Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – May 1st, 2011.

May Day! May Day! The latest from the Toronto Sun, Calgary Sun, Boston Globe and

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons wonders if it would be worth it for the Toronto Maple Leafs to part with four first round picks for Drew Doughty, Steven Stamkos or Shea Weber, as that’s what it would cost if one of them were to accept an expensive offer sheet from the Leafs. Simmons acknowledged they could be re-signed by their respective clubs by July 1st but wondered “what if they’re not?”…Simmons considers Dominic Moore the best million-dollar center in hockey for his solid play with Toronto, Montreal and now Tampa Bay, but wonders why he can’t get better contracts…He believes Tomas Kaberle’s poor playoff performance continues to adversely affect his free agent market value.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A fair question raised by Simmons about the Leafs possibly pursuing Doughty, Stamkos or Weber via offer sheet. Undoubtedly they would be worth those five first round picks as they’re established franchise players, especially Stamkos and Doughty. The real question however is if Leafs GM Brian Burke will actually go that route if any of them are unsigned after July 1st?…If memory serves, the Leafs and Canadiens were squeezed for cap space, which was why Moore wasn’t re-signed by those teams. He could end up on the market again this summer if the Lightning need the cap space to re-sign Stamkos…Kaberle’s not doing much to bolster his UFA value, but I still think he’ll end up with a decent multi-year deal with another team, just not the Bruins.

CALGARY SUN: Eric Francis reports Corey Crawford’s agent Gilles Lupien said he’d met with Chicago Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman three weeks ago and both agreed to negotiate a new contract for Crawford face-to-face at the June draft, where Lupien will table three possible deals ranging from two to four years in length…Scott Gomez’s agent Ian Pulver confirmed his client lacks a “no-movement” clause, stoking further speculation the Canadiens might demote Gomez to the minors next season to clear his $7 million-plus salary from their books.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blackhawks will get Crawford under contract, probably for something between $2.5-$3 million per season…Just because Gomez could be demoted doesn’t necessarily mean he will be. The Habs management and coaching staff will probably give him a chance to prove himself but if he struggles again demotion could become a real possibility.

BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont also reported on Kaberle’s poor performance for the Bruins in this year’s post-season, suggesting management may have to admit their mistake, let him walk via free agency, and live with the consequences of having parted with a promising prospect (Joe Colbourne) and a first round pick to get him from Toronto…Rumor has it the NY Rangers could consider buying out the final season of Chris Drury’s contract. Dupont suggests his versatility and short money ($700K?) could make him an affordable free agent in many cities, especially if Mark Recchi retires.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Barring a dramatic turnaround in his play, where he helps carry the Bruins to the Stanley Cup, I don’t see how they could justify re-signing Kaberle…If the Rangers buy out Drury I could see another team taking a chance on him with an affordable one-year contract.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports rumors the Rangers might try to stash Drury in the minors are unfounded as he has a “no-movement” clause in his contract…Buffalo Sabres GM Darcy Regier has been given the green light by new owner Terry Pegula to be aggressive and selective this summer in his efforts to bolster the roster. Regier admitted he’d like to add “a bit more offense” and perhaps another experienced defenseman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Get my take on the Sabres potential off-season plans here.


  1. Buffalo signing kaberle makes sense. He won’t be demanding a kings ransom, and buffalo is close to toronto. They could use a puck mover.
    Simmonds always writes articles about far fetched scenarios the Leafs should persue. Why does he write such articles? Cause he can. True leaf fans take this for what it is, hockeys version of the National Inquirer, the passive fan who probably couldn’t name more then 3-4 players on the team gobble this up. As much as the idea of having stamkos, doughty, or weber on the team sounds juicey, it simply won’t happen.

  2. I”m doubtful Burke would sacrifice all those pics to obtain either/ or Doughty Weber or Stamkos, but of the 3 of them, Stamkos would likely be the target should Burke decided to go this way.

    Kaberle’s production decline in Boston is of no surprise to me as it was declining in Toronto as well. Whether his skills are declining is a matter of opinion but I”m starting to wonder whether or not the game has the same appeal to him now , like it once did, after all those years of losing in Toronto

  3. His numbers weren’t on the decline in TO Joey. IMO he didn’t fit into the Boston system…team defence. The Leafs where more of a run and gun team which is better suited for Kabby’s game.

  4. Doughty, Weber & Stamkos will not hit July 1st unsigned.
    These players also have to agree to the offer sheet from ANY team.

    Boston gave up a lot to get Kaberle… and so far it has not really worked out.
    I guess Bryan Murray should have wanted more for Chris Kelly who has 6 pts in the 7 games against Mtl.

  5. The reason why Toronto let Dominic Moore go was because he tried to sell himself of something he was not. He was easily having a career year in Toronto (over a full season he would’ve accumulated in the 45-50 point range or something like that) but because he was our best center, he figures he can demand the same first line center salaries that actual top line centers can earn. Burke said it quite clearly when he turned aside Moore saying that just because he was getting top line ice time in Toronto, it does not make him a true top line center. It’s too bad because he hasn’t had as nearly a prominent role in any other team. Since then he’s been a third liner who’s hard working, yet an easily replaceable asset with a modest salary, and an established trade value of a 2nd round pick.

  6. Ok.. did the rules change or am I missing something? The Leafs don’t own their first round pick this year thanks to the Kessel trade, therefore they can’t put in any offer sheet of worth as they always require not only a first rounder, by their OWN first rounder.

    Unless Boston trades it back to them (doubtful) all this talk of good offer sheets from TO is just hot air. People do keep talking about it so maybe I am missing something??

    And ya.. I would love to have Moore back personally.. seeing how some of the Habs played (or didn’t play) this year.

  7. HABS_FTW, the 4 picks will be for the 4 years after.

  8. Since any rfa is still under contract till July 1st, any offer sheet would not include 2011 draft picks (since the draft will have already been completed June 27th) Only 2012 picks and beyond, which the Leafs do own. So no hot air.

  9. Loads of hot air. Just with the proper facts.

  10. True. But if you ask any avid Leaf fan what the chances of us signing Stamkos to an offer sheet would be, most would say slim to none (I admit there are idiots) Simmons et al, fuel the fire. People think they speak for all Leaf fans. I have a major problem with various media outlets in TO, they make me and others look like morons. And making a list of impossible rfa targets is a prime example.

  11. He should have gone with Brandon Dubinsky – a lot more chance they can screw over a cap-tight team like the Rangers with an offer sheet. That is, if he’s not re-signed or taken to arbitration…

  12. As much as I like Dubinsky, he doesn’t solve our problem of a first line center. We have a log jam at second line centers with grabovski, colborne and kadri. We need a true #1. my guess is Burke trades for the rights to Richards at the draft if he is still unsigned. If not, he targets Brooks Laich (if still unsigned of course) to a one-two year deal as a band aid. And hopefully a future trade involving Bozak, prospects and/or picks for Stastny at the end of next year is possible. 2012/13 will be the year Colorado has a lot of key rfa’s to sign and might have to move salary if they are still a budget team.

  13. The Rangers are essentially in the same boat as Toronto, regards to the center position. They have a top-end winger, two great hustle/energy/grinder lines, a couple fourth line players and some potential talent in the system to round it out. Just a first-line center away from being a decent playoff team. I think the Rangers might be a little better off in the Defense and Goaltender department, but I’m a homer so my opinion is sort of pointless.

    If the Rangers fail to sign all their RFA’s before 07/01, then there are three facts to remember. First, Glen Sather should be fired, tar and feathered, shot in the kneecaps, and dragged through the streets of Manhattan. Second, it would be a blessing in the management’s eyes because now they have more money to offer Richards. This fact is also known as herp derp logic. Third, I am not kidding here. If Sather doesn’t have the four big RFA’s re-signed by the end of June he deserves some mob justice.

    Anyway the point is, Dubinsky is a very productive player but he’s not a first-line center and doesn’t fit Toronto’s needs. Stamkos is really the only guy that might fit that description, but since Yzerman isn’t insane, he won’t be available.

  14. My bad.. that makes sense seeing as the offer sheets are after the draft 😉

  15. Re: Dominic Moore. According to a family member of Moores who I spoke with, the Agent blew it with Toronto. He wanted to stay, Wilson wanted him to stay and so did Burke. My son and I actually got to speak with Burke about it at a function and Moore could have had a good 3 year deal with the Leafs (in the 1.5 – 1.7 per year range) but his agent demanded 2 and up. He was hurt in Buffalo, was good in Montreal and is really at home in Tampa. I think he signs a 2 to 3 year deal with Tampa as their 3rd line centre. He is one of the best defensive centres in the game right now. Would love to see him back with the Leafs but that ship has sailed..

  16. Where do you find the information to see what a team has to give in draft picks if they sign a restricted free agent?

  17. Why does everyone think that Brooks Laich is going to leave the Caps who are a perennial playoff contender to go play for a team like the Leafs?

  18. Everyone or just me? Lol! I meant they may take a shot at him sure, hardly a sure thing. But I guess you’re happy you got you’re shot in at “a team like the Leafs.”

  19. @Dino – Just go to Wikipedia, and search for “offer sheet”. They have the values for 2010 posted there, I’m not sure when new values for 2011 would be posted.

  20. Thanks LeafNationUS,

    And thanks for the Gomez buy out stats you gave me last week, that site was really helpful.

    4 first round draft picks seems like to much to give up for any player, even for anyone of Drew Doughty, Steven Stamkos or Shea Weber. Could set you team back years.

    Brooks Laich would fit in with the Leafs nicely on a line with Armstrong IMO.

    Would like to see Wash make some changes i have a feeling their coach is going to be fired after the bolts knock them out here.

    Also i dont see a big difference between Crawford and Neimi(sp?) so why Chi would pay so much is beyond me.

  21. IMO any large winger thy scored around 50 Pts and is a free agent is going to get over paid by Montreal just for the sake of playoffs. If a guy like Laich is available then expect him to get a 3.5-4million dollar deal. Not saying it’s right but I’m thinking that’s whats going to happen. Certain teams (cough-habs-cough) need size up front with some skill. Also, the situation in Montreal is looking good for the next few years so it may be more attractive to potential big sized FA’s. Just saying…

  22. ps. No one wants to play in Toronto.
    pps Every team needs Dominic Moore.
    ppps I have a feeling Laich will be available.

  23. I’m a leafs fan bro….. It’s not just you who says Laich is going to be a Leaf I’ve been hearing it all over. I’m just saying why would a player want to go from a situation where he could win a cup in a year or two to a team that has a ways to go to make the playoffs. I doubt we throw crazy money at him either.

  24. I doubt Washington wins a cup in the next few years i think your going to see that team getting blown up pretty quick here at the very least they will be looking for a new coach this summer.

    And by blown up i mean your going to see some of their talent get moved for other talent example Semin for a more durable top 2 pairing d-man or something along those lines this team can not win in the play offs.