Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – March 18, 2012.

Tidbits on Price, Parise, Thornton, Marleau, Luongo and more, courtesy of the Ottawa Sun and Toronto Sun.


An expensive Price for Habs?

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports it could be a difficult task for the Montreal Canadiens to re-sign goalie Carey Price, a restricted free agent currently making $3 million who could double his money when the dust settles. Price has arbitration rights but could still be of interest to teams in need of goaltending, like Toronto and Tampa Bay. Ottawa’s Erik Karlsson and Nashville’s Shea Weber are two other notable RFAs who could be of interest to rival teams this summer…If the Sharks miss the playoffs, could they part ways with Joe Thornton or Patrick Marleau?…Some observers have suggested Devils UFA winger Zach Parise might be a good fit with the LA Kings, but “many wonder” if the Kings acquisition of Jeff Carter lessens the chances of landing Parise. The Minnesota Wild “has emerged as the favorite to sign Parise”…Garrioch also wondered if the Maple Leafs could land Roberto Luongo if the Canucks fall apart in the playoffs and Luongo doesn’t get the job done again…If Scott Howson is still GM of the Blue Jackets on draft day, he apparently could use the first overall pick to select Swedish winger Filip Forsberg, rather than Russian RW Nail Yakupov…Garrioch also recently speculated the Senators might consider re-signing pending UFA blueliner Filip Kuba if he carries over his strong play this season into the playoffs.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Price and Karlsson will get their money from their current clubs, as could Weber, depending of course on how the Predators fare in the playoffs, and how much they’re willing to spend…Thornton and Marleau are signed through 2013-14 to expensive ($7 million and $6.9 million respectively) contracts, with full “no-movement” clauses. I have my doubts…Folks keep saying the Wild are the favorites to sign Parise, because of course he’s a Minnesota boy, but they overlook one key factor: Parise has stated he wants to play for a Stanley Cup contender. The Wild look anything like that…If the Canucks were to shop Luongo this summer, he controls his destination (full “no-trade” clause), plus there’s reportedly bad blood between the Leafs and Canucks management, so any swap between those two teams seems unlikely…If Kuba’s willing to accept a one-year deal for less than the $3.7 million he’s making this season, the Senators will keep him.

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons believes the Blue Jackets have no choice but to trade the first overall pick, as it would be counterproductive not to use it to select one of the top three prospects, all of which are Russians, whom the Jackets could shy away from because of their previous bad experiences drafting Russians with first round picks…The Maple Leafs might have interest in Anaheim Ducks prospect, and Jake Gardiner’s former college defense partner, Justin Schultz…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Jackets will be the team to watch in the days leading up to the entry draft weekend, as they’ll also be shopping team captain Rick Nash around that time.


  1. I can’t see Burke landing Schultz if he becomes a UFA on July 1st. Schultz will want to sign with a team where he has the chance to step into the NHL and Toronto is to deep on defence for that to happen. If Burke can convince Schultz to stay in the AHL for this up coming season then maybe Burke has a chance to sign him but I would think the kid would want to move his carear along, get the big bucks and guarantee himself a place in the big show.

    @Durt from yesterday
    Na, I won’t change my name to FireBurke because I’m 50/50 on him right now. I obviously like some of the fantastic trades he has made but at the same time he’s also made some stupid moves. So I will give him enough rope to hang himself by seeing what he does this spring. If he doesn’t make the right moves and this team wollows in the basement next season everyone will be calling for his head.

    All I know is here we go again… Another impossible late season push by the Leafs which just ends up with a shittier draft pick. Hopefully Boston will crush the Leafs back down to reality tomorrow night and push us back down the standings. Picking 8th instead in the top 4 would suck…

  2. I’m sure Carlyle will get the team to play better D by next year, but I wouldn’t say the Leafs are deep. You got 6 guys signed to $21m and you need a quality goalie. None of Blacker, Percy or Holzer seem to be ready. If they were you would think they be getting a peak at the show and be exposed to the new boss and his system. The Marlies don’t need them til the playoffs. As far as a late season push, 2 in a row and 3 of the last 10 doesn’t qualify as a surge.

  3. While I would expect Parise to prefer to sign with a true contender than his hometown Minnesota, I wouldn’t rule it out either. Usually Minnesota plays good D, and they’ve always had good goaltending……I won’t say Parise makes them a contender, but he would make them significantly better. I think it would be a perfect fit playing with Koivu, then either load up with Heatley or one plays on the second line and you have two elite scorers on the top 2 lines. If Charlie Coyle or any of their top offensive prospects take a major step, they could be a playoff team for a long time. Of course this is based on a lot of IFs at this point, but I do think he’d be a nice fit there.

  4. Two in a row moving the Leafs from 5th to 8th would be considered some what of a push especially if it continues. When I referred to the Leafs being deep I was speaking of the 7 NHL quality defensemen currently under contract (some very large and long term). I’m sure Schultz isn’t thinking he is a lock to make this squad next year with all the competition. He would obviously have a better chance else where (such as Edmonton) is all I was saying.

  5. Humor me here, let’s just say the Leafs somehow are able to land a Luongo or Price type goalie. What happens with Francois Allaire when they show up? Are they going to allow him to change their style? I think not.

  6. @gravitymike
    I’m pretty sure the Leafs have used all 4 of their available call-ups after the trade deadline:
    – Making Gardiner (1) and Frattin (2) available for the Marlies playoffs
    – Ashton (3)
    – Rosehill? (4)

    Burke and Eakins have both said that Holzer is NHL ready, so I have no doubt you’ll see him up with the big club next year. He was called up a few times during the year, but since the Leafs already had an extra D sitting in the pressbox prior to that, Holzer didn’t get the chance to play.

    Blacker will get his chance during next year’s training camp, as will Percy, but both will probably need at least another year of AHL time to hone their pro game. Mikus and Gysbers are closer to getting their shot at the NHL level than either of those two, IMO.

  7. Montreal will have no issues in re-signing Price unless Price himself would want out and make it impossible for Montreal to re-sign him, much like Luongo did with the Panthers.

    Leafs need a solid goalie to split time with Reimer. I think Reimer will have a strong season in 12-13, but you can’t be so sure, so…Burke’s got to get a solid goalie.

    The Blue Jackets are starting to play better with JJ in there, but they have so much more work to do. I think they should trade Rick Nash. I think they should trade their first overall pick and fetch Schneider and solid NHL players that perform.

  8. I didn’t know Sweden had become part of Russia. Or if he’s referring to Galchenyuk as the third guy, I didn’t know Milwaukee had become part of Russia.

  9. Kings will/ should make a real push for Parise. Losing Penner and Stoll’s contracts will give them the 7 million need to sign him. They should be seen as contenders, even more so with Parise. And while they did pick up Carter he’s playing on the “second” line with Richards and while Brown has played well he’s not the first line winger Parise is so move him to the second and play Parise with Kopitar and Williams.

  10. I want you to know I wasn’t dissing your team or comment, just adding my opinion. I generally make it well known when I’m trolling and it’s usually in response to trollers. Yeah, some of the younger guys have been up, but if they’re gonna be in the line-up next year expose them to Carlyle now. It’s unfortunate the Leafs would waste a call-up on Rosehill, rather than looking towards the future. And even tho Komi has been playing somewhat better, do you want to waste a development opportunity by playing him instead. Thankfully Finger comes off the books this year and Komi can take his spot in the “A”. You’ve got me on Ashton tho I wasn’t sure he went down, I thought he’s been up since his acquisition.

  11. @ Beer googles ..Durt …Gravity mike


    As of right now the Leafs have used up all the call ups …they are done …Ashton was there last one for this year !!!!

    Burke has been protesting this at the Managers meetings this week ! Does not like this rule !!

    I have a feeling that Parise will stay with the Devils ……Lou Lamirello would have discussed this with him as Lou needs assets and cant just let him walk away like that !!! However the Devils are strapped for cash, but cant see him walking as a UFA and Lou gets nothing in return ….weird !!!

    I say if the Sharks fizzle out this year Wilson gets fired before Marleau and Thortnon get moved as per there contracts ….they might fetch some interest closer to the trade deadline after most of the contract has expired and they would only have one more year remaining then …..they would have more control at that point as well and most likely go to a contender ….if they are out of the playoffs next year at this time!
    Personally ….I think the Sharks should add not subtract !!!! And make one last push next year then blow it up !!! Thornton & Marleau are still very very good!…… Who knows maybe they add Nash …we’ll see!!!

    Why does CBJ have to choose one of the Russians in the 1st round …..?????? They can choose Radek Faksa a Czech who is great !!!! or go after Ryan Murray a big defensman ……would get more out of trading it but they have choices to fill some needs. Theres more than just two guys in this years drafts Jordan Eberle was taken later than most in his draft ……

    If Luongo tanks this year …he goes back to Florida for sure …..Florida has many assets in the bank to do a decent trade and Luongo would fit right in at the perfect time for that team …as Clemenson and Theodore are expandable and Markstrum is pushing the tide !!! I could see this happening for sure …maybe even if they win the CUP as well …just to give way for Schneider !

    Goes no where !!!

    is a lottery right now ….I really hope the Leafs make a HUGE push for this guy becuase there defence SUCK !!!!!!TOO soft and no leadership at that position …Dion get beat to the outside and if his name wasnt Phaneuf …we would all say that hes a 3 -4 d man for sure !!!! Burke really needs to try this before a Nash deal at this point …REALLY ! Maybe a multi player deal for Weber & Lindback ……..would be better than a Brown – Bernier …….

    Blacker not ready ….Percy not ready ……Holzer is ready to go next year for sure thats why I cant understand why they signed Liles to a 3 year deal …STUPID …could have goten a second rounder for sure no need for this guy at this point in the development of this team !!
    Really like…… MIKUS …wish they would have kept him at the start of this season ! Has very good vision on the Ice plays like a winger more than anything when skating with the puck ! ……Stats arent everything !!!!

    BRIAN BURKE …….this is his last year as new owners are coming in and its the perfect time to make that change and move in there OWN new guy …..he is definetly on a very short leash …he needs to be BOLD this off season to get things moving right out of the gates next October …….if he doesnt and they sputter ………He is going to be Ron Wilsons room mate again ….real soon !!!

  12. Honestly the Jackets should trade the #1 pick. They want a turn around within the next few years, and that can help facilitate it.

    Plus it’s not like they haven’t had tons of top 1st rounders already. They’re pretty well stocked, they can take the chance of letting a #1 go. Especially since Nail isn’t like a Crosby #1 pick. He’s not irreplaceable.

    And really has there prospect planning been all that benefitial to date? Nail’s not worth it if the CLB organization just gonna turn him into a Filatov. Trade the pick and get guys who are already top NHLers, it’s the best bet.

  13. ACR

    Agree …….I wouldnt draft another Russian for that organization…it really depends on what the trade would be …like I said Radek Faksa the big Czech center is very good andnot far off the number one rating also has size…he could be a very god draft pick and NHL ready at his size …….IMO

    Radek Faksa 6 “3” 202 pounds Center Czech

    Nail Yakupov 5 “10” 189 Center Russian
    Ryan Murray 6″0″ 201 Defense Canadian

    NOTE :

    There is 12 defenseman rated in the top 30 draft picks in Central Scouting this year.

  14. Oops, Komisarek with an NMC.

  15. @ Chris; I disagree about your point on Parise. Even if they knew they couldn’t retain him, they were always gonna keep him for the playoffs. This team is in horrible financial trouble and playoffs create tons of revenue. Even if it’s one and done, a playoff appearance goes a long way financially, which does make it more possible to retain him. But if not, they’ll shop his rights and take what they can get.

    I’m not sure why you think Luongo is a perfect fit back in Flordia. It makes no sense to me. Florida does not have goaltending issues, and Markstrom has been waiting for his time for a while now. Next year is the perfect opportunity. He is their potential franchise goalie, why bring in a new franchise goalie so he can sit on the bench? If anything they’ll get another Theodore type as a backup/ timeshare situation with Markstrom.

    Your point that Brian Burke needs to be bold…..hasn’t he been bold already? Isn’t that why the Leafs are where they are? Some have been good but not all. Seems to me he needs to relax a bit and let his players develop while bringing in complementary guys (though there is an obvious need for a true no. 1 center).

    I know some out there think Columbus should trade the number 1 pick but I disagree. It’s so rare to be able to draft a franchise player. Someone you can build your whole team around. Only way you pass up that opportunity is if you acquire a franchise player (and center) in that trade. Yes it’s possible to draft that player later on (Jordan Eberle) but really what are the odds? How many teams passed up on Eberle, Getzlaf, Perry, Datsyuk, etc. It’s great if you grab a guy like that but certainly not something you can count on. If they don’t draft one of the two big russians they’ll be setting their franchise back further than they already have.

  16. Diceman

    I disagree with you on the Columbus pick-trading issue, but only slightly. I think that they have no choice but to take Yakupov with the first pick or risk additional future ridicule (see Doug Wickenheiser-Denis Savard). I think it might be wise to trade down a few picks (say to no 5 or 6), where they can probably still draft a Faksa or a Forsberg. This gets them another asset (as part of that trade) avoids the stigma that comes from passing on the concensus No. 1, and has the added bonus of not having to take one of the Russians, which could also be a stresser for them.

  17. @Chris

    Wow, I can’r seem to find much to post about except for your comments, lol. No offense but we seldom agree.

    Buke is looking for a faster rebuild, how can anyone saying signing Liles is “STUPID”? Now that he’s signed, it makes him more tradable, should BB decide to move him. You get peanuts for trading a rental player. If this is a traditional rebuild, sure, you don’t even pick the guy up in the first place. You seem to only be juding this player on his post-concussion return play.

    “BRIAN BURKE …….this is his last year … ” Wow, glad you’re not the new owner is all I can say, you’d hit the reset button and and undo a lot of good work. I’m not sure what job you have, but if you had your moist important strength removed from your effort, would you think it fair that you get judged, and fired? Tell me what mid-level team (that’s all they were expected to be) would remain that with their number one goalie out of the equation? How would this team have done, with say, a Carey Price in goal? And you’d throw that all away?

  18. Brunswicker-

    Most of the rumors I’ve heard include a lower in the 1st round pick in the package. Which is good, as long as they still get good NHL players now too.

    And on the ridicule, that’s realy a non-issue at this point. Columbus has hit rock bottom in the ridicule department way before now, so that shouldn’t even be considered by they. It’s not like trading away the #1 is gonna make them a joke, in all honesty, they’ve been a joke for years.

  19. Stigma or ridicule don’t really factor into this. It’s pretty simple, they need to take the best player in the draft. The consensus seems to be that that’s Yakupov. Unless they talk to him and have reason to believe he either wants to stay in Russia, or does not wanna be the guy i n Columbus, then they should draft him. Russian or not, makes no difference in my mind. Each guy should be judged individually.

  20. Montreal will not have any problem re-signing price, basically he’s getting a deal done, it might cost a lot but i’m sure the habs will be happy to give him what he wants. A number one goalie is key and Price is just that.

  21. Price will be re-upped in Montreal without any issue. He will get the Cash he deserves in and around $6M a season. The bigger prolem will be when this RFA deal expires and he is a UFA… he may walk at that point if th Habs have not made significant progress. In fact, I expect that the Price camp will be looking towards him being a UFA, and he will sign a 2 year extension now and look to see what they Habs bring in around some of their younger core.

  22. Columbus has been burnd with Russians before (Zherdev and Filatov) but neither one of those two players played in Canada prior to being drafted. Yakupov and Grigorenko play in the O/Q respectively with the hopes to play in the NHL full time. this should not be an issue, and CBJ should not trade away the chance to get a key building block just because of nationality. Now, if they trade the pick in a deal that makes sesne, different story… but “Russians” being the underlying justification to trade the pick is stupid.

    Besides, what do they think they will aqcuire by trading that pick? Teams looking for a young building block, like Yakupov, in the draft are not going to cough up their young, existing core players.

    So CBJ is either
    1) Trading Nash and rebuilding (draft Yakupov, or trade #1 pick to move down and draft 2 players), or
    2) Keeping Nash and trading the #1 pick for someone he can play with (like Thronton etc), but that would be an older player.
    3) Trade Nash and the #1 pick to a team willing to give you everything they have to make you credible next season. (As an example of what I mean here is can you trade Nash+1st to LA for Kopitar, Brown, 1st?) Highly unlikely this is going to happen.

    One thing CBJ definatley doe NOT do, is go off the board with the #1 and pick someone either than Yakupov or Grigorenko. That would serve zero purpose.