Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – May 6, 2012.

The latest from the Edmonton Journal, Ottawa Sun, New York Post and more. Enjoy!


Will the Oilers re-sign Smyth?

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports  money is the key issue in Ryan Smyth’s contract talks with the Oilers. A two year deal is being discussed, and Matheson suggested comparables for salary as the Blues’ Jason Arnott ($2.5 million, albeit on a one-year deal) and the Avalanche’s Milan Hejduk ($2.6 million, also on a one-year deal). He believes Smyth might not wish to accept less than $3 million per…The Detroit Red Wings could seek a Darren McCarty-type physical player in this summer’s UFA market. Matheson suggested Brandon Prust, Jordin Tootoo, Travis Moen, Cody McLeod, Tom Kostopoulos, Adam Burish and Gregory Campbell as possibilities…Sources say former NHL goalie Cristobal Huet, sent to Europe by the Chicago Blackhawks in a cost-cutting move, would love to return to the NHL, and would accept $750K as a backup. Matheson suggested the LA Kings, one of Huet’s former NHL teams, as a possibility if they should move Jonathan Bernier…He also wondered if the Maple Leafs would have interest in Calgary’s Miikka Kiprusoff if the veteran Flames goalie became available via trade…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Smyth hopes to finish his career in Edmonton, he could have little choice but accept the Oilers offer, even if it’s less than what he’s seeking. He’s not dealing from a position of strength…It was rumored the Red Wings had significant interest in Moen prior to this year’s trade deadline, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they sign him this summer…Huet might be willing to return as a backup at a bargain basement price, but the question is, can he still play at the NHL level?…If Kiprusoff became available this summer, you bet your butt the Leafs would be interested, but I doubt the Flames shop him unless “Kipper” demands a trade, which doesn’t seem likely.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch suggests the Minnesota Wild, Detroit Red Wings and Boston Bruins could be suitors for New Jersey Devils pending UFA winger Zach Parise…Talk is Montreal’s Carey Price is seeking a contract comparable to that of Nashville’s Pekka Rinne (seven years, $49 million).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Yes, there will be considerable interest in Parise. Where he ends up remains to be seen, as July 1st is still less than two months away…As for Price, don’t get too worked up over that rumor, Habs fans. Nobody really knows for certain what Price is seeking, but I daresay he won’t get the same salary as Rinne, because his numbers aren’t comparable to Rinne’s, who  also has a Vezina nomination on his resume. Best guess: Price gets a five year deal worth between $5-$6 million per season.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks also reported the Wild and Red Wings could have interest in Parise, as well as Nashville’s pending UFA blueliner Ryan Suter. He also casts doubt on the Pittsburgh Penguins trading Jordan Staal before at least being aware of what’s to be contained in the next CBA.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I concur with Brooks’ take on the Staal situation, though some in the Pittsburgh media believe there’s a chance he could be dealt, perhaps to Carolina to join his brother Eric with the Hurricanes. It’s an intriguing tale, but only guesswork at this point. Remember, Staal isn’t a UFA until next summer, not this one, and depending on what’s contained in the next CBA, there’s a possibility the Penguins could retain him beyond next season. 

SUN-SENTINEL.COM: Harvey Fialkov reports the Florida Panthers will have to decide if they’ll re-sign pending UFA goalie Scott Clemmensen, or allow him to walk via free agency and turn the goalie duties full-time to Jose Theodore and Jacob Markstrom.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Clemmensen played well as a backup, but the Panthers are committed to Theodore for another season and Markstrom is NHL-ready. I believe they’ll let Clemmensen walk.


  1. The issue Pittsburgh has to consider is if having Staal on the third line is more valuable than getting that Winger Crosby never seems to have. Neal is really the only great winger they have. With Kunitz a far far second. Staal could get you that Winger finally. However I do think they hold onto Staal for another season just based on Crosby health issues.

    • Trade Malkin for more toughness on the wings, depth.

  2. I think think this is just posturing by Smyth. Of course he’d take a contract for 2.5-2.75. I think he’s worth 3 plus on the open market, but he’ll take a small pay cut to stay.

    I can see Moen signing in Detroit, McLoed and/or Tootoo signing with the Leafs, and Florida taking interest in Burish and possibly Semin.

  3. I could also see Moen heading to Detroit but do not forget about Montreal. I believe Bergevin will try to re-sign him. Montreal had a very solid penalty kill this year in part because of Darche and Moen. It was a bright spot for Montreal this year and should not be messed with if possible.
    With a healthy Markov and an assistant coach who can make the PP work, I believe Montreal can make the playoffs (not the Cup or close, but top eight in the conference).
    I agree with Spector about Price. 5-6 on a 5 year deal sounds about right. Three year, 3 million per sounds about right for Subban.

  4. Smyth is one of the only players in the current NHL that actually wants to play in Edmonton. It’s insane that he hasn’t already resigned. Although he’s a good player, he’s not getting that ridiculous contract as he had in previous years.

    If Devils move past Philly, they’ll resign Parise. That’s my opinion.

    Price will be a 5-6 ballpark guy, on a long term deal. Probably something like 34 million for 6 years. As for PK… He’ll probably earn 4 million, something like a 3 year 12 million deal or 4 year 16 million.

    For Kipper. If he becomes available, there will be many, many teams that’ll come knocking on Jay Feaster’s door. And he would cost an arm and a leg to get a hold of. I’d hate for his name to be tarnished by playing in Toronto though :(, I’d rather see him in Tampa or something.

    I see there being a lot of moves this summer once the CBA is hammered out. I think the dynamic of the NHL will change going into 2012-2013.

  5. Gee Mr. Garrioch, I think there are 30 teams interested in Parise.. including the team he now plays for.

    He will go where he can win a Cup…. and rumours out there is that he wants to be on the same team with Suter.. they are best friends.

    So will they try to go as a package? July 1st could be very interesting indeed.

  6. And picking up on what Sandy just said, what team will spend up to the cap ceiling, has plenty of cap space and is always a top team in the league? That would be the Red Wings, so don’t be surprised is they land both Parise and Suter this summer. Lidstrom may just sign a lesser contract to allow the team to sign both of them and give himself one more crack at winning the Cup.

  7. I see the bruins trading timmy, give the goal tending duties over to tuukka, and make a huge push for parise, and maybe suter, but dougie will up next year. Im excited for this offseason to begin

  8. It’s odd to me that its always malkin or staal. there is another center on the pens who could be moved. I love Crosby, but he should be in the conversation. If it wasn’t for his recent injuries, it would be a no brainer (pun intended), but he is a gamble still, despite his successful recent comeback. not saying he should go, but exclude him just because he is sid the kid

    • correction… but don’t exclude him blah blah blah

  9. I def thing if the Wings pick up Parise and Suter and Lidstrom resigns as well as some how add Moen!?!?!?! Just scratch their name into the cup now. I do think though that with this weak UFA market this year a lot of players will sign big money in shocking places.

    • As these playoffs have proven, nothing is for certain. Detroit would gain a huge advantage with those sales.

      I do agree that stupid money will be spent again this off season, even with the CBA Looming.

    • Sadly, hockey isn’t played on paper.

      St. Louis = 109 points with a team that looks like a bunch of 2nd/3rd liners.
      Tampa Bay = 84 points with 3 all-stars and what looks like a relatively stacked team (except in net).

      It really, really depends…

      Also, I don’t know how I feel about Detroit doing big deals. Totally not their style.

      Take out Rafalski, who’s the biggest name Detroit has signed out of the UFA pool in the past decade+?

      • Ummm, how about Hossa. Even though it was for 1 year they still signed him.

    • That would be about 18 million right there and i doubt they have that money

  10. Just to put a leaf deal that I would like to see happen. Kessel, Gardiner, Kadri and #1 pick to Colorado For Matt Duchesne, Ryan Wilson, Gabriel Landeskog & Jamie McGinn. Might be a little ar fetched but 3 out of the 4 are RFA’s so it will take T.O. some money to resign these guys.

    Also Komisarek has to be bought out 1.5 for the next 4 will save 3 mil per season.

    Van Riemsdyk for Schenn plus ???? should also be looked into by both teams. Change of scenery for will help both guys.

    • Leaf/Av’s deal won’t happen. I don’t see the Av’s making that deal. I also do not see Komi getting bought out unless its a freeby thing, they are still paying Tuckers.

    • Bad deal on Colorado’s end.

      You get first round picks to get gems like Landeskog… Why trade him to get the chance to get a kid of the same talent at best?

    • you sir are why Leaf fans get a bad rep. This deal is outlandish.

  11. Good lord, Dion. Duchene, Landeskog and McGinn arent going anywhere, let alone to TO for that.

  12. Pens need to move Malkin. His value has never been higher then it is right now. He has a few seasons left on his current deal, so its not just a one and done either. Staal scores everytime he gets moved up to the top 6, but Bylsma hates him for some reason. Its terrible seeing him stuck out there with an anchor like Tyler Kennedy. Malkin could bring in some of that defense that is desperately needed, and some young legs as well. Pens bottom 6 looked awful against the Flyers. Crosby is perfectly fine, his major injury that was undiagnosed was a NECK injury with concussion like symptoms. Sorry for the rant but Malkin has to go for the greater good of the team!