Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – November 10, 2013.

The latest on Henrik Lundqvist, Ryan Miller, Dion Phaneuf, Wayne Simmonds, Matt Niskanen, Dany Heatley and more.

No market for Dany Heatley?

No market for Dany Heatley?

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch wonders where all the bold move are which were promised by Oilers GM Craig MacTavish, suggesting if recently-signed Ilya Bryzgalov plays weel this season he’ll be trade bait at the March 5 deadline…The Rangers had “sniffed around” to gauge interest in winger Chris Kreider but with seven points in 8 games since his call-up he’s not going anywhere…There will be lots of interest in NY Islanders defenseman (and pending UFA) Andrew MacDonald but if the Isles remain in playoff contention at the trade deadline he won’t be moved…Garrioch wonders if Blues goalie Brian Elliott and his $1.8 million salary can be had for nothing…He notes “Nine teams are already spending into their long-term injury allowance and another 10 are less than $1 million below the cap. The only deals that can take place are dollar-for-dollar”…Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli has been “sniffing around” for a forward, a search which could intensify by the March trade deadline…The Wild have tried to shop fading winger Dany Heatley but can find no takers for his $7.5 million cap hit. Heatley will be a UFA next summer…The Stars are shopping center Vernon Fiddler. Garrioch claims the Leafs had interest but decided they couldn’t absorb his $1.8 million salary…Garrioch expects the Penguins to shop defenseman Matt Niskanen as there likely isn’t room to keep him and he could fetch a good return at the deadline…Blue Jackets coach Todd Richards is on the hot seat.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: MacTavish could make a bold move right now if he was willing to part with one of his young forwards, but he doesn’t want to do that. So, you get trades like shipping Ladislav Smid and a goalie prospect to Calgary for a checking forward and a goalie prospect…Kreider’s thriving so far playing for coach Alain Vigneault…Even if the Isles are out of playoff contention they could try to retain MacDonald, as they prefer to keep players who came up through their system…If Elliott can be had for nothing, the surest way to find out is put him on waivers…This could be Heatley’s final season in the NHL, as his performance has really declined in recent years…Fiddler could probably be moved near the trade deadline when playoff contenders are trying to shore up their depth…Niskanen’s been the subject of trade speculation for months, but after playing well filling in for the injured Kris Letang, I think the Pens will keep him for the remainder of the season and take their chances trying to re-sign him in the off-season.

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance recently opened his mailbag to respond to reader’s questions. Regarding the Ducks surplus goalie situation, he expects GM Bob Murray to be patient and see what transpires near the trade deadline…He admits the Capitals could use a top-four defenseman but doesn’t expect any to be available until near the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Vanek-Moulson and Downie-Talbot trades generated some excitement among those who follow trade rumors, but the reality is those moves are rare early in the season and were due to unique circumstances.  There’s plenty of interest in the Ducks surplus goalies but Murray has no reason to shop any of them right now.  The Capitals will have to wait until January at the earliest before a decent top-four d-man could be available.

USA TODAY: Kevin Allen recently listed next summer’s top ten NHL UFAs and which could re-sign or move on. The list includes Buffalo’s Ryan Miller and Matt Moulson, the Islanders’ Thomas Vanek, Toronto’s Dion Phaneuf, the Rangers’ Henrik Lundqvist and Ryan Callahan, and Colorado’s Paul Stastny.

COURIER-POST: Dave Isaacs reports Philadelphia Flyers winger Wayne Simmonds shrugged off recent trade rumors which have him headed to the Edmonton Oilers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s interesting to see Simmonds name pop up in the rumor mill, as he seems the prototypical Flyers forward. Big, strong, physical with a decent scoring touch. You’d think he’d be a player management prefers to keep. Rumor has it, however, Flyers GM Paul Holmgren is willing to listen to offers for everyone on his struggling club except Claude Giroux and Steve Mason. If so, expect lots of interest in Simmonds.


  1. I think Holmgren would prefer to trade Scott Hartnell over Wayne Simmonds, as they both play comparable roles but Hartnell’s NMC, salary, and poor production make moving him improbable.

    • You would have to think that Luke Schenn is being shopped being that he has been a healthy scratch in recent games. As for Free Agents, I would love to see the Flyers make a move and put Gaborik on the line with Giroux.

      • I kind of feel bad for L.Schenn. Guy was rushed into the league, touted as a top 1-2 shutdown D (potentially), gets his confidence shattered (thank you Ron Wilson), and is traded away. He needs to go somewhere with the expectation of being 5-6 D and a mobile D partner. With the situation in Philly right now, who knows if you can blame him totally for his performance. I’ll be hoping he can bounce back as he seems like a quality guy, just had too much hype/pressure/poor coaching.

        • I would pick up schenn in a heart beat. I think teams would be crazy not to rake a flyer on him…depending on the cost

          • Holmgrin is an idiot. Lets just give away the entire team away, so this is why we gave up JVR so we can give away the guy they traded for. Perhaps Holmgrin needs to go and let Hexy take over because it sound like Holmer has the same thing Clarke had brain freeze what a bunch of no patience bone heads. Another knee jerk solution.

          • Agreed. Way too early to give up on a guy like Schenn.

  2. Iam really tired of Dion Phaneuf Iam done with him and will officially announce my Trade Dion wish !!
    The last play of the game says it all and why you DON”T resign this guy for $1 dollar and rip that captain C from his shirt ASAP ….disgusting effort !! Hes terrible in front of his own net as well

    Seriously look at Trading Dion Phaneuf …my target would be Tyler Myers or Gudbranson in a broader deal !

    Not a surprise no interest in Danny Heatley …hes worn out his welcome in the NHL

    Flyers have a great team on Paper !!

    Edmonton needs to make a deal increase size and need more hockey I Q players !!

    Ducks shouldn’t wait to long as the goalie market will get log jammed come trade deadline …the market is at its peak right now !!
    They can’t go wrong they have 5 goalies that are NHL caliber # 1 tenders …WOW!

    I would be all over Niskanen .,…Penguines must be asking way to much ???

    • It’s hard to believe how far Heatly has fallen eh?

      I would also be all over Niskanen, but my wish list for this summers UFA market: Brooks Orpik. He would be a great contributor to any teams top 4 and if the Pens let him walk then they are fools (unless he wants crazy money).

    • I totally agree! I was screaming at the TV for him to move his ass and retrieve the puck. But it was as if he was waiting to hand it over. Ship him to mars!

    • The last play of the game? Did you not watch the rest of the game again BC? Again Dion played more minutes than anyone on the ice accept for Chara who also looked a little tiered in spots think the Bruins should trade him too? Had the most hits out of anyone on the ice and with.out him laying guys out and turning the momentum of that game around they were getting badly out played and…Ranger sitting on Rimer and way to many passangers taking up roster spots Bodie McClaren and their 4 minutes of icetime Smithson and McClement are both 4 th liners and have the hands of 4th liners Kulimen and Raymond on the second line with th winger overload that is happening on the top line…etc.etc. Again you pick out 1 play after the guy has put a team on his back for 25 mins and becomes fatigued because of it and say trade him…foolish. It was a good game they lost due to depth issues. They need a center that can play in a top six role and the longer it goes on the worse its going to get. JVR is a great power forward but a terrible center.

      • @ Shticky …respectfully disagree …sorry !

        I was waiting for you to say that and respond ……unfortunately I see the forrest through the trees here and see nothing but bad things on the defensive side of the puck with him …..I realize the physicality of his play and the minutes in the game …BUT … there are plays and tendencies that I am just getting sick and tired of watching a veteran player of his so called stature keep making !!
        I then turn my focus and watch other teams top 4 D men and see what they do and how they make the plays and play the position and watch the quality of smart plays quick foot work and how they play the man in front or the play behind the net and come to a realization that Iam seeing a mirage and that I have Blue and White glasses on until I come back to reality and watch a team like L.A. play and realize how disappointing and poor our Defense really is …Iam not waivering on this Ive seen enough in a body of work in its tenure I really dont care about the minutes or the big HIT every 10 games ….its just not working for me …IMO and it needs a overhaul on the back end desperately !!

        • Dude last thing I have a problem with is critiquing the Leafs but it needs deserved again Chara arguably one of the best D in the game made some blunders last night with fatigue aswell was on the ice for the Leafs goal but you dont hear people screaming to trade Chara…its rediculious.
          Phaneuf is a plus 9 playing 25 minutes a night Kills penalties blocks shots hits has a couple goals and 7 points is on the ice against every teams top line and players every time they are on the ice. Franson -2, playing lesser players, less minutes Gardiner +2 3pts again lesser players less minutes, the joke of a trade you prupose Myers who makes almost the same money as Dion is minus 8 with 4 points…Also younger therefore way more prone for mistakes on an already too young imo blueline it makes 0 sense mr. cant see the forest for the trees. Mistakes game in game out? How does a guy who has more than 5 times a better plus minus than anyone else on the blue line playing better competition and more minutes make more mistakes?

          • You can throw all the stats you want out at the page …go ahead !!!

            I agree on a lot of what you write and how you get your point across better than I …however ….I am just not seeing $5 – $6 – $7 million for his style of play for 5 6 or 7 years with his tendencies and neglect on the D side of the puck …I as a GM would not be willing to take any long term risk and its time to turn the page with the player and bring in a player that does noit need to play 25 minutes a game on the power play and kill penalties ….just need a shut DOWN solid D man who thinks the game through better and forces guys not to plant themselves at the top of the crease and can hit the net from the blue line when asked to !
            They should have 6 other specialty D men who can play power play rush the puck without turning it over and get higher quality scoring chances on the PP in that role ….We can beat it to death ..Iam not seeing anything more than what he is now and if anything it will or could be worse as time goes along !!

          • I agree with Shticky, I have seen Weber, Keith, Chara, pretty much every D-man look human out there. Probably every game as well. No one can be perfect every game. Its why EVERY team gives up goals no matter who their D-men are. Goals will be scored when Weber is on the ice. Goals will be scored when Doughty is on the ice. Goals were scored when Lidstrom and Pronger were on the ice. Stop picking on Dion dude, you sound stupid.

          • Shticky totally agree with you as usual.
            I think the blame for the Dion blunder should be directed in Carlyle’s direction. He knows Dion can’t log that many minutes yet he keeps putting him out there when he’s gassed. Dion played a damn good game up until that last blunder. Here is a novel idea, how about dressing 7 Dmen instead of 4 forward lines and having the 4th line playing 3 min per game. Dress Rielly and make use out of him to lower Dion’s minutes. Take Dion off the PP and let the young guys get their shot which would reduce the time Dion plays down to about 22min per game. Everyone ends up happy.

            I agree about the dollar figures for Dion. All you have to do is look at the following guys that got signed in their UFA year to long term deals and see how they performed after the new contract. Lyles, Grabovski, Komiserek, Tiny Tim, Finger, MacArthur, and the rest of the cast offs (to many to mention) and even Kulimen to a lesser extent. The way Bozak, and Clarkson are going they may be added to the underachievers list very soon if they don’t get going. I’m tired of these guys having a banner UFA year and suckering in the team to over pay then crapping the bed the following year. At some point management has to make a stand.

          • If we let Dion walk, he will get his 7 years for 7-8 million a year in a heart beat. Think about it: Anaheim, Carolina, Edmonton, islanders just a few who would spend big with the cap expected to go up for a top pairing defensemen. With this amount of interest, he could be right behind webber in terms of salary. This is the problem in gauging player value these days because the equation is player value vs player need. More than a few teams need a guy like phaneuf.

          • I’d rather let Phaneuf walk and let some other team pay him $7.5M for 7 years and watch him never come even close to living up to those numbers then see the Leafs do it. Over paying a player just because you may end up with somewhat of a hole isn’t necessarily the right way to handle a potential UFA either. That’s basically what we did with Bozak and look how that’s turned out. Most likely if we didn’t sign Bozak right now we would have $4.5M cap room which would come in very handy making a deal with all the teams looking to deal but they won’t unless they can shed salary in the deal.

      • Missing Tyler Bozak are we?

    • Oh and Myers could probably be had, but Gudbranson is more than likely not moving. Kulikov is rumored to be on the block, same with Campbell.

    • I would love Bflo to trade Meyers for Dion. But, it won’t happen.

      • And that’s because only an idiot would think that was a good move. Back checking is a troll or a kid who doesn’t know much.

      • @Steve

        Are you insane?

  3. I agree with Spector’s notes on Simmonds. Keeping him makes more sense than trading him.

    • Hope the Buds are checking on this kid as well.

  4. As a Canadiens fan I would hope that Bergevin is in on the Simmonds trade talk. This season is a transition season for the Habs with a lot of UFA’s next year, especially on D. I would like to see a changing of the guard in that we see Plekanec, Gorges, Gionta, Markov, Desharnais shopped. I would think that Plekanec and Gorges (with maybe Leblanc) could fetch a quality return. Canadiens desperatly need a pure goal scorer for Chuckie and Gally. Then Eller can play with Patch and Bournival.

    What do you guys think?

    • Id keep Gorges for sure !!
      Your lucky to have Galagher …hes a fantastic hockey player!!

      Id trade Plekanecs for sure and would look to test the waters with Markov before its to late and he gets hurt again!
      Both those positions and quality of players are in need and could be a successful trade for the Habs ….Id look for size in return for the 2nd and 3rd line

      • Yeah, its a tough sell to people to trade Gorges, but you have to give to get right. I look at Montreals blue line and I see prospects like Tinordi, Beaulieu, Nygren (last years Borje Salming award winner overseas), Patryn, Thrower and I think that one of them could bring was Gorges brings. I think those are good prospects that will be getting opportunities this and next year. So IMO that would make Gorges expendable.

        Could you imagine if Gallagher had the size or Lucic/Pacioretty/Backes? He would be a superstar in the league with his heart and drive.

        • Gorges leadership and fine play is super valuable to the Habs

          Gally is a blossiming superstar such as a St Louis in Tampa !
          Super high hockey IQ and no give up in his game !!

          • Gallagher has future Captain written all over him.

            I agree with the Gorges leadership statement, but I feel it might be time for different voices in the room. I just think that we need a scoring winger or a large shutdown D badly. I feel that a Pleks+Gorges trade bait could land either of those. With Gionta most likely gone, Markov most likely gone, why not just overhaul the entire make up of the team and let the young core players start to take ownership of the team and bring in vets to compliment them. To me the Canadiens are in a transition period and instead of delaying and trying to mix old players with the new players, just let the core guys take over and jettison the rest. I think that will happen if the Canadiens struggle down the stretch, but obviously won’t if they are playing really well.

          • Agreed with SmielmaN, though I wouldn’t want the Habs to trade all their experienced grit & defensive-responsibility for a scoring winger and become like the Oilers – all young skill, no leadership.

            I agree that Tinordi could come in to fill Gorges spot – even now, Tinordi could come in and adapt for a year or two, and the Habs could handle hiss learning curve – but the Habs need to make sure they keep *some* leadership. If they lose Gionta, Pleks and Gorges all within a few months, that’s a BIG hit to their leadership group.

            (And I think they’ll re-sign Markov, but I don’t think he’s captain material)

  5. The Leafs could very much use a right handed shooting defenseman like Niskanen. Perhaps a deal with Kulemin going to Pittsburgh could be worked out. I’m not saying 1 for 1, but a foundation of what the Pens could want is there. Especially the Malkin/Kulemin connection. This could allow the Leafs to then move another defenseman in a package for a center.

    • Not a bad idea. Way to easy to shut down 1 of the 2 top lines right now, and the third and fourth lines are terrible due to guys playing in the wrong roles. Raymond has looked good this year but realistically he is a third liner, Clarkson is a guy who should be between third and possibly up to 2 but with both of them needing to play a top 6 role with all the wingers playing on the top line and no Bolland….this could get ugly if they dont figure something out.

  6. Re: Phaneuf
    The reality is this.
    There are 4 top four D-man positions on each team.
    There are 30 NHL teams
    Meaning 120 top 4 D-man positions in NHL
    Not a chance there are 120 players out there that ANY OF US would consider
    a top 4 D-man.
    I doubt we could agree on 60-80 much less 120
    There will be few if any top four d-men available as a UFA as the trend has been
    to sign them before they get away for nothing.
    You may not like Phaneuf but before dumping him you have to ask the
    question who do I replace him with and what will it cost me ?
    What you pay him and is he worth the $$$$ is altogether another question.
    There are plenty of players who aren’t worth what they are paid and that
    is the risk of long term contracts. IE: Gomez, Redden, Heatly, Liles etc
    and the list is endless.

    • @ Alford Ducks

      I Agree….. well said ….it would look as if you have to do that but it would take a Jake Gardiner and possibly a first round draft pick and prospect to get that done !!

      And most likely it will be a 2- 3 defender back unless you sell the farm.

      I think there is ways around this it just needs to be very specific with a team who requires other assets to fill holes they have to make it work and have depth at that position or are looking to clear cap space to make a move themselves …..

    • You have to also note, that not all top 4 dmen across the League, are tp 4 material. Rather having to be placed in that role, due to lack of dmen depth.

  7. Considering Clarkson got 5.75 per year I’d hate to see what Ryan Callahan must be asking for.

    • If Clarkson’s play continues like it is now I would hate to be him dealing with the TO media later in the year. Yikes!

      • The TO media could get ugly. Clarkson is reminding me more and more of Darcy Tucker. Running around looking for trouble and not paying attention to where the puck is. Don’t get me wrong I loved Tucker at times but he had his draw backs when he played a rodeo clown during many stretches of his career.

  8. When is the Ranger experiment over in Toronto? His give aways, and hiccups with the puck seem to be happening at an incredible pace and yet we only hear about Reilly sitting?
    As for those who say trade Phaneuf, I say sure but only after we have his replacement ready to log 30 minutes a game. He has holes in his game but a succession plan is needed before anyone starts spouting off about getting rid of him.
    How long before Clarkson starts to question his decision to come home to Toronto? His role is undefined and you have to know he has no desire to be merely a 3rd or 4th line defensive specialist. I see storm clouds on the horizon.
    How about trading Gardner now for a primo first round pick next June? Edmonton/Philly/Buffalo/Flor etc?
    Think about it. How else are the Leafs going to get that Centerman of the future unless they make a bold move. How about Gardner to Philly for a young center?

    • Totally agree …..

      with Ranger Reilly and Clarkson !!

      Have to trade Gardiner for a quality SOLID SHUT DOWN Type of D man and I would at this point maybe also include a ( 1st ) first Round draft pick top sweeten the deal to get a LEGIT shut down D man ….this is the most important item the Leafs need RIGHT NOW!!!
      I can honestly say that the Bruins game was Dave Nonis s internal measuring stick and I think hes seen enough and wont get fooled again ……his eyes are finally WIDE OPEN and he knows its going to take something a little more BOLD and heavy handed to push thie team in the right direction …..

      after the Phaneuf last goal on the emty net and giving the Bruins another reason to cheer ….Ive never seen his face so BEET RED and embaressed ….he s at his end as am I on a lot of BULL CRAP that is continuous !!!!

      He will make a deal this week if not the next few days IMO ….everyone can see it !!
      And if we can see it ….he has all ready seen enough !

      • Your forgetting the Leaf’s only out played the B’s in the second period. The first and third belonged to the Bruin’s exactly like it did in the seven game playoff series. Not a lot has improved and every team goes through injuries so that can’t be an excuse either. Nonis still has a lot of work to do if he wants a ring.

        • Last night against the Bruins, the Leafs had 1 legit NHL center ( who is really in his 1st NHL 82 game season), a winger playing top line center and a guy we signed 2 days ago to be a center. Bruins didn’t get a 5 on 5 goal. We have a good core. We need:
          1: A young center who has the potential to be a no. 1 center. Teams won’t trade Duchene,Getzlaf etc. so we need to take a chance by getting one like Strome,Laughton etc. by moving what that other team needs now. Like a Gardiner or Reimer. He will also push Kadri to be better.
          2. Vet defenseman like Girardi or Klein.

          • Anyone check the injury list lately? Bozak will be back soon and he’s a legit NHL centre. Don’t forget Boston are a fairly good team.

          • So far this year hes under 50% on the draw and hands little better than McClement. Bozak or no Bozak still need a guy who can move up to play top 6 role if there is injuries or someone goes cold similar to how Bolland was centering the second line in spots. Smithson and McClement can not do that. Its hard for Randy to mix up and take advantage of matching line for offense like he was doing at the beginning of the year when there are no options down the middle.

  9. I agree with Shticky, I have seen Weber, Keith, Chara, pretty much every D-man look human out there. Probably every game as well. No one can be perfect every game. Its why EVERY team gives up goals no matter who their D-men are. Goals will be scored when Weber is on the ice. Goals will be scored when Doughty is on the ice. Goals were scored when Lidstrom and Pronger were on the ice. Stop picking on Dion dude, you sound stupid

    • Your missing the point dude !!!!

      Iam not that ignorant to know that a player doesnt make mistakes …thanks for the update…its the mistakes that KEEP happening over & over & over again and the not so well thought out plays that keep happening that a top 10 D man in the league does consistantly ….Iam not hating on Dion …I just want someone else in his position who plays better than he does because Iam not going to risk paying him over $6 million a year for 6 years or term to play his style ….thats for sure …good luck with that !!

      Oh and by the way almost every player there you just mentioned has won a cup !!

      • Wheres Webers ring? The Hawks have a couple other good d-men a Keiths contract is 13year cap circumventing deal that pays him nearly 8 mill a year for the majority of it you twit. The kings were the best defensive team in hockey when they won the cup. Its much more than 1 player that gets a team to that level, raging on Dion because he is on the ice when the Bruins put in an empty net goal and ranting how you have had enough of him sure does sound like you may hate Phaneuf. The guy played over 50 mins of hockey nearly 1full game by himself in a 24 hour period plus flew from Toronto to Boston. Its called Fatigue and it was an empty net goal. Again the reason the Leafs lost had nothing to do with Phaneuf.

  10. Reimer and Bernier have to play the season out together 50 / 50 for the Leafs to have any legit shot at anything !!! They are both the life and breathe of this team !!

    The Defense needs a SERIOUS overall …..If I see Paul Ranger in another game instead of Morgan Reilly its official that the Leafs have no hockey sense….. AT ALL !!!

    MY Leaf GM moves for Monday morning :

    1) Demote Paul Ranger if he gets picked up on waivers …oh well !!!
    Bring up Mc Williams instead who is bigger and plays the body and is just BETTER !!!!as almost anyone else woulk be !!!

    2) Demote the ever slow Troy Bodie and stop playing both Mclaren and Orr on the same night STUPID we need more goals !!

    3) PLEASE bring back Josh Leivo …PLEASE !!!…I am begging you !!

    4) Seriously look at Trading Dion Phaneuf …my target would be Tyler Myers , Bogosian or Gudbranson in a broader deal !

    5) Trade Nik Kulimen & a second to :

    Calgary for Baertschi ( play maker )
    Panthers for Flieshman ( quality Center )
    Rangers for Boyle ( physical )
    New Jersey for Ryder ( just keeps on scoring CLUTCH on a good team & stanley cup ring )

  11. I tried discussing this on the Canadian corner but it made its way here ….I tried playing by the rules !!
    That will be my final comment on the Leafs on this thread …NO MORE!!

    Holmgren should package the Schenn brothers to a Canadian western team ! IMO …may be his best return !

  12. re: Jake Gardiner
    1) I watch Jake a lot on TV when he was at Wisconsin. Great Skater, Great Passer, fairly good shot.
    Passive defensively. His style was to gum up shooting lane and follow puck carrier around
    and keep himself between puck carrier and goal. He never hit anybody. Period.
    2) While I do not watch every Leaf game I have seen enough that I realize he has not changed a
    bit. He is non physical and that ‘s it.
    3) Once I heard that Carlyle would be Leafs coach I knew Jake’s days as a leaf were numbered.
    I saw how impatient Carlyle was with young Duck players and he expected them to be aggressive
    and physical.
    4) In the 4-5-6 years since I started to watch Jake @ Wisconsin he has not changed a bit.
    He will NEVER be a physical d-man. One thing I do see is that he is not as aggressive
    offensively as he once was, it’s almost like he is terrified of making a mistake. Once
    offensive players become passive, they become invisible. At this point I think that Carlyle
    is looking for an excuse to send him to AHL, he not a Carlyle type player.
    5) That being said I think there is a place for Jake on a team that needs a puck passing / carrier
    power play quarterback D-man. With his speed he could also be effective killing penalties
    as a forward. The problem I see now is that he need to be moved to a team who understands
    who he is and what his limits are. If he ends up being demoted to Marlies, his value sinks
    like a rock.

    • Not sure I can agree Carlyle doesn’t like Gardiner when he has been playing him 20min per game and I’m pretty sure he was playing him close to 23min per game during the 7 game playoff series against Boston. At the time most of the media was saying Jake had become Carlyle’s go to guy in the playoffs. Unless this is all a ploy to show case him for the best return?

    • Not watching the same games? Gardiner style has changed quite a bit from what you described. He’s a young player that still need development. I guess fans are fixed on seeing a young player and can’t see that such a player will either learn to adapt or not. He seems to be finding his game, still ways off since he’s what, 22 so I’m not in any rush for jake to come to his prime.

      • Ron totally agree. Great points. He may not be physical but neither is Kessel. Not everyone can be everything and Jake has shown a lot of skill at 22yrs old.

        • Gardiner started out as a forward until juniors. Why not move his speed and puck control to a forward position and just replace him on D. Just a thought.

          • Backcheckig…lol

          • Yikes hasn’t backchecking been saying to move Gardiner to forward for months? Ron and BC agreeing. Is the world coming to an end?

      • I find it hard to believe that fans are willing to give Gardiner some time to develop but Luke Schenn is a bust. Both were drafted in 2008..

        P.S I am not talking about you.. Just general observation..

        • Schenn was drafted 5 th over all and rushed in to way to big a role way too soon and it continued in Philly. Gardiner was 17 overall and brought along at a much slower pace and actually spent time in the AHL as recently as last year. Not implying Schenn is a bust but there were several errors in his development. Gardiner and his game has more upside than Schenn just in the type of game he plays. Im not so sure a Schenn type player ( big stay at home tough shut down type with little offense) should ever be a top 5 pick, and I think that has more to do with the perception of him being a bust than him actually being one. It was more of a bad choice to take him at 5 than the fact he hasnt lived up to his billing. IMO

          • Ok, Schenn is in his 6th NHL season. 4 of them were good especially his 1st 3 seasons with th e Leafs and his 1st season with the Flyers.. two seasons were so so because of Leafs coaching, overall weak team as well as some errors that almost any young d-men makes or should be meaking while learning..

            Who do you think has more upside..? Schenn or Gardiner ? and why do you think so?

          • At this point Gardiner but only because he is a far better skater and puck mover. Who has been coached better and brought along at a better pace, but that dosent mean that Schenn might not develop in to the better defense man. Gardiner has more potential but also could potentially be the bigger disappointment down the road if he doesnt become a little more physical and struggles in his own end or with give aways. Schenn you know exactly what you’re getting and if he was put in a better position could still develop in to the better d-man and it wouldnt surprise me in the least if he did.

  13. The Leafs need a #1 center and a couple of solid stay at home dmen who are be and tough and not that great offensively to play with a Franson or Reilly.

    In order to clear cap space and trade quality to get quality they should be willing to offer.
    Phaneuf = He is a great player and we need him but if we could get a great #1 center I would be willing to move him. I think he is the only player that could get us a #1 center beside untouchables like Kessel who we have to keep.
    Bozak = Over paid and has done nothing since signing that contract. Once healthy I would be willing to trade him for a solid second pairing dman.
    Gardiner = Kind of like all of the Oilers young players. Lots of potential to be a start one day but his development is going backwards in Toronto right now and I don’t think he is getting better. I think we should send him to the Marlies or trade him.
    Kulemin = Great on PK and good 3rd line player but being paid to much and I would only trade him if we needed cap space for another deal.
    Ranger = Waivers and once no one claims him Marlies.
    Reimer = He is the reason we made the playoffs and I would prefer to keep him for the whole season but if you watch him play he makes saves and wins games but his form is bush league. The coach, players, and fans get stressed every shot this guy takes. I would only trade him if we got something of value like a solid second paring dman on a cheap contract other wise he worth more to us to keep.
    As a side note Lupul needs to be captain of this team and Bolland with an A. Phaneuf is pretty good at time he makes a great captain but for the money we pay him or will be paying if we resign him I don’t think we get the value. He eats minutes but I much rather spead the ice time around with a better all around defense. Last thing Bozak and Ranger need to go as they have done nothing good this year.

  14. Seeing how everything in here is going out of whack, I guess I’ll join in on that too, lmao…here is my lousy Arm-Chair GM’ing trade proposal:

    To Toronto: Yakupov + Hemsky + Gordon + Dubnyk
    To Edmonton: Clarkson + Kulemin + Reimer + Phaneuf


    To Toronto: Stastny
    To Colorado: Phaneuf + 2014 2nd Round Draft Pick


    To Toronto: Fleischmann + Goc + Kulikov
    To Florida: Kulemin + Bozak + Franson


    To Toronto: Hudler + Cammalleri + Monahan + Berra
    To Calgary: Bozak + Kulemin + Kadri + Reimer

    • With the Edmonton trade, slash out Reimer for Dubnyk, seeing how they now have Bryz. lol. What about trading with Pittsbugh?

      To Toronto: Neal + Niskanen
      To Pittsburgh: Kulemin + Liles + Ranger + K.Ryan + 2014 2nd Round Pick

      • To Toronto: Grabner + Reinhart + Strome
        To New York: Gardiner + Kulemin + Franson

        • If they didnt egg Snows house for trading Moulson and picks for Vanek Islanders fans just might burn it down for this one.

        • Haha, wow.
          Both those deals are insane.

        • thats hilarious!

      • As a oilers fan I would decline your counter proposal the original proposal was so crazy/ off the wall it just might work for both teams but by excluding Reimer makes that a deal buster.

    • Funny how after only 7 games Clarkson’s name is already being mentioned as trade bait.

      Besides giving him huge money and term Nonis also gave him a NTC, NMC so no way is he waiving it to go to an Edmonton team wallowing at the bottom of the standings.

      • Hey you mentioned Clarkson in your original proposal. But alas you are absolutely right about him waiving his ntc / nmc to come to Edmonton (the Western Siberia) Lol. I think I the Katz group should apply for KHL franchise.

  15. it’s funny LeafsAdvocate how you want Reinhardt and Strome our best prospects in the deal and not even include Kadri or Van Riemsdyk in the deal…Kulemin is a bum and Gardiner is overated (my opinion)

  16. I think the Leafs played a decent game against Boston. Minus the 4 min. penalty to JVR, the Leafs were knocking on the door, playing with 2 NHL Centers, against a team chalk full of dominant ones. It is what it is.

    I think the Leafs have a number of avenues to explore in continuing to improve the club.

    Philly would make an excellent trade partner. Couturier and Grossman could fill a lot of holes in the lineup. Couturier can fill Bolland’s role for the time being, and has a lot of upside in his game, Grossman is a quality top 4 Dman with size and all the intangibles that are valued by Carlyle, and would make an excellent pairing opposite Franson, and is on a decent contract. Gardiner could be a starting point in the deal.

    Also think that Reimer needs to be shopped around to get max value for him, otherwise he walks at the end of the year for nothing, and we could easily replace him by giving Bernier the reigns, and looking to a backup like Elliot (who currently makes the same dough as Reimer), and could come at a reasonable price.

    As a crazy, will never happen scenario (I’m in favour); Once Bozak is back and healthy, trade him for Brad Richards. New York wants outta that contract with pending UFAs upcoming on their roster. Brad would be an instant upgrade in skill and leadership, for an extra 2.4 mil on the cap, with the expected raise in the cap of 7 mil ( estimate), he’d look pretty great between JVR and Kessel!… And his contract runs only 2 years longer than Bozak’s ( last 3 years at 1 mil). Just a thought.

    • I wish.

  17. Wow another Toronto jacking. Ehh I admire the passion though. I don’t follow the Leafs to the degree you all do but I think you may have a replacement for Dion already on the team. I think Franson could hod the fort until one of the younger guys emerges. Ranger didn’t look to bed from what I saw of him. Too much money for Clarkson. Don’t make the same mistake with Dion. Let him walk. I don’t see anyone taking his salary unless it is a deadline rental. I liked the guy in Calgary but he just isn’t the same. Not worth that much money. The team is headed in the right direction with JVR leading the way. Keep it building that way.

    • lol should have spell checked