Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – November 20, 2011.

The latest from the Ottawa Sun, Hockey Night in Canada, The Hockey News and the Sun-Sentinel. Enjoy!


Could the Flyers trade Carle?

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch speculates on the futures of the current head coaches in Calgary, Carolina, Colorado and Washington as those clubs continue to struggle…League executives expect Calgary Flames GM Jay Feaster to start tearing apart his roster by the trade deadline. Garrioch believes the option of trading team captain Jarome Iginla, once considered unthinkable, is going to have to be considered…The Columbus Blue Jackets are still trying to move forwards Antoine Vermette, Derick Brassard and goalie Steve Mason. There’s considerable interest in Vermette…Garrioch wonders when Leafs GM Brian Burke will make a move to improve his goaltending. He writes he was told Jonathan Bernier (Kings), Scott Clemmensen (Florida), Chris Mason (Winnipeg) and Anders Lindback (Nashville) are available, and that the Leafs are expected to offer goalie Jonas Gustavsson in a deal they make for any goalie…Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman is looking for depth at center and could be interested in Edmonton’s Sam Gagner…The Flyers could be “inching” toward moving defenseman Matt Carle, who’s eligible for UFA status next summer. The Canucks and Oilers need help on their defense…The Ducks are believed seeking a third-line forward…No change on the Kyle Turris front, though a league executive believes Turris will re-sign on December 1st and then be traded.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of the four cities Garrioch noted regarding possible coaching changes, Carolina appears the most likely. There’s no trade coming to turn this team around, leaving no other option but to replace head coach Paul Maurice…I don’t see the Flames shopping Iginla this season, unless “Iggy” wants out. That being said, if they were to consider moving him, it’ll likely happen in the off-season, when teams have more available cap space and more willingness to take on expensive salaries. Notice, however, the key word, “if”, for there’s no guarantee Jay Feaster would consider moving Iginla…Vermette does have the most trade value of those three Blue Jackets but it remains to be seen if any club actually wants him…I don’t doubt the Leafs are shopping around for help in goal, but Burke recently denied in a Toronto Star interview he would trade Gustavsson. As for those goalies Garrioch claimed were available, I don’t see the Kings shopping Bernier or the Predators moving Lindback during this season, because they’ll want to hang onto those guys in case they’re needed in the playoffs. I also have my doubts the Jets would move Mason at this point in the season, though they might do so near the trade deadline if they’re out of the post-season chase by then…Bowman recently said he’s not planning any trades at this time, so while he might have an eye on Gagner or other players, I don’t expect him to make any moves for a while. With his team among the top clubs in the Western Conference, he’s in no hurry to shake things up…I also have my doubts the Flyers would move Matt Carle during this season. With Chris Pronger and Kimmo Timonen getting up in age, they need to keep a younger blueliner like Carle around this season…Coyotes GM Don Maloney said under no circumstances would he trade Kyle Turris, and that includes a “sign-and-trade” on December 1st, or trading him days after re-signing him.

CBC.CA: During Saturday’s “Hotstove” intermission segment, Elliotte Friedman reported the Nashville Predators remain hopeful of re-signing Ryan Suter and Shea Weber and still remain a cap team, while Glenn Healy pointed out they wouldn’t be able to afford to bring in an expensive forward like Zach Parise…Friedman also reported hearing Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson had interest in Boston Bruins backup Tuukka Rask, but Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli said he’s not moving Rask, considering him the Bruins goalie of the future. Friedman wondered if Howson might have interest in Kings backup Jonathan Bernier. Howson has also rejected offers for rookie forward Ryan Johansen.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ve said before that if the Predators re-sign Weber and Suter, their combined salaries along with goalie Pekka Rinne’s could eat up a considerable chunk of their payroll, leaving no room to pursue a top scoring forward…No surprise the Bruins won’t trade Rask, or that the Blue Jackets are unwilling to move Johansen, who’s been among the few bright spots in their dismal season. Bottom line for the Blue Jackets is they’re dealing from a position of weakness, and to bring in a decent goalie, they’ll have to part with a good player. Otherwise, it’s stick with Mason and call-ups and ride it out.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Adam Proteau recently responded to a reader’s e-mail asking if it were possible Shane Doan signed with the Winnipeg Jets next summer as a UFA, but Proteau expects Doan to remain with the Coyotes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Doan and the Coyotes opened contract talks last summer, and it’s expected that, once their ownership situation is sorted out, if the Coyotes remain in Phoenix, he’ll re-sign. If it appears the club could move, the potential destination could be a factor, but for now, it’s still believed he’ll stick with them.

SUN-SENTINEL.COM: Harvey Fialkov wondered if the Toronto Maple Leafs might be interested in Panthers backup Scott Clemmensen.


  1. I don’t understand why everybody thinks the Kings wouldn’t want to move Bernier. Bernier is a potential franchise goalie and Quick is clearly the guy in LA. Even when the Kings had back-to-back games, they played Quick in both of them. It’s obvious that Quick is their guy so Bernier is expendable and a great trade asset. I think the drawback for the Kings is that, to clear up cap space, they likely need to move Penner in any deal.

    As for Columbus, why the heck would they want to replace Mason? He’s only 23, and a Calder trophy winner. I think Columbus should consider improving their defense before they trade away a guy this good. This could be Chicago trading away Hasek part 2.

  2. @JDBGiGC

    Why would Columbus want to replace Mason? Uhhh, maybe because he has been absolutely terrible ever since his rookie year and has shown no signs of improvement? Trading away Mason would be more like the Bruins trading away Raycroft than Chicago trading Hasek.

  3. I think the Flames will still hang on a bit longer. They are almost 20 games in and playing at around .500 hockey. It’s not terrible. They still have 60 games to play. I think one trade can still be made to improve the team a bit. I don’t see Feaster firing Sutter. He will want to build his team from scratch, new coaching staff, new players and what not.

    Washington will need to trade Semin. I mean, it is a no brainer that he should have been traded already. He is not a good workaholic. He is not doing what he does best, score goals, and apparently it is not having a good impact on Ovechkin either. No way I would fire Bruce just yet. Get rid of Semin.

    Flames need a goal scorer. Why not trade Semin for Stajan and Bourque?

    The Hurricanes should not fire Maurice. There is not much to do when your franchise player is stinking it up. I doubt Staal and Maurice don’t get along either. Canes are not a deep team considering that their bottom two lines are marginal NHL talent, mostly AHL. I don’t think a coaching change will help this team much at all.

    Columbus should not trade Mason. Why? Who the heck wants Mason? Right now he is the Andy Raycroft of some years ago. Unless JFJ Jr. comes back as GM then you would think he’d be the one acquiring him. The Blue Jackets do not even have a decent back-up, which is mind boggling to me. This is complete ineptness from the GM (Howson). You know your goalie has not been good, you make big changes, but you ignore your goaltending? Inexcusable.

    Obviously you won’t see the Blue Jacks get a top notch goalie, but they will need someone who is proven, has experience, and can take some pressure off Mason. Columbus may have to act quicker because Toronto will also be looking for a goalie, and most likely the same type of goalie that Columbus needs.

    Clemmensen would be ideal, but he is still sore and recovering. Panthers recalled Jacob.

    Los Angeles should not trade Bernier just yet. First of all, he has not even been THAT impressive this season either; actually quite the opposite. His stock is low right now, and no team will trade for a potential.

  4. Steve Mason is a great goalie, he is struggling because he has been handled poorly. The guy has been thrown to the wolves and has never had any support. He needs a season or two with an experienced guy splitting games with him and mentoring him and preferably a new goalie coach. At 23y with the potential he has shown it would be a bad idea to give up on Mason, he has led the Jackets to their only ever playoff trip and he can do it again, with time.

    I really hope the Jackets don’t sell the farm. They are starting to improve a bit now and giving hope to the team. They are a candidate to go to the East next year which will help them financially and Yakupov would be a good fit for them I’d hope ;).

  5. I wouldn’t put too much into what Garrioch says…

  6. If I was in Washington I’d hire a coach that would use ovi properly. He was never the reason they didn’t win, he was typically the reason they were ever in it to begin with. Bruce thinks he’s bigger then the players, only reason anyone knows him in the NHL is because he coaches #8. And he’s ruined that train.

  7. JJB totally agree.
    Micki, are you a flames fan or something. Stajan and Bourque for Semin? Lol!

  8. Well, Semin and plus for those two. Mainly for cap purposes. I doubt Stajan and Bourque are Flames for the long-run. I think Feaster will end up getting rid of both.

    Semin is a cancer for the Caps at this point. He is underperforming, vastly overpaid…and the Caps could use some grinding forwards to play with the skill that they have.

    I think it favors both teams. The Flames get rid of two contracts and two underachievers while adding a guy who is a goal scorer and if he sucks they can still trade him later by the deadline or trade his rights later in June before free agency comes up.

  9. Totally agree with BruinsMike on the trading away of Mason in Columbus :) Def more like Bruins trading Raycroft then Chicago trading away Hasek !! :)

  10. Kari Lehtonen was an awesome goalie but he wasn’t playing well for the Thrashers. Now that he’s in Dallas, he’s living up to his potential. This could be a similar situation with Mason, but Mason needs to go regain himself in the minors or something. He’s not, at this point, an NHL caliber goaltender despite the great numbers he put up his rookie season under Ken Hitchcock.

  11. @Micki I think if the Caps were to trade Semin (they wont) they might want more than some crappy contracts nobody in the league would trade anything of value for. If the flames are able to trade Stajan they would probably have to throw in a first rounder or 2, no cup contender wants to shed a 40 goal scorer for a couple guys that have longer contracts and might be playing in the AHL if they werent being grossly overpaid.

  12. If Columbus ever put an NHL-caliber defense corps in front of Mason, he might actually stop a beach ball or two. But on the days where the beach ball eludes him, he should probably have someone a little better versed in the ways of the league backing him up than Curtis Sanford. I think Mason has what it takes, but just like Varlamov in Colorado, he needs a veteran backup to help him out when he hits ruts.

    Now in terms of job security, Howson really can’t gamble on that working out this season. So maybe he needs to trade Vermette and Mason to Florida or something, get Clemmenson and a role player, and maybe someday Mason will recover from getting jerked around by a terrible team and quite possibly the worst management we’ve seen since the days of the Atlanta Thrashers.

    In all honesty though, Howson doesn’t deserve to be there anymore. He’s done a pitiful job of managing that team, and he should be tarred feathered and run out of town by the Columbus faithful.

  13. Thank you Wingman for straightening that out. IF caps trade Semin (which I agree that they should), they will likely want a top 10 pick PLUS a solid NHL player. Certainly not Bourque and a throwaway with a bad contract.

    As for Mason, I don’t think the fact that the team is bad is a good excuse. The fact is, he’s letting in horrible goals and giving up bad rebounds. Maybe if he played a little better the Jackets would have a few more wins. There’s no doubt he has the raw talent, but right now he shouldn’t be regularly starting for any team and it’s not constructive for his career.