Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – May 20, 2012.

The latest from the Edmonton Journal, New York Post and Philadelphia Inquirer.


Could the Capitals trade Ovechkin.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson suggests a trade of Alexander Ovechkin isn’t as far-fetched as it was a few years ago, and points to the Scott Gomez trade three years ago as proof that – despite high salaries and a cap system, and as Rangers GM Glen Sather explained – you just have to find the right trade partner…Milan Hejduk’s new one-year, $2 million contract with the Avalanche could have bearing on the Oilers contract negotiations with Ryan Smyth…Tomas Vokoun could maybe find work in Los Angeles if the Kings move Jonathan Bernier this summer…Matheson wonders if the Canadiens should consider trading Tomas Plekanec and his $5 million per season contract…”Many people” can see the NY Islanders taking a run at Alexander Semin if he’s available this summer as a free agent…The Capitals might only offer defenseman John Carlson $2-$2.5 million per season in a new deal…The Winnipeg Jets could be looking for a new backup goalie…Matheson suggests the Phoenix Coyotes should try to acquire David Krejci from the Boston Bruins.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks believes if the Montreal Canadiens hire Patrick Roy as head coach, GM Marc Bergevin “would likely inquire” about Nashville Predators forward and pending RFA Alexander Radulov.

PHILLY.COM: Sam Carchidi doubts the Philadelphia Flyers could afford to sign both Zach Parise and Ryan Suter, but suggested they could have enough cap space to sign Parise and re-sign Matt Carle.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Wayne Gretzky could be traded, or Scott Gomez with his hefty salary, then Ovechkin could be dealt, but that doesn’t mean the Capitals will go that route. He remains their franchise player, but now they have to find a coach who can work with him. That being said, I’d suggest that if the Capitals don’t make any significant improvement in the next couple of years, the possibility of an Ovechkin trade could increase…Hejduk is a good comparable for Smyth, so his new contract could have bearing upon the latter’s contract talks…The Kings aren’t in any hurry to move Bernier, but if they did trade him, I’m not sure Vokoun would want to be a backup, especially behind Jonathan Quick, who’ll play between 60-70 games next season…The Canadiens won’t trade Plekanec, whose offensive decline last season was due to a revolving door of linemates…Semin would be a terrific replacement for Parenteau on the first line, but would Islanders management actually break with their current building with affordable players to pursue an expensive option? Doesn’t seem likely …Carlson could get over $3 million per, as I don’t believe the Capitals will go that cheap on him…There’s plenty of good options in this summer’s UFA market if the Jets decide to bring in a new backup goalie…Until the Coyotes get new ownership, they won’t be taking on expensive, long-term contracts like Krejci’s, and even then, that’s doubtful…If we’re to believe the recent speculation out of Montreal, Roy isn’t among the favorites for the head coaching job with the Canadiens. Regardless of who becomes their head coach, it remains to be seen what moves Bergevin could make…Parise to the Flyers? Well, that’s a change from “Suter to the Flyers”. 


  1. In Smyth’s best years he put up about 60 points, and I think this year he put up very close to 50 so he hasn’t slipped that much.

    I just think his last contract was wayyyyyyy too much. I say your lookin at 1 year 3.0 mil.

    But he brings alot more then just points to the table.

  2. I believe that Dale Hunter left as head coach of the Capitols because the writing was on the wall. Ovechkin will stay in Washington and will continue playing the way he always does, which is 2 to 3 minute shifts and continue being selfish. Along with that the owner has too much to say about how he wants the club to play and doesn’t give the head coach the autonomy he wants and needs.
    While the Lazy 8 talked about buying into Hunter’s strategy it was easy to see that he wasn’t happy with his reduced playing time and I would bet that he and the owner talked about that subject at the end of season meeting and prior to Hunter quitting.
    Ovechkin can be and in my estimation is a coach killer and his enormous ego will not allow him to be a good team player. Sure he can score goals but last year he did not give Washington what they expected and needed, especially considering how much he is paid. No matter what the name of the team might be it is and will continue to be the Ovechkin Capitols for now and for years to come and he will not be traded.

    Roy will not be named the head coach for the Montreal Canadiens and when Begevin does decide to hire someone, it will be someone all Montreal fans can identify with. He cannot afford to alienate fans and media with an off the wall choice.

    Philadelphia has proven they are not afraid to move players, even its stars and a captain, if the moves will better the team. They were really hurt by being ousted from the playoffs the way they were and if they wanted both Parise and Suter they would go out and get them and free up the cap space to do it by trading whoever they needed to, to free up the needed money.

    I am not a fan of Semin and if he does not change his mental attitude I actually pity the team that does shell out the money to get him. He could be a Malkin type player and maybe he even will be once out of Ovechkinville, who knows, but at this
    stage of his career with his body of work as his resume, I wouldn’t pay him anyway near the money he will be wanting. The most I would do is give him $3 mil a year.
    The trouble is someone will gamble large green on him and probably regret the move in less than a year.

    • Everything you just wrote is pure fantasy.

  3. That’s assuming Suter and Parise want to go to Philly. Carcillo and Bryzgavlov have not helped the come to Philadelphia advertising campaign. Star players want to go were they’ll be appreciated.

    Philly also is much less appealing without Chris Pronger too. And he’s a huge question mark. Without him there’s less leadership, and that’s somewhat worrisome for a team with so many crucial players being extremely green youngsters.

  4. I’m sorry Philly has to be pissed that they dumped two of their stars, because they couldn’t get it done, and now they are rockin with L.A. looking like they will get a good shot at the cup.

    I agree with it being Ovie’s team, BUT I don’t believe he was forced out by any stretch. The GM stated publicly that he wanted him back and Hunter said no. There was no writing on the wall. They went deeper than they had with any other coach. He got Ovie’s attention and there is no way he was happy, but in the end he did what Hunter told him to do.

    Finally, Smyth should be offered $2-3 million per for 2 years based on other signings. I can’t see him walking away a second time. His wife would kill him.

  5. Beyond salary, the question of a Plekanec trade ahs to do with the number of centers on the Habs. With Desharnais the number 1, Eller, and Leblanc (who I think is better at center than the wing) and the real possibility of drafting a center who will be close, there is a bit of a log jam. That said, I think it should take a huge offer (or a package dumping a Kaberle or Bourque) to be seriously considered. Spector is right as to the reason for Pleks drop in numbers and I really feel Pleks is going to have a bounce back year next season. Next summer, we’ll see where the depth is and it might make more sense then, not now.

  6. I can see Montreal trying to make some major changes to their line-up. Possibly trading Plekanec and acquiring Nash, or throwing a large contract to Parise to join the other two America boys in Cole and Gionta.

    Plekanec would be a great fit for many teams, too, so he should be fairly easy to move.

  7. Trading Plekanec would be a disaster for the Habs. He’s easily their best and only legitimate top centre.

  8. Washington

    Dale Hunter stepped down of his own will to be with his family. That was always what was said might happen when he came on in the first place, he just doesn’t want to coach in the NHL right now. He prefers his current place and there is nothing wrong with that.

    Ovie won’t be out this year as the loss of Semin will hurt their offense. But if they move him it needs to be before the 2014 off season where he gets a limited no trade clause in his contract. Ovie can fetch quite the return for the Caps that is for sure, but at the same time I think they could be a good runner for Nash if he was willing to go.

    The Capitals have the 11th and 16th overall pick this year which could either fetch them some decent prospects and/or decent trade market. I think the issue for the Caps might be that the most of the salary that they lose in Semin will get tied up in resigning Green, Carlson, Knuble, and MAYBE Wideman. Might be smart for the Caps to re-up both and then offer the Jackets

    Green, Neuvrith, and both 1sts for Nash!


    Philly was the big dawg last year. Too many horses in the Suter, Parise sweepstakes they won’t the big dawg of the off season this year. I remain in the minority who think that moving Carter & Richards was a mistake. I would’ve worked with them more on their issues because frankly they are dominating with the Kings right now. A combined 7g 17pts in these playoffs so far.


    I think he will come around and like everyone I see a 1-2 year deal at 2.5-3.5 million a season. He is a great depth player and brings a lot of needed leadership to the Oilers. I think Smyth should get a 2y $3 a year contract myself.


    Will have no shortage of places to play and will be making more than the $1 million he took this year. Expect him back around $3 million a year wherever he lands.


    I’d love to see him in the Isle! Dunno why, but I think the Islanders need to attempt to make big time investments in order to show people they are trying to compete so they can begin to lure people to them. Also Semin gets a bad and undeserved rap and he will be better on another team. Taveres feels like a great fit to me.

  9. Where did all these trades come from not TSN. Until you here it from them then it’s the truth. Roy won’t be coach as it had been told by TSN

  10. Why is everyone all of a sudden crapping on Ovechkin? He still nearly had 40 goals, contrary to popular belief he is NOT selfish nor a coach killer, no teammate or coach has ever said anything bad about him, and he is one of the few bonfire superstars in the league. He is not going anywhere, ever. Period.

  11. Damn autocorrect. I meant bonafide, not bonfire

  12. Any attempt to draw similarities between Scott Gomez and Ovechkin stops at the “c” the “o”, and “e” that have in their names.
    Simply ridiculous!

  13. I really think the Flyers will be a player for a top notch dman this year because Chris Pronger is done. They don’t need any more help up front and frankly need to let their young star play more up front. I’d love to see Suter come here but even a player like Dennis Weidman from Washington would help. And please, please, please do not tell me re-signing Mr. Turnover, Matt Carle, is gonna be their only move on d …