Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – March 4, 2012.

Trade and free agent speculation from the Ottawa Sun, Edmonton Journal, USA Today, and Calgary Sun

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch expects Blue Jackets captain Rick Nash will be dealt following this spring’s playoffs, citing sources claiming the Sharks could be the frontrunners. He suggested the Sharks would be willing to part with Joe Pavelski as part of the return…The reason the deal between the Blue Jackets and Rangers for Nash fell through was Jackets wanted prospect Chris Kreider as part of the return…The Bruins and Blackhawks made offers to Dallas for Sheldon Souray, while the Avalanche and Canucks had interest in Steve Ott, but none of these clubs offered up anything to help the Stars right now…The Flyers were close to trading Sergei Bobrovsky, as Tampa Bay, Toronto and Chicago were looking for goalies…You’d have to expect the Islanders could re-sign P.A. Parenteau, who wants to stay, after failing to move him at the trade deadline….If Predators don’t win the Stanley Cup, expect Ryan Suter to depart via free agency…Sources day three-four teams, including the Maple Leafs, had interest in James van Riemsdyk near the trade deadline…The Ducks were willing to move Teemu Selanne, but left the decision up to him and he decided to stay…The Senators might try to move Sergei Gonchar in the off-season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nash will almost certainly be moved this summer, but it remains to be seen if it’ll be to the Sharks…If Rangers fall short in this year’s playoffs, they might revisit negotiations for Nash with the Jackets…I expect Ott will stay put, and it’s possible Souray could be re-signed by the Stars. It’ll depend on his performance down the stretch…If Bryzgalov keeps struggling, Bobrovsky won’t be going anywhere…I still expect the Isles will re-sign Parenteau…If Predators make it to the Cup Final, or even the Western Conference Final, Suter could stay put…It wouldn’t surprise me if the Flyers shopped van Riemsdyk in the off-season…Ducks GM Bob Murray consistently stated he wanted Selanne to retire a Ducks and wouldn’t move him unless Selanne wanted it…Sure, the Senators could try to move Gonchar this summer, but if he keeps playing well down the stretch and into the playoffs (yes, I think the Sens can make it), I doubt they’ll move him, especially as he’ll only have one year left on his contract, and Kuba won’t be re-signed.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson wonders if the Colorado Avalanche re-sign fading winger Milan Hejduk this summer…The Predators weren’t shopping goalie Anders Lindback at the trade deadline, but might consider it this summer as Pekka Rinne is entrenched as their starter.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hejduk is clearly coming to the end of his career as he’s no longer the effective scorer he once was. This season could be his last, not only with the Avs, but in the NHL…I daresay there’ll be considerable interest in Lindback from teams seeking goalie depth this summer. Matheson wondered if the Preds might land a second round pick, but it wouldn’t surprise me if a team desperate for depth between the pipes gave up a first rounder for him.

USA TODAY: Kevin Allen recently suggested the Blue Jackets could get a return which significantly improves their fortunes by moving Rick Nash this summer.

CALGARY SUN: Randy Sportak recently looked at the best players who could be available in this summer’s UFA market.


  1. I think Burke will take another run at Van Riemsdyk this summer now that Carlyle is at the helm.

  2. One of the guys on CBC said he couldn’t see Lupul and Carlyle working out their differences and figured it would be an on going struggle between the two. If that’s the case (which I don’t believe) I can see the Leaf’s taking another stab at Nash this summer and remaking part of their top line roster once the new CBA is in place and Burke knows what he’s dealing with from a cap perspective.

  3. Truly the ship has sailed on some trade scenarios …..if the sharks dont make a serious push this year …ANOTHER WILSON could be fired …..LOL ….and that may tie the hands of the new GM to blow up the team and trade core pieces for Nash as they may want to blow up the team and go youger and build around Couture instead…..and at that point Joe Thornton may have to become part of the discussion to move on as well as Marleau…..IMO it may be best as most of the other teams in the west are trending yo rebuild and are younger ….you may also see a new goalie in San Jose as well.

    If Paul Holmgren is going to trade a young superstar i.e. J V R he probably would be interested in a PKG deal for a PROVEN #1 Goalie as most teams are looking for ..but that would be his best trade …by packaging J V R and possibley BOBS …he would move forward better … trade scenario would be JVR BOBS and another core piece such as Schenn or Ried or Carle to the Predators for either Weber Suter and Lindback in return to maxamioze needs for both teams especially defense and a goalie for Philly and great youth for Nashville

    If there is one true building block the leafs need to go after as soon as they can its to make Steve Ott a Maple leaf ….the leafs need at least 2 – 3 of his style player in the line up to go any where or do anything ….major dissappointment they could not trade a Kulimen and a second rounder for this guy …..but seriously the Leafs major need is gritty solid players who can also contribute by scoring and play REAL HRAD NOSE Hockey ….they are desperate for this type of player ….well before aquiring a Nash or JVR type player.
    The leafs will have to address a # 1- 2 defensman who is tough and hard to play against.
    Unfortunately the Burke may have to give up a significant piece to aquire a leading goaltender at some point as well……just has to be done. Where and who who knows.

    I still thisnk that Columbus and Vancouver trade Nash and Schnieder in a deal around the draft …and thats where Nash will end up …in Vancouver …and Schnider in Columbus ….but a team will have to be willing to give up the farm for what Howson wanted ……..2 quality roster player ….2 quality propects ….and 2x 1st rounder draft picks ……..who has that to give away ????? For one guy …NOT TO MANY TEAMS ….so if Nash goes will have to be superstar for superstar in a multi plauer deal …and Howson needs a goalie so Schneider makes sense, and ma take less all around for the ther requiremenst if he get his goalie. Zach Kassian Gragnani mason raymond and another core player may be part of that feal as well.

  4. I think the Lupul Carlyle issue is over blown.

    On the Nash front I think alot of GM’s will be in a wait and see this off season if a new CBA deal is not in place or if they at the very least do not have an idea of what they will be getting with it etc. So the Nash deal maybe slowed some.

  5. Just a comment on yesterdays posts about Burke since it’s a slow day in rumourville. I lot of guys posted negative comments about Burke and while agree with the personality part of their posts and the UFA signings I think his trading record and grand plan speaks a different tone. Yes, Burke is a bully, a hypocrite, was way too loyal to his friend Wilson so much so he chose Wilson over the Leaf nation. He is a typical lawyer who doesn’t like to admit his mistakes and also doesn’t learn from them on occasion. Burke has a terrible UFA signing record so far when it comes to the bigger fish ie Connelly, Beauchemin, Komisarek, Armstrong because I don’t think he spends enough time watching some of the players before signing them although the smaller fish ie MacArthur, Bozak, Crabb have been reasonably successful. The one thing Burke has proven is he can trade dirt for gold. Other than the Kessel deal (I’ll get back to that one) he has won every trade by a land slide. He has re-stocked a recently bare Leaf cupboard, brought in an AHL coach who is teaching the prospects how to play sending them up full of confidence ready to go. The problem was Wilson was eroding their confidence and sending them back down so hopefully with Carlyle that will change. While I didn’t agree with the Kessel deal at the time I honestly believe Burke thought they wouldn’t finish lower then 20th so that deal was a no-brainer. In the end he didn’t lose the Kessel trade by that much as Kessel is a pure goal scoring talent for years to come. Will he be the right fit with the Leafs and Carlyle? Who knows. One thing is certain Burke isn’t going anywhere for at least another two years in the meantime lets enjoy some of the raw talent he has accumulated with Kessel, Lupul, Gardiner, Frattin, Franson, Kadri, Colborne, and Carter to name a few.

  6. Burke’s only grand plan is to give Don Cherry a Stroke by not having Ontario born players on his team.

    Burke’s Free agent record is not terrible either because he is signing good players at around market value. Sometimes they just don’t end up fitting in. Be it because of the coach or team around them. Beauchemin is still a good player, just struggled in Toronto. Komisarek can be good I just don’t think he fit well with Ron Wilson’s style. Armstrong same thing. Burke brought these guys in to play hard tough hockey and under Wilson it just did not fit. Armstrong also has had some injury issues also. Connolly was a mistake, but I understand why he was signed. We needed a center and he was basically all that was available. Good on Burke to only risk two years on him though. So overall it does not look great, but it’s more so a problem of the players not fitting in which is his mistake, but its not like he’s had any Leino signings.

    I think a lot of people are upset because Burke was suppose to come in and save everything right away. They hear Burkes plan is to compete for a Cup and want it right away. Or hear that he is looking for a #1 center and want it right away even though they never really come about. (Jeff Carter is not the type of #1 Center Toronto needs.) Then they hear he is looking at the goalie Market and they get upset he does not hit a home run for a goalie at the deadline.

    He is kind of stuck in the Shadows of his own success. He makes great trades, so people expect a steal every time he deals. Fact is, most of his deals he is taking a risky contract in each deal and they have panned out for the most part because they are still good players.

  7. I think the Lupul/Carlyle thing is going to work out fine. Lupul is older and has proven in TO that he can play. I think Carlyle is competent enough to recognize the kid has some game and makes it work. It is different when you get a young player and think they need to be molded. that is where the friction came from IMO. Some of that should be sorted now and the two should be able to work it out.

    I said a long while ago that if the Sharks figure they need to retolol/re-organixe their team it will mean Thorton gets moved. So i agree Chris. The issue, of course, is where and to who for what. I think this is something the Sharks should consider. That being said, Thornton will not be given away and i could see them holding onto him for next season.

  8. hey lyle if you make a run at a RFA is it your own 1st round pick you give up or can you use one you get in a trade? if you can, burke should have traded for some first round picks to make runs at RFAs

  9. After seeing Lupul with an excellent block on a point shot, I think their relationship will be just fine.

  10. Ryan: you must use your own first round pick, not another team’s. If you dealt it away, you can’t make an offer sheet pitch if the return is your first round pick.

  11. Given their desire to keep Suter, whatever happens in the playoffs. I wonder if the Preds would be willing to make a draft day deal with the Oilers. The Oilers give up the second overall pick, Gagner and a prospect (Omark??) to Nashville for both their 1st rounders (8th and 26th) and Lindbeck. The Oilers still haven’t committed to Gagner and with the probably selection of Grigorenko, that would give Nashville some serious offensive potential down the middle and perhaps give Suter a reason to stay. The two picks give the Oilers the chance to take either Galchenyuk, who could be that big #2 center behind RNH, or if they are going to be willing to wait a couple years, then Griffen Reinhart at #8 and either dman Skeji or goalie Subban with the later pick. The probable buyout of Khabby will give the Oil room for Lindbeck and they do have Roy and Bunz in the system.

  12. Interesting suggestion for Nashville-Edmonton trade, Old Soldier. I could see something like that going down although David Poile seems to think that only defence matters – he just never goes for pure offensive talent like Gagner.

    Chris, I can’t see any way your Nash for Schneider trade could work out. Nash has a huge salary and the Canucks are perpetually right up against the cap. Gillis is a bit of a miracle worker with the cap but it’s hard to see the Canucks gutting their roster for Nash, even if they disappoint in the playoffs. Also the Canucks don’t have much in the way of prospect depth to tempt Columbus. Not sure where Nash will go but I don’t think it’s Vancouver.

  13. It would not be good for team morale to bring Nash into Vancouver either with many of the other players signing for less to ice a good team.

  14. @ East Van …ir was runoured in the middle of the eseaosn that Kessler may be had for a Perry feal yes I know Perry has won a cup and was MVP …so I think that Van wwith eKessler Schnieder Raymond and some young youth they can get it done ….please dont say Kessler is going no where are you crazy!!!!!!
    Everyone at the begining of the season wouled have easily said Nash is going no where are you carzy …so I think this is very possible there isnt a better goalie out there who would fit into Columbus better to start a rebuild with …IMO …really makes a lot of sense…….

    After watching the post PRACTICE interview with Phil Kessel it is so reassuring to me that my theory about this guy is soooooooooo bang on and he HAS TO GO …. i fought toothg and nail for this guy in every hockey discussion up until the middle of this year ….its great he scores 30 plus goals …but he is brain dead and definitely not a guy you want to go to war with during an NHL playoff push for the Stanley cup …hes a great guy for points in a regular season ..but I seriously have my doubts about anything else on going…….
    The only way you build this team into a contender is to trade Kessel for quality core players and a legit goalie ….and will post this every day until it happens ….just incase someone actaully listens……for the same token ….as I also said two weeks ago that if Schenn goes belly up …which he has he would be unbradeable ……and I have to admit ..with regret …he is NOT worth a first rounder any more and the leafs have lost stock on this guy as I predicted ……he will also be in Carlyles dog house until he is moved out of town …..maybe at the draft as well …I do not see Schenn starting the season next year with Carlyle ….

  15. Considering that the Preds don’t have any 1st round picks in this June’s draft (traded it for Gaustad) or a 2nd round pick either, this proposed Oilers/Preds trade can’t happen.

  16. @ Innovator – Well said.

    Cherry is an entertaining guy but lets face it, if he was as good a coach as he thinks he is he might still be coaching. Its pretty easy to pick guys off from behind a desk in a TV studio. Why doesn’t he go after all the Ontario guys who prefer not to play for the Leafs? I bet there are some, just like those Quebec born players who do not want to play for the Habs, like Lecavalier, St. Louis, even when they were doing well. Why? Because they would have to listen to Don Cherry and his fellow critics when the sky was not blue.Like Canadian born players who turned down a chance to play for the Leafs… who opted instead for a golden parachute…Hello Brad Richards.

    What I hear about Carlyle that I like is that he is very clear about players roles and communicating precisely what he wants and expects. That is good for younger players. But if fans and critics are expecting him to coddle the youngsters and be gentle with them as they accused Wilson of not being, they could be in for a big surprise. Under Carlyle some might get stronger but some will get crushed.

    I disagree Wilson was eroding players confidence by sending some players down.There are a few issues. If you do not produce you do not stay. Hard to justify 8 million in the press box when Kadri is not lighting it up either. Also, contracts. Armstrong, Komisarek have one way contracts. They cannot go to minors. So unless they are injured or a healthy scratch, they play and Nazem does not. Lastly, if you are hoping for a team to show interest in an anchor, they want to see it on the boat its actually attached to.

  17. I don’t believe that a “One Way” contract means you can’t be sent to the minors. I believe that it means that no matter where you play, you are payed the same amount of money. Two way contracts have different amount depending on whether you are with big club or the AHL affiliate.


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