Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – November 3, 2013

The latest on the Flyers, Rangers, Sabres, Senators, Stars, Canadiens and more.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Flyers GM Paul Holmgren is willing to discuss anyone on his roster, while the struggling Rangers might be prepared to move as well, with defenseman Michael Del Zotto mentioned….It’s believed Steve Ott, Christian Ehrhoff, Drew Stafford, Patrick Kaleta and Ryan Miller are among the Sabres who could be moved next…The Jets have been shopping for help at forward,but not enough teams are out of the race yet…Garrioch expects Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau to re-sign with the Sharks…The Oilers are seeking a top end defenseman but there’s not many available and rival clubs would want the Oilers young players…With Rick DiPietro failing to impress with the Hurricanes farm team, they’re calling around for a goalie…Don’t expect Matt Moulson (a UFA next summer) to finish the season with the Sabres…The Canadiens may be willing to move David Desharnais but he has another four years at $3.5 million per on his contract.

 Garrioch also reported Senators GM Bryan Murray has held talks with a couple of teams seeking an upgrade on defense. He could try to shore up the blueline if the Senators fail to improve over the next couple of games. Garrioch lists the Flyers Hal Gill, the Maple Leafs John-Michael Liles, the Canucks Yanick Weber, the Kings Alec Martinez and the Panthers Tom Gilbert among the list of available blueliners.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s the problem for teams seeking upgrades. Not much available talent this early in the season, and too many teams (24) have too little cap space to take on additional salary…The Sabres will have an easier time moving Ott, Miller and Moulson, who are slated for UFA status next summer…Wouldn’t surprise me if Thornton and Marleau re-up with the Sharks…If the Oilers aren’t willing to move one of their good young players, they can forget about landing a quality first-pairing defenseman. Even then, the asking price could be too high…A Canadiens blogger recently suggested Desharnais could be the latest version of Scott Gomez for the Habs.

 TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons noted Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf has his faults, but the club cannot afford to lose him to free agency next summer. He’s expecting a six-year deal worth $42 million.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos speculated seven years at $50 million. Simmons is one year shorter but is worth $7 million per season. Ultimately this comes down to Phaneuf’s willingness to remain a Leaf. If the team continues to improve, he could wish to remain a part of it and accept less than what he’d get on the open market, but I still believe it’ll come in around $7 million per.

 DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika reports the Stars have too much money tied up in underperforming players, singling out Shawn Horcoff ($5.5 million), Sergei Gonchar ($5 million), Alex Goligoski ($4.6 million), Ray Whitney ($4.5 million) and Erik Cole ($4.5 million). The Stars currently have around $3.4 million in cap space, leaving Stars fans wondering if there’s enough to fix the club’s problem areas, such as their defense. GM Jim Nill, however, isn’t concerned, preaching patience with his younger players, while believing he has sufficient cap space to make a major trade by mid-season if an opportunity arises.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: Considering what little is available in the trade market right now, patience is pretty much the watchword. Heika raises a good point about the amount the Stars have tied up in players who aren’t performing well, but there’s little that can be done about that now.

 NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks wonders why a team in such dire need of goaltending help as the Edmonton Oilers won’t sign UFA Ilya Bryzgalov.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I get the concern about Bryzgalov’s reputation as a flake, but the Oilers season is already slipping away and they need help between the pipes and on the blueline. It won’t cost much to take a chance on Bryzgalov. It’s not like he can make a bad situation worse, Oilers fans. Your club is not just at rock bottom right now, it’s burrowing into the crust.

 THE BUFFALO NEWS: John Vogl recently speculated off-season rumors linking the Colorado Avalanche to Sabres goalie Ryan Miller could resurface if Avs start Semyon Varlamov is sentenced to jail on domestic violance charges. Vogl also noted the Washington Capitals are desperate for blueline help, while the Sabres have eight defensemen.


  1. Adrian Dater wrote an article in which he states Varlamov swore his innocence to Roy & Sakic. So no Ryan Miller needed.

    • It doesn’t matter if Roy or Sakic think Varlomov is innocent, it depends on the grand jury and the court system.

      • Hmmmmm A Colorado goaltender accused of domestic violence charges? Me thinks that Mr. Roy may side with his young goaltender for his own personal reasons??

    • Lol guy when did Roy or Dater become Judge or Jury?

      • I don’t think that was his pint. Rather that varlomov is giving them assurance that he didn’t do it and won’t be going to jail.. Now whether you believe varlomov is the question…

        • I have been soooo drunk before too where i did stupid things and didnt remember …but I never kicked my wife in the chest or pulled her hair !!!

          Thats serious abuse and even more a serious problem he doesnt rember every time he does it ….the NHL should be ashamed it supports this and should recognize female abuse in hockey becuase it happens a lot and gets swept under the rug on many fronts !!

          TERRIBLE !!!

          • Ive also known and have been involved with crazy women who tend to make things up about relations gone sour….lets let a judge decide.

    • I’m sure Roy has no problem with his actions. Wasn’t he brought in on charges or something like that back in the day? I remember something like he ripped the door right off it’s hinges?

  2. Re: OIlers
    The old saying may hold true, you can’t make the playoffs in October, but you may miss them.
    They are close to toss the season aside. Example in 2010 the 8th seed in west Colorado had 95 points,
    in 2011 the 8th seed Chicago had 97 points, in 2012 the 8th seed had 95 points. If form holds and
    the bottom seed in west needs 95 points and oilers have 67 games left, a possible 134 points,
    they would need 87 points or 65% of possible points. That’s not all, there is ONE LESS playoff
    position available. What do I mean by that ? In past a team had six playoff spots to shoot for,
    first place in their division and 5 wild card spots, two were not available, first place in the other two
    divisions NO MATTER HOW WELL THEY PLAYED. This year they have a shot at 1-5 in there own
    division and NO SHOT at 1-3 in the other division. Today their best chance is over taking the LA Kings
    who are in 5th in west and would just barely make the playoffs. I don’t think Kings will be in same
    spot end of year, just giving a reference point. Kings will move up and fight with SJ for first.
    I am guessing that if Oilers do not win 7 out of next 10 it’s over. Because of the 3 point games, it’s
    hard, real hard to makeup a lot of ground once your behind.

    • Agreed… I dont see the Oil making it the way they currently are built especially with the new playoff format, they need to do something big. Bryz could be an option as Brooks said it couldnt be any worse but that still wouldnt be enough imo.

    • Nothing in the Oilers play would indicate that they are going to be able to turn things around to that magnitude. Their goaltending and defense has been better in the past with basically the same personnel so there is reason to expect improvement there. I think the coaches need to re-think some of the things they are doing before a major trade is deemed the answer. Why has the PP gone from 8th in the league to 25th? Why has the PK gone from 9th to 27th? If anything, they have better players than last year (Perron, Ferrence). The new systems haven’t caught on yet, aren’t a good fit with the personnel or aren’t good systems at this level. Figuring that out would be a good start.

    • Oilers won’t make it but MacT can save some face by making some smart moves here soon for a couple defensemen and make a nice little run to make fans a little excited for next year. I’d honestly clear some salary right now by trading either Gagner or RNH and also get rid of Yaks because he’ll just be a distraction until he is gone. Don’t resign Dubnyk. Make a huge pitch for Lundqvist in the offseason, I think he will leave the big apple. So lets say they traded with the sabres and signed lundqvist in the offseason there team IMO would look better.

      Ennis (Sabres take on some of his Salary for next season)


      only one they really losing is rnh in terms of production. yakupov right now is just potential. his stock will continue to go down hill like nino niederreiter’s stock did.

    • I don´t believe that Oilers make it, but they must try it. Shooting it down in november is shame. Next to the goalie and top D IMO they need guy like Prospal, veteran, heart and soul type, points-effective. He´s still free agent with desire to play NHL, money isn´t main factor. Ask Andy Ference on him, they played together in czech leaugue, or Ask in Columbus. Young boys in Edmonton still have not matured in leadership roles…

  3. Funny that some are saying that the oilers should just sign Bryz….. I doubt he’d want to play there. He has said that a few teams offered him contracts and he said no. Why would anyone want to play for the oilers LOL.

    • Bryz said in the off-season that he would love to play in Edmonton. Clearly teams don’t feel his talent is enough to offset the personality.

      • You know Bryz did a credible job in Phoenix and he could help the Oilers. At this point, Edmonton has nothing to lose. Maybe they should just sign him for the rest of the season and see how it goes. I think part of the problem with Bryz is that the market/media in Philly is very intense, so anything said gets magnified. Maybe he does better in a small market.

        • Edmonton wouldn’t be less of a media circus. The TSN sports radio station talks Oilers 24/7 year round. Eakins commented that he can’t pump gas, go to the dentist or walk his daughter to school without somebody giving him their opinion on the Oilers.
          That being said, I would take a chance on Bryz. I just wonder why no team has. They know more than we do.

    • Flyer fan for over 40 years

      pretty simple why no one is signing Bryzgalov….he sucks

      media and attention had nothing to do with it. he was awful. a ton of soft goals and cannot stop a break-away (shoot-out) to save his life or his contract. if they got to a shoot-out (meaning he didn’t already blow the game for them), he blew it in the shoot-out

    • I feel like Bryz learned his lesson in Philly that overall team D can make or break a goalie’s career. He’s trying to get back to being a NHL starter and realizes that his best chance isn’t in Edmonton, where their team gives up loads of shots/game. If he comes back and the team still loses, he will take the fall and never get another chance. If he played in Dallas or Cal, I could see him doing well.

      • I ‘t see him doing well anywhere. he sucks. unless he can find a team that doesn’t allow shots on goal. flops around like a fish in the crease, tons of soft goals (count on at least 1 per game), cannot stop a break-away or shoot-out

        watched him for 2 years and gave him every benefit of the doubt. his bad play brought the team down like an anchor. totally discouraging when the team plays hard, gets 35 shots and 2 goals, and the other team gets 20 shots and 4 goals. that’s the story of the Bryzaster in Philly

  4. If Philadelphia is willing to discuss anyone. Does that mean Giroux too? There would be 30 teams bidding. That would mean Philly would do a full rebuild, despite the fact they have all these young players that haven’t become the projected stars. They could probably move a lot of veteran guys next summer when the cap goes up. Without a cap crunch Giroux, Hartnell, Lecavalier, Timonen and Streit are all interesting pieces for contenders, I like a lot of their pieces despite the fact they aren’t clicking.

    • Gardiner for Couturier

      • If not what would it take to get him out of Philly realistically? (and forget the overrated first round picks roster player and prospect line of thinking wont happen.)

        • the leafs could throw in Liles and McLaren as well just for the heck of it but I don’t think the flyers have the cap space. Too bad.

      • Lol I knew that proposal would come up with the words “anyone available” . Depending on the severity of bollands injury that could push it to more of a possibility.

        • I’d be looking at a package of Coburn+Rinaldo. As much as I’d like Couturier, eventually Bozak will be back and if he bounces back, I resign Bolland

          • Ehh even before the injury I would say depending on what Bolland wants resigning him could have been a question. Tough to give him too much of a raise and if it is 4.5- 5 which he is worth the cap would be very tight with out some moves.

          • Couturiers age and contract is why I mention him, dont need to do anything extreme by bringing in 2 players (cap issues dont forget) unless they can get rid of Liles somehow in a deal it has to be salaries are close kind of deal. They are definitely need a center… Have for a while. People complain about what Nonis (resigning Bosak Clarkson deal Grabo buy out etc…) has done his biggest error imo is not getting some kind of depth a center with Fanson or Gardiner and dealing before the year and from some kind of position of strength, now its going to cost them. Or hello Kyle Wellwood.

          • Looking back on it now wouldn’t it be nice to still have colborne… Didn’t really understand signing him to a one way deal.. But now they have whAt they have and these injuries could have just sped up the process of trading a position of strength for the centre man. Philly will do something drastic and I’d want to be that team they try to fix all there problems with.

          • Id rather try and make a move Colborne is just not that good, they need an nhl center man not another Smith, Grabo was not worth 5 mill plus before someone shoots off about him. A younger center who could have played on the 3rd line or on the Marlies to get some experience was a bit of a mistake, could have kept Bolland on the wing and moved him up and down the line up just the same as he was doing. I like Ashton Bodie and Levio and all but it seems to me the leafs have depth every where but center and if you look over the roster its super obvious that could be a problem, when 3 of your top 4 centers have never scored 20 goals, and the 1 that has had back issues and injury questions.

      • you got it….deal

      • Watch a game nitro watch a game, he is probably as good defensively as Franson he is better than Ranger by a mile and moves the puck very well way better than Streit. Gardiners game has been pretty decent. Still young now you tell me what makes Couturier so special? Its a pretty even trade.

        • Want goals maybe we talk our secret weapon Brennan? lol

    • Streit with that contract is not interesting to many would be my bet.

      • probably not interesting to anyone

        he’s a liability on D…he sucks

    • While Holmgren is willing to discuss anyone on his roster, that doesn’t mean he is having a “fire sale”. While I like Giroux, I just think Holmgren will ask too much for him.

      • Same for Couturier.

        • definitely not…over-rated

      • probably not

        Giroux…Read…Couturier…Laughton…1st round pick



      • maybe not

    • Flyer fan for over 40 years

      Giroux…….way over-rated. would love to see him traded

      Hartnell…No Trade Clause and 4 more years at $4.75

      Lecavalier….love him

      Timonen….sucks….UFA after the season but says he’s retiring….plays like he retired 4 years ago

      Streit….4 years at $5.25….awful….take him please

      there are only a handful of players on this Flyer team worth keeping–

      L Schenn
      B Schenn

      that’s it

      • Philly fans are starting to sound like Leaf fans of old …that means things are getting really bad ….CANT TRADE GIROUX unles you get and absolute top 10 star or a KINGS ransom 2 top line players and a first for him ….not sure how you mean he s overated every one who is any in the NHL loves this guys and was spoken as being possibly the best player in the NHL the lasy 3 years …you dont give up on a guy who has proven that !!!!

        You give up on a guy like B Schenn or Yakupov who have proven NOTHING !!!

        • dude–

          Giroux is not even in the top 10 in the NHL

          small, not physical, ok but not great offensive stats, not at all captain material, has been a no-show at their toughest times….subtract his 14 pts in 6 games in the Penguin series 2012 (all time record for goals in a playoff series, an aberration for sure) and G’s playoff numbers are under a point per game….the league is getting bigger, faster and younger by the second. a 5’10 170 pound #1 center isn’t gonna cut it over the next 5 years…..and oh yeah, just signed an 8 year $8M a year deal that kicks in next season

          i’ll take Weber or Subban (a FA next summer) for that kind of money

          no goals in 13 games this year. no goals in the last 6 games last year…19 straight without a goal…..over-rated, you can have him

          i said it back in the summer of 2012 when the Flyers signed Weber—close the deal and offer the Predators Giroux and Read for Weber….that would have gotten the deal done and Weber would be in a Flyer jersey right now….that deal looks pretty good right now doesn’t it

          Giroux sucks….a lot of hype because he came on the scene and made a big splash in the 2010 playoffs when they went to the Finals against the Blackhawks, but in those playoffs he was playing against 2nd and 3rd liners because the Flyers were deeper and still had Richards and Carter….did have a good year with Hartnell and Jagr after that but basically has disappeared since he’s been facing 1st liners

    • If Philly decides to do a rebuild, FIRST Holmgren must go. Would you want the guy who signed older players to long term contacts doing the rebuilding ? Thinking Hartnell, Streit, and Lecavalier for starters. Not saying they are bad players but if your rebuilding they are not who I rebuild with. If it is rebuild Holmgren must go first.

      • Super agree

      • agree…Holmgren has made some good trades, early in is GM tenure but the contracts he has signed are not good….Mason looks solid and i give him credit for that, but otherwise he has decimated this team with old, slow D, mostly slow FW, and no star players

        Holmgren needs to be fired

  5. Bryz made it clear he did not want to go to Winnipeg when he thought the Coyotes were moving there so I don’t think he would consider Edmonton either.

  6. Sabres players that are on the move IMO are Miller, Stafford, Leino (Either trade or buyout), Ehrhoff and Ott. Hate to lose Ott, the guy brings everything to the table every night. Whoever lands him will be pleased. Same goes with Ehrhoff. He doesn’t take a shift off. If your listening MacTavish, Ehrhoff is like probably the best defensemen available IMO so I’d get that deal done.

    To Edmonton

    To Buffalo
    Yakupov (Out of favor in Edmonton)

    • I don’t think Buffalo is giving up NEARLY enough there to land RNH & Yakupov. Who in that equation is replacing RNH as the Oilers #1 center? This deals sends a 31 year old expensive and under performing Dman in Erhoff (who isn’t even that big), an average top 6 winger in Ennis, and an aging physical style winger in Ott … for an Number one center who will likely be a 70+ point guy and a amazing young winger who will probably be around the same.

      All win for Buffalo … only useful piece for the Oilers in that is Ott. Other then that it is taking on cap and downgrading your players. If anything Edmonton is going to talk Tyler Myers who has struggled in Buffalo and Yakupov and see if a flip (maybe involving other pieces) assists the team in anyway. Personally I’d be looking at

      To Edmonton

      F Steve Ott
      D Tyler Myers

      To Buffalo

      F Nail Yakupov
      1st Round Pick (likely conditional & because Edmonton is desperate)

      • Myers for Yak is a pretty solid hockey trade

        • I Would not give Yak up for Myers and that contract

      • Oilers have 3 players right now that can play center on 1st and 2nd lines. Eberle, Gagner and RNH are all centers that can play anywhere on the top two lines. Top defensemen aren’t easy to nab so ya it’s definitely enough to land both those guys. Yakupov is as good as gone anyway. It’s KHL or different NHL team for that. Ott is alone worth a 1st rounder + prospect. If a team is desperately in need of a #1 dman like the Oilers you’d be surprised what they would give up. Especially with that very affordable cap hit. Ehrhoff>Coburn. We can always throw in one of our many 2nd rounder’s. But that’s easily enough.

        • Eberle is not a center. He is a RW.
          #1 Dmen are hard to find but so are #1 Centers. If Oilers were prepared to give up that much they would likely look at other Dmen before Erhoff ie Yandle, Bogosian, Shattenkirk.

    • Edmonton might trade one of their first over all picked players for the right deal but no way would they trade 2.

  7. None of those players listed really helps the Senators defensive woes in anyway, except maybe a sparingly used Hal Gil who can certainly help his own goalie in front of his net but he is older and slow. If the Flyers are willing to discuss anyone then Ottawa needs to call them up and talk either Coburn or Grossman, that big bodied presence along the blueline, pretty much do what you have to do to grab one up but they give you a big hand.

  8. If Ottawa needs help clearing the net Grossman could be a cheap quick fix for late pick or middling prospect

    • Even Mezsaros would be a top 4 upgrade in Ottawa that could be had for a washing machine

  9. I am a Leafs fan and not a Phaneuf hater but I think if we could get a kings ransom from a desperate team like Edmonton(his home town) or Philly we should trade him. Yes I know we can’t replace him but our place in the standings and excellent goalies are raising the bar on a Toronto team that was predicted to be fighting for a playoff spot. Let’s face it Leaf’s fans we aren’t there yet for a Stanley Cup team and look at the games against Vancouver and Chicago and we can see we are not on their level yet. Gardiner, Reilly, Kadri still need a little more development. We have a ton of people to resign so we can use Phaneuf’s money to resign people like Bolland, Franson, Franser ect. We also need a 1st line center and better defensive defense as giving up 40+ shots ever game and only getting 20 ourselves is not a recipe for success.

    • Why would the Oilers give up a king’s ransom for a Dman that is a UFA at the end of the year? That’s the type of thing you do to acquire a player to put you over the top and win a cup. Even with Phaneuf the Oilers likely miss the playoffs so what’s their motivation?
      Why would the Leafs trade their only legit top pairing Dman when you point out that they need better defense?

      • Didn’t islanders just give up a lot for vanek?

        • Islanders have a realistic chance to make the playoffs and they didn’t give up any young players off their current roster.

          • Agreed with Mawman (it was a terrible deal to begin with cant expect all gms to do that type of deal.) Plus Dion is the Leafs best D man why trade him when defense is a problem again look at his stats… you will not replace Phaneuf with Franson or Fraser who is a bottom pairing at best so why would you trade a very good player to sign 2 guys who are not as good when your team is bad defensively? Thats backwards you are supposed to try and improve, 1 of them hasnt even played a game this year and you are near the top of the league wouldn’t it make more sense to keep the good and lose the lesser players?

  10. I wonder with the loss of Bolland if you might see a trade between Toronto & Colorado now? Maybe Gardiner & Kulemin for Stastny & a draft pick

    • Imo the avs would want more…not sure they would get it but

      • Not sure giving up one of our best defensive forwards in Kulemin would be wise considering we have been giving up 40+ shots ever night. I guess we can’t be like Edmonton fans and over value our players in trades but the Avs might be interested in Gardiner and I would prefer to keep him and Reilly and trade Phaneuf because in a few years when the Leafs are actually contenders those two young d-men might just be the anchors of our team.

        • ONCE AGAIN !!!!!!!!


          Who cares they are all first rounders…..they are a Junior A team and NOT MEN in A MENS league …..they are ALL complimentary players and not meant to play all together on the same team ….they will be more successful elsewhere ….like Seguin !!!!


          There are too many trade scenarios to discuss really …that would help !

          Eakins is not an NHL coach his mannerisms on the bench last night was disgusting regardless of the situation …he looks like a WHIMP sucky baby …..get over it !! NEXT !!!

          Its easy to finish last each year and draft first in the spring !!!!

          Thats the easy part ….HOWEVER that doesnt mean you have a well rounded team or a GOOD Team at all ……it takes many role players to ice a winning team …Oilers have NONE !!

          Can anyone say MESSIER for head coach !!

          TOO MUCH HYPE!!!!

          Not enough Hockey ….

          TERRIBLE !!!!!

          • The Oilers problem: they need a coach, not a personal trainer. Keep your healthy diet while the league eats you for breakfast.
            As for the Leafs, I said from day one they lacked center depth in the organization. Seems like Philly and Toronto make good trade partners again.
            Gardiner for B. Schenn is my deal.
            Philly lacks any kind of speed on d and are getting old. Gardiner is the perfect puck rushing defenseman. Toronto needs a center who can also move to wing in the top 9 when everyone is healthy. If Bolland and Kulemin walk next year, you will be extra glad to have him.

    • If Bolland is out for the season you could talk about Stastny (is it spelled right?). I think they would take Gardiner/Kulemin in a minute since Stastny is a UFA.

      I feel like it is safer to Phaneuf for Stastny straight up, Bozak replaces Bolland’s 3rd line role.

      • And who replaces Phaneuf? He is highest plus d man we have hes +10! (Everyone else is plus 1 or 2 and Rielly is -3 Franson who seems to be everyones hero is -2 last I looked playing less minutes softer competition) Dion plays the most minutes and top lines. If Dion gets dealt kiss the playoffs good bye.

    • The Leafs have plenty of depth at centre, when healthy. Bozak, Kadri, Bolland, McClement is a solid group. You may say Bozak is too small, not offensive enough, etc, etc. but with JVR’s size and Bozak’s faceoff ability, the two complement Kessel nicely. In the last three seasons only Stamkos and Malkin have more points than Kessel. I think we’re getting enough production from that line.

      As far as Bolland’s injury is concerned they have no cap flexibility so don’t count on any big trades. Phaneuf is not going anywhere. It’s much harder to replace his minutes than to re-sign him. There’s plenty of money to keep Phaneuf, Bolland, Franson, Fraser and Reimer.

      To those who say Gardiner is expendable with the emergence of Reilly I say remember when Rask was expendable because we had Pogge? The Leafs would be crazy to give Gardiner up for some aging 2nd line centre. If they trade him at all they need to get equal value (i.e. a solid young building block) in return.

      • Add it up there wont be enough to keep all of em…Phaneuf 500k Franson at least another 3 Gardiner at least 1 mill Reimer 2-2.5 Fraser 1 Bolland 1. There is 9 mill conservatively without including McClement Kulimen Ashton Raymond or Ranger or their replacements the cap wont go up to 77 mill or anything next year, probably going to need to make a few moves anyway.

        • I don’t expect those kinds of raises. Franson, Gardiner and Reimer are RFAs. Don’t expect Nonis to open the vault. If the bidding on Fraser gets too high they will walk, but he has limited experience as an NHLer. Bolland’s current cap hit is $3.375M. I think if he genuinely wants to play here he will settle for something in the neighbourhood of $4M per. You say the increase is $9M. I think it’s closer to $2.5M-$3M combined.

          • …And $2.5M in buy-outs and retained salaries will come off the books.

  11. Get Gardiner or maybe Kulikov. Both players could be had for a marginal return. Streit, Grossmann and Coburn can all be moved out if possible. Puck movers can help prime the offense, which has had success in the recent past.

  12. Part of me likes Byufglien, but despite his skill and size, I worry about his positional play and conditioning.

  13. i’d rather see the Flyer put their best package together for Weber

    • If you want to gut the club and build around a player, he’s the one to do it around. I just don’t know if that’s the right step at this juncture.

      • Scotty–

        I think they need to gut the club and clean house

        the Flyers are too old, too slow, too small, and not physical enough to win. i’d rather see them keep a few players on the team now (I posted those players on this board), trade all the rest. build around Mason and Weber as the #1D, get draft picks and big, young players to build the FW

        the current team is over-rated and over-paid. but the individual players have value as depth players for playoff teams

        • I hear you Jango27. What would it take to land Weber? Couturier, B. Schenn? Both? Would Nashville want some of our own young defensemen prospects like Alt, Hagg, Morin, and Gostisbehere? I think some of the Flyers answers for success lie in this group. That’s why I’d like to see them tweak the defense by adding Kulikov or Gardiner. Maybe Yandle makes more sense because he’s excellent on the PP and a plus skater.

          As far as the roster being old, I really don’t see this as true. Timonen is 38 and will likely retire at season’s end. Streit is 35 and overpaid. I’d like to see him traded away, but I doubt that’s a possibility. Gill is also 38 and a depth player who could also retire at season’s end. Who else is ‘old’?