Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – October 27, 2013.

The latest on Ryan Miller ,  Paul Stastny, Brian Elliott, Jakub Voracek, Wayne Simmonds, Alex Goligoski and much more.

Are Jakub Voracek or Wayne Simmonds available?

Are Jakub Voracek or Wayne Simmonds available?

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports sources claim Anaheim Ducks GM Bob Murray has been getting inquiries about what he’ll do with Jonas Hiller or Viktor Fasth after he signed Frederik Andersen to a two-year contract extension. The Ducks also have promising John Gibson in their system. “The Hurricanes, Predators, Oilers, Panthers and Islanders” could all use help…Garrioch wondered if NY Rangers GM Glen Sather is feeling heat over his club’s poor start…Senators center Zack Smith has “drawn interest” but they hope someone will take Jim O’Brien’s one-way contract off their hands…Garrioch speculates Colin Campbell and Montreal assistant Rick Dudley could be candidates to eventually replace Sabres GM Darcy Regier…He also believes the Canucks and Maple Leafs would have interest in Paul Stastny if the Avalanche decide to shop him…He believes the Oilers balked at Blues goalie Brian Elliott’s $1.8 million salary…Devils GM Lou Lamoriello has let it be known he’s willing to shop a “veteran defenseman”.  Garrioch speculates Marek Zidlicky, Anton Volchenkov, Peter Harrold and Andy Greene fall into that category…Several teams have shown interest in Flyers forward Jakub Voracek and Wayne Simmonds but it’s “highly doubtful” either are moved. The Flyers would prefer to move Andrej Meszaros and Nicklas Grossmann…There’s talk the Dallas Stars are willing to move a contract or two. Blueliner Alex Goligoski (three years, $4.6 million per season) was a health scratch last week.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Ducks will be patient with their goaltenders. I doubt they move Hiller despite his UFA status next season simply because they don’t want to upset things right now. Fasth has been sidelined and Andersen has played well filling in for him…Sather will leave as GM of the Rangers when he’s good and ready…I also doubt the Senators move Smith…So far the Avs are saying the right things about Stastny’s performance, giving no indication they could move him. Revisit this around February…Elliott’s salary and inconsistency are obviously why the Oilers passed…Of those Devils blueliners listed by Garrioch, Zidlicky and Greene might attract the most attention. Volchenkov is often injured and carrying too much salary…The Flyers won’t move Voracek and Simmonds…Goligoski’s contract makes him almost impossible to move and it wouldn’t surprise me if he become a compliance buyout candidate next summer.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: John Vogl believes the Sabres have missed their best chance to trade Ryan Miller, citing the rarity of goalie trades since 2005-06 and the limited returns. He speculates the best return for Miller could be a second round draft pick. “In order to secure a big return for Miller, the Sabres need a team to either lose its goalie to injury or be desperate for a playoff run”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Sabres will get a better return for Thomas Vanek than Miller, whose stock has declined since winning the Vezina Trophy in 2010. I also agree their chances of getting a big return for Miller depends upon the desperation level of playoff contenders.  Given 23 NHL teams have $5 million or less in cap space, Miller’s $6.25 million salary is tough to absorb right now. The best time to move Miller is close to the March 5th trade deadline.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson points out the blatantly obvious: the Oilers need defensive help, and soon.  He calls upon GM Craig MacTavish to make a move “by trading something of real value to get a top 4 D-man or getting help in net, or getting more responsible forwards away from the puck.” Matheson noted the Oilers have given up 48 goals in twelve games, adding  MacTavish must “send a message to his players and certainly to the restless fan base that three wins in 12 games is an embarrassing start. It is time to panic.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: But will MacTavish do anything? He’s not dealing from a position of strength, and anything to help his team now will cost one of his good young players. 


  1. I honestly think trading one of the young forwards would be a good kick in the butt that the oilers need to start playing a 2 way game.

    • Trade Yakupov to Montreal. Everyone knows they’d love to put him together with his Sarnia linemate, Galchenyuk. Montreal has D to spare. Markov would help short-term (one of the best controlling the puck out of the zone and on the Powerplay – salary comes off the books at end of year unless you re-sign) and a defensive guy like Gorges or Emelin and/or maybe some young D-man like Tinordi or Bealieu would help long-term. I’d say that you’d likely get a good pick(s) too.

      • Lol Gary I had the same comment last week. I agree- bring yak to MTL!

  2. If you could move hall for weber you do it

    • Nitro…Agreed!

  3. The oilers have no need for hall, nuge, eberle, yakupov AND perron! At a certain point, you’ve covered goal scoring…time to get some two way forwards, D and a goalie. They have pretty good D in the system so maybe they don’t go for any expensive Dman but two way forwards and a goalie are a must! Sorry Dubnyk, you never were a real number 1!

    • Geoff, what are you smoking? You do need some goal scoring, as well as two way forwards to be paired with them

  4. Re: Miller / Hiller
    If Miller truly wants to be west coast then NO one will trade much for him. The only way Miller is TRADED to Ducks is if they take Hiller back, that makes no sense for Sabers as Hiller is also a UFA at seasons end.
    With Anaheim log jam at goal with Hiller / Fasth / Andersen / Gibson I do see a couple of options for Anaheim.
    1) If a big time goalie goes down with a season ending injury such as Rask / Crawford etc I could see a deal of Hiller going there for Draft Picks, Boston or Chicago etc will not just stand idle by and watch their cup chance disappear over a draft pick or two.
    2) Option #2 is that Fasth is traded, cheaper price and Hiller is resigned
    3) Murray does nothing, lets Hiller walk and signs Miller next summer as a UFA.
    He then tries to trade Fasth during summer and Andersen becomes back up

  5. Oilers need to understand that this season is pretty much over already, and it definitely is if they don’t do something major soon. Forget miller, hiller, bryzgalov, or any other vet. Macyavish should be targeting anahiem’s Gibson, Campbell in Dallas, Allen in STL, or another good you goalie playing behind established starters.

    And they need better character in the bottom six forwards. And of course at least one top pairing defender.

    They need a serious shake up and have to move out at least one young forward to get it.

  6. I would like to see Dudley replace Regier – if indeed Pegula feels it is necessary to replace him. Too bad the source is Garrioch (aka Eklund), which makes the rumor worthless.

    If the Oilers need defensive help, I’d let them have Ehrhoff (aka Errorhoff) in a moment. Ehrhoff’s play is lackluster and I get the impression that he would love to be traded.

    • Agree, Garrioch does an awful lot of “wondering” about trades, but then again so do a lot of fans. I can’t believe Garrioch even has a job.

  7. Interesting cause right now the goalie market has heated up – Ward, Khudobin, Harding and Rinne are on IR. Anaheim, Edmonton, Florida, Islanders and St. Louis goaltending is questionable. So, I can see Miller going, although I never believed we would get a top 6 for him, I do see something coming back. I could see something like a Halak/Stewart for Miller/Kaleta or Miller/Adam.

    • Why would St Louis, or anybody for that matter, have interest in Patrick “I’m suspended again” Kaleta?

    • Why would the Blues trade one of the hottest goalies this year and an established power forward for a soon to be UFA goalie who has struggled since he was leveled a couple years back?

  8. Honestly I don’t think any west coast teams are looking for a goalie going into next season (unless he is a backup). Every team has arguably a all star goalie.

    Miller may have some value if he recognizes this before the trade deadline and opens up his long term options.

    Vancouver- Luongo
    San Jose – Niemi
    LA – Quick
    Phoenix – Smith
    Anaheim – Fasth and a bunch of interesting kids in the minors as AlfordDucks mentioned (this is the one market where there is a chance if Miller takes a big pay cut, then Anaheim trades goalie prospects for depth)

  9. Both Edmonton and Buffalo need to act fast not to make the playoffs but to stop their embarrassing loses. It’s not fair to any team to be as bad as they are. Edmonton has plenty of trade chips to turn around their team fast but so far they have over valued their high draft picks and drafted with a poor plan. They could fix their bad planning by trading for their needs now. They need some defensive players both on D and forwards. Oh and they could use a better goalie. Buffalo doesn’t have much that teams want now so their best bet is new management. Sabres should fire the GM and coach real quick and get anything they can for Miller and Vanek now. Several teams are looking for goalies now so waiting till the trade deadline holding out for a better deal might turn out like Giles holding out for the better Bobby Lou trade except Buffalo is stuck with a worse goalie and only till the end of the year.

    • Not a very good looking trade for the Islanders.

  10. Wow good move by buffalo.. They got a great price for vanek when you consider they can probably get a return for molson at the deadline… Kessel was traded for 2 first and a second and people thought that was high, if islanders don’t get going this could end very good for buffalo.. On the other hand vanek is highly skilled if he gets some chemistry with JT islanders could start scoring a lot of goals..

    • Good move by the Islanders as well. Buffalo, will likely trade Moulson as well. Now that every team in need of goaltending, seeing this trade, shows that Regier is in full-out trade mode now and will be jacking the stakes up on Miller.

      Philly – B.Schenn + Emery + 2015 1st Rounder
      Islanders – Nabokov + 2015 1st Rounder + Strome
      Flames – Monahan + Colborne + 2014 1st Rounder
      Panthers – Kulikov + Markstrom + Barkov
      Oilers – Yakupov + Klefbom + O.Roy

      • No chance anyone of those teams pays that kind of price for Miller.
        Wake up.

      • You seriously think Philly is going to give that up for Moulson?

      • the last thing the flyers will be trading assets for is the goaltending position. mason has been outstanding. back to his rookie form. goalies don’t have tremendous trade value in general and miller is certainly not going to bring back more than a high pick.

    • Moulson scores lots of goals cheaper than Vanek

  11. Miller for Yakupov plus? The trade will never happen but it goes the other way, Miller plus for Yakupov

  12. As an Oiler fan, I must say, I’d much rather see them go down yet again, then make a big mistake and trade away some promising young player in their system.
    I’ve been following the team now since the Dougie Weight days, and I have become accustomed to their losing ways.
    Year after year I have waited and watched as young talent was grown and traded away or just ended up not becoming the players the team had hoped for.
    Now we have some legit young talent in the system and it would be foolish to throw anyone of them away just yet.
    I say, stick with the youth, play the hell out of your vets and when the trade deadline rolls around, shop the sheet out of them.
    I gotta believe one of those top picks has got to start paying off soon? Right?
    How could a team get 3 1st overall picks in a row and bust out all 3?
    Where’s our Crosby? Ovechkin? Stamkos? Kane? I mean wtf is going on here? Is this team cursed or what?
    Anyway, the season is lost, keep working on the youth, and try and bring in some solid pieces of next year.
    Next year has to be our year? Right? o.O

  13. As far as the Edmonton fiasco is concerned, the blame lays squarely on the sholders of Kevin Lowe. It is unbelievable that after all his screw ups as a GM he was actually promoted. He is the architect of this failed expieriment; IMHO.