Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – November 17, 2013.

Latest on the Sabres, Panthers, Predators, Rangers and Blue Jackets.

Could Shawn Matthias be the next Panther to be dealt?

Could Shawn Matthias be the next Panther to be dealt?

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman reports Buffalo Sabres president of hockey operations Pat LaFontaine said if a rival team contacted him with interest in goalie Ryan Miller they wouldn’t necessarily wait until they hire a new GM to make that move if it makes sense… Friedman also reports of talk around the league the next Florida Panther who could be dealt is forward Shawn Matthias, claiming the Vancouver Canucks could have some interest.  He’s been told defenseman Bryan Campbell won’t be dealt…Three Columbus Blue Jackets scouts took in the Edmonton Oilers game last week against Chicago. The Blue Jackets are looking for speed and the Oilers like defenseman Nikita Nikitin, but Friedman isn’t sure if those talks are going anywhere…Glenn Healy doubts Rangers defenseman Michael Del Zotto will be traded, citing his $2 million-plus cap hit and the inability to find a better player for that money. Healy also claimed Nail Yakupov had been talked about in a trade but didn’t elaborate.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: LaFontaine might be willing to listen to offers for Miller while he’s still seeking a new general manager, but I don’t believe he’ll make a move until the GM chair is filled…Matthias has another season remaining on his contract at an affordable annual cap hit of $1.75 million, but it could still take some time to move him if that’s the Panthers intent. Even if the Panthers wanted to move Campbell, his $7.142 million per season contract is impossible to move…Nikitin’s been linked to the Oilers for a few weeks now but there doesn’t seem to be serious interest on their part…The Rangers would probably want a decent blueliner who can log over 19 minutes per game in return for Del Zotto…If we take Oilers GM Craig MacTavish at his word, Yakupov won’t be dealt.

USA TODAY: With Pekka Rinne sidelined indefinitely due to complications in his surgically repaired hip,  Kevin Allen believes the Nashville Predators need to shop for a new goaltender or risk falling out of playoff contention by the end of this month. He suggests they contact the Anaheim Ducks, who are deep in goalies this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Predators GM David Poile claimed he’d wait for the results of an MRI on Rinnie’s hip at the end of this month before deciding if he’ll shop for help.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks believes the Rangers should get working on a contract for right-handed defenseman Anton Stralman, who could command $3 million per season on the open market next summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Rangers priorities are Henrik Lundqvist, Ryan Callahan and Dan Girardi. If the salary cap goes up to $70 million next season, they’ll have over $38 million in cap space, and only nine players currently under contract for next season. Those three will eat up a big chunk of that cap space, but there should be enough for Stralman if he wants to stay

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Ray Stein doubts the Blue Jackets will bring back free agent forward Vinny Prospal.


  1. Naby and Khaby down with groin issues to add to the list of injured goalies around the league…the market is getting better for teams like the Ducks, Blues, Sens and Leafs that have a little depth in net if they decide to go that way, Miller just may find a new home yet. I still think the Islanders would be a good fit.

    • NO WAY YOU TRADE REIMER …the only way the Leafs get anywhere is with both those guys …plus I can see Reims signing for a little less and looking to split games and staying with the leafs for a shorter contract …hes a guy who puts team first and I can see that happening !

      • Not getting in to that hence saying if teams decide to go that way. I was pointing out that there are some teams that maybe more interested in picking up a goalie Preds Kings Wild Islanders Hawks all have some injuries Flames Oil have issues, Avs could be looking for other reasons depending etc. The market for moving a goalie is improving.

        • *Caveat Duby has looked better past few games.

        • Agree

          but no reason to move a goalie right now ( REIMER )

 injury away form a landslide of losses for Leafs

      • You trade Reimer if you flat out win the deal and it makes your team better. You don’t trade Reimer for a draft pick or 34 year old player.

    • Islanders have already toss out draft picks getting Vanek. That leaves roster players
      and prospects to get a goalie. Snow has said that he will not trade Reinhart.
      As I recall a year or two ago NYI were very high on Ryan Strome, but have not
      read anything lately on him. Injured, flamed out ? What’s the story ?

      • Strome is who I could see a package based around for Miller. The Islanders have some nice depth as far as center prospects go.

        • Pretty big risk tho.

        • If you trade away Moulson ….loose Vanek to UFA and trade away Strome for Miller another UFA and loose him next year …the Islanders will have sold the farm and given away three of the best players they have in the system for NOTHING !!

          Why they traded away Moulson when he had such good chemistry with Tavares and was not injury prone like Vanek is beyond me !!

          Snow makes the worst deals in Hockey don’t know how he still has a job …he also paid Thomas his contract to hit the cap floor when he could have signed a player to actually play ….this Franchise loves to give away money …

          I might ask for a try out ….throw on the pads for the league minimum !!

          • You know what would be hilarious? If the Islanders reacquired Moulson. Like a package of Miller, McNabb/Ruhwedel and Moulson what would that get the Sabres?

      • Islanders will recoup there loss with a trade deadline deal possibly !

        Id say a Ducks – Islanders deal is more likely it will cost less as they may go the younger Anderson instead of a Hiller as to grow with the team and maybe just as good or better …don’t count out the Sens moving a goalie ….Murray pulls this off every year at his time of choosing !

  2. Rinnes injury is very serious ….and another reason why Weber is not going any where !!

    Miller may the better fit in Nashville at this point …hockey obscurity is what he needs!! I have to agree that it will most likely be a one GM move especially one of that size that will essentially change the face of the franchise and turn the page in history of the club !

    I have been figuring that the Blue Jackets and Oilers may be good trading partners!!

    Rangers should have cut ties with Brad Richardson …the signing was bad in the term and now they have way too many players to sign next year on an all ready lack luster team !that has some good talent…Id say that this is another experiment gone wrong ……like the days of Lindros …stacked names on the roster but poor results …I think every indication the Lundqvist situation is terrible for Management hes been underpaid since day 1 and now your balking like they did with Alfredson …it must be a Swedish …thing ..those guys are just too nice !!

    • Brad Richards = Rangers
      Brad Richardson = Canucks

      • Lol dont confuse him with details…

  3. While Nikitin is certainky available, thanks to Tim Erixson in Springfield whom Richard and Jarmo would love to get onto Columbus ice, the Jackets would almost certainly want one of the Oilers young forwards.

    • Nikitin for who? If Columbus wants Eberle or Hall, Edmonton certainly would want Ryan Murray in return. This trade sounds nutty… unless Gaborik is not resigned or is traded. And that certainly seems to be the case.

  4. No wonder Preds are waiting; Poile’s a little damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t, otherwise.

    If Rinne’s gone for months, he’d need a starter – but it has to be a starter who is a UFA after this year. They can’t afford to be paying two starting goalies next year.

    But what if Rinne comes back in March? And the new goalie has helped you get into playoff position? Who is your starting goalie for the playoffs? E.g. How do you go into the playoffs with both Miller & Rinne healthy? Or Hiller and Rinne?

    If Rinne’s ruled out for the whole year, it’s easier. If not, Poile has to look to that part, too. In my mind, getting a strong backup (Fasth?) and crossing your fingers he can handle the workload makes the most sense.

    • Playoffs!?!?! We’re talking about playoffs?

  5. For some reason I feel like Reimer could end up in Winnipeg eventually. A home town return. No goalie is such a team guy that they don’t want to be the #1 guy lol.

  6. There are several teams in need of a goalie, most urgently is Nashville as they are pushing 500 and dropping in the standings like a brick. While Anaheim has goalie prospects, they need a healthy, Playoff experienced goalie. Here is what I can see happening. Buffalo trades Miller/Adam for Hiller/Etem and a high draft pick if Miller resigns – also Bflo takes back some $ in the trade. Then, Bflo trades Hiller for Zach Budish and a draft pick.

    Don’t see Miller going to the Islanders or the Wild or any Canadian team.

  7. I can see the Oilers shopping around Sam Gagner, his spot has been taken by the strong play of Arcobello. The Oilers and Jackets could work out a deal for Nikitin but I’d be looking at Florida if Matthias is available. Gagner and Klefbom for Matthias and Kulikov. I’d be on the phone with Florids trying to get that one going.