Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – October 16, 2011.

Flames looking to dump salary? Could the Canucks shop Roberto Luongo? Is Evgeni Nabokov trade bait? Will Alexander Semin be traded? Get the answers to these questions and more.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Calgary Flames GM Jay Feaster wants to dump salary, preferably Olli Jokinen, Matt Stajan, Niklas Hagman and David Moss, but will have a tough time moving those contracts. Jokinen, Hagman and Moss could be deadline rentals if the Flames are out of the playoff race by February, as they’ll be UFAs this summer…The heat is on Columbus Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson. If his team fails to make the playoffs, he could be shown the door…An unnamed NHL executive claims there’s a lot of trade talk going on for this time of year but doesn’t expect anything to shake down until month’s end…Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke has been gauging interest in D Carl Gunnarson and C Tyler Bozak.  Once Tim Connolly returns to action, Bozak could be expendable. Leafs would like to make room for defenseman Keith Aulie…Vancouver Canucks GM Mike Gillis is working the phones, not to move goalie Roberto Luongo, but to move a defenseman, perhaps Keith Ballard…If Phoenix Coyotes GM Don Maloney is shopping holdout center Kyle Turris, no one’s heard of it.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Interesting bit about Jokinen and Hagman, as they’re currently among the Flames leading scorers. Jokinen has a point in each of the Flames first four games. If Feaster really wanted to dump salary, he could’ve buried Hagman in the minors or loaned him overseas. Moss’ salary would be easier to move than Stajan’s. Amazing how much Stajan’s stock has dropped over the past three years…It’s rumored Howson might look at shaking up his Blue Jackets if they don’t turn things around by Halloween…The Leafs have been rumored in the market for an impact forward for weeks now, but it’s thought they probably won’t find what they’re seeking until mid-November at the earliest…Ballard received favorable reviews so far for his performance as he tries to bounce back from an injury-ravaged 2010-11 campaign…Not surprised there’s no word of Turris being shopped. I don’t think Maloney has reached that stage, and it’s quite possible he might not reach it at all.


Sticking with the Avs.

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance recently responded to readers e-mails on a number of topics. Among them:  He doesn’t believe the Colorado Avalanche are interested in moving Paul Stastny, and if they keep on winning, they’ll have little motivation to make a major move…The Canucks won’t entertain moving Roberto Luongo, but will consider giving more playing time this season to backup Cory Schneider…Custance doubts the Washington Capitals trade Alexander Semin, as they feel they need Semin around if they’re to take a run for the Stanley Cup.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree with Custance on all these points.

ESPN.COM: Katie Strang recently suggested the Islanders decision to start Evgeni Nabokov in Saturday’s Islanders-NY Rangers game may have been to showcase him for a trade. She noted scouts from Vancouver, Carolina, San Jose, Phoenix and Columbus were listed in the seat chart for the game.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Sharks play the Isles on October 29th, while the Canucks face them on November 13th, so that would explain why those two teams had scouts at those games. Carolina isn’t in need of a goalie but could be in the market for a top-six forward. I don’t think the Coyotes are in the market for a goalie at this point in time. That could leave the Blue Jackets, as there’s concerns about Steve Mason’s performance.

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Russo reports former Minnesota Wild forward and free agent John Madden is hoping his NHL career isn’t over.


  1. I keep hearing about the leafs looking for a top 6 forward, but who gets bumped out should they get one?

  2. Off topic here, but what is wrong with Anaheim? Perry, Selanne, Getzlaf, Vissy, Ryan,Koivu,Blake…….All have 0 points in 3 games. Seems odd that is all.

  3. I think its more about a true number 1 centre than a top six forward even though we have an abundance of centres… Its been an issue since sundin left

  4. “Once Tim Connolly returns to action, Bozak could be expendable”….for what length of time? A week? Two weeks? Connolly’s injury history clearly dictates that even when he comes off the IR, it shouldn’t be long before he’s back on it.

  5. The Leafs have nothing to move in regards to acquiring a top 6 forward – there is no way that Gunnarson or Bozak bring back anything of value.

  6. If the Leafs trade for anyone it should be Jason Spezza and yes I know it will take alot to get him
    Spezza will probably not want to stay around for a rebuild that has just started
    Alfredson will probably be traded at the deadline to have a shot at the Stanley Cup before he retires
    Kadri will be the starting point for the trade as Brain Murray tried to get him at the draft
    It would make the leafs contenders and would help the rebuild it Ottawa

  7. No rush in trading Nabokov now. If good chemistry within the team continues, he’s not getting traded for a while. When DiPietro comes back from his concussion, he needs to prove he’s capable of playing. The only other reason Nabokov is traded early is if the Isles prospect Poulin tears it up in the minors. So for now, wouldn’t expect Nabokov to be traded any time soon.

  8. Spector, you’re taking a lot for granted, assuming that Garrioch is telling the truth for a change, instead of just making up rumors himself to help him fill his column. LOL

  9. 1. If the Leafs move Gunnar they will be very sorry. He is playing flawlessly at over 20min a game.
    2. Time for Grabo to center Kessel and Lupul on the top line. He was one of the best two way centers in the NHL last year and is a UFA looking to improve his worth this summer. Grabo taught Kuli and MacA how to be defencively responsible while still being a threat on every shift last year. When or if Connelly gets back he can center Kuli and MacA and if not then Lombardi will be fine. Bozak can center the 3rd line where he should be.
    3. Franson should be in the line up he looked very stong last night.
    4. Komisarek showed how poor he plays when the pressure gets hot. He let Calgary have the puck in the last seconds of the game last night. He is always taking poor penalties and should be in the press box but we all know that won’t happen.

  10. ultimate 1, sounds like a great trade for the leafs!

  11. Ranzeir, it could also be a great trade for the Sens as I am not sure what Burke would give up to get Spezza but here goes a shot at what I would offer.
    I think that would be considered good compensation.
    All 4 players are young and have a bright future ahead of them
    And yes it also works for cap space

  12. Tough call on Spezza. He may be in the twilight of his carear so shelling out $7.0M for a guy that could score less then 20 goals per year for the remainder of his carear could be a tough pill to swallow if he can’t regain his offensive thunder. If Burke gave up Kadri, Bozak and Gunnar Ottawa would have to take Komi for sure so can’t see MacA going anywhere. I would consider taking a shot on Spezza by offering Komi, Boz, Kadri and Aulie which total $7.5 to 8.5M (depending on Kadri’s bonus).

  13. Yeah I’d do that deal in a heartbeat if I were Ottawa. However, if I were Burke, I wouldn’t mess with Toronto’s line-up; they’re succeeding.

  14. Yes I would also prefer to send Komi but he has a modified no trade clause and I doubt he would wave it to go to Ottawa at this point in his career as they are a rebuilding team thats why MacArthur was added to supply cap relief and more youth. I do not want to see him go but someone who makes 3.5 million plus has to go.
    As of right now I would leave things alone worry about making trades when a team is losing, this is just what I hope happens if there is a trade by Toronto
    All the talk with Brassard going to Toronto I do not understand, he is a career minus player that averages less than 1/2 point per game, there is already 5 centers on the team better than him, Spezza is a career plus player that averages 1 point per game and is only 28 which shouldn’t put him in the twilight of his career for another 8 years

  15. There is nothing wring with Anaheim. It took the Big Birds three games last year before they were on the score sheet. But once they start they won’t stop. It they stop producing for a couple of games, they will make up for it with multi-point performances. Don’t worry about them :D. They are the best line in hockey.

  16. @ DLS

    I’m not a leafs fan but Komi, is making some mistake but he’s been a shot blocking manic.

  17. Why does it seem like Garrouch’s Leafs rumours are straight out of an off season fan forum?

    Unless some team is willing to offer a top prospect or maybe a first round pick I can’t see the Leafs trading Bozak or Gunnarsson. Yes Connolly willl eventually be healthy and yes we assume he’s going to take Bozak’s spot on the first line. But Bozak has played well enough to stay in the lineup, he’s responsible defensively and has chemistry with Kessel. He may eventually outplay Connolly, and how long til Connolly’s next injury. Bozak is insurance. What team is going to offer us enough in return to make a trade worthwhile? Gunnarsson is a better fit along side Phaneuf than Aulie. Again, I have trouble imagining us getting a better asset in return.

    Burke won’t trade our best prospect and a bunch of other young players for Spezza, who’s overpaid, soft and injury prone. That would be a return to the bad old days. You all have short memories.

  18. No chance Burke gives up Kadri, Bozak, MacArthur, and Gunnarrson for Spezza! Are you kidding me? Spezza is a human turnover and there’s no way Burke gives up four puzzle pieces for this guy.

  19. I could see Burke making a move for a more veteran player, or a “top 6″ guy after the GM meetings after US Thanksgiving.

    Gunnarsson has been awesome through 3 games this season and he’s got his partner Dion Phaneuf playing his best hockey in years. I think if they do want to make a move for an impact fwd then Gunner is the guy who will have to be included to land that guy, but I’m not sure it would be in the team’s best interest to trade this guy. Gunnarsson could be the Phaneuf catalyst.

  20. Burke will only go after two player, Parise and Stastny. Because they are highly talented Americans. This is two offers I can see going down later in the season:

    To Toronto: Stastny (C)
    To Colorado: Gunnarsson (D) + Kadri (C) + 2012 First Round Draft Pick


    To Toronto: Parise (LW) + Josefson (C)
    To New Jersey: Lupul (LW) + Kadri (C) + Gustavsson (G) + 2012 First Round Draft Pick

    The only reason I’ve added to much for Toronto to give up in the NJ trade, is because Josefson is a VERY highly skilled centerman, while Parise is one of the best LW in the league. I also put in Gustavsson, because what will NJ have once Brodeur retires? Gustavsson maybe the #1 goaltender to replace Brodeur, but he’ll be good enough in the search for a legit replacement #1 goaltender.

    As for the Stastny trade, there aren’t a whole lot of options in the NHL for the Avalanche anymore, so they need to do something now while they’re in the rebuilding mode. I believe Kadri will flourish with the likes of Duchene, Landeskog, Lindstrom, Mueller, Wilson, Jones etc. Then to add in Gunnarsson with future Dmen of: Hejda, Hunwick, Johnson, O’Brien, O’Byrne and Quincey, they’ll have a nice solid D corps.

  21. “while Parise is one of the best LW in the league.”

    I think you may have forgotten Alex Ovechkin, the undisputed best LW in the league.

  22. *Sorry, I read that as the best, not one of the best. Disregard that, I totally agree with you.