Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – May 13, 2012.

The latest for Mother’s Day from the Toronto Sun, Ottawa Sun, Edmonton Journal, Hockey Night in Canada, and more. Enjoy!


Interest in Nash should increase in June.

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons believes the NY Rangers (if they’re eliminated from this year’s playoffs)  will join the San Jose Sharks, Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs in the chase next month for Columbus Blue Jackets forward Rick Nash…One reason Simmons feels Ryan Suter shouldn’t re-sign with the Predators is they lack the kind of forwards needed to win a championship.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson has been quietly trying to move Nash but is having difficulty finding serious interest right now. Garrioch claims the San Jose Sharks could revisit interest in Nash, as GM Doug Wilson has informed the Blue Jackets the Sharks would “sweeten the pot” in June…Expect Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke to make a pitch to the Oilers for the first overall pick…The Flyers, Wild and Red Wings could have interest in Nashville’s Ryan Suter.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Michael Arace reports Nash’s appeal should grow as contenders fall out of playoff contention, suggesting the possibility the NY Rangers could revisit their interest in the Blue Jackets winger if they should fall short in this year’s playoffs. He guessed the Sharks and Boston Bruins could be among the bidders.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson also suggests the Rangers pop-gun offense this spring could have them revisit their interest in Nash…If Nashville Predators gritty forward Jordin Tootoo becomes a UFA, he could be a good fit with the Edmonton Oilers…The Blues could be in the market for a top-two defenseman to pair with Alex Pietrangelo and some think they might offer up wingers T.J. Oshie or David Perron to get one…Matheson can see the Flyers trying to acquire Ryan Suter’s rights from Nashville if he and the Predators fail to hammer out a new contract next month, but isn’t discounting the possibility he could be re-signed.

CBC.CA: During the second intermission “Hotstove” segment on Hockey Night in Canada last night, Tim Wharnsby listed the top available UFA defensemen under 30, noting the drop-off in talent after Ryan Suter, and as a result believes Suter’s desire for a long-term contract won’t scare off potential deep-pockets suitors like Detroit. Elliotte Friedman believes interested teams will have to put a lot of bonus money into the deal to get him signed. Friedman and Healy also discussed the  possibility of the Predators shopping his rights, and the possible returns, if they’re unable to reach agreement with Suter on a new contract.

NEW YORK POST: Mark Everson reports New Jersey Devils captain Zach Parise seemed to leave the door open a bit regarding a potential return with his recent comments on the club’s performance this spring, citing the good young players who’ll be with the club for a long time.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I wouldn’t be surprised if Nash is moved in the days leading up to the NHL Entry Draft weekend next month. There will be more interest in Nash at that point, because there will be more teams with more cap space and willingness to spend, even with the uncertainty over a new CBA hanging in the air. Teams will be keen to land a star like Nash, believing he can improve their championship aspirations…If the Rangers march to the Stanley Cup, they could pass on Nash…Not sure how serious the Bruins could be in Nas, as GM Peter Chiarelli seems reluctant to break up a roster which is only a year removed from winning the Stanley Cup…Regarding Suter, as I’ve said several times, it’ll be how strongly Suter believes he can win a championship with the Predators (not money or term) that’ll determine his future…Tootoo could be a good addition for the Oilers, but Predators management seem willing to re-sign him…If the Blues were to shop a forward, I expect it would be Oshie. Yes, Perron has the concussion history, but he’s been the better performer of the two, especially in the post-season…The further the Devils go in this year’s playoffs, the better their odds of re-signing Parise, provided their ownership can afford to re-sign him.


  1. Teams will line up for a chance to acquire Oshie, if he does become trade bait. He’s a very talented, physical winger that very rarely makes mistakes (with or without the puck) and plays in all key situations.

    Although the asking price could be too much for some teams to part with, as top 2 dmen don’t grow on trees. The Blues could simply try to sign someone like Ryan Suter via free agency, and not have to give up any players in return. I think Suter would consider the Blues a team he could possibly win a championship with, in the not so distant future.

  2. Surprised \Friedman thinks bonus money is a key for signing Suter. Current CBA only allows bounus on entry-level contracts and one-year deals for (1) players 35+ when contract signed and (2) players who missed a CBA specified number of games/days. Suter is none of those. Guess he **could** wait until the new CBA is signed and see if bonus money is allowed, but doubt it.

  3. Parise talks about the good young players on the devils and how they could and there for a long time but doesn’t notice that those players only got a chance because they are cheap and the devils couldn’t afford anyone else. If Parise resigns for that reason he’s going to regret it when His new fat contract in addition to Kovalchuk’s forces the Devils to trade those good young players or loose them as they begin to earn deserved raises.

  4. I think it would be a huge mistake to trade Oshie.

  5. GHT, techinically your point is correct. However, getting around the bonuse issue on a free agent contract means that there is a much higher dollar amount in the first year of the contract, with the average counting against the cap. Federov’s offer sheet being a good example, with a huge dollar in the first year, with much amounts in the out years.

    I can’t see the Broons giving Howson his ridiculous asking price. Why not just offer the money to Parise and you give up nothing off your roster. Rask is the goalie of the future, which could come as early as next season and Dougie Hamilton is a potential franchise dman. Plus, Nash’s cap hit is higher than Chara’s and no way is he worth that. Nash is paid as a 45 goal scorer and he scores 30. Sure he could potentially score 45 with Krejci, but who knows.

  6. The asking price for Nash is just ridiculous. Any team trading for him will have to give up good young players or prospects…

    Those teams mentioned interested in him would have to clear cap space to afford Nash.

    As for trading for rights for Suter.. that’s not a guarantee that they sign him. Wasn’t Hamhuis’ rights traded twice and he ended up signing in Vancouver?

    Going to be a very interesting off-season.

  7. The Sharks are going to go after Nash? Are you kidding me, who are they going to give up get him? They’ve got NO prospects in their system, and giving up a young roster player like Couture would only make them worse! Would Nash waive his NTC to go to San Jose, a team clearly on the decline? Nash wouldn’t fix what is wrong in San Jose, and in fact, unless they were able to get Nash for just a draft pick (which won’t happen) they’re going to be worse. Its just the ownership and GM in San Jose trying to add another big name to keep the “fans” there from jumping off a sinking ship! Nash would be a good addition for the Bruins, depending on who they have to give up to get him, Savard is probably done, and who knows what’s going to happen with Horton, so salary shouldn’t be a problem.

  8. @GHT and DaBroons

    I think the reference to bonus money is more like the huge 1st and second years in some contracts only to have the value drop off in the last few years to a level way below market price.

    Somebody is going to try and jump the gun to get Suter and they would be wise to take the pic or player they are offered, cause if not they are getting nothing.

    For some reason I see Montreal dumping salary in the minors and then making a run at someone like Suter. He would give them immediate credibility moving forward.

  9. DaBroons

    Thanks, but that is commonly called “front (end) loading” a contract and I would be shocked if Friedman doesn’t know that. Of course I am shocked Friedman (and so many others) still think performance/play related bonuses are allowed to all.

    • I think Friedman is probably refering to a signing bonus which if I’m mistaken is one of the few loopholes remaining that let you front load a contract more than would normally be permitted under the current CBA (there is some formula). For a current example, I believe the Sabres worked a pretty large one into Erhoff’s contract.

  10. Re: Sharks sweetening the pot in June for getting Nash. Believe it. This could easily be a one NTC for another NTC: Nash for Marleau. This trade could be the wake-up call for Marleau he never knew he needed.

    As far as the comment above from the the NorCal_Flames_Fan goes, for as disappointing as the Sharks have been over the last few/several seasons in their playoff runs- and the pre-season predictions haven’t helped- we should all take to heart the revelation of Mark Twain: “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”

  11. Carle to Edmonton

  12. Friedman is a moron almost as bad as Eklund

  13. I think the Rangers would be more interested in Zach Parise than in Nash. Nash is a huge gamble and his price is far more than what the Rangers are willing to land him. We’re not talking about a Sidney Crosby or an Alex Ovechkin here. Why would you give up assets when you can grab a guy who’s about as good without giving up anything in Parise?

  14. “ClinicalNotEmotional” must be a Sharks fan looking at everything through teal colored glasses. Why would Columbus trade Nash for Marleau? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. You Sharks fans need to learn about the game of hockey! All you guys know is the Sharks, and you think other teams will trade good players for the Sharks’ garbage!

  15. I am a Bruin fan and I don’t mind the idea of making a deal for Nash but it comes down to what it costs. Another fan here mentioned it would be alot cheaper to throw ufa money at Parise. I definitely wouldn’t gut the team of it’s near-ready young prospects to add a LW to the team when Lucic/Marchand are perfectly adequet top 6 LWs already in place.

    cap room would have to be created to fit a guy like nash in… so krecji would probably be the scarafice to make the room. and for me, hed have to be the lions share of the value headed the other way. id throw in a couple future first rounders too cause i think nash is way better then krecji but i wouldnt be giving up hamilton.

    nash might be worth hamilton… cause nash is real good, but there are too many other options that wouldnt cost hamilton. thats the deciding factor for me.