Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – May 15, 2011.

The latest from the Edmonton Journal and Boston Globe.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson believes the Phoenix Coyotes will have enough money to re-sign RFA defenseman Keith Yandle but will let Ilya Bryzgalov walk, meaning they’ll have to get a new starter. He wondered if they might take a flyer on UFA Jose Theodore, pursue a trade with Washington for Semyon Varlamov, or investigate Anaheim UFA Ray Emery…He believes the Predators would have to trade one of their defenseman (perhaps Cody Franson and a second round pick?) to land a scoring forward, unless Alexander Radulov decides to return from the KHL, or perhaps make a play for Colorado UFA Tomas Fleischman, though his blood-clot (leg) situation is a concern…The Chicago Blackhawks might deal physical forward Troy Brouwer for depth at center…Matheson believes the Flyers will take a look at Ilya Bryzgalov but could pursue a more affordable option like Florida’s Tomas Vokoun via free agency, or the Islanders Evgeni Nabokov or  the Kings Jonathan Bernier via trade…If the Canadiens sign Russian defenseman Alexei Yemelin it could mean parting ways with Roman Hamrlik and possibly James Wisniewski…Matheson also wondered about the possibility of the Habs bringing back Mathieu Garon to back up Carey Price…He can see the Capitals trading either Alex Semin or Mike Green…He also sees Jaromir Jagr giving the NHL one more whirl, with a team that has a Czech presence…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Coyotes don’t have a new owner in place before July 1st it’s quite likely they’ll lose Bryzgalov as Yandle is more valuable to retain, and opt for a more affordable option via trade or free agency. Bryzgalov did carry them to this year’s playoffs but did suffer a meltdown against Detroit in the first round…Unless the Predators intend to spend up to the cap ceiling, or Radulov returns, they’ll have to go the trade route if they want to bolster their first line scoring…The Blackhawks could go the trade route for depth at center, but I think they’d prefer to shop someone else other than Brouwer…..Bryzgalov and Vokoun would mean the Flyers would have to dump a lot of salary so a trade is a more viable option for the Flyers…If the Habs sign Yemelin, Hamrlik and Wisniewski are definitely gone…If the Habs are interested in adding a more experienced backup there’ll be plenty to choose from this summer, Garon being just one option…Semin or Green could be playing elsewhere next season…I don’t believe Jagr will return to the NHL.

BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont reports the betting around the league is the Philadelphia Flyers will sign Ilya Bryzgalov and partner him with young goalie Sergei Bobrovsky. If not Bryzgalov, they could opt for a trade for LA’s Jonathan Bernier or the Islanders’ Evgeni Nabokov…The Predators are encouraged of late that Alexander Radulov could consider a return to Nashville…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Again, the Flyers would have to dump considerable cap space (at least $6 million) if they were to sign Nabokov. A trade for a promising young – and affordable – goalie like Bernier (if he’s available) or a veteran with a bargain basement salary like Nabokov appears to be more likely options…Lots of speculation Radulov might consider returning to the NHL but there’s no guarantee that’ll happen.


  1. Im wondering if Jagr is considering a return to the NHL if he would want to play with countryman T Plekanec in Montreal. If he is a affordable $2 million then he could be used on Pleks line. Also, in talking with other Canadiens fans it’s a general consensus that they need to retain Wiz and let Markov walk. Personally, I would like to keep Markov and Wiz at the expense of Spacek. It shouldn’t be so hard to do and I’m hearing rumblings that Spacek may be considering retirement because of his vertigo issues. Any other Canadiens thoughts? I’m still pulling for the Habs to punt AK and sign Laich too.

  2. I say we have to keep Markov. When he is healthy he a top 5 d man. If we let him go and he returns healthy that would be a huge joke. Markov has been around the longest. Taken less money to stay in Montreal. Reward these type of players. I would love to keep Wiz as well. Here is the 6 D I would like to see. PK – Markov – Wiz – Yemelin – Gill – Georges. Picard as you 7th.
    Jagr would be a nice edition on the Pleks line. That would spark AK 46.
    Gomez needs to go. $7 million dollar waste. Drop him in the minors and sign Richards.
    Jagr – Pleks – AK
    Gionta – Richards – Pac

    That is two solid top lines.

  3. It is going to take alot to get Bernie from LA. Alot of people in the org. think he is the true goalie of the future for the Kings. But the Great One got traded so nothing is impossible.

  4. I would take a chance on Jagr, seems to be doing pretty good at the Championships there with Pleks. I bet he would get more points then AK. As long as we aren’t paying much like you said.

    I as well would rather we keep Wiz over Markov, only because I think Markov is damaged goods. Wiz played through a lot for us in the little time we had him, and is just hitting his prime.

  5. I think there is a lot of credibility to the notion that a signing of Yemelin means a return of Markov…in which case wiz probably will not be back. Of course, as was said, I think there are enough teams that are looking for an experienced #4 defenseman and Spacek fits that so it should be easy to move him. Either way, Markov should not be allowed to just walk,rather he should be traded for picks/prospects depending on his performance/games played. I’m harping on this but I think Gill would be a great replacement for Muller so maybe that would also free up some salary to bring back Wiz.

  6. I’d rather see Jagr in Montreal than in Pittsburgh. Then again, I’m a Devils fan.

  7. I want to see the Caps trade Varlamov for Doan. I guess they’d have to resign him first, but it works otherwise. If the Coyotes let Bryz walk, Varly would be a good, low cost replacement. For the Caps, Doan would be a great power forward to replace the aging Knuble, and fill the gaps left by Laich possibly going elsewhere and Fehr having another shoulder surgery. And Doan gets to spend his final years competing for a Cup, instead of worrying about management and the possibility of having to move to Winnipeg. Get it done, GMDM and GMGM.

  8. I’d rather see Jagr in New Jersey lmao. Him with Kovalchuk and Elias at center, that would be a crazy line, but yeah it’s not happening anytime soon. If Jagr is looking to sign for 2million or so, trading Zubrus and/or Rolston could allow him to be resigned, but there is still a slim chance he comes back to the NHL and a slimmer chance of New Jersey…

  9. Cody Franson would be a great pickup for any team, especially one like the Flyers who are cap strapped, have a lot of offensive depth that could be moved, and need to free up some $$$ if they plan to aggressively chase after someone like Bryz or Vokoun. Holmgren has a good relationship with Poile having been trade partners on a couple of occasions in the past few years.

  10. Problem is, the Preds really can’t afford contracts like Carter or Richards long term type deals and I’m not sure either Carter or Richards are the difference maker type forward that the Preds need. And Holmgrem would want an Ellis or Blum over Franson most likely in any deal they might make. If I were David Poile, I would make a strong offer to the Devils for Parise if contract negotiations run into trouble between ZP and Lou. A package of Ryan Ellis and Colin Wilson going back to the Devils could be enticing. At any rate, the Preds have lots of assets to offer for a quality scorer this off-season.

    As far as Radulov goes, his camp seems to be playing the same game they have every summer since he left. They tell Poile that Rads might be open to coming back but then tell the Russian media just the opposite. I seriously doubt he’s coming back, though he’d make another great trading chip to throw into a deal like the one mentioned above!

  11. I have heard and read from other sites and TSN and other top sport shows that the Habs want to keep Wiz in a Canadiens Jersy. Also lets say Markov comes back and he gets hurt again then what?. Jagar could come play for a reasonable contract not millions that would be wrong. Gomez I can’t see him gone or in the minors someone needs to kick his butt to get him going maybe Gainey could take him for a walk down by the ship yards worked for someone eles

  12. “Paul” – you are a wee bit unrealistic in your game plan for the Habs. They are going to keep Markov, Gill & Wiz, sign Yemelin, sign Jagr and sign Richards too! Keep dreaming.

  13. Grizzledbear: Although ZP’s cap hit was a mere $3.125M last year…he was actually paid $5M, and he’s going to want that kind of money again, if not more, and may also want a long term deal to go along with it. So, I ask you; If the Preds can’t afford a contract like, for example Jeff Carter’s, how can they afford a contract like Parise is probably going to want? Also, I can’t see any GM offering up both Ellis AND Wilson for an RFA that is not able to come to terms on a contract. My opinion on Radulov is; he obviously has a problem with playing for Nashville. So, if Poile can include his NHL rights in a deal then do so.

    Regarding Montreal; if I had to make a choice between Markov or Wiz .. I wouldn’t hesitate at all .. I’d take Wiz and let Markov walk FFS .. IMO that’s a no brainer. Do not let Wiz go .. the combo of him and PK (both RHS) will be very good for a very long time.

  14. You cant send Gomez and his contract in the minor because he has a no movement clause… Nary wants to play on a third line this is what he said to the press the other day.

  15. Poultsy: The difference would be that Parise is a top tier offensive player that would give the Preds the game changing forward they need, neither Richards or Carter are that type of player. If Parise wants one of those 10 year type of contracts, that would be a deal breaker for the Preds. The Preds, depending on the moves they make this summer, will have about 4M to add a scorer to the team if they spend to the cap mid-point as expected. If they were to send Wilson in a deal, that would be 1.7M going the other way as well. So they could make a serious pitch for a top line forward. I just don’t consider either Richards or Carter in that catagory and I would only part with Wilson for a legit top forward.

  16. I like Wisniewski as a Hab but don’t forget he only played half a season there. He played great, but Markov played better for a lot longer. Obviously the knee is the wildcard, but a long term commitment to a guy who only played half a season in Montreal and has already been traded three times in his nhl career should be seen as a risk as well.

  17. with all due respect, saying that richards isn’t a top tier offensive player is like saying scott gomez earned his salary this year……Carter won’t go to the predators because the flyers need a goalie and no way preds trade pekka!!!! I think they would rather overpay him than let him leave…..Have to agree with SKYDOGG about pauls comments, as those moves are unrealistic……adding 15-20 million to the roster and only subtracting 7-8 mill wont work with the habs cap situation.

  18. Grizzledbear: If you don’t think Mike Richards is a “difference maker” type forward, then you obviously don’t watch a lot of hockey. He’s one of the best overall players in the league and has carried the Flyers on his back on many occasion. But let’s not kid ourselves…Richards is not being traded…Carter might not be going anywhere either…but we’ll see.

  19. Poultsy, you may want to read what I said a bit more clearly. I didn’t say Richards or Carter weren’t good players, they are, but they are not as good as Parise. Add to that their long contracts and it makes the Preds dealing for them highly unlikely. Take Richards or Carter out of the high powered lineup the Flyers have and you’ll see a decline in their numbers. Parise, on the other hand, has put up big nunbers in a tight defensive system that the Devils use. If the Preds give up top prospects like the one’s I mentioned, they have to get a Parise type player in return.


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