Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – March 24, 2013.

With the NHL trade deadline fast approaching, check out the latest compilation of Sunday trade rumors.

Are the Panthers willing to "eat" part of Brian Campbell's salary to move him?

Are the Panthers willing to “eat” part of Brian Campbell’s salary to move him?

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman reports neither Jarome Iginla, his agent or the Flames management are willing to speak on record, but it’s believed the process has begun to trade him. The list of Iginla’s preferred destination is a small one and only Stanley Cup contenders. Some other clubs are interested but it remains to be seen if the list widens. Good young players, first round picks and prospects are among the rumored asking price. Friedman doesn’t believe the Flyers are on Iginla’s list as they’re not a Cup contender this season…Friedman also reports Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon denied a rumor he was willing to absorb part of Brian Campbell’s salary to move him…Glenn Healy claims the Panthers are kicking the tires again on Vancouver’s Roberto Luongo, and believes the Canucks have to get rid of him for cap purposes next season,forcing them to move him for a lesser return.  Friedman and Kevin Weekes believe there’s a market for Luongo but not this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Iginla is the obvious big fish in an otherwise shallow pool of available talent, and the Flames won’t just give him away. Ultimately, it’ll come down to the willingness of those teams on his wish list to part with the necessary asking price, though I could see it lowered if there’s limited interest by next week…I’m not surprised Tallon rejected that Campbell salary rumor. If they trade Campbell, they’ll be without a top puck-moving defenseman…I believe Florida is the best destination for Luongo. It’s where he wants to go, and they should be willing to part with a decent return to get him. All due respect to Jacob Markstrom, but he hasn’t proven himself yet as a full time NHL starter. Luongo has, and that’s something the Panthers need. I expect the trade happens this summer. Did I mention he actually, genuinely wants to return to the Panthers?

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch looks at each team in the Eastern Conference and what they might do by the trade deadline. He believes the Bruins will pursue Iginla or Dallas’ Brenden Morrow…Word is the Sabres are shopping Jason Pominville. Expect to hear the names of Ryan Miller and Drew Stafford mentioned a lot…There’s talk the Hurricanes could have interest in Ottawa’s Ben Bishop, and were looking for a veteran blueliner…The Canadiens would like to add a veteran blueliner and perhaps Sharks winger Ryane Clowe…The Devils are seeking a top-six forward but don’t have much to give up in return…Islanders hope to re-sign Mark Streit, Lubomir Visnovsky and Evgeni Nabokov…The Rangers are dangling Marian Gaborik…Garrioch suggests Minnesota’s Matt Cullen as a possible trade target for the Senators, who have Bishop, Colin Greening and Peter Regin as possible trade candidates…The Flyers have had talks with the Flames about defenseman Jay Bouwmeester. Garrioch claims many wonder if they might dangle Sean Couturier as he could fetch someone to replace Chris Pronger…Iginla, Morrow or a shutdown defenseman could be on the Penguins list…The Lightning will deal anyone but Steven Stamkos and Victor Hedman for the right price…The Maple Leafs have been linked to Vancouver’s Roberto Luongo and LA’s Jonathan Bernier…Capitals like Mike Ribeiro, Troy Brouwer, Jason Chimera and Joel Ward could be available…Jets would like to add, not subtract. Alexander Burmistrov is in the doghouse.

Garrioch also mused over the trade status of Ben Bishop.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If I were Bruins GM, I’d forget about Iginla and focus on the more affordable, short-term depth acquisitions, like Morrow…I doubt Miller or Pominville are moved yet, but I could see Stafford being dealt. The other two could be shopped this summer…If Bishop’s available, the Hurricanes could chase him, but he’d be a short-term pick-up until Cam Ward returns…For once, the Canadiens don’t need much. Another physical forward or defenseman would be nice, but aren’t priorities…Cannot dismiss Devils GM Lou Lamoriello making another savvy deal to bolster this team…I’ll be surprised if Streit and Nabokov are dealt…Gaborik’s $7.5 million salary for next season is tough to move at the best of times, tougher when the cap drops this summer…Minnesota Wild GM Chuck Fletcher said Cullen and Niklas Backstrom won’t be traded. Given how well the Wild are playing, that’s no surprise…Flyers have to shed some salary to take on Bouwmeester’s contract…The Penguins are red hot right now, so bringing in a big name isn’t necessary. They should focus on bolstering their blueline…I know there’s rumors of Martin St. Louis being available, but he’s got a no-movement clause, and enjoys great chemistry with Stamkos. Forget about Lecavalier, he’s got a fat contract and a no-movement clause…The Leafs won’t pursue Luongo this season, and the Kings aren’t shopping Bernier…I’m expecting Mike Ribeiro to hit the trade market soon…Jets could be willing to stand pat if they don’t see anything in the market to help them. As for Bishop, it bears repeating that if Craig Anderson has not returned to action by the April 3 trade deadline, Bishop won’t be dealt. Besides, he’s a restricted free agent this summer, so the Sens can qualify his rights and shop him in the off-season.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: cited a discussion by the Sportsnet hockey panel regarding Martin St Louis’ possible trade status. John Shannon reminds us it’s up to St. Louis, who hold a no-movement clause. Jason York doubts he’ll be moved, but if he is shopped, the Bruins and Rangers could be destinations.

TAMPA TRIBUNE: Erik Erlendsson doesn’t see St. Louis being shopped, and doubts the Lightning have much in tradeable assets. He notes Ryan Malone’s recent shoulder injury could hurt his trade value, the two years remaining on Eric Brewer’s contract and his modified no-trade clause makes a trade unlikely, while Sami Salo is needed to provide experience next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While we can’t rule out a major move by the Lightning, I don’t expect GM Steve Yzerman to do something like shopping St. Louis, Malone, Brewer or Salo unless they request to be dealt. Even then, he wouldn’t give these guys away.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks wonders if the Dallas Stars will engage in a “meaningful rebuild” by shopping winger Loui Eriksson.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: And the answer is: NO.

BUFFALO NEWS: Bucky Gleason believes the Penguins will shift their focus to Dallas’ Brenden Morrow to play on Evgeni Malkin’s line, and are seeking a defenseman who could help their power-play, suggesting Sabres blueliner Jordan Leopold as a candidate.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sorry, but Morrow is no longer top-six material, so I don’t see him as a good fit with the Penguins. Leopold, however, might be a good fit on their blueline.


  1. The Flyers would be nuts to trade Couturier, he should develop into a Brandon Sutter type which every team needs … Pens don’t need Leopold, he’s not physical at all … Morrow would be a nice addition to the 3rd line, especially if Shero can dump Tyler Kennedy … I keep reading about a shutdown defenseman … what shutdown d-man is available? Maybe Regher? Iginla would look nice on Crosby’s wing but at what cost? That would move Dupuis down making the 3rd line much stronger … whatever he does Shero better hold on to Despres and Joe Morrow … they are the future, especially if Letang’s price gets too high …

    • Agree wholeheartedly on Leopold.

      If we’re talking Pens-Sabres trade, yes…think Regehr to play a shutdown role with a bit of a mean streak. But Buffalo could be a bit of a one stop shop for the Pens if they’re inclined to deal with each other. Stafford would be a nice upgrade over Kennedy on the third line. And if they actually are shopping Pominville…welllllll…tell me he wouldn’t look good next to Crosby. No idea what they’d want back for any of that, though, and Shero won’t overpay. I agree that he should keep at least one of Despres or Morrow, and preferably both. I would also prefer that he not deal Harrington. Which leaves the kids from this year…Maata and Pouliot. A first round pick is almost a given to be traded if they want anything good back. Kennedy has little value, but is expendable. Jeffrey might intrigue teams. NO WAY I’d deal Bennett.

      Elsewhere…Ladislav Smid from Edmonton would be a Gill-like pick up. If Kris Versteeg wasn’t hurt and Florida didn’t want an arm and a leg for him, he’d be a very Shero-like trade target…younger guy who probably isn’t reaching his full potential where he is, and who is under contract control at a not outlandish amount for a few more years.

      If we’re talking Calgary…I would only want Shero to be interested in Mike Cammalleri (although I think he’s too expensive at $6 million, so there’d have to be some salary going back to the Flames) or Curtis Glencross. Would love for Shero to take Chris Stewart off St. Louis’ hands…but I cannot imagine they’d be interested in trading him.

      Let’s see…who else. If Phoenix is willing to give Steve Sullivan back, he’d potentially be a nice third line guy…definite upgrade over Kennedy…but I’m not sure how he’s playing this year. If I was Dallas, I’d never trade with Shero again…but that’s just me. Maybe Robidas if they’re interested in dealing him. If Colorado is a seller…Maybe Hejda or Zanon. Supposedly the Pens were talking to the Hawks at one point…Hjalmarsson would be the only target I’m interested in there. If Detroit turns into a seller…maybe Kyle Quincey if they’re interested in dealing him. Minnesota just picked Mike Rupp up, so I doubt they’d deal him…but he’s very much in the mold of what the Pens need in their bottom 6.

      Anyway. Think defensive upgrades on the blueline and in the bottom 6…and only a top 6 upgrade if it’s a “Shero kind of deal:” a guy who’s not too expensive, who shows signs of having the ability to thrive in Pittsburgh, who can be had for not an arm and a leg in return, and who isn’t going to bail for the highest bidder this summer. Pominville would be something of an exception…but I think worth it if he can be had, because I think he’d be that nearly perfect winger for Crosby that the Pens have been looking for.

    • If the Flyers trade Couterier for a veteran it will be the beginning of the end (if it’s not already) for Holmgren…. That has mess written all over it with the new cap…

    • Good-bye Joe Morrow. :)

  2. The only teams I can see being sellers right now are the Flames, Av’s and Panthers, everyone else is still in the hunt so why would the move anyone at this time. The Flyers and TB will probably join the other three teams later this week if they fall further out. So unless a team wants to dump a crappy over paid player or UFA I don’t see any other teams being sellers when they are clearly still in the race for a playoff spot.

    • TB just canned Boucher, so I guess you will see Ruff in TB in the next week.

  3. Don”t want Iginla on the Broons simply b/c the asking price is too high, and they won’t be able to re-sign him.

    Dallas should be required to give the Rangers Erickson, b/c they’re entitled. That’s the understory in every Brooks’ column: New York is the biggest market so they are entitled to the star players and entitled to be in the finals every year against the biggest market in the west, LA. Oh well, he hates Bettman, so he’s not all bad, LOL.

    • I don’t think Chia will give up a lot to get him either he’s too smart to make a dumb move.

  4. I don’t think the Devils are that active in their pursuit of a top 6. They weren’t last summer. If the right deal’s to be made, they might, but otherwise their offensive woes have more to do with their defensemen.

    • Even with Kovy’s injury… there’s no move to make right now unless they take on more useless salary.

  5. There has to be a Mattius / Luongo deal in some form to be made, there just has to be.

  6. I find it really STUPID just because teams are in the hunt they are holding off making a trade or are deciding weather they will be buyers or sellers. I’m just an average fan and I can list at least 22 teams that WILL NOT WIN THE CUP! Who really cares about squeaking into 8th place (I know, I know…. LA last year) But seriously, if Flames, Columbus, Colorado, Nashville, Dallas, TB, Islanders, Philly…list continues, make the playoffs, are they cup winning teams? NO. I guess theres a 12.5% chance one can fluke a run and catch a break in the final but in reality…..NOT HAPPENING. So why are these GM’s dumb enough to think that they do not NEED to start making changes YESTERDAY!! Flames and Leafs tick me off every year with this attitude.
    I’ve also hated hearing Brian Murray every year say “We like the group of guys we have, were not going to trade assets for a quick fix”. Ok, wheres the cup Brian? Soon? NO! Ottawa is impressing in every area of the game but does anyone think they can beat Boston? Pittsburgh? Can Canucks beat Chicago, LA, Detroit, Anaheim? NO.
    So, I believe teams need to focus on trying to build a team that can compete against the Bostons, Chicagos, Pittsburghs, Detroits and so on. Instead, they are content year after year after year after year trying to make 8th. Well SORRY, us fans are not happy with 8th because we know you are NOT going anywhere.
    This will be yet another BORING ASS trade deadline day. Teams who are not making playoffs will want a fortune for their players (if they were worth so much you would’t be finishing in 12-15th place) 7-8 place teams think they are gonna pull an LA, and top teams want good rentals for NOTHING!!
    There, I called it!!!

    • Canucks are probably one move away from beating those teams. The only reason LA took them so handily last year is because Daniel Sedin was injured for the first three games.

      But depth moves typically win you the cup, not big rentals. GMs are beginning to learn that.

    • The problem with your rant is that you are talking about teams that need to add or buy to get better but that means you need a seller or a team looking to rebuild. Everyone agrees most of the teams in the league are buyers the problem exists with the sellers. The only reason a team would sell is because they aren’t making the playoffs which consist of about 3 teams right now and possibly 5 or 6+ by the trade deadline. The NHL has the majority of teams close to a playoff spot far to long into the season but that’s what happens when half of the teams in your league qualify for the playoffs and more then two thirds are still within reach at the trade deadline. So either have less teams make the playoffs or extend the deadline closer to the end of the season. The CBA has also contributed to a tighter race for the playoffs.

    • What you are forgetting is that those teams in the playoffs make more money from the playoff games.

      Owners like that.

      • Four great though provoking posts. Thank you.

        • typo, ‘though’ should have been ‘thought’. Lyle we need an edit tag button! :-)

    • One thing you didn’t mention is revenues. One round of playoff revenue is pretty significant, and if there is a team bordering on a playoff berth there is no way a GM becomes a seller. They wouldn’t risk those dollars. Hockey is still a business. It does make for a boring trade deadline day. The parity in the league means almost all teams can make the playoffs. Playoffs represent a huge % of revenues.

  7. in comes carlye and out goes connelly, lombardi, brown, komo etc.etc
    in tampa….in comes ruff and out goes……………….for sure!

  8. On Luongo and Panthers.

    The Panthers need Luongo, but don’t need to add his contract either. The problem for the Panthers is that they need to move salary before adding Luongo and the only one player who is a possibility that would gain interest is Fleischmann, who carries a NTC too.

    Moving Fleischmann gives the Panthers some funding relief for Luongo’s contract, but not by much. And, the problem that gets solved in net, in this case, leads to another problem in terms of offense.

    The Panthers will most likely lose Weiss and if Fleischmann gets traded for Luongo, then those are two major pieces lost on offense. How do you replace these two? Via trade? Very difficult as that would mean prospects and draft picks. Via UFA? A thin UFA market, which also means overpaying for free agents.

    It’s not so easy. Now, if the Canucks are willing to absorb some of Luongo’s salary then i think a deal can be and will be made. Otherwise, the Canucks are stuck.

    The Panthers could find other possibilities such as Bishop, Bernier, Emery, slight possibility in Kipper, and free agents like Nabokov or maybe even Thomas if he comes back? It would be a short-term gap filling solution while Markstrom develops as a back-up and earning more games. With Luongo, it would be tough to have Markstrom get games.

    We’ll see….

    • Nope. Nabokov will be resigned. :)

  9. If Pens pursue a top six forward, like Iginla – they could reunite Kunitz with Malkin and Neal and pair a new wing with Crosby and Dupuis. Agree that their need on D is for a shut-down type, not puck moving – unless Martin was part of a trade for a new wing.

    • Why would the pens split up kunitz and Crosby? They’ve got great chemistry, more likely you’d see dupuis getting bumped.

    • Even more likely you see that line get less effective because Crosby can’t run his own orchestra with his lackeys anymore.

      The Penguins shouldn’t pursue Iginla.

  10. Yea…Duper wasn’t “top six” material either. Morrow would be a great fit playing with a world class center in Geno or getting gritty on the 3rd line with Sutter and Cooke.

    • I guess the Pens GM thought the same

  11. Tampa Bay fires Guy Boucher. Look at the Lightning hiring Lindy Ruff. That is the only major move Yzerman will make before the trade deadline!

    • With some of the injuries and contracts with ntc or nmc he’s got it will be tough to make any moves for Stevie Y even if he wanted to…

    • That’s what TB gets for hiring a GM with no experience and I don’t consider getting to hand pick most of the best players in the world for your Olympic hockey team GM experience. Great player but still no GM experience.

  12. As a Flames fan, my eyes were wide open on the Couturier for Bouwmeester, than I looked at the source. Doesn’t matter, Flyers would never do that.

    • My friends who are Flames fans keep pointing out Jbo eats up tons of ice time. I point out his cap hit and the age difference. Not going to happen without Flyers fans being pissed off. The Flyers need to stand pat and draft their own defenseman to replace Pronger not make a stupid deal. I say that with a grain of salt because no one will replace Pronger.

  13. I wouldn’t mind doing a Stafford or Regehr for Sutter trade with Pittsburgh. I like the way Sutter plays – an aggressive, gritty, energized game and the Pens might just believe they can get some mileage out of Stafford as a lot of people believe he has been an underachiever and would thrive in a different setting. Maybe so….but I think its time for him to go. On the other hand, Pitts has always been a little weak with their D and getting someone like Regehr or Leopold would shore them up.

    I liked Guy Boucher and I think this year TB was bit with injuries also, IMO they are a team transitioning and they have $26M in salary tied up in players over 33 years old. I think they need to incorporate more youth into their lineup. I hope Lindy is hired – rather have him in TB than in Toronto – although I would really love to see him in Columbus.

    • Keep dreaming. The Pens absolutely insisted that Sutter be part of the return on Jordan Staal. They won’t give him away for a rental D-man or a third line winger who’s underachieving this year 35 games later.

  14. If the Devils are looking for a Top 6, Stafford would be a very affordable pickup (in terms of assets); I imagine Buffalo would be happy enough to lose his salary from their books, they’d take some affordable pieces / draft pick back in return.

    • That’s not gonna happen.

      • If it did, Tallinder would be going the other way.

  15. IIRC …Bylsma was unhappy w/ Leopold after his brief stint here in ’10. I can’t see him being a good fit for this team right now. The Pens need to increase their physical presence on the blue line or bottom 6

  16. I think for people to say that he just a rental player is wrong. At the end of the season he has an option to resign, IF he goes to Pittsburgh and they win the cup or come darn close, if Pittsburgh offers to resign him…you don’t think he wont…that team for the next three years will be one of the best in the league. Boston I believe their time is now. Keep in mind Pittsburgh and Boston both brought Recchi on for there playoff runs and he resigned when the offer was there and IGGY is five times the player Rechhi ever was so he will be given that option. Plus IF it is Pittsburgh, Iggy will keep putting up his 30 plus goals a season for the next 3-5yrs easily. LOL Lastly, Jerome knows that he can ALWAYS go back to Calgary.

    • Only problem with your theory is cap space not sure if Boston or Pitts will have the cap for him.

    • Think the Pens are out on Iginla.

      • Maybe not but they risk cluttering their forwards (like Buffalo did)

  17. Morrow will be a Penguin before the day’s end.

  18. Morrow was just traded to Pit……any other insights?

  19. I see stafford and leopold on there way out by trade deadline. there presence on the ice is only hurting the sabres. maybe try and send them both to colorado for statsny.

  20. I love all of this talk about Jay Bouwmeester and his longevity record of games played.

    It’s because he has never hit anyone! The guy plays soft, opting to stick check instead of throwing body checks.

    He walks into corners with a dozen eggs and comes out completely unscathed – eggs included!

    P.S. He still has yet to experience a playoff game in the NHL.