, Edmonton has won over a couple leaf fans for sure. We owe alot of the beginning of the turn around (if it is in fact turning around) to that guy and I am sure he will do the same for the Oil and with the group he has there I’ll be excited to see it….

    • I know Weiss might be a slight step up on Bozak skill wise, but if you are not prepared to give Bozak 5 million/year, why would you give Weiss 5 million? Seems like the same waste of money when you can use Grabovski (5million/year) as your 1st line center and get him off checking duties. You can sign a guy like Gordon from Phoenix at 1.5 million to play 3rd/4th line checking center. Kadri should be no. 2. Then use the money to get a physical winger (Bickell,Clarkson,Horton) and spend some money on a top 4 defenseman.

      • You got that right. Neither are worth $5. Horton I think will take a discount to say in Boston. Chicago could retain Bickell but I think some GM will offer him $4 a year and Chicago won’t do that. Clarkson will cost even more with this years weak UFA group, but who knows who will be available once buy-outs start happening. I think Richards would look good on the top line in Toronto (for the right price). NO I am not a Toronto fan. I think its 50/50 if he’s giving another year with the rangers under different coach to improve.

  2. If you try an offer sheet to Pietrangelo and if stl matches, I think they would, you could then try Shattenkirk. Might be the only way to get one of them.

    • Thing is in St. Louis they say they will match any offer sheet but really can they afford it and still make money? There is a reason they are a cap floor team and it’s not necessarily that they have a cheap owner, the chips are kinda stacked against them with that lease deal, market ect. I think they said that type of thing to scare off teams…the offer sheet tactic hasn’t worked interest past on a guy like Shea Weber who is probably Nash. Best player or for ROR in Colarado but I believe it could have if Calgary overpaid a bit more but in this case with Philly needing D and a very rich owner and the situation in St.Louis this may be a scenario where if a big can’t say no to this offer sheet was signed it won’t be matched especially if like gh mentioned there are a couple offer sheets thrown at them St Louis might not have a choice but to let an RFA or 2 walk….

      • If Philly rids themselves of Bryz and Briere and can move 1 more piece it could be a very hard offer sheet to match….

      • you know the funny thing is that ROR would have been on waivers if Colorado declinded to match. Feaster would have been in a heap load of shit if ROR was clainmed and he gave up that 6th overall for absolutely nothing. Lol still dunno how the guys got a job.

        And as for St. Louis I think they’d only be able to match one offersheet cosndiering what they already have on there defense money wise. Like acquiring J=Bo was a dumb move IMO.

        Philly’s always looking to screw other teams over with offersheets so I’m 99.9% sure somethings coming Pieterangelo’s or Shattenkirks way from them. Wouldn’t it clear quite a bit if Pronger was bought out? Seems like he’s done with his NHL career.


        Hey man I wanted to apologize for calling you an idiot yesterday. It was uncalled for. Hope we good.

        • I don’t think STL can sign all their guys and still address their need for more scoring punch. I could see something like Shattenkirk to PHI for Briere and Couturier. Maybe STL’ s 2nd round pick. This will address problems on both teams. PHI is going to have to give up something to get something. They will save an amensity buyout and get a top defensemen.

          • I’ll say it again….did anyone watch Couturier play this year? Had like 4 goals 10 or 11 assists was minus 8 and makes Kadri look like Crosby on the faceoff dot… He is way over-hyped. I know he is young but so is Kadri Duchene ROR Ganger and a few other good young centers that people laugh at when they are mentioned in these rumors yet soon as anything from the Flyers come up that’s the asking price, like they are pulling a fast one… Personally I think the Flyers may have to include Couturier just to rid themselves of Briere contract I would not do that deal if I was St.Louis you could get a better return somewhere else I’m sure…

          • Kevin Shatenkirk to the Leafs Colborne and this year’s first…way better deal addresses both teams needs Blues don’t pay Briere get another young center with some upside and a decent pick. Leafs blueline gets a little deeper and can go sign a real 3rd line center like Gordon…again something else could be thrown in but it’s not a bad start to a deal maybe….

        • Feaster has to be the worst GM in the league. Yes he was given a heap of crap when he got there but he’s been there a few years now and the team has only got worse. The Iginla trade was horrible. How do you not get a 1st and alteast Bennett or Despres or Pouliot or Maatta or even Harrington. Horrible GM. Iginla was the best UFA rental available. And also Feaster could have traded Kipper for something before he said he wouldn’t go. Anything would have been better than nothing. Who cares about his feelings and the other team. Make the deal, that’s why you get paid. Its not hard to put a team together to tank and trade your top players for draft picks and prospects. Ask tambellini, he knew how to do it. Hire him.

        • I’m not sure but I don’t think Pronger can be bought out because he’s injured. Just like Savard in boston. But I could be wrong. Does anyone know the rules with buying out injured players this year?

          • No buy out he is on long term injured reserve…no you can’t buy out injured players

          • shit totally forgot about that.

            and on tim thomas playing in europe rumors, if he does decide to play does’t he have to honor that contract that he signed with the Bruins that’s now traded to Isles before he plays with anyone else?

          • Affording to Bob McKenzie the NYI won’t be “tolling” the contract. I didn’t know what “tolling” was so I looked it up. To me it seems like they can either make him honor the contract or not and they decided against it. Remember they just want the cap hit to make it over the cap floor and didn’t have to pay his salary. But I could be wrong on this “tolling” thing however.

        • Looks like Shitcky doesn’t except your apology. :(

  3. Devils aren’t “keen” to re-sign Zidlicky. They had one discussion and that was probably to tell him that he’s getting to test the FA pool. Good friggin riddance cuz Zidlicky is a terrible PP quarterback. Rabbits and deer could probably stand in front of his slapshot cuz it poses no threat.

    Devils are likely going to acquire a “journeyman” d-man that has some PP ability that can be had for 3-4M/season and put up okay PP numbers (not Zidlicky’s atrocious pp numbers). It will be done either by trade or by free agency, and it’ll be someone people don’t expect.

    Devils are also likely going to acquire one or two more top 9 forwards unless they make a big enough move for a top 6. There are a few fringe top 6s that Lou might attempt (and likely not succeed) to hunt down.

    • Could we interest you in Jean Micheal Lyles??? He is exactly what the doctor ordered…you can have him for a signed Marty Brodeur card…dosent even have to be a rookie card!

    • might have to acquire 2-3 top 9 forwards after clarkson leaves for toronto.

    • Ian White

      • LOL…Ian White…Good one!

        • You know Sulzer was a pleasant surprise from the Kassian trade.

  4. Streit seeking over $6 million? wow he is def not worth that. dunno why he’s leaving nyi, they seem to be an up and coming team.

    • Streit only cares about the money. That’s why he ended up with the NYI in the first place. I can’t see any team giving him a contract worth that much.

    • @ Jes: Isles are opening up a roster spot for Dman Matt Donovan from their farm system.

  5. if the Leafs want to take the next step they need a bonafide #1 center . I like Bozak but unless they move Grabovski they are no further ahead re-signing Bozak. Look at the past 4 cup Champs – Pitt – Crosby / Malkin , Bruins Krejci / Bergeron ; Chicago Toews/ Sharp ; LA – Kopitar / Richards, you need to be very solid at center to contend. A hot goalie and a couple of stud d-man help too.

    • 90% of the centers you mentioned in your post were drafted by their original team. Trading for a no. 1 center is like trying to win the lottery. Unless the Leafs draft this player, we will probably never see him in Toronto. Kadri is the closest we have and he needs a few more seasons to prove he is no. 1. Right now I am confident he is at worst an above average no. 2 center.

      • Richards and Sharp were traded for , I agree it’s tough and you have to give something to get something. Kadri will get better with time but the Leafs seem to have 2a,2b,2c. Grabovski is paid way to much to be a 3rd line center.
        SJ has Thornton , Marleau , Pavelski & Couture who are all natural centers. Marleau could be expendable and would be a good add to the Leafs if the price is not ridiculous. Would not want to pay too big a price unless he agrees to trade and sign.