Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – October 23, 2011.

The latest from the Ottawa Sun, Sports Illustrated, Denver Post and NY Post.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Canadiens GM Pierre Gauthier is believed concerned over his team’s slow start and is looking to make changes, hoping to land help for his defense. Garrioch suggested winger Andrei Kostitsyn as possible trade bait. He also noted the Canadiens aren’t the only club looking for help on the blueline, as Tampa Bay Lightning GM Steve Yzerman is also believed working the phones. Both GMs could find the pickings slim as there aren’t many teams with extra defensemen they’re willling to part with…The heat continues to be on Columbus Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson as his team continues to flounder…There’s rumors NHL players aren’t happy with the suspensions being levied by league disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan…It’s expected the Winnipeg Jets will return young forward Mark Scheifele to junior for more seasoning…The Phoenix Coyotes aren’t actively shopping center Kyle Turris, who may be hoping a rival club will pitch him an unmatchable offer sheet…Garrioch suggested not to be surprised if the Winnipeg Jets show a mild interest in Calgary Flames winger Rene Bourque…He wondered if the Florida Panthers might return defenseman Erik Gudbranson to junior…The Vancouver Canucks aren’t trying to move defenseman Keith Ballard, who has been one of their better blueliners this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The only team I know of that might be willing to move a defenseman is the Maple Leafs, but I don’t believe they’d ship one to Montreal, unless a third team were involved. The Habs may be forced to suck it up on defense, or perhaps consider a coaching change if things don’t improve soon…I don’t see what moves Howson could make to improve his team. The players other teams are interested in (Derick Brassard, Antoine Vermette) are those he can’t afford to part with right now…The players can bitch about Shanahan’s suspensions all they want. League commissioner Gary Bettman and deputy commissioner Bill Daly have made it very clear they’re supporting their new disciplinarian…Scheifele appears destined to return to junior this season, but that’s not a bad thing…Turris won’t get an offer sheet from anyone now…Not sure why the Jets would have interest in Bourque, as they’re already deep on the left side with Andrew Ladd, Alex Burmistrov and Evander Kane. I think the Jets could do with more offensive depth at center, as Bryan Little is off to a poor start, with only one point in seven games…Garrioch scooped everyone by reporting a week ago Canucks GM Mike Gillis was working the phones for a trade, which he eventually made with Florida, though at the time he claimed Gillis was trying to deal a defenseman, and “the belief is Gillis would trade D Keith Ballard”. 

SI.COM: Adrian Dater tries his hand at brokering some deals, suggesting the Colorado Avalanche could be a good destination for Rene Bourque, given the uncertain health of winger Peter Mueller; Jay Bouwmeester to Carolina for Tuomo Ruutu; sees no takers for Columbus Blue Jackets overpaid blueliners Fedor Tyutin or Marc Methot; and suggested the Phoenix Coyotes ship defenseman Derek Morris to Calgary for Alex Tanguay.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dater’s tongue was firmly planted in his cheek when he wrote this one, yet there are some kernels of truth in there. The Avalanche might feel the need to replace Mueller if it appears he’ll miss considerable time again to concussion symptoms. Teams have made inquiries about the availability of Bourque and Ruutu, and it’s unlikely anyone would want Tyutin or Methot, especially with their contracts.

Absence could force tough decisions for Avs.

DENVER POST: Dater takes a more serious approach noting the Avalanche will have to address tough questions if Peter Mueller isn’t healthy. One option could be making a trade, perhaps for someone like Bourque, though Dater fears the return could cost them one of their three top defense prospects: Stefan Elliott, Duncan Siemans or Tyson Barrie. The other option, which appears more likely, is promoting rookie Gabriel Landeskog.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s believed the Flames would want a top-six forward in return for Bourque, so forget about offering a defense prospect and a periphery player.

NEW YORK POST: Mark Everson reports a recent clavicle injury to Jacob Josefson means Devils GM Lou Lamoriello will have to address his lack of depth at center. The Devils were already missing Travis Zajac (Achilles tendon) before Josefson went down.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Whether it’s via trade, free agency or call-up remains to be seen.


  1. interesting reading

  2. Derek Morris for Alex Tanguay???? That is the most rediculous trade ever. Why dont people suggest smart trades. Thats like saying Rene Bourque and a pick for Malkin. Tangs is signed at a great price for 5 years. Untouchable. As a flames fan, I love how the leauge is over-valuing Bourque. I would LOVE to pkg him up and move him for a Center. Perhaps Colorodo would be interested in a Bourque + #2 Pick + Prospect for Statsney? Or somthing along those lines?? Or another Top 9 Forward? instead of a prospect? Bourque can score 25 a year, which is consistant, he is just a defensive liability.

  3. I agree, Tanguay isnt going anywhere.Especially for derek morris…..i do however like bourque for landeskog in some manner. Although i just dont see a team trading away their 1st round pick a month into his first season… Im curious though, with vancouver picking up booth( in what i believe is a very lopsided trade in vancouvers favour). Calgary should seriously be considering something drastic this week. What do you think they should do Spector? Im just tired of hearing bourque for ruutu…

  4. Do you think that the habs would ever blow up their roster?
    The coach has a ” system” that doesn’t reflect his players strengths, so what changes?
    The coach or the players?

  5. I myself am a Flames fan but do not want another bandaid solution trade scenario. I truley believe that this core has had their chance and is now time to make moves for the future. I remember hearing in the past that Brian Burke has had interest in Bourque. It wouldn’t break my heart if Feaster could conjure up a deal that sent Bourque to TO for prospects Joe Colburne who is a 6’5″ 216lb center and local boy, as well as having Jake Gardiner included in the deal. This may be a pipe dream, but is the way I would like to see the Flames go with Bourque. If a decision is made to give Iginla a shot at a cup, what would his value be and who would potential suitors be? I would hope that Feaster would explore looking to the Buffalo Sabers once again, a team who has some very good tools to put to work to earn the franchise a cup. Could Calgary get players such as Luke Adam and Zack Kassian in return, I wouldn’t make a trade with Buffalo for Iginla unless those two players were in the deal. I imagine the Flames would have to take some cash back as well, maybe a cast off in the 3mil pay scale area. Buffalo would get a proven player with an additional year left on his contract (and who knows, maybe he would sign back in Calgary after that final year is complete). I wouldn’t look at trading Bowmeester at this point cause im just not sure what his trade value would be. Gio is a player I would like to see kept as a Flame for sometime. Kipper is probably untradeable at that contract but what do I know. So with the two trade scenario’s I have touched on above we would have four quality young players in Joe Colborne, Jake Gardiner, Luke Adam and Zack Kassian. I would love to see, as the develop, these guys in Flames uniforms, pressing on the young, fast and skilled talent that the Oilers currently have.
    Plus, if these trades happened this season, we would surely have a top five pick (might anyway) and be well on are way to a quicker rebuild. Ultimately what I am getting at is we do have tradable assets to help towards an imminent rebuild, hope they are used wisely. Flames fan dreaming out loud…

  6. Not a snowballs chance in hell the flames pick up kassian and Adam from the sabres for one we don’t have a lot of center prospects and Adams off to a great start with van and pommers second kassian is the exact type of player we need in buffalo big strong and can score iginla is good but his best days are behind him basically a two year rental no way two top prospects go for iginla how about boyes sekera and a pick for iginla btw not hating on Jerome just not the same player from that cup run a few years back

  7. Garrioch reminds me of a conversation on the Wire between Stringer Bell and his lawyer Levy: “…He rain-made you. He promised you he could come to you and make it rain. If and when it does rain, he takes credit, if it doesn’t, he finds a reason for you to invest more”.

    Sure he may have called that a trade was happening, and kudos for that, but he was clearly wrong on the pieces involved, and given his dubious history of rumour reporting, I wouldn’t put much stock into this one, folks. Having grown up in Ottawa I’ve had the ‘pleasure’ of reading this man’s reporting for quite some time, and I can safely say there are far better places to turn to when looking for solid hockey reporting.

  8. Not a snowballs chance in hell the flames pick up Colburne and Gardiner either. Maybe a combination of franson and Bozak with a pick but Gardiner has been a great young D man this year and Colburne is tearing it up in the minors.

  9. jerryALBERTA, I am also from Alberta but am a die hard leaf fan. What are you smoking, Burke wouldnt give up either of those guys for Bourgue especially both in the same deal. Gardiner is going to be their next PP specialist and Colborne a number 1 or 2 centre. As for Buffalo they may be able to get Kassian but Adam is pretty much untouchable at this point. Bourgue is a decent player but all the aformentioned guys will be better.

  10. The best thing Calgary can do is trade Iginla for a second line centre, a really decent prospect and two first round picks. The flames need to start a rebuild like yesterday.

  11. If anyone in the Avalanche organization listens to either of those proposals they are drinking on the job. I wouldn’t trade Statsny for anyone on the flames, it would be creating one major hole to fill another. It would also be idiotic to trade Landeskog so early in his career without getting someone with as much game changing potential in return. Did you see his defensive play and game tying goal effort against Chitcago? Rene Bourque isn’t going to do that for the 15 years, but Landy could. He’s 18.

    If either of those deals, or any deal with Calgary involving Duchene, Stats, Jones, Johnson, Seimens, Elliot, Landeskog or O’Reilly happens I will pray for the Pepsi Center AND the Saddledom to burn to the ground.

  12. Rene Bourque for Colborne and Gardiner…hahahaha! Priceless.

  13. Nads, the problem isn’t really Garrioch but the publication he works for. Tabloid newspapers are pretty much ‘infotainment’. The Sun newspaper chain really isn’t all that credible when it comes to real news.

  14. Bourque for colborne and gardiner……
    Not happening.

  15. I just think its funny that the habs waited until the end of October to decide they might need some defence. On paper, they have one of the worst blue lines in the NHL (with Markov hurt), and now they sit with 1 win. Their season will be over by mid-November.

    I pencilled Montreal in at 11th before the season, and some (habs fans) said I would be wrong…. doesn’t look that way. This team has no depth on the backend and very little depth up front. They’re small, old, and have a flakey goalie. End of story.

  16. Sabres3026….Quit over valueing your prospects, your sounding like a Leaf fan. Let me tell you something, to land Iggy you would have to give up alot more than that, Oh btw I hate the Flames. I would love for my Kings to pick up Iggy but for a guy who plays with no good line mates perennially he still put up 43 goals last year behind only Perry and Stamkos. Boyes, Sekera and a pick for Iggy, give your head a shake, he would be the Sabres best forward by far.

  17. Bourque is totally over valued and I think most of the league knows this. He is a decent 2nd liner and about a 25 goal man, but he caps out at around 50 points. He is also a bit of an injury prone player. Flames could get a lesser forward and a pick, but as far as a Colburne or Kassian or Stastny/Duchesne/Landeskog etc the only way that would happen if it was the year 2000 and it was Ray Bourque

  18. Iginla for a first-round pick and top prospect or a second-round pick, a second line player and a mid-level prospect. Nothing more, nothing less.
    Here’s why:
    1) Iginla gets paid a lot. The teams that are going to make a run at the cup are already bumping up against the cap so they are going to have to mess with their line up to make room for his cap hit. Messing with the chemistry on a good team is dangerous.
    2) Iginla has 1.5 years left on his contract. No team is going to give away the farm for a guy that may not be playing with them in two years.
    3) Iginla is 34 years old. If he does re-sign with the team he will be in the +35 catagory which means you are not going to sign him for more than 2 years.
    4) Iginla is a big fish in a very small pond. There is no guarantee that he is going to put up the same numbers on a different team. Bowmeester would be a perennial Norris Trophy winner if only he wasn’t playing in Florida, right?