Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – October 13, 2013.

The latest on Thomas Vanek, Dion Phaneuf,Brian Elliott, Dan Boyle, Ryan Miller, Paul Stastny and more.

Three teams interested in Thomas Vanek?

Three teams interested in Thomas Vanek?

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch claims St. Louis Blues goalie Brian Elliott’s name has popped up on the rumor wire, citing his $1.8 million salary. He suggests he could be a fit with the Oilers…Garrioch speculates Henrik Lundqvist’s contract status might be a distraction for the goalie…Flyers GM Paul Holmgren is trying to make a roster move…Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin is shopping for a goalie defenseman, which could mean Douglas Murray’s injury is more serious than originally believed…Garrioch claims he’s been told “the Phoenix Coyotes, New Jersey Devils and Panthers may all make a run at LW Thomas Vanek”…NY Rangers GM Glen Sather is calling around for blueline help, leading Garrioch to speculate Sather might circle back to the Sharks and defenseman Dan Boyle.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Jaroslav Halak’s been superb so far and they’ve got Jake Allen waiting in the wings. The Blues and Oilers have a recent trade history (David Perron). Blues GM Doug Armstrong could try to squeeze Oilers GM Craig MacTavish if the losses for the latter keep piling up. Still, the Blues currently have no pressing needs to address, and could hang onto Elliott for a while…I doubt we’ll see anyone take a serious run at Vanek until much later in the season…I doubt the Sharks are interested in moving Boyle, as they’ve held preliminary contract talks with his agent.

BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa reports sixteen scouts attended the Bruins-Colorado Avalanche game on Thursday. “It’s never too early to file scouting reports on Paul Stastny, who is in the final season of his five-year, $33 million contract.”, he writes. Stastny is currently centering the Avs second line, but Shinzawa suggests the center could fetch the Avs a solid return, noting the Maple Leafs are always looking for a first-line pivot.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As with Vanek, if Stastny is shopped it won’t happen until much later in the season, nearer the March trade deadline. Given the Avs strong start, they have no reason to move him right now

CBC.CA (VIA KUKLA’S KORNER): Glenn Healy believes contract talks between the Maple Leafs and Dion Phaneuf could start soon, expecting the Leafs could offer him a long-term contract but with a “haircut” in average annual salary. Elliotte Friedman agreed, noting it’s believed Phaneuf wants to stay in Toronto.  Friedman also reported the Canadiens, like the Oilers and Ducks, looked into the trade market for a defenseman but have opted to stick with their current blueline corps. Healy observed the high number of teams with limited cap space makes it difficult to make a trade right now. Friedman says the cap issue and a perception Thomas Vanek could sign with the Minnesota Wild next summer could affect his trade market value this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: TSN’s Darren Dreger claimed he’d heard the Phaneuf camp won’t accept a penny less than $6.5 million AAV (average annual salary). Still, if he wants to remain with the Leafs, he might have to accept a slight pay cut to land an eight-year deal with them…Making trades this time of year is always tough, though not impossible. Still, what’s available often isn’t good enough to address a desperate club’s needs…I believe when teams come calling for Vanek, they’ll ask permission to speak with his agent to see if they can re-sign him, rather than risk losing him for nothing next summer. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson wonders what has happened to Oilers goalie Devan Dubnyk, lamenting the lack of quality goalies in the trade market. He suggests the only one who could be available is Buffalo’s Ryan Miller but wondered if the Oilers would pursue him. Matheson also doesn’t believe UFA Ilya Bryzgalov would be an upgrade over Dubnyk.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I doubt the Oilers could land Miller even if they were interested. He’s got a partial no-trade clause and is slated for UFA status next summer. It’s unlikely the Oilers could re-sign him if they did land him via trade. The Sabres asking price could also be a significant stumbling block.


  1. Hi Lyle,
    Small typo, Marc Bergevin shopping for a defence man not a goalie due to the injury of Douglas Murray. Habs fans do not need another goalie controversy! :) :)

    • Fixed, thanks. In a bit of a fog today. Head cold.

  2. On a related note, I’m not sure MB should be shopping for a d-man right now. Tinordi is doing fine and needs the playing time to further develop. There are kids on the farm, pateryn, ngygren, Dietz that can fill the hole. I am not the type to think Montreal needs/will compete for the Cup so giving up assets will not be in the best interest of the team long term, IMO.

  3. The Oilers need a goalie……. right now !!!!
    Its costing them games….Dubnyks body language is absolutely terrible ….I will not be surprised if this happens any day now …as the camera shot of the Oilers brass in teh press box after JVRs wrap around was the tell tale sign his days are numbered ….terrible goal and he should have held on to the puck with less than a minute to go …also shows his head is not in the game …

    If the Oilers are not going to make a huge trade than Id say as I always have been for the past month now ..they should make a significant pitch for Anton Khudobin from Carlolina and include Dubnyk going the other way and a 1B player to make the deal , hes less than $1 million on the books and Cam Ward is entrenched as the #1 goalie anyways !….Oilers would be stupid if they don’t make this happen ASAP …it could cost them the playoffs in another 2 weeks !

    They have a few good players in the minors they can use to get a deal:

    Hatkinainens ( rights )

    If they can’t make a trade than they need to call up former Dallas tender Richard Bachman as he has done well in the NHL when called upon in the past for the Stars !!

    Iam not so sure the Leafs sign Dion ….his cap hit will be too significant moving forward and it may handcuff Nonis when players that they are developing are going to be signed ……

    How good is Leivo and Rielly ??
    WOW!……….. Nice to see some depth in the organization

    Holmgren will be fired in 2 weeks or less ….they too need a Goalie and need to find a way to decrease the cap hit …Id say Voracek is on the move as he sis the most moveable and promising player they have that can relieve them of some money as well to help bring in another top player ….Flyers look terrible on the back end and they aren’t scoring goals.

    Vanek is a hard trade especially if you know you can’t resign him and have to sell the farm to get him !!
    He is a special player highly talented …a team that has depth in the organization will be best suited to make a pitch other wise its to costly at this point….plus you have to have a good chunk of extra cap space or make it in the deal !!

    • F Y I ……for all those in denail people who say some trades are impossible ….

      Yakupov was a healthy scratch last night !!

      • Good points!
        Maybe the oilers and flyers should talk to each other.
        A schenn brothers for yakopov and ??
        Be the big statment mac t said he was going to make and we all know holmgren isn’t shy.

        • Homer is desperate …Iam wandering if a termination might come before he gets the chance to do something drastic!!

      • If you think the Oilers are going to give up on Yakupov this early in his career your nuts. Eakins was just sending a message to him that he has to play the entire length of the ice surface not just in the offensive zone. Eakins also wanted a little bit tougher lineup as well.
        Both teams were horrendous in the defensive zone last night, I’m actually surprized the score wasn’t 10 – 8. Franson was absolutely brutal.

      • Ya the hype around top draft picks, young stars and can’t miss prospects all look good until they don’t.

      • Hall and Eberle were healthy scratches at that age too. Good thing the Oilers didn’t make knee jerk reactions then like you are suggesting with 19 year old Yakapov.
        So Dubnyk should be replaced immediately despite having a good year last year and having to adjust to new equipment this year (league mandated with new maximum sizes)? I guess by that reasoning Eakins should be fired too. He was good last year but hasn’t been successful this year.

    • How about spell checking. What? Are you crazy? Panic & trade Yakupov. Why not Eberle? Until last night he was invisible. Everybody calm down, and chill out. I’ ll agree they should look for a goalie who’ll push Dubnyk. Reimer.maybe either Hiller or Khudobin or Fasth.

      • Why would the Canes trade Khudobin? Realistically he is a pretty good insurance policy for Ward who has had some issues the past couple years and they just signed him for that very reason. Im not sure they give him up for guys currently playing in the AHL, and realistcally the Oilers are probably not going to give up anymore than that for an unproven backup goalie, even if he did look good in Boston last year. Reimer the same thing the Leafs are not going to give up a goalie who will probably still get a fair amount of playing time behind Bernier who has never played a full season in a deal where they are getting something that is less in need than good a strong goaltending tandem. St Louis makes or Anaheim make much more sense as far as goalie shopping goes. Reimer isn’t going anywhere for a little while yet and when he does go I cant see it being Reimer for a just prospect currently playing on a farm team of a club that has the same make up and depth issues as the Leafs or else why bother trading him? Look at the teams both have young D that are going to be good both have a strong top 6 that is signed for the forseeable future there are not very many issues that could be addressed in a trade 1 for 1 between the Leafs and Oilers. Both need shut down NHL ready type top 4 and both could use a center.

    • oilers had there chance at khudobin in the offseason, and obviously didnt make a good enough offer to lure him here, there is no way carolina will trade him here, ( unless you grossly overpay ) for Dubynk and something, nobody wants dubynk, he has a 3.5 million dollar salary,

  4. the Sens could take a run at Vanek . with cap space and some prospects to trade . he would look good on turris line and on their pp .
    buff would want alot from them being in the same division .
    cody ceci and zibanejad would help their rebuild along
    as long as vanek agreed to sign an extension it would put ottawa real close

    • I don’t know every time you turn around melnyk is crying poor… Doubt he’d want to spend the money on vanek…. He must of spent to much on the Cooke csi investigation…

    • Thats a really good call !!!!
      Murray is not afraid to make a deal like that …
      It is interdivision though ???

    • The Senator’s will need to be cautious in trading any more prospects considering that they gave up two plus their 1’st round 2014 pick to Anaheim in the Ryan trade.
      If the team keeps moving young players/prospects out they’ll end up with the same empty cupboard they had a few years ago. The season’s just started so its best to be patient (unlike some fan’s who seem to be either cancelling or planning their Stanley Cup parades four or five games into the season!).
      As per Mr Melnyk’s reluctance or inability to spend up to or near the salary cap, indeed this is going to make it very difficult for the team to move from being merely a good team to developing into an elite team that’s a serious contender. The team mngt. is certainly going to have their work cut out for themselves trying to achieve this while dealing with limited financial resources. That being said there are a number of teams in the league that seemingly have unlimited resources yet never reach the elite level no matter how much money they spend…

      • You a leafs hater no matter how much try to disguise it.

    • No way they trade Zib or Ceci. Zib is a promising young player and Ceci could develop into a top 4 role and play with Cowen; awesome 2nd pairing. They already traded Silfverberg and Noesen plus their 1st this year. Plus Melnyk doesn’t want to spend money lol. I think letting their team grow together could see a great push for the cup in the next 1-4 years. It took Boston and Chicago a couple years to blend together but when they did, both teams were just unstoppable come playoff time

    • They won’t trade Vanek to a conference rival

  5. @aki
    melnyk did blame Alffie s agent for misinforming him . so he would have spent more cap on alffie . but maybe they dont trade for Ryan if they sign alffie . they could make a move for a cheaper option
    but i think he will spend if he thinks they are close ( time will tell closer to the deadline)

  6. Im not a big fan of Bryz but yes he is an upgrade over Duby so far this year. Last year he was actually ok in spots for the Flyers just not worth the contract. On a one year “this is probably your last chance” contract for under 2 mill, not giving any assets up to get him. Seems like the way to go.
    He may be a little out there but I think after being bought out and the butt of countless jokes he would or at least should be motivated to play pretty well.

  7. Edmonton and Philly gambled with their goalies and lost. No team is looking to help these desperate teams out so both the Oilers and Flyers will miss the playoffs. Holmgrem will be fired before Christmas and it will be fun to watch Ed Snyder answer questions about it. The only option for the Oilers is Brzy and for the low dollars he can ask for one years I would take a chance. Dion will sign long term I hope less then 6.5 AAV. The only way to get a good goalie for these teams is if they seriously over pay. I do think Oilers fans making fun of trades involving Yaks and over rating him and he gets press boxed last night. As a Leafs fan I wouldn’t even want him on our team.

  8. Bryz is a major upgrade in dubnyk !!! I guess the press never watched him while he was a member of coyotes or even Philly !!!! Going to Philly was the worst thing that ever happened to Bryz !! Philly is a very over rated team !! Defence is the craps and they keep blaming goalies fire holmgren !! Bryz would do wonders for Edmonton !!!!

  9. Spector Sabres will get what they want for Vanek later in the season. Could be even by next month as the Sabres IMO if they had the right deal will take money back from Vanek’s contract. And I believe the way Miller has been playing so far this season they will get close to there asking price. Which I doubt would be too much. Maybe a little less than what they got for Pominville. I say a Larsson type prospect and a 1st rounder. Vanek on the other hand will fetch more than Pominville. Let’s say if its Florida I say one of there top end prospects, 1st and 2nd rounder’s and one of there roster players. FLA is an up and coming team IMO so ya hopefully Darcy “I don’t know what to do” Regier makes the right moves.

    • I have no doubt Darcy will make the right moves. He almost always makes good trades.

      How about Barkov and a pick for Vanek and McNabb?

      • that be an awesome pick up Bullwinkle but right now for FLA right now Barkov would be untouchable IMO anyway. Anyone not named Huberdeau or Barkov could be involved IMO.

      • As tempting as that may seem, I don’t see Darcy getting that deal done.

      • Everyone says all Darcy does is win in trades. What have his trades netted the team? Past 11 years, no playoffs in 7 of them. Including missing 4 of the past 6 seasons. The 2 that we made it, 1st round knock outs. Remind me how good are those trades he’s made?

        • @chelly

          Paul Gaustad to Nashville for a 1st round pick (Girgensons)
          Traded a 3/4 center faceoff specialist for a future Top 6 forward.

          Zach Kassian and MA Grangani to Vancouver for Cody Hodgson and Alex Sulzer.
          A great hockey trade, but IMO the Sabres have faired better in this one. Sabres are trying to make Hodgson and #1 Center and he has chemistry with Vanek, but he is no better than #2. Kassian hasn’t developed yet and struggled to gel.

          Polminville to Wild for Larrson, 1st rounder (Zarodov), Hackett, 2nd in 2014.
          Top 6 winger for 3rd line center, potential top 4 D-man, 1B type of goalie, and you maybe find luck on a 2nd round pick.

  10. I’ve been hearing a lot of Dan Boyle rumours since last year, but with the hot start I can’t see the Sharks even considering moving their best defenceman any time soon. Maybe if the wheels fall off we might see Boyle shipped out later on, towards the deadline.