Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – May 4, 2014.

Latest on Ryan Miller, Scott Hartnell,  Vincent Lecavalier, James Reimer, Ryan Johansen Brayden Schenn and more. 

Could the Flyers try to move Scott Hartnell this summer?

Could the Flyers try to move Scott Hartnell?

BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa considers it doubtful the Blues re-sign Ryan Miller, in part because they’ll have to give up their first round pick in this year’s draft if they do. He speculates Miller could land with the Sharks if they decide to part ways with Antti Niemi, who has one season left on his contract…The Red Wings seek a right-handed defenseman. Shinzawa suggests Calgary’s Dennis Wideman, who has three years at $5.25 million per season left on his contract, could be a good fit. They could target Pittsburgh’s Matt Niskanen via free agency but would have to overpay to sign him…He doesn’t see many high-impact signings (Thomas Vanek, perhaps Ryan Miller) in this summer’s UFA market…If the Avalanche don’t re-sign Paul Stastny, they could use the savings to improve their defense…Shinzawa suggests the Bruins shop defenseman David Warsofsky to the Buffalo Sabres…He also wondered about Scott Hartnell’s future with the Flyers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t see Miller as much of an improvement over Niemi…The Flames would probably love to move Wideman’s contract, but I think they’ll have to pick up part of it to trade him and I’m not sure the Wings are interested in him. Most of the chatter links them to Vancouver’s Alex Edler…Shinzawa incorrectly wrote July 5 was the start of free agency. That was for last year only because of the shortened season. It’s July 1st as usual starting this summer. Other than that, I agree with his take that there are few high-impact players available in the UFA market…The Avs hope to re-sign Stastny but that’ll depend upon how much of a hometown discount he’s willing to accept. They could go the trade route to address their defense…I doubt the Flyers will find many teams willing to take on Hartnell’s contract, unless they’re willing to pick up a good chunk of it. 

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons cites an NHL executive suggesting the Maple Leafs shouldn’t bother tendering a qualifying offer to goalie James Reimer, as he has poor trade value and they would risk being stuck with his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: On his own, perhaps Reimer doesn’t have much value, but just cutting him loose and allowing him to sign elsewhere as a UFA doesn’t sound like smart business to me. Reimer’s an asset, he still has some value, and if packaged with another player could fetch a reasonable return. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples wonders what it would cost the Oilers to land the Panthers first round pick (first overall) in this year’s draft. He suggests offering up their own first rounder (third overall) plus an attacking forward like Sam Gagner.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Oilers should be very careful here. While I know a lot of Oilers followers would love to land that pick and use it to select defenseman Aaron Ekblad, they must ensure not to give up too much. As it stands we don’t know if the Oilers are interested in such a move. 

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline looks at what could be a busy off-season for Blue Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalainen. Topping the list is re-signing Ryan Johansen, who could receive an offer sheet if contract talks stretch into the summer. Portzline speculates the Jackets would like to sign him to a three-year bridge contract.  Kekalainen said he isn’t concerned about re-signing Johansen.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I expect the Jackets get Johansen inked to a two- or three-year deal worth between $3.5 – $4 million per season, and will do so before July. 

PHILLY.COM/CSNPHILLY.COM: Sam Carchidi reports Flyers GM Paul Holmgren doesn’t have much cap flexibility this summer, in part because of overpaying Scott Hartnell and Vincent Lecavalier, whose contracts he expects to be stuck with.  Holmgren will have to make a trade if he hopes to sign a speedy winger this summer like Matt Moulson, Mason Raymond or Benoit Pouliot. Carchidi also believes the Flyers would be hard-pressed to free up sufficient cap space to pitch an offer sheet to Montreal’s P.K. Subban. He also kept alive the long-shot dream of acquiring Nashville’s Shea Weber, despite the constant insistence from Predators GM David Poile that Weber won’t be traded. Tim Panaccio speculates the Flyers might have to trade Brayden Schenn in order to move Lecavalier up to second-line center for next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Forget about signing away Subban, the Habs will match whatever offer is pitched for him. I have my doubts he’ll still be unsigned when July rolls around. Forget about acquiring Weber. Ain’t happenin’, at least not this year. Schenn is among the few attractive trade chips the Flyers have, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s dealt for either a winger or a defenseman. 


  1. I’ll beat schticky or whatever his name is in proposing this one … how about Phaneuf for Simmonds, Coutourier (sp) and the Flyers 1st? If he’s worth the 1st overall then surely he’s worth that package to a delusional Maple Loaves fan …

    • Oooh good one ed maple loaves…thats new.

    • Will not happen, even on NHL14.

      Go smoke your crack away from the internet please.

  2. Hey Schitiky I am waiting for your apology about Gaborik. You basically called him washed up and not worth taking a shot on for the miniscule return he got (Frattin and a conditional 2nd or 3rd). Remember we had this discussion when I said the Leafs should pick him up prior to the deadline to help spark the Leafs second line (Lupul and Kadri) and help with the playoff push.
    16pts in 19 games with LA and 8pts in 8 playoff games (5 goals).
    Tisk, tisk buddy boy this guy would have single handily got the Leafs into a playoff spot.

    Steve Simmons (Grocho Marks) isn’t ever worth quoting.

    • Keep waitin on the apoligy lol …small goal scoring wingers are not a need in Toronto or did you not watch them play? Shuffeling deck chairs on the titanic unless the d got better no sense wasting assets to aquire Gaborik.

      Anyway didnt want to be an annoying make everything about the Leafs just wanted to answer these 2 meatheads. Apoligies to the rest.

      • I figured you wouldn’t own up to your poor assessment of Gaborik made back at the trade deadline. Didn’t realize Frattin and a second were actually considered an asset when Nonis threw away the same to acquire Bolland and you were all for it. Face the facts buddy boy you are wrong more then you are right. lol

        • You rather have a second round pick Scrivens and Fratin over Bernier? Not sure how thats wrong…Bollánd at 3.75 Im good with its Bolland at 5 mill after missing most a season and playing on 1.5 ankle tendons thats what I got an issue with again how is that wrong? Gaborik is continuing the way Gaborik always has not sure why the Leafs would pick up an aging small rush type winger when there issue is defense why is this wrong?

          • The point was made at the deadline that the Leafs could make a push for Gaborik (a rental) and if successful for the right price he could possibly ignite the second line, Kadri and Lupul and help catapult the Leafs into the playoffs. There was a strong possibility he could have done so given what he has brought to the Kings. The Leafs could have let him walk as a UFA no harm no fowl but certainly worth a shot for a player like Ashton and a third rounder to get into the playoffs and make some noise. The alternative was to do nothing, and we know how that turned out.

    • Leafs24/7, when Gaborik first came to New York he was lighting it up. He played with passion, a compete level that was through the roof and a sixth gear that was exciting.

      For the first couple months.

      Then he tapered off into just an average top-six forward, with the nagging downside of not playing much in the way of defense. He still scored a lot though, and he managed to endear himself to Rangers faithful for it.

      The inevitable happened, and he suffered a groin injury (gasp, shock!). Then he came back, and we were all expecting “HEY HES BACK WE’RE GOING TO SEE SPEED AND -” and then nothing happened. He actually regressed beyond just being an average top-six forward and turned into a guy who probably shouldn’t have played as much as he did (the latter of which was Tortorella’s doing). Throughout the rest of his career in New York he struggled to find any chemistry with the Rangers’ centers, including their big-time acquisition of Brad Richards. Eventually the team gave up on him and acquired Rick Nash to pick up the slack especially in the playoffs.

      Gaborik landed in Columbus, and sort of fell off my radar. I don’t recall seeing many highlights or hearing his name much during his time there, but I defer to the Columbus fans to analyze that.

      At any rate, the tl;dr version is Gaborik plays pretty well for a new team for a little while, but he eventually loses his compete level and starts giving up left and right. Toronto is far better off building a brighter future through good ufa signings, draft picks and quality prospects. Quick fixes leave teams behind the 8-ball.

      • I agree with your assessment.
        At the deadline the Leafs were in need of that energy to help them get into the playoffs and Gabby was the guy to provide it strictly as a rental. For the small price paid to get him by LA the Leafs could have offered up a guy like Ashton and a third rounder. Instead they did nothing and went on an 8 game losing streak and finished on the outside looking in once again. It was never a post saying the Leafs should abandon youth for Vets just to make the playoffs. It was one guy that could make a difference and costs next to nothing Frattin and a third).

        The point was made he could have brought some fire to the second line taking pressure off the top line.

        • What they needed to do was upgrade the d if they could at a reasonable price to take pressure of the top line so they did not need to score 5 goals a game to have any hope of winning not send more assets away for an aging rental rush type winger…think about it for a half a second what if they do trade for Gaborik, he is not the missing piece thats taking them deep in to the playoffs you are not going far in the post season giving up 40+ shots a night . So they trade for Gaborik dont make it or lose in the first round then “fans” like yourself start screaming about why give up picks for a guy that didnt make any difference (all after the fact of course…). It isnt a smart move.
          Do us a favor, be a dear and change the name will ya? You make the few leaf fans who have half a clue on this site look bad. You are the stereotype.

          • Once again you avoid the initial subject where you said Gaborik was washed up (obviously not). He probably would have been an intricate part of getting the Leafs in the playoffs and at the end of the day all you moan about is getting in to the playoffs because you never know how far you can get if you ride a hot goalie, now you say it is pointless.
            Yes they needed a D and MacDonald went for nothing and Nonis did not bother. You pounded the table on this guy and when the Leafs didn’t get him you do what you always do, make up lame excesses why Nonis didn’t land him. You are a waste of time. You make these posts then change your mind and pretend you never said it. Own up buddy boy, own up.

        • I question how you think the leafs could have offered up less than LA did and got Gaborik.

          LA traded Frattin, a 2nd and a conditional 3rd if they get through 1st round and/or resign Gaborik.

          Ashton and a 3rd for Gaborik would have been a good deal for the leafs, but Columbus would have took a lesser deal.

          • We don’t know what it would have taken since the 2nd and 3rds were conditional. Frattin has done nothing since leaving the Leafs and is a smallish winger so at the end of the day Ashton and a 2nd or 3rd may have been enough.

          • What are you talking about? We know exactly what it would take a player and a second round pick a conditional third if they advance or he reisigns. The Leafs dont have a second and their third is a lower pick than LAs second why would CBJ take less? Again you are the stereotype.

        • If you agree with the chass assessment then what is the point in trading for that guy ?yes he has played well for the Kings but what if the other Gaborik shows up you know the overpaid small looking washed up one thst goes invisible for weeks at a time? Seriously man. You are all over the plac, yes imo it msy have been a good idea to pick up a guy like McDonald but they didnt its not an excuse, its the way things go

  3. And I’ll be the leafs bashed who says why are you talking leafs and those players when none of them were mentioned in any of these articles? Wake up on the wrong side of the bed today ed?

    • I had to mention this fact on the morning after Gabby single handidly wins game one for the Kings. No better opportunity. lol

  4. The Flyers are in cap Hell. Bounced from the playoffs in the first round and with over $64.5 million committed to only 17 players, they don’t have the cap space to aquire the player(s) that will significantly improve their team. The 17 players signed do not include Brayden Schenn, Timonen or a back up goalie. IMO Schenn is worth a 3 year bridge contract at $3.5-4 million per year. It looks like he will be traded because if they sign him, there’s only about $3 million to sign a backup goalie and 4 other players. No cap room for Timonen or Downie and neither have any trade value.

    • Don’t worry there are plenty of other teams in the same boat some of which (I can think of one specifically) didn’t even make the playoffs. So like or not your team still came close to advancing to the second round and in Leaf land that’s as good as winning the cup. lol

      • Pronger on LTIR helps quite a bit, not sure its all that bad (not that great but) if they can somehow move Hartnel even if they do have to hold some salary. As for the other team the will have over 20 mill if they move out a contract or 2 there could be lots of room, not sure its even close to the same as Philly.

        • Being in Cap Hell can sometimes work out. Many of the teams that put themselves in this position end up with all their best players together and making a serious push in the playoffs. Not too many do it and don’t even qualify.
          Philly did represent this year, but fell short. Not a bad thing. It’s terrible when you make the playoffs and get bombed by the lowest ranked team.
          That would be an issue.

          • @Man_Oss,
            How is NY the “lowest ranked team” when they finished 2 points above the Flyers? LOL

        • But LTIR only kicks back in at the start of the season. Flyers can go 10% over the cap ceiling in the offseason, but Bettman said recently that the projected cap of $71 may be $69 or 70 as a result of the Canadian dollar dropping. So if it is $70 they can go to $77 as long as they are down to about $75 to start the season
          (cap plus $4.94 for Pronger on LTIR). meaning they have about $10 million to play with; still not much for a major acquisition.

    • I’m not looking at the cap info right now. I believe they have 10-12 mil in space which is plenty considering they are moving vinny,prolly eating some salary though or trading a pick to remove the picking up salary part. Maybe grossman may go as well. Plenty of young kids looking to join the team in the next two years on d. They are a good team and will be very good shortly. Finally have goal tending.

  5. It is a rare day, I i were to ever agree with anything Steve Simmons writes and today is not one of those days. Reimer has trade value. He will not fetch you the moon, but he has value and there are a few teams that would be more than willing to take a chance on him for one year.

    Paul Holmgren is likely going to be looking to make some big moves again this year, the guy always seems to be juggling the roster and fitting things in with the little cap space he has.

    • Paul Holgrem is about the worst General Manager in the league … or at least competing with Snow & Chevy for the title. Why he keeps getting these chances are beyond me.

      • I think its his relationship with ownership

  6. Matt Moulson a speedy winger? Really?

    • He’s faster than Hal Gill

      • Probably take Luke Schenn in a race aswell, and its not like Vinny is a bullet anymore. Moulson is looking speedier by the minute.

  7. Flyers are stuck with Hartnell. He has a full NMC, and he won’t agree to a trade anywhere else.

    • I think it would be funny to see the Pens trade Neal for Hartnell. That would just add fuel to the ever burning fire.

  8. Who in hell is Shinzawa? Never heard of him and hopefully won’t again after proposing that the Sabres are interested in yet another defenseman…from the Bruins yet!

  9. Blues need scoring help, Colorado needs help on the blueline. Now that trade will never happen given the new playoff format and the re-shuffling of the divisions. However, I could see the Blues sniffing around Schenn, they have plenty of blue line depth to entice the Flyers with.

    • A deal revolving around Shatenkirk for Schenn could make some sense for both.

  10. I’m not sure the Wings would be interested in Wideman either given his contract and the amount of defense prospects getting closer to a roster spot on the Wings but even if they were linked to Edler, I’m not sure he is what they need either. He’s another left handed shot and that’s all the Wings have until one or more of Marchenko, Sproul or Jensen are ready. They need a right handed defenseman something bad to help with their breakouts and their PP. Bieksa might be a better option out of Vancouver for the Wings.