Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – May 11, 2014

The latest on Marian Gaborik, Matt Moulson, Ryan Miller, James Reimer, Matt Niskanen, Cam Ward and more. 

Will the Kings re-sign Marian Gaborik?

Will the Kings re-sign Marian Gaborik?

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks speculates the LA Kings could re-sign Marian Gaborik following the playoffs. He’s resurrected his career since joining the Kings at the trade deadline…Brooks wonders if Matt Moulson’s and Ryan Miller’s  poor post-season play could adversely affect their respective free agent value.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Kings won’t offer Gaborik another $7 million-plus per season contract, but could perhaps offer a short-term deal worth over $5 million per season, though they might have to shed some salary first (hello there, Mike Richards)…Moulson’s reportedly been playing with a lower-body injury, which would explain why he’s looked slow and ineffective for the Wild thus far. Miller doesn’t have the benefit of that excuse. Still, I daresay they won’t have much difficulty finding lucrative deals this summer.

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons believes the Maple Leafs will qualify James Reimer’s rights and sign him in the off-season. He also claims the Leafs have received some inquiries about Reimer…If the Leafs don’t think they can re-sign Dave Bolland or Nikolai Kulemin they’ll trade them earlier for draft picks.

TORONTO STAR: Dave Feschuk cautions the Leafs against dealing young players Nazem Kadri and Jake Gardiner, suggesting it could backfire as shipping then-defenseman Randy Carlyle to Pittsburgh did over three decades ago.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  The Leafs will qualify Reimer’s rights but I could see them trading him before it gets to the actual re-signing part. Don’t expect much in return for trading the rights of Bolland and Kulemin. I’m guessing at best each could get a fifth-round pick. I agree with Feschuk about being too hasty moving Kadri and Gardiner, but is that even possible now with Carlyle returning as coach? 

BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa believes the biggest task facing new Carolina Hurricanes GM Ron Francis is finding a taker for goalie Cam Ward, who has two years at $6.3 million annually left on his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Ward is willing to accept a trade, and the Hurricanes agree to pick up part of his remaining salary, Francis could find a club willing to take a chance on him. That being said, it won’t be easy. The goalie market appears soft this summer. The Islanders appear to have addressed their starter’s job if they re-sign Jaroslav Halak, the Jets are stubbornly sticking with Ondrej Pavelec as their starting netminder, while the Flames appear content with Karri Ramo as their starter.

DENVER POST: Mike Chambers believes the Colorado Avalanche could try to sign Pittsburgh defenseman Matt Niskanen if he tests this summer’s free agent market. He acknowledged such a move would be expensive (over $5 million per season or more), plus they must re-sign RFAs Ryan O’Reilly, Jamie McGinn,Tyson Barrie and Stefan Elliott, plus re-sign or replace UFA Paul Stastny.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Avs have over $25 million in projected cap space. Assuming it costs a combined $13 million to retain O’Reilly and Stastny, it won’t leave much to sign Niskanen and retain their other key players. A trade might be a better route. 


  1. Hmmm not sure why my comment didnt show up but this all sounds vaguely familiar.

    With the Tim Lieweke connection to LA and MLSE fasicination with all these cliche type players (lunchbox tough leader with intangibles) David Clarkson, (won at every level identity) Bolland. Their willingness to overpay this type of player makes some sense that Richards would be a guy they would have some interest in. Kadri (6 years younger cheaper 20 goals more points dragging Clarkson around) a pick and a prospect sounds about right for a guy who plays third line minutes is overpaid and has 11 goals.

    Vinny Ott Callahan Bolland Clowe Malone (minus the addiction problems) Richards all examples of the exact same thing. Character lunch pail type intangibles winners all under 20 goal none worth 5.75 mill.

    • Once again Schticky, why on earth would the Kings trade Richards for Kadri??? How the hell does that make them better? You seem to forget that the Kings are one of the best teams in the league right and the Leafs are one of the worst. The desperate team here is the Leafs NOT the Kings. As for Richards he isn’t a 3rd or 4th liner he is second line center and on some teams even a first liner. Last night he was centering the 2nd line. Dont let LA’s depth at center fool you into thinking Richards is a bottom six forward. Richards has proven his worth and is playing solid for LA in the playoffs and if you knew ANYTHING at all you would realize that he doesn’t have to be scoring points to be an affective player, he’s a great two way center that eats up PK time, not to mention he’s won at every level. What has Kadri done?

      As for the cap, LA will have approximately $9.5 mill to sign two players after they re-sign their rfa’s. They will have to sign a forward (Gaborik) and a D man (???), and if you take what Lyle suggests of $5 mill-ish that leave $4 mill-ish to sign a D. That is plenty of $$$ to keep both Richards and Gaborik, its not hard to figure out its simple math.

      So I will say this one more time, IF LA trades Richards it will be for a solid D man not a 4th line center in Kadri. So propose your garbage to another team.

      • King in 2 years they have 9 or 10 guys that are all ufa or rfa that are more important than Richards Tifolli Nolan Stoll Muzzin Martinez Jones Green king Mitchel (probably done) yes they may have some room to resign Gaborik…then what? you think the cap is going to keep jumping by 10 mill per year? Even if it did all those guys are going to be more than a mill each. I dont want Richards I hate this deal but it could be one that happens…as far as garbage besides Kopitar what center the Kings got that had more points than Kadri? He is 23 years old. Its ok I hope the Kings keep their vastly over priced 3/4th line center with 11 goals but I doubt they do.

        • LOL Shticky…

          Richards is head and shoulders more valuable to the Kings than Nolan, Stoll, Muzzin (WTF, Shticky?)King and Mitchell..

          You keep trying to justify why you think the Leafs would trade Kadri, Gardiner, and a pick…..yet those players don’t fit into the Kings system, and trading an asset like Richards should fill holes, not just taking others players deemed expendable by non playoff teams.

          The proposal is ridiculous.

          • Id say he 30 years oldplaying 3rdand fourth line minutes was invisable lastnight again..Muzzin tiffoli Jones Nolan Clifford Williams Stoll are more part of the future of the Kings than Richards, use that 9 mill in space as king suggested sign Gaborik and a dman, in 2 years you have over 50 mill tied up in 10 guys 12-13 more to sign including the ones I just mentioned think they are all going to be under 3 mill each?

          • I am not disputing whether they trade Richards or keep him.

            Just an FYI…Williams is much older than Richards….he was drafted by Philly the year after Gagne…not a youngster at all.

            The bigger issue here is that the package you offer is not anything that LA needs. They are not trading one of their heart and soul type guys and leaders for players that don’t fit for them.

            Kadri has more worth to Toronto than he does to other teams….there are many teams he wouldn’t fit on due to the depth at center.

            LA does not need Kadri…he wouldn’t fit.

            It’s kind of like saying Tampa needs another back up goalie or Philly needs another 4-6 dman.

            The Kings will not move Richards for players that don’t fit their team, needs and system. I can’t put it any more plainly than that.

      • Who is giving up a top pairing D man for a 3rd or 4th line center with 11 goals? I m sure the Leafs and Oilers have probably looked in to it. Bolland has a couple cup rings won at every level has these intangibles that you speak of same point totals as Richads. Blackhawks have some pretty good centers and depth Bolland made less money and was picked up for 2 second round picks…good luck.

        • Because Shticky…Richards really isn’t a third or forth line center on most teams…..he is a second line center, but having the depth the Kings has, enables the Kings to use Richards at 3rd line to expand their depth, and make the team a harder team to face.

          You are dead set that Richards is a lower line player, and he is not.

          I can think of at least a dozen teams that would jump at Richards, and it doesn’t include the Leafs.

          • Not arguing with ya Gary its a Leaf offer so its worthless in your eyes the same any Leaf offer. By the looks of things Id say the kings could use some offense which Kadri would give (plus pickand a prospect) and for what ever reason the Leafs have a strange fascination with players like Richards overpaid 3rd liners to be tough, build identity and bring lunch pails and what not.

    • Kings would have no interest in Kadri. So the deal ends there. Plus Richards is paid for what he brings outside of goal scoring.

      Not happening for that package Shticky.

      Good lord…you make Kadri sound like he would solve the Kings inept offense by himself.

      • Paid for what he brings outside scoring…lol see Callahan Clowe Vinny Clarkson Malone Bolland. You dont pay 5.75 mill for “intangibles” on your 3rd and 4th line. As I said I hope the Leafs dont deal for him but history and recent events show this could be something that gets looked at. For the record I said kadri a pick and a prospect not Kadri straight up which isnt solving the Kings offence all by himself agreed but its better offense than Richards who is a minus player on one of the best defensive teams in the league.

        • Still no where near enough, no matter what you have convinced yourself of

          • Whats funny gary is if this was a Leaf we were talking about who was 29-30 years old had 11 goals an 40 points getting paid 5.75 mill for 5 more years you would say he is untradeable nvm an offer of a 23 year old center with upside that scored 20 and had 50 points plus a pick and a prospect..your Leaf hate is shining thru. Those intangibles mean Bolland is worth nearly 6 mill? won at every level has 2 cups plays hard, numbers wise pretty close to Richards, kills penalties good defensively, can play wing or center, how bout him he worth 5.75? How bout 5? Ridiculous they are 3rd line centers. The bottom line is Richards is an aging 3rd line center who is overpaid, Lyle acknowledged that he is the one most likely to go as have others. To think there are going to be substantial offers for an aging center who cant score and is overpaid is a pipe dream.

          • @ Shticky…

            This has nothing to do with my dislike for the Leafs….

            Rational thinking says for a trade to happen, both sides are getting something they need.

            The Kings do not need Kadri. So..there is no further discussion.

            Plus, the Leafs don’t have a player of Richards status, so again a mute point.

            This whole arguement we have had for 3 days is not a Leaf dislike based response. The players being offered are not what the Kings need. If the players offered made sense to the Kings…sure…possible trade partners, but the players you are offering are not what the Kings need.

        • @Shticky:

          To think Richards is coming to TO for turds is also delusional.

          I have acknowledged many times the Kings might trade Richards….I don’t dispute that.

          AGain..I’ll say it slowly for you .





          the Kings





          • Sutter coached cammi right? The Kings traded for Gaborik right? They are Sutter types?

    • It wouldn’t be a straight up trade. Toronto would have to add in something other then just Kadri to make it work IMO. Kings are deep at center so I wouldn’t look to much into his third center role.

  2. Leafs should not trade Kadri IMO but should dangle Gardiner. I still believe the best option is to try and land Shea Weber for what ever it takes to finally have that Norris D man. If it takes (Kessel or JVR) plus Gardiner and either a first or a prospect or both then so be it. Shticky will be surprised to hear me say this but if the Leafs were able to land Weber then I would have no issues keeping Phaneuf and Gunnar as our second pairing regardless of how much money is tied up in our D. The Leafs can either have Franson, or Reilly pair up with Weber since he will make them part of an elite pairing. Then the Leafs can stick with the cheaper young guns up front. With Weber/Franson at 26min, Phaneuf/Gunnar at 20 min, and Reilly/Gleason at roughly 14min on the back end the Leafs will be solid. Give all the speedy youth a chance up front along with some young sand paper then Carlyle has no excuses.

    • Im thinking cant score would be a pretty good excuse. Also it would be nuts for the Preds to trade Weber now. Lavis first year isnt going to be stripped of their best player. Weber will be a pred awhile longer I think.

      • They said the same thing the summer the Ducks picked up Neid’s and they went on to win the cup. Sometimes having a great back end allows a young forward group to shine. They can let a young forward group with speed and vitality lead the charge knowing a solid vet defense core and tender are backing them up when mistakes are made.

    • Getting rid of Kessel would just send you back in the opposite way on the offensive side of things. Keep JVR and Kessel. JVR + for Shea Weber I’d do but not Kessel. And it’d take one hell of an offer to get Weber out of Nashville. Even more then what you are suggesting IMO.

      • Without JVR causing havoc in front (and before that it was Lupul) Kessel would be lucky to score half of what he does. Top line of JVR/Kadri/Lupul would be just as good or better then Kessel/Boz/JVR. Anyways I’d trade any of them for Weber so doesn’t really matter.

    • Kessel or JVR, plus Gardiner and a pick will not get you Weber.

      Maybe Kessel and JVR and Rielly and a pick.


      No chance in the best all around dman coming to TO for a group of cast offs.

      • Didn’t realize Kessel, prospects, an 8th over all pick and Gardiner were all considered castoffs. Give your head a shake.

        • Just Gary being Gary…lol not that I see Weber moving for anything Leaf or not but a guy who admits he watches no leaf games because of his dislike of them is probably a true expert on their value.

          • I watch Leaf games…and laugh when they lose.

            I see them everytime the Flyers play them.

            The stats and all add up to inconsistent players who Leaf fans don’t even want.

            Leaf fans drink the coolaid and think they are worth bonafide #1, top 3 dmen in the league. I point out they are not worth anywhere near what Leaf fans want …and I am the one being delusional?

            Remember the crap trade proposals?

            Kadri and Franson for Tavares.

            Kadri and Franson for Kesler.

            Kadri and Franson for elite players is not going to cut it.

            Grow up, son…face facts. The players you are trying to trade daily are also not wanted by other teams.

            And I also thank you guys for constantly putting words into my mouth.

        • The cast off comment was geared at Kadri and Gardiner plus pick for Weber.

          I changed that to Kessel, JVR, Rielly and a pick.

          I obviously don’t concider them to be cast offs, but the original statement of Kadri, Gardiner and a pick…cast offs.

          • Then you need to go back and read my original post. I never said anything about Kadri in my Weber trade talk. I said “what ever it takes” which I included Kessel, Gardiner, prospects and a first over all. I also mentioned JVR if Kessel wasn’t wanted but the main thing you skipped over was me saying “what ever it takes”!!!

          • No one is putting words in your mouth…they just keep falling out your head all on their own, you called them “cast offs” thought about it and changed your mind, same as most your arguements.These are your words same as above you just change themaround to suit your Leaf arguement for that particular subject “the kings inept offence” then next post “Leafs have nothing the kings need…” I would say a 23 year old center who has put up over a hundred points in about 130 games may help with offense. You get pissed off about Leaf fans and youre worst than most. Not sure I seen any really spaming up your flyer up date the other day jes mentioned something and you go all wonky about it yet everyday there is a Leaf post here you are yaking about how bad the offers are. Heres an idea Gary if you “dislike” the leafs or dont want to here about their “cast offs” and “crap offers” (all your words) skip the Leaf portions. Not sure anyone is speaking flyers here

  3. 3 days in a row about Richards ? Sounds like someone has a man crush. Let’s hope TML doesn’t.

    • Lol! no man crush its a tire fire of a deal that I just cant stop thinking about with the Bolland and Clarkson thing it scares me a little, I agree hope tml doesn’t like it either. Last Ill bring it up (unless the post from earlier magically appears)

  4. I’ve said I don’t see how phaneuf comes back. I think he takes the fall for the identity and culture change. But if he does come back the absolute must that had to change is his defence partner. Give him a chance to succeed and he can’t do that with a number 5,6 partner

    • Sorry got cut off. If Richards is available info agree teams like Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Florida will all be at the top of the list looking. Young teams looking for leadership.

  5. Richards is still young and his contract after this year ( 14-15 ) starts to go down. Not sure what I would give for him but yes he could be a possibility. He has been a minus player the last 2 years so TML fans may not love him for long.

    • He will be 30 next year totals only go down from there for forwards of his variety. I doubt many love the idea now. He is signed for another 5 years at a 5.75 cap hit actual dollars dont matter a whole lot for Toronto, they print their own money. Can hardly wait for the complaining when him and Clarkson get around 15-20 goals combined for nearly 12 million dollars.

      • So Shtick you are dead set on Richards coming to Toronto?

        • Not just to the Leafs, Id be deadset against any team giving up youth for Richards and that contract but I think that Nonis is probably going to be desperate enough to do it and with Lieweke pushing culture change identity and we should be more like the Kings (the last team he ran) they will overpay.

  6. Assuming it cost 13 mill to resign ROR and Stasny is not like Stasny is giving any kind of discount to stay with the Avs. They do have lots of room but it could still come down to having to make a choice, Im not sure but moving Stasny or letting him walk maybe their best option to upgrade the D.

    RIghts to Stasny and a pick/prospect for Kulikov. Helps the young centers in Fla (can also play wing) who have room to sign him. Gives the Avs a decent top 4 type d and more money to sign Niskanen or another ufa.

    • That’s a real good proposal. I could definitely see it happening. Can the Panthers just send a conditional pick over to the Panthers? The obvious condition being if they can sign Statsny or not.

  7. Just curious doesn’t Gaborik always shine when he’s with a new team then just shuts down the very next season?

    • Yeah which makes him a great rental player. GM’s should be offering him a one year deal at $7M.

  8. Moulson was slow before the suspected lower body injury. He’s money in the slot but he’s slow and doesn’t hit, there’s a reason the Islanders moved on.

  9. Niskanen has been very good in the playoffs. I can see him getting a big raise from Pens or elsewhere.

    I am sure Kopitar will also push for Gaborik to be resigned even at a 2 yr deal. Gaborik most likely prefers LA lifestyle opposed to …

  10. Reimer to Edmonton, come on Nonis throw in some other names and get us some secondary scoring!