Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – November 6, 2011.

The latest from Hockey Night in Canada, Ottawa Sun, Calgary Sun and New York Post.


Time to Trade Rick Nash?

CBC.CA: During last night’s “Hotstove” intermission segment on Hockey Night in Canada, Elliotte Friedman reports the floundering Columbus Blue Jackets have no plans to trade franchise player Rick Nash, nor has he asked for a trade or intends to…Oilers GM Steve Tambellini said if Linus Omark wants to return to the NHL, he must play well with their farm club. Omark made headlines earlier in the week by claiming he had a clause in his contract allowing him to return to Europe if he were demoted.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Things are going from bad to worse with the Blue Jackets, and changes are coming sooner or later, but unless Nash asks to be moved, and there’s no indication – anywhere – that’s what he wants, he won’t be going anywhere…Omark’s name is now being kicked around as a possible trade candidate by the Oilers, but they’re in no rush to make any moves right now.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports a third of the league, notably the Canadiens, Rangers, Oilers, Canucks, Blues, Jets, Lightning, Blue Jackets and Islanders, are in the market for defensive help but so far the market is thin. Garrioch suggested perhaps they should contact the Nashville Predators to inquire into the availability of Ryan Suter, as the Preds will have difficulty trying to re-sign he and Shea Weber…The Senators, Flames and Canucks have interest in Phoenix holdout Kyle Turris, but it’s believed the latter two have more interest. Turris won’t be moved until he signs a new deal and reports to Phoenix. Rumor had the Flames offering Rene Bourque but apparently the Coyotes also wanted a first round pick in the deal…Islanders GM Garth Snow is rumored to be shopping winger Blake Comeau, and could be in the market for a second line center, as Frans Nielsen will be a UFA next summer and could try to cash in on his success…Garrioch also suggested maybe it is time for the Blue Jackets to consider trading Rick Nash.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: See Elliotte Friedman’s comments on Nash…The Predators won’t move Suter unless they’re out of the playoff picture by the trade deadline. Even then, that’s not a certainty, as they could opt to move Shea Weber instead. They could surprise and re-sign both, but that combined with Pekka Rinne’s new contract would tie up around $20 million of payroll in three players. That’s a lot of coin for a budget team…OK, I get the Senators and Flames interest in Turris, but the Canucks? They’re very deep at center. Where would they play him? …Comeau’s performance this season has really been disappointing. He’d been making improvement every season since his rookie season in 2007-08, but this season he looks lost. As for Nielsen bolting for the UFA market, why do Ontario-based pundits also assume the Isles will have trouble retaining their free agents? The same thing was said about Tavares, Moulson, Okposo and Grabner, and what happened? Oh, that’s right, they all re-signed for long term extensions. Don’t be so quick to assume the Isles won’t be able to re-sign Nielsen.

CALGARY SUN: Steve MacFarlane reports there’s a feeling around the Flames change could be coming soon if they don’t soon improve their performance. GM Jay Feaster said every option that’s available is open and would be explored to address the issue. A trade is one possibility, but so too could be promoting players from the minors. Feaster said he’s been talking with other GMs, but stressed the need not to rush too quickly into making changes. He also shot down the notion he’d give up players for draft picks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If there was a good deal available for Feaster in the trade market, he’d have pulled the trigger by now. That being said, things could improve by month’s end as more teams begin to look toward trades to addressing their problem areas. Kyle Turris’ contract holdout will reach its critical point on December first, so we can expect business could really start to pick up by that point. And we’re about six weeks away from the Christmas trade freeze.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports Kyle Turris told Phoenix Coyotes GM Don Maloney he would sign if the club guaranteed to trade him in a deal brokered by the player. The Coyotes rejected that proposal.


  1. I don’t know what to make of this Kyle Turris kid, telling management what he will accept and telling them he will broker his own deal, the kids gotta pair that’s for sure or he’s getting bad advise from his people.

  2. I think Kyle Turris watches too much basketball. This isn’t how the NHL works little buddy.

  3. I’m not sure Garrioch is right that the Habs are looking for help on D. Reports are that Markov will be back at months end and Campoli shortly after that. That means Montreal will end up with a glut of defence man by Christmas. The team seems to have figured things out as the games (forget the gong show first period last night) have seen a lot tighter and effective play. I think Montreal is going to stand pat for the moment at least on the defenceman front. Anybody want Gomez? Anybody? We’ll take a bunch of broken sticks…..Anybody????

  4. Lyle, word on the street is Turris, Hodgson, a First and some picks may be pitched to Nashville for Weber by the Canucks, hence their reason for acquiring Turris. It has nothing to do with his being a center or his so called potential. How the Canucks can afford Webers cap hit is beyond me, but thats Gillis’s job.

  5. Did I read that right? The Yotes want Bourque AND a first? Lmfao!

  6. Is it Turris? or is it his agent.

    This kid is just coming out of his ELC — is he not? At this young age.. he should not be demanding anything. He has 25 pts in 65 games last season.. and he wants $4M? That’s ridiculous.

    He or his agent should come back to earth…. No way, right now, they should be demanding that much money.

  7. I’m thinking Turris is seeing the successes of other top 3 picks and wants to be at that level. He’s probably thinking he should be playing 15+ mins a game, PP time, etc and isn’t getting it with phx. That said, he hasn’t really told anyone what the reason is for this debacle and that just makes him look bad. He should come out with his reason and at least ppl will try to understand where he’s coming from. I think he has potential to be a 50+ pt guy but needs a bit of muscle on his frame. Ok, crazy fan trade proposal of the day: to Montreal – Turris, to Phoenix – Gomez, 2nd rounder, Kristo. Phoenix gets a NHl center who might do better with less pressure plus they get cap relief as his salary goes to 5.5 then 4.5 million after this year with a cap hit of 7.3 million. Ok, now everyone flame me up! Lol. 😉

  8. SmielmaN, that would never happen. Gomez is a shell of what he used to be and I’m sure the desert dawgs know this, hence why it would be a no go. It’s also not the pressure, it’s the speed at which the Habs play the game which is hurting Gomez. It’s my belief that Turris wants out of Phoenix (Why, I dont know. I love the city and the people) only, and he’s trying to force their hand. DurtMCHurt, Borque is not a player I would want on my team, to him, backchecking is interest earned on your account. He’s a one dimensional player. So yeah, Feaster is gonna have to pay for Turris (which the flames wont get IMO)

  9. Bourque and a 1st lmfao thats some funny doo doo

  10. Patrick, I don’t know if youre disagreeing with me, but although Bourque may not be enough, the Flames first is bound to be a top 10 pick. No way Turis gets Pheonix a top ten pick and a second line winger.

  11. Durt, I do and I dont. Turris has more upside than Borque does, Borque is a known Quantity also. It’s a crap shoot to say Calgary’s pick will be a top ten as well. They may go on a run like they did last year, and finish
    9th. I guess what I’m saying is it’s all speculation. I hear Van wants Turris as well, so they can package him
    along with Hodgson, a first for Weber.

  12. Patrick: What “street” did you hear that word? The Predators aren’t even close to fielding offers for Weber.

  13. Nash appears to relish the role of being the big fish in that small pond and unless he asks for a trade, he’s likely going nowhere

  14. Bouque and a first should land you a legitimate #1 in this league, not a kid you’re going to do experiments on. Saying that, if I see the Flames move any picks of the first four rounds I will be very sad haha. To be perfectly honest, if this kid is actually looking for THAT much money at this point of time… I wouldn’t be looking for him at all. No way he deserves the same money a legend like Teemu is making; he should be happy with 2-2.5; at best.


    Don’t look into trades like that. How often is a player brought into an organization just to be swung around in a cascade trade? Never? Once in a blue moon?
    This isn’t baseball where that seems to happen every year.

    Additionally, you should probably watch some Rene Bourque play. He’s a penalty killer, which is weird, since he’s a one-dimensional player. I would like him on my team, except for the fact in Calgary we have 3-4guys that do what he does (the issue at hand, Moss, Glencross, and Bourque are pretty much the same player, which unless you’re like the 90’s Devils… isn’t going to win you many games).

    P.S, I wouldn’t want to play in Pheonix. Playing in front of 2000 less people than the lowly (and I add unsupported) NY Isles, on a team that’s been kicking around the playoffs for a few years now.

  15. Lyle, I read a lot of Fan Forums, I assumed you would take it for what it is, simply a rumor. @miokid, I know on one fan forum dedicated to all things Flames, they give Borque a hard time for being one dimensional. Now I will admit I havent seen him play all that much so again, take it with a grain of salt (I guess I should’ve
    stated that). I lived in Phoenix for three years, and loved it. I had a nice house with a pool, and man did that
    thing ever come in handy! We were actually closer to Glendale, but that aside, I really wish the Yotes would roll over and leave for a better place to play.

  16. I think Turris should be banned from the NHL. I just would not understand any GM wanting to give this kid money. He is an a-hole, period. He does not deserve to be in the NHL.

  17. Unless the Canucks are offering up Kesler, you can forget about any deal involving Weber right now. He’s still an RFA after this season, so there’s no rush on the Preds part to make a deal right now. Next year may be a totally different picture though.

  18. Unless the Canucks are offerring up the twins, schnieder, hodgson, beiksa, 2-1st rounders and 1 million….no wait…100 million dollars as a package deal, you can forget about Weber….better yet, canucks or any other team can forget about Weber at this point in time X’s five years…

  19. The Senators may have some defensive depth to offer one of those teams, depending on how close Matt Carkner is to returning. They’ve been making a point of getting Brian Lee into games lately – Lee hasn’t been bad, but he’s spending a lot of games in the press box in favour of David Rundblad. When Carkner returns there will be a real log-jam.

    Doubtful the Sens could land the top six forward they’re looking for with either of Lee or Carkner, though!

  20. habs can keep all of their loser players.

  21. Out of boredom and the inability to sleep, I read the Brooks article. I would like the three minutes back, but I realized it was broken up by a wonderful nap.