Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – May 25, 2014

Latest on Joe Thornton, Ryan Miller, Thomas Vanek, Dave Bolland, Paul Stastny, Alex Edler and Jason Garrison. 

Could the Sharks shop Joe Thornton this summer?

Could the Sharks shop Joe Thornton this summer?

BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa speculates this summer’s trade market could be a busy one, owing to a combination of various factors, including several teams going through management changes, other teams anxious to improve, lack of quality talent in the free agent market, teams still recovering from the drop of the salary cap following the lockout and draft picks being in play this summer…Shinzawa also wonders if Sharks GM Doug Wilson is panicking by splitting up Joe Thornton and Brent Burns, speculating if Thornton might be dealt…He also thinks the Flames might “kick the tires” on Ryan Miller, owing to his Team USA ties with Flames president Brian Burke…Shinzawa believes the Wild shouldn’t pursue Thomas Vanek and instead find a defenseman to help take the defensive burden off Ryan Suter.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It certainly is shaping up to be a busy summer, and I couldn’t be happier over the prospect. Last summer was a bust after the opening day of free agency…I still doubt the Sharks will part with Thornton and Patrick Marleau. Sure, it’s possible one of them could move but I just don’t think GM Doug Wilson will go that far… Miller apparently isn’t interested in playing for a Canadian team, though he could change his mind if there’s a limited market this summer for his services…Given the Wild’s depth in promising young forwards and Vanek’s impression of the Invisible Man in this year’s playoffs, I agree they’d be better off pursuing another big-minute blueliner.

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons reports the Maple Leafs don’t want to pay Dave Bolland more than the $4.2 million they’re paying center Tyler Bozak…As for the assumption Paul Stastny could become a Leaf if he becomes a UFA this summer, Simmons points out 20 other teams will be bidding for Stastny’s  services.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bolland was reportedly seeking $5 million per season on a seven- or eight-year deal. I don’t blame him for seeking that much, since the Leafs gave a crazy stupid contact to David Clarkson last summer. However, I think Nonis (with Brendan Shanahan looking over his shoulder) won’t repeat that mistake. And I doubt he gets that much via free agency with another club. Then again, never underestimate the ability of NHL GMs to succumb to auction fever during the opening day of free agency.  If Stastny becomes a UFA I doubt the Leafs pursue him, as he could command up to $7 million per season. 

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jason Botchford believes new Canucks GM Jim Benning is willing to ask players with no-trade clauses to waive them. That means an Alex Edler or Jason Garrison trade seems possible.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Just because he can ask them doesn’t mean he will. And those players must be willing to waive them. Still, if there’s a market for Edler (I doubt there’s much of one for Garrison) it’s worthwhile to explore it. 


  1. Giving Dave Bolland over 3 mil per year is a fire-able offense … Pens should deal Martin to Minny for a bag of used pucks … soft as toilet paper … by wasting time the Pens are missing out on Barry Trotz … Mario & Ron Burkle seem to be clueless at this point …

    • Yep I agree with all 3 points. I thought the Pens should have got rid of Martin last year. Clearing that contract would go along way to adding some depth up front. Only thing worse than them not getting Trotz is having him in the same division down the road in Washington. I keep saying the same thing about Bolland let him walk no one is giving him more than 4.

    • Martin was and is the pens best d-man. And Trotz has won what exactly?

      • If Paul Martin is your best D man you are in trouble already and Trotz has not exactly had arguably the 2 best players on the planet to work with but is around 100 games over .500 with a team that no talent up front and couldnt score to save its life. Save the Bylsma has a cup thing, Im not convinced that that had anything to do with his coaching as much as it did with Sid and Malkin (Con Smythe) Lets not forget they made it there the year before when Therrien was the coach aswell. Trotz is a better coach than Bylsma imo.

        • Gee, better players making a better team rather than the coach, who wound have thunk it. Hello Randy Carlyle, where’s Ned’s and Chrissy when you really need them.

      • Niskanen

      • Martin Pens best defenseman? Did I miss something?

  2. Why Miller to Calgary, does not make sense. First Miller has all but made a public announcement that he does not want to go to a Canadian team and that he does want to play with a team that has a chance to win the cup. As best as I can tell Calgary is in Canada and has tiny chance of winning cup. IF and I said IF Calgary goes for a goalie it will be Hiller. It was Brian Burke who signed Hiller as a European free agent.
    It was Brian Burke who waived Bryzgalov so that Hiller could be moved up to NHL ( and Bryz) was playing very well with Ducks at the time. It was Brian Burke when he was Toronto GM trying to get Hiller from the Ducks ( or so the rumors were). It will be Brian Burke who would go after Hiller not Miller because he knows him, and he would likely get a shorter and cheaper contract than what Miller would get. 30% chance that in early June Calgary sends a 4th round pick to Ducks for signing rights for Hiller. Also, please don’t come back with, Burke is not the Calgary GM, yea, sure, I believe that one.

    • IMO there isn’t going to be that much demand for Ryan Miller’s service this year and he’s gonna have to latch on with a team at a pretty huge discount and hope to win the starting job. I don’t see any of the California teams needing his services, but there might be interest in Calgary, Edmonton, Minnesota, Washington and maybe even Dallas or Tampa Bay. Should be an interesting summer.

      • out of all those teams rumoured to be good fits for miller i think Washington is the only probable scenario… With all do respect, Tampa has a vezna calibre netminder… no chance of miller heading there. I feel minny wont have interest also, instead sticking with their rookie who played very well and is clearly more cost effective. I belive Nil in Dallas wont be looking for goaltending also due to needing much needed depth up front and a ton of upgrades needed on defence. Only my opinion… also, i dont see Toronto shying away from 7 per for Stastny, but i also feel he will get more than that and anything more i feel as though the leafs will stay away from, but 7 would be in play… Bye bye Bolland. Will be replaced by Coyle from Minny if Toronto plays their cards right. Again, only IMO

        • What cards are you thinking? If instead of signing vanek minni trade for phanuef that would eliviate a lot of time from suter… Would that bring a package including coyle?

        • Jiffylube, no way we trade Coyle, he is a big part of the future success of the team.

      • @ Steve

        Other then the Canadian teams who need goaltending changes (Van, Calgary, Winnipeg and possibly Edmonton) I see the following teams offering up a decent contract to Miller….

        – Minnesota
        – Pittsburgh
        – Washington

        Also those crazy Philadelphia Flyers.

        • The Flyers already signed Steve Mason to a long term contract. As for the Pens, is he really a upgrade over Fleury? I don’t think so.

        • I could also see Hiller going to Oilers. Oilers were going after him last year but Hiller was playing well for Ducks. They gave up a 5th pick in 2014 and a 3rd pick in 2015 for Fasth. Ducks still need a vet to cover the kids just incase something goes wrong. How about Hiller to Oil for 2015 4th round pick, if they sign him then trade back Fasth ( and his salary) to Ducks plus Ducks send back the #4 2015 pick. If the sign him BEFORE the draft Ducks also send back the 2014 #5 pick. That makes the trade Hiller for 2015 3rd. If Oilers do not sign Hiller they still have fasth and just lose a 2015 4th rounder.

        • The Flyers would have no interest at all. they are set up long term with Mason.

  3. I agree. Miller won’t be in Calgary, it makes no sense.

    Both he and Vanek will have a tough free agency period coming up. The stock on both of these guys has dropped significantly. Looks like Regier and Murray dumped these guys at the right time…and for an excellent price.

    • Vanek’s stock hasn’t dropped off significantly. Guy still is 30+ goals a year guy. One playoff performance won’t decide his contract.

  4. I don’t see much of a market for Miller this summer and I think there are a few “like” goalies available for the few teams that are looking – Hiller, Miller, THomas, Bryzgalov, Stalock, Gustaavson and even Greiss. If Miller wants to play, he is going to have to lower his expectations andmay just have to go to Canada – Emondton, Winnipeg, Calgary or Tampa Bay, Washington, Minnesota and maybe Dallas. I could see him doing something with Minnesota, but the problem is you would still have Backstrom on the books for a couple of years – but Miller could split time with Kuemper as well as mentor him. I just hope Buffalo doesn’t take a step backwards with him.

    • Tampa makes absolutely no sense. They have a Vezina nominated goalie in place.

      Minny I believe still have their buyouts so I doubt they will be afraid to use them.

      • We have 1 buyout left and it could be used on Koivu or Backstrom, that’s the word going around here.

  5. I think teams will be active this summer. There are so many that seem to want to make changes and upgrade themselves, it’s not clear who will be offloading all the talent everyone seems to be looking for. Add the Isles to the teams that will likely be looking this summer. With the decision to keep this years pick and the acquisition of Halak I would expect Snow to try to add some talent to try and ensure that next years pick isn’t too high for the Sabres. I expect the Isles will be looking for a winger for JT and a top 4 D man. Suspect the Isles will still be in on Vanek as they are more concerned with making the playoffs than they are with making a deep run at this point.