Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – October 20, 2013.

Could the Panthers stage a fire sale? Could James Reimer get dealt to Edmonton? Are the Rangers shopping for help? Is Jake Gardiner available? Where could Paul Stastny end up? All this and more in today’s collection of hockey rumors.

Panthers to hold fire sale soon?

Panthers to hold fire sale soon?

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Florida Panthers could soon stage a fire sale of their veterans. “Forwards Tomas Fleischmann, Kris Versteeg, Scottie Upshall, Shawn Matthias, Brad Boyes and Marcel Goc are among those available along with Tom Gilbert and Dmitry Kulikov”, writes Garrioch, claiming the Panthers won’t part with youngsters “Jonathan Huberdeau, Jacob Markstrom, Erik Gudbranson and Aleksander Barkov.”…The Oilers were working the phones for a goalie without success. Garrioch cites two league executives believing the Oilers options are “Washington’s Michal Neuvirth, Toronto’s James Reimer and St. Louis’ Brian Elliott.” He also claimed the Oilers were “sniffing around” Ottawa’s Craig Anderson and Carolina’s Cam Ward” but the sense is neither are going anywhere. The Oilers also aren’t believed interested in Ilya Bryzgalov…The NY Rangers are looking for a top-six forward and are shopping winger Chris Kreider…”The word is” Thomas Vanek won’t stay in Buffalo after this season. Garrioch speculates the Rangers could take a run at Vanek if they buy out Brad Richards next summer. Ryan Miller’s expected to head to a West Coast team as a UFA…It’s rumored the Rangers have tabled a long-term, $6 million per season contract offer to Henrik Lundqvist, but Garrioch believes Lundqvist will eventually get an eight-year deal worth between $7.5-$8 million per…The Flyers would like to move Andrej Meszaros and Nicklas Grossman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Fleischmann’s the Panthers leading scorer and would attract some interest but he’s also got another season at $4.5 million with a no-movement/modified NTC clause. Upshall’s $3.5 million salary for this season and next along with his NMC/modified NTC is also problematic. Versteeg’s contract ($4.4 million to 2015-16) and recent injury history makes him tough to move.  Boyes might attract some interest later in the season. I’m not convinced the Panthers would part with Kulikov just yet…Recent speculation suggests the Oilers were shopping around but only to see what’s available in the trade market. They want to give Devan Dubnyk a chance to turn things around. Forget about Anderson or Ward being available. Ain’t happenin’…Not surprised to see Kreider’s name pop up in the rumor mill. He’s been a big disappointment…Richards has been among the few bright spots for the Rangers so far. If he keeps playing well, I don’t believe the Rangers will buy him out…Regardless of Lundqvist’s or the Rangers performance this season, he will get a big contract from the Blueshirts. They won’t let him go, and he doesn’t want to leave…Flyers are stuck with Meszaros and Grossman.

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons reports Maple Leafs GM Dave Nonis said he hasn’t considered trading Jake Gardiner and doesn’t believe in trading away young defensemen. Simmons also believes if the Leafs decide to trade James Reimer and the Oilers are still seeking a goalie he’d be a good fit in Edmonton, bringing the Leafs one of their young stars.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Gardiner rumors have died down of late. Unless the Leafs end up on a lengthy losing skid prompting fan and media calls for a trade, we won’t hear of them again this season. Reimer would indeed be a good fit with the Oilers, but of their young stars the only one I see them parting with is Yakupov, simply because they’ve invested long-term in Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Sam Gagner, and they won’t part with Justin Schultz. 

CBC.CA (via KUKLA’S KORNER): Elliotte Friedman reports the Oilers looked at the overall situation and could stick with their current goaltending. He believes the teams they had the most serious discussions with were Anaheim, St. Louis and Washington but the talks didn’t go far enough or happily enough for the Oilers. He also doesn’t believe the Oilers will part with Nail Yakupov.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Anaheim has Jonas Hiller or Viktor Fasth, the Blues Brian Elliott (because they won’t part with Jaroslav Halak or Jake Allen) and the Capitals Michal Neuvirth (they won’t part with Braden Holtby). The Ducks aren’t willing to part with Hiller or Fasth right now, the Blues aren’t in any rush to move Elliott while the Capitals don’t want to move Neuvirth right now. So, there’s nothing really available for the Oilers, forcing them to stick with their current tandem.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater, responding to some readers’ e-mails, suggests Toronto, Boston and Nashville could be destinations for Paul Stastny if the Avalanche decide to shop him later this season. He also believes the Avs won’t have any problem re-sign Ryan O’Reilly.


  1. I can’t see why the Bruins would want Stastny. He’s a great player but they are already deep at center.

  2. Before you Leafs fans start with your Reimer to ??? for superstar ???, just remember that Bernier is better than Reimer and he got Frattin, Scrivens and a 2nd. So there is no way the Leafs will get a better deal than that, most likely a little worse. So let me stop you before you even start. Your NOT getting one of the Oilers young stars.

    • Not to argue but Bernier might have brought back a bigger player but bigger player generally equals bigger contract. the Kings were dealing for caproom and got a pretty good deal (exactly what they wanted) Im not saying Reimer for Yaks is worth it for the Oilers, (stupid really) but Reimer is 1 more proven than Bernier and 2. was in the top half the league in stats as a starter last year behind a very shaky defense. Bernier was a backup playing behind 1 of the best starters in the league and also one of the best defenses. Reimer could get perhaps a little more than what Bernier fetched. IMO the Leafs should keep both for the time being.

    • Completely agree with you, CK. Bernier was brought in because Reimer was not reliable enough to be a #1. A fine goalie, but he obviously didn’t inspire Leafs management enough.

      Not to say he’s not a #1 – just that Bernier was brought in because the Leafs weren’t convinced he’s a #1.

      And for some reason, he’s now worth one of the Oilers’ young stars? No way.

      • Wrong, wrong and wrong.
        1. Oilers are desperate (really need dman but hell you experts think its a goalie – I don’t but it wouldn’t help)
        2. Kings were desperate (for cap space)
        3. See the pattern?

        Hint: desperate teams trade from a position where they are not in the drivers seat.

        Can Reimer net more that what the leafs stole Bernier from? Well when Lombardi says the leafs were the ONLY serious team looking at Bernier, ya I think it’s a take it or leave it situation. Is that the case for the oilers? Not really but any treading partner is gonna be doing it with the oilers from a position of strength and like it or not oiler fans, chances are your not gonna like the deal.
        Nice that oilers fans can call other fans teams and players as garbage and funny that a team with sooooo many top picks still haven’t made it to the show.

    • This is two totally different comparibles. Reimer has more games played, and kept the Leafs in the playoffs vs the Stanley Cup finalists (Boston). Reimer is worth a 1st rounder, and that is what Yakupov.

      • So Reimer is worth a guy picked 1st overall? Heck no

        • Not that I’m saying Reimer is worth yakupov straight up but saying that he isn’t worth a package similar to varlomov got isn’t right either… Reimer has played more games then varlomov did at the time of his trade and I’d say varlomov was on a better team in Washington… When he gets traded Reimer should get either a first round pick or top prospect.. But if I’m the leafs I hold on to him until at least January and I’d probably wait until the off season..

    • First the Oilers don’t have any superstars on their team only high draft picks with potential but lack serious parts in their game to get there. Toronto needs a 1st line center and a tough stay at home defenceman. The Oilers don’t have any of those things unless they want to trade their newly signed captain. Edmonton is desperate for some success and if they want a decent goalie from any team they are going to have to over pay with one of their young guns. I heard Edmonton offered more money to both Clarkson, and Bozak but they choose to sign with the Leafs. I hear Edmonton also offered better deals to LA and Vancouver for the goalies this summer but those teams decided they didn’t want to trade with in their division. This means Edmonton might just have to over pay someone to get a goalie or sign Bryz the head case. If I was them that’s what I would do actually.

    • Canadian King obviously has no idea what he’s talking about. This is a simply lesson in supply and demand. There was no demand for Bernier so therefore the price was low. If Reimer continues to play well and there continues to be few goaltending options available for the Oilers, then the Leafs will likely get a larger return for Reimer than they gave up for Bernier…if they decide to deal him.
      Boo ya – that just happened!

  3. Reimer

    In conversation with a number of buddies during last nights game we talked about a topic of that the Leafs have a very close nit dressing room as some players have been there now for 3 years and they are building on this …most good teams long term are teams that can keep and build with key and core players …and making a drastic move can sometimes rattle the room for no reason so Id say in that the Leafs should keep Reimer and go 2 solid tenders for this whole season and se if you can resign him for a back up $$$$ in off season…even if Bernier is the # 1 Goalie Reimer will still probably see 30 – 40 games and be able to stay in a Leaf uniform at around $3 million a season as I don’t see Bernier hitting that $6 million a year deal so to have Reimer at $3 million and Bernier at around $4.5 thats a good tandem at $7 million and easy on the cap hit moving forward for now !!

    I still think the best trade partners right now are Edmonton & Washington ..both will benefit and have key players to help in a multi player swap !

    Not sure why they would buy out Richards only to add another albatrose contract with Vanek ( STUPID )
    The Rangers should try playing Krieder instead of trading him they have him up and down like the USA stock market and he needs some stability to show his true potential ..they are treating him worse than the Leafs did Kadri in his first 3 seasons ….he needs a big change and go to a team with some youth and promise …hes got size as well as hes a good skater and with a new injury to Taylor Hall If Iam Edmonton Iam all over this kid for a prospect !!

    LYLE is 100% right on the Panthers ……

    Calgary should look into Flieschman as watching the game last night with Calgary …Baertschi is a GREAT
    PLAYMAKER ….the Flames could use a guy like this in the lineup!!
    He would be a great addition to any team !!

    If the Oilers look at this situation with the fact they WON”T trade Yakupov to improve they are making the biggest mistake in that decision !!
    You made a mistake not taking the best positional draft pick so now flip the asset and get a POSITIONAL NEED for the team to plug a whole and move on and try and make the playoffs this year ….IF NOT YOU LOOSE AGAIN

    • Sorry to disagree with ya BC, but the oilers are to create an more competitive team. This starts with internal competition at every position. If the oilers were to move Yakupov (the if at all) it would be probably be next year let him establish himself and his entry level deal is up. Then decide but not before then. Yeah the oilers are a work in progress (long in the making )yet there is depth @ defense developing in the minors. Goaltending depth is suspect. Being from area where James Reimer played his junior hockey I’d say he would push DD.

      • I wonder if there is not a deal there the Oilers need some D but do have some guys developing that could possibly step in since Yaks seems out of the question I wonder if a deal could be worked out for something else in another way, say Reimer for Smid now some capspace would have to be worked out some how but really it would just be details say Reimer and Kulimen for Smid and a second. Seems like it could help address a couple needs for the Oilers and givesToronto a big defender to play second pairing minutes with Franson takes some stress of Dion and Gunnar.

  4. Boston would have no interest in Stastny. Good player, but a bad fit. The Broons are loaded at center, and have Ryan Spooner ready for the NHL, but no spot for him on their NHL roster.`1

    • Agree.

  5. Re: Krieder
    Have always liked him, don’t know what went wrong but Rangers thinking they will get a top six forwarder is a stretch ( and a long one). Top six forwarders don’t grow on trees. That being said if I’m the Ducks I take a shot by offering Cogliano for Krieder and Rangers 4th round pick in 2014 draft. Cogs is very good defensive forward and had a scoring touch last season. He being paid 2.6 mil but his contract is up this year and frankly with the Ducks having loads of young forwarders coming up they may have a hard time re-signing Cog’s. Over the long term though Krieder has much more upside. Don’t know how desperate NYR is but if they are desperate they just may bite. It’s worth a phone call.

  6. Garrioch really needs to be banned from hockey. Not only does he look like a moron, but he is one.

    The Panthers soon to stage a fire sale. After a great battle against the Bruins, and a great comeback victory against the Wild, and a great win against the Penguins. And that they are 3-6-0, just two points behind 8th. They will soon have a fire sale?

    I mean….i just don’t get it. This is serious. Garrioch is supposed to be a professional hockey writer. His credibility is already weak, but his logic is just…….i can’t even describe it. This guy has a job and he flat out sucks at it. There are people that need jobs. It infuriates me to see an inept, illogical, cretin have a job when someone else better can have it.

    Tallon is a competitive person. To have a fire sale now means throwing in the towel. The new owner, who has money and is a heck of person, would not even want this.

    Also, no team is going to buy players now unless they are the desperate ones like Philly, Buffalo….Edmonton.

    It’s just ridiculous.

    As for the Rangers….

    Nash, Callahan, Hagelin….out. New coach, new system, new philosophy, new players. I think it is too early to be desperate. Veigneault also had his poor starts in Vancouver and after a month or so things started picking up.

    That being said….i think the Rangers need to examine their player development staff. I mean, we’re looking at a group of skilled youngsters in Del Zotto, Kreider, JT Miller, Kristo, Fast…..and they look lost. They are not reaching their potential. Something is not right. Kreider is a skilled forward with speed and size. Something in the system is not working.

    I think the Rangers may make a depth move if they keep struggling, but nothing more. I think Kreider will get a couple of more chances before being traded. Obviously he would be part of a deal, not a straight up trade. Trading for Cogliano does nothing for the Rangers (sorry alforducks).

    Obviously i think that the Flyers will make a trade by month’s end. Holmgren will get fired if he does not fix the problem that he created.

    • Micki
      No need to say sorry, I don’t altogether disagree. K has much more upside than Cog’s does but if NYR is desperate I as an opposing GM want to take advantage of that.
      There is one downside to Kreider and that is what’s up with him ? I am always suspect of a team trading a young player with loads of talent, they have had a chance to look at him CLOSELY and now they want to trade him, WHY ? This is sort of like Washington trading Forsberg for Erat, keep asking myself why did Washington give up sooo fast on him.

      • I think a lot of the trades or rumors involving younger players are not necessarily a team giving up on the player but a team in need of something else and using that young player to get that need.. For example the rumors regarding Gardiner or yakupov .. Both teams are “giving up” on the players it’s more a deep position on that team and there is a need somewhere else… How else are you supposed to fill that need and young players seem to be the best assets teams are looking for in trades ie bobby Ryan for silverberg

    • You’re absolutely right about Garrioch, but wrong about the Flyers. It’s too early in the season to start panicking and “buying” players. Just as an addendum to Garrioch. The Flyers are trying to get rid of Mesjaros, but there’s never been any talk about Grossman.

  7. Reimer is not worth Yakupov. Remember when Stamkos struggled at the beginning, and is now the best goal scorer in the world? Not saying Yakupov will become Stamkos but he’s way better than people are giving him credit for. It was never destined to work out in Edmonton, they never should have picked another purely offensive forward. It takes balance to win and they have none. Reimer has not proven he’s worth anywhere close to a first overall pick.

    As for Miller, I keep hearing he’s going to a west coast team, but which? Because all the Californian teams have goalies (Anaheim has 2), and if you throw Vancouver in there, they have a goalie too…

    • The question for Miller is what west coast team needs a goalie that is not in Canada? (None) Edmonton needs forwards that play better away from the puck, better defense, and a better goalie. How on earth do they address those issues without giving up at least 1 of their young guns? They have way too many of the same type of players and Hemsky will not fetch any of their needs. I guess Edmonton can continue to lose and use the high draft pick for a future stud d-man or goalie. Knowing them they would take some small skilled forward instead.

  8. If philly would like to move them make this deal.
    To Calgary:
    Talbot 3yrs 1,750,000 UFA
    Meszaros 1yr 4,000,000 UFA
    Grossmann 3yrs 3,500,000 UFA ntc
    To Philly:
    Glencross 2yrs 2,550,000 UFA
    Butler 1yr 1,700,000 UFA
    Brodie 2yrs 2,125,000 RFA ntc

    Calgary gets a center with a decent face off % and a little more solid defence and philly gets youth at defence and a winger. Plus philly frees up almost 3 mill in cap space.

  9. “Reimer has not proven he’s worth anywhere close to a first overall pick.”
    What are your qualification that allows you (and others) to make such a comment?

    • Two names for you. Daigle and Dipietro. Yakipov is less proven then Reimer because Reimer took his team to the playoffs Yakipov has done nothing. Yaks has way more potential for sure but the kids might be a bust or decide to go to the KHL and retire from the NHL soon who knows. My question is who will Edmonton trade and to get who? I personally think they should sign Bryz to a 1 year league minimum and he plays good offer him a short term contract after that. What risk could it be to take a chance on him?

  10. According to stats, Reimer and Dubnyk are very similar players as of recent. Reimer with a line of 2.46GAA, and a .924Sv% vs Dubnyk’s 2.57GAA and. 921Sv%. And Dubnyk doesn’t have a concussion history. I think EDM is fine without Reimer and they keep a potential star with an entry level contract. Not saying Reimer isn’t good, but would his numbers be any better in EDM or would they regress? I’d say the defensive situation is better in TOR than EDM and his #’s would be less. Deal makes no sense. Now if they added parts a deal could be made. I’d suggest something along the lines of Yakupov, N Schultz, a 3rd (Oilers don’t have a 2nd) for Gardiner and Reimer. But I also don’t think Gardy is a need in EDM as they already have J Schultz to fit that role.