Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – May 8, 2011.

Check out the latest collection of NHL trade & free agent rumors from the Edmonton Journal, NY Post, Calgary Sun, Boston Globe and Buffalo News.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson believes Washington Capitals forward Alexander Semin is “virtually untradeable” even with his one year, $6 million contract…He “loves Jeff Carter” but consider Claude Giroux just as good, suggesting the Flyers offer up Carter to the Minnesota Wild for goalie Niklas Backstrom, or calling the LA Kings on Jonathan Quick and another body… Matheson also handicaps the Montreal Canadiens defence field on which guys they want to bring back, listing Andrei Markov, Hal Gill, James Wisniewski, Roman Hamrlik, Brent Sopel and Paul Mara, in that order…NY Rangers forward Chris Drury and Sean Avery could become buyout candidates…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Here’s why “Carter for Backstrom” won’t work: the latter carrying an expensive $6 million per season cap hit, plus the Wild have no one to step up and fill his shoes. They’d only be trading one problem for another. Yes, Carter would boost their scoring, but they’d struggle to keep the puck out of their own net. Quick, on the other hand, would be intriguing. It’s unlikely the Kings would trade him, but if the Flyers offered up Carter, you’d have to think their front office would give it some consideration. Not saying they’d make that move, but it would make them go, “hmmmmm…..”Anyway, Flyers management has been reluctant to move Carter so I doubt they’ll shop him for a goalie…I agree with his take on the Canadiens UFA defensemen, as well as the possibility of Drury and Avery as buyout material.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks suggests the Philadelphia Flyers should contact the NY Islanders about Evgeni Nabokov, whose one year, $570K contract the Isles intend to toll toward next season. Brooks dismissed the notion of signing Ilya Bryzgalov, citing the Flyers limited cap space as one reason, as well as the notion of the Flyers giving up either James van Reimdyk or Claude Giroux for Vancouver backup Cory Schneider or LA’s Jonathan Bernier, or finding takers for Carter’s 11-year contract or Mike Richard’s nine-year deal. The Isles apparently intend to move Nabokov before or during the June entry draft, and while he has a “n0-trade” clause in his contract he’d probably agree to waive it to go to a perpetual contender….Brooks also considers Semin’s contract virtually immovable…He also wondered if Patrice Bergeron’s recent concussion might give the Rangers pause in their anticipated pursuit this summer of Brad Richards, who also has a concussion history…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nabokov would be the Flyers best bet if they don’t wish to give up a quality player for either an established starter or a potential one like Schneider or Bernier… Semin’s not going anywhere, due to his salary and his reputation for coming up small in the playoffs…I daresay Rangers management aren’t that concerned over Richards concussion history, which isn’t as severe as Bergeron’s.

CALGARY SUN: Eric Francis believes Flyers GM Paul Holmgren’s unwillingness to blame his goaltending for his club being swept out of the playoffs by the Bruins probably means Sergei Bobrovsky will return next season as their starter, and with limited cap space and key forward Ville Leino to re-sign, they lack the dollars to bring in anyone of note. Michael Leighton, who’s under contract for next season, could be Bobrovsky’s backup…Ilya Bryzgalov’s agent denied his client is in talks with SKA St. Petersburg, adding he’s meeting with Coyotes management next week to open talks on a new contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flyers could very well return with Bobrovsky and Leighton, but if they could land Nabokov they could waive and demote Leighton…If the city of Glendale agrees to cover the Phoenix Coyotes potential losses for next season while buying time to finalize the sale of the team to Matthew Hulsizer, that could have a positive impact upon the Coyotes efforts to retain Bryzgalov.

BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont reports the Buffalo Sabres could go shopping this summer thanks to new deep-pocketed owner Terry Pegula, plus the likelihood Tim Connolly and Mike Grier might not be re-signed. Dupont feels they’ll shop for depth on their blueline…He also suggested the Blackhawks might’ve been better off this season if they’d traded Patrick Kane rather than moving out players like Dustin Byfuglien and Antti Niemi. Marty Turco is not expected back with the Blackhawks next season…Marco Sturm’s days of earning $3.5 million per season are over, suggesting maybe a club like Ottawa or Columbus offers him a one-year, $800K contract this summer…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wouldn’t be surprising at all if the Sabres shop for blueline depth, as there’ll be some notable defensemen potentially available this summer, including Joni Pitkanen and Tomas Kaberle, though the latter’s poor performance since joining the Bruins could scare off potential suitors…The Blackhawks suffered this season due to moving out several depth players, but those players can and will be replaced. Niemi has already been replaced by Corey Crawford. Trading away Kane would’ve been foolish, as he’s one of the franchise’s cornerstones around which they rebuilt into a champion, and could do so again…Sturm likely will become an affordable depth signing this summer for someone, though his lengthy injury history will adversely affect his market value.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: Bucky Gleason recently reported Sabres defenseman Shaone Morrisonn isn’t likely to crack the roster next season but still has another year at $2.075 million remaining on his contract, meaning he could be bought out or demoted….Unless the Sabres come up with an incredible pitch, they’re unlikely to sign Brad Richards.


  1. I put no stock in Jim Mathesons article after he mentioned Carter for Backstrom. That’s just dumb. Nabokov is a good fit, cause he won’t cost any of Richards, Carter, Giroux or JVR. Turco MIGHT be another possibility, as he is a ufa and didn’t have a good enough season to command big dollars. But buyer beware, he’s had a good career so far, but was last year a hiccup or a red flag? Flyers fans might not want to find out. If Roloson is avalable then he is a good option too.
    I’ll say this again, Semin is not untradible. Nashville, Minnesota, Columbus and St.L would all be good fits. Kaberle signing with Buffalo makes a ton of sense, the Sabres have lacked a pmd or any mobility out of there back end since Cambell was traded, plus it’s close to TO where kabby has called home for the last 15 years or so.

  2. Although I’m intrigued by the Carter for Quick rumors, and I can understand how LA and their fans would like that deal, how does that really work for the Flyers? They already have Bobrovsky for the future, so what they need is to acquire or sign an established #1 veteran goalie, such as Nabokov or Vokoun to mentor Bob for the next 2+ seasons. IMO, the players that are on the chopping block right now are Carle and Hartnell…and there’s no way in hell I can see Carcillo returning. Also, if it takes allowing Leino to walk, so they can save $$$ for a goalie, then unfortunately that’s what will have to be done. That would really be too bad as Leino is a quality player and person, he put the team first this year and advised Homer to spend money at the deadline rather than hash out a new contract with his camp.

    I really can’t see Lombardi moving Quick until Bernier is 100% ready…also Quick is lights out right now…the guy has played unreal hockey the last 2 seasons. There’s no rush to move this guy until Bernier is ready to take over…if that even happens.

  3. its going to be interesting to see what kaberle gets in terms of a contract for next year. he was brutal in the first round, and invisible in the second. Not sure which one is worse, but it leads to a good question!!!

    Andrei Markov-One of the best d-men in the nhl. No question. However, for the past 2 years, can’t stay healthy, has a SERIOUS knee issue, and questions aplenty surrounding the rest of his career…..


    Tomas Kaberle-Offensively, he wont shoot, but he will pass, and he is one of the best point guys for d-men in the past decade. Defensively, umm, he sucks. Big time. He will come up with a great play here and there, but, he’s got more holes than swiss cheese. He will, however, cost less then Markov.

    Who do you pick?

  4. Sorry to get off topic a bit, but i could use a Flames fans opinion. Would you be opposed to trading down in the draft if it meant unloading a contract. I was thinking your 1st (13th) and either Langkow or Sarich to Toronto for either Bozak or Gunnersson and Philly’s 1st (26th) and maybe a 3rd or 4th rounder. It saves you guys 2 mil and makes you younger. We can take on the salary for one year and it moves us up so we can draft either Brandon Saad, Duncan Siemens or Zibanejad. Just curious. Ps I know langkow has a nmc, just assume he’ll waive for fantasy purposes.

  5. At this June’s draft this could be the year that quite a few trades are made in the first round. I think both the Canucks and LA will look to move a Goalie. Vancouver will trade for a top future pick or player and LA will trade for a now top player.
    Markov would be a huge risk at 3 years. If he wants 3 years then he has to take less money, all the risk cant be on the team.
    Will be interesting to see what the Oilers do this draft, they are running into the risk of having too many prospects. This might sount dumb, but really you are mostly drafting for your top 2 forward lines and your top 4 defense players. They have so many young players in thier system now and after this draft, next years AHL team might look like a junior team. I still think that trading their second 1st round pick plus a player or two for a player that can help them now would help the team be better next year. you can’t keep finnishing last every year. Penner gave them 30 plus goals each season this has to be replaced by a seasoned player, not another rookie.

  6. Btw for what Nabokov is making and what Turco cost last year, could the flyers not pick ip both of those guys and see who pans out? It would probably be less than 2 million for both guys. Would they not be able to keep leino then?

  7. I’m not a Flames fan but if Calgary is interested in trading down I’m sure they’ll find a taker. However, there are a number of teams better positioned than Toronto to make such a deal. Like the Leafs Ottawa has the cap space, although I’m positive they’re not interested in using any of it on Langkow or Sarich. But Sens do have the 21st overall pick and could afford to throw in a 2nd and a 3rd rounder or a prospect. Calgary badly needs to re-stock their farm system. Ottawa has the picks and prospects to help them do it. And Chicago could give the Flames the18th overall pick plus a 2nd rounder (they have 2). I’m sure the Flames would like to get rid of Langkow and Sarich, but I don’t see them being interested in Bozak or Gunnerson. Nor do I think that Burke will want to use over $5 million in cap space on Langkow when the return is so uncertain. Neither Siemens or Zibanejad are likely to be there at #13 although Saad, who’s stock has been falling, probably will. But unless the Leafs are willing throw in someone like Frattin and maybe a 3rd rounder along with the Philly pick, I don’t see the Flames dealing their 1st pick to Toronto, as they’ll likely have better options available. And to get back on topic, I doubt Philly will trade Mike Richards for Quick or Backstrom and Dean Lombardi is too conservative to commit himself to either Richards or Carter for 9 or 11 years. Perhaps a 3 way deal could be worked out if anybody has that much imagination.

  8. Anyone ever notice that Jeff Carter is lazier than Penner, hurt more than Gagne, and only looks good in about a quarter of his games? His epic contract will put him in Yashin territory as he will become a permanent scratch before it expires.
    To me, the main reason teams might not want to trade for Semin is that he is only signed for this year; what guarantee is there that he will be back? I think someone could overlook his playoff heart, cause it can be developed, but he seems like the type of FA that might play for 15 teams if someone doesn’t get him locked up long term. I think he is part of the plan in WSH though.
    @mb4life if i was a GM, i would not touch either Markov or Kaberle with a ten foot pole; add to that Campbell, Bouwmeester, M. Bergeron, Green……see where I’m goin here?

    Durt, the mood in Calgary is very much “we have no prospects” (which isn’t totally true) – this is because since 2004 they’ve been trying to patch it together and keep contending by trading picks. Also, if you look at their draft history, you see that they might be the worst team all-time when it comes to drafting.
    That said, If burke wants to knock an expensive contract off Calgary’s crowded plate, then he can probably play Feaster like a fiddle (is he even the official GM yet?). Langkow is coming off a year long spinal injury so i doubt he’s moving….I’m sure Feaster would rather have the LTIR than the player. No, if Burkie takes back Hagman or Stajan, then i think he can have their pick. I think Laich is actually your new guy though….i just got a feeling.

    I’ve been saying all year that Chicago should have moved Kane, let Hjalmarsson walk, and kept Byfuglien, Ladd, Niemi. But Spector is right, Kane is just getting started in this league….and he’s at the heart of their marketing strategy (not exactly taylored to MY taste). And they knew they had an insane tender coming up. Still, I would have tried to move Campbell with lots of picks to try to keep Byfuglien.

  9. Vanlee…..let’s meet down on Robson so that I can bet you my life savings that Vancouver doesn’t trade Schneider this year.

  10. Matheson is missing two guys from his Mtl list, Gorges and Weber. Weber should not be a problem to bring back. Gorges’ contract though, will affect the ability to bring the others back. Markov should only get one year and would be robbing the Habs if it is for the 5.75 he got last year…he should take at least a small cut, but probably won’t.
    Nabokov to Philly makes a tonne of sense. I think Holgrem is not blaming the goalies for the playoff loss because that would put himself clearly on the hot seat. If he knew that was a problem (like everyone who follows hockey at all) why did he do nothing about it? He’ll try and side step it all by getting a goalie over the summer without ever admitting the Flyers had a goalie issue.
    Lastly, Semin can be moved, especially if 1) Washington takes back a bad contract, or 2) they place him on reentry waivers. At 3 million a year he would be snapped up. trade deadline might also be a great time fo someone to decide to take a chance.
    Should be an interesting draft weekend.

  11. Tux, no way stajan gets moved, that’s a terrible contract and everyone knows it. I would take hagman back though. Hagman + 1st (13th) for gunnersson/bozak + phillies 1st (26th) + 4th rounder. Not sure Feester would do it though, he might just buy him out. But who knows. Like Habsfan said, should be an interesting draft weekend. I see lots of trades, especially cause scouts aren’t in any agreement outside of the top 2. Teams might risk moving down thinking they’re player might still be there later.

  12. DurtMCHurt the Leafs would never make that deal, what is their benefit in it? But your idea of moving down to dump salary is a good idea, you just need a trading partner and that’s really the trick.

  13. Wow I can’t believe some of the trade/draft pic scenarios people have come up with for the Leafs..First off, Burke I’m sure, has no interest in reacquiring Stajan and/or Hagman; as he does not trade and then reacquire to my knowledge and do it all within the same organization. 2ndly, cap space is not an issue for Burke; he doesn’t need to do much of anything other than let expensive people like Jiggy walk which I’m sure he will let walk.3rdly, if anything, Burke will likely either put together an offer sheet for someone he covets or combine his first round picks to move up in this years draft.

  14. Donnybrook, the benefit is clearly to move up in the draft. I was musing a trade scenario in which the Leafs could retain 2-1sts yet move up to get Brandon Saad. Anybody we end up picking in the late 20’s has little chance of being more then a depth/3rd liner. Where I think Saad has the potential to be a physical moderate scoring 2nd line LW one day. The kids crazy strong and fits in with our system, I doubt he is there at 26-30. Hagman has one year left at 3.5, we could afford it.

  15. FOOLS!!!
    Obviously Stajan is the biggest joke in the league.
    Durt don’t give up on Bozak

  16. Hey Spector, …I know you feel Patrick Kane is a marketing piece in Chicago, but does anyone other than me think that the Sabres and their newly tailored deep pockets could go after him aggressively as a home grown franchise player to build on for the future? If Buffalo is possibly replacing a number of forwards, such as Grier and Connolly, they could afford Kane, and a somewhat reduced priced Tomas Kaberle as well, to feed him the puck. Buffalo has nothing much to except draft picks or prospects, the Hawks would still have plenty of firepower left up front, and this gives them room to fill the other holes on the team. I would imagine Kane has a NT or NMC that he could waive. Just call me crazy. Any thoughts?

  17. The Blackhawks aren’t moving Kane.

  18. To address Philadelphia’s goaltending situation you could try one route, alot of people in Calgary are thinking that Karlsson may be the future starter in Calgary (whether he gets resigned or not is another question) Now I dont see Kipprusoff getting traded before next season starts but if Calgary does fall out of playoff contention by January, couldnt it be possible that Calgary could offer up Kipper to Philly for next years first, a prospect, or maybe just Jeff Carter or Giroux. Calgary has been coveting a number one centre for Iginla for the past 10 years and this could be a deal that makes sense. All though I must say this depends entirely on probability, based on Karlsson and Irvings performances next year. This deal could seem makeable

  19. Let me ask you this Murph, if you were the general manager of the Blackhawks….would you trade Patrick Kane?

    Didn’t think so….

  20. Maybe if you were getting someone like Malkin or Kopitar in return….(Still not happening)

  21. TheFanatic, I think you’re over-estimating Kipper’s trade value a smidge. Giroux and a first is a kings ransom to pay for a goalie. Calgary would be very lucky to get versteeg and a 1st…and that’s stretching it. A first and a prospect might work in theory depending on the prospect, but then you have to take into consideration all that salary cap mumbo jumbo. So now that I’ve indulged in your trade proposal, let me be the first to say none of that is happening. Giroux stays and so does Kipper.

    Don MacKay, the Leafs will have way more then 5 mil in cap space come July. And the ISS has Murphy and Hamilton ranked higher then Siemens (as far as defence go) in this draft, so I wouldn’t say it’s a lock he goes in the top 12. You do make good points about Chicago and Ottawa also being good trade partners if Calgary where to move down.

  22. Oh and of coarse Larsson (being rated higher then Siemens)


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