Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup (Part Deux) – June 24, 2012.

The latest on Rick Nash, the Rangers pursuit of a goalscorer, the Penguins rumored free agent targets, and much more.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline reports Rick Nash will likely remain a Blue Jacket until after the start of the NHL unrestricted free agent period on July 1, suggesting July 2-5 could be the next window of opportunity once the big name free agent scorers have been signed. It’s believed Nash is growing restless over the club’s inability to move him, and Portzline suggests things could get ugly if he’s not dealt by mid-July. GM Scott Howson is banking on the lack of quality free agent scorers driving up Nash’s value. The NY Rangers had the most interest but could be out of the market if they sign Zach Parise. The Ottawa Senators have interest but apparently they’re not 0n Nash’s list of preferred destinations, meaning he’d have to alter his list to facilitate a trade. Michael Arace, meanwhile, wonders when the Nash saga will finally end, chastising both sides for how poorly they’re handing the situation.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Howson’s gambling teams losing out in the potential Zach Parise free agent sweepstakes will pay his steep asking price for Nash. That could happen, but it could also blow up in his face. The market for Nash may have shrunk when the Carolina Hurricanes acquired Jordan Staal, and the Philadelphia Flyers are unwilling to move their promising young forwards. The Rangers, Senators and San Jose Sharks appear the more interested parties now, but they’re not going to part with a king’s ranson to get Nash. Further complicating things is the potential availability of Bobby Ryan, who vented his frustration at the Anaheim Ducks management over the weekend. If Ryan is available, he’ll be a cheaper, young option than Nash.

Penguins in on Parise come July 1?

PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW/PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: It’s expected Penguins GM Ray Shero, having freed up over $6 million in cap space by dealing away Jordan Staal and Zbynek Michalek on Friday, will pursue either New Jersey’s Zach Parise or Nashville’s Ryan Suter when free agency begins on July 1. Shero isn’t expected to sign players to deals worth more than Sidney Crosby’s, nor will he engage in front-loaded contracts to lure them to Pittsburgh. It’s expected Crosby will be re-signed to a new deal 10-13 years in length, worth between $9-$10 million per season. It’s believed Shero is also aggressively shopping defenseman Paul Martin, who had three years and $15 million left on his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No question, the Penguins will be active in this summer’s free agent market. Media and fan opinion is split over whether Shero targets Parise or Suter, but it was rumored he tried to acquire the latter’s rights from Nashville on Friday night. The addition of the Penguins among the major bidders for the few top free agents provides more intrigue for July 1, and could pose a threat to the efforts of Detroit and Minnesota to land Parise and/or Suter.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports Rangers GM Glen Sather intends to jump into a shallow UFA pool on July 1, where they could get into the bidding for New Jersey Devils captain Zach Parise, despite his claim earlier this month he wouldn’t sign with the Blueshirts. In what could be considered a shot at the Blue Jackets, Sather said he was unwilling to dismantle the core of his team, particularly his young players.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun cited a source claiming the Carolina Hurricanes remain very interested in Rick Nash…The Florida Panthers and Toronto Maple Leafs were “unimpressed” with the opening asking price for Roberto Luongo. The Panthers intend to focus seriously on Luongo…Dallas Stars winger Steve Ott is getting plenty of interest. LeBrun suggests he’d be a good fit with the Montreal Canadiens, who lack size and toughness…The Canucks shopped defenseman Marc-Andre Gragnani, who could become a UFA as the Canucks don’t intend to re-sign him.

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons believes the Maple Leafs will join the Rangers, Canucks, Oilers, Blackhawks and Red Wings in pursuit of Justin Schultz on July 1.


  1. Doesn’t Schultz become a UFA at midnight? I thought I read that somewhere

    • Yes, but he can’t actually sign until July 1st

  2. If Shultz wants to be a offensive defenceman in the NHL, he signs with Edmonton, after all they have the offensive arsenal upfront to take his passes coming out of the zone. That is if he isn’t a another overated player that should have spent some time in the minors, remember what they said about “The Monster” before T.O. signed him as an example.

  3. All these names in play but Paul Gaustad quietly fly’s under the radar.

    • As long as he doesn’t come back to Buffalo I don’t care where he goes.

      • How the Sabres extracted a 1st round pick out of Nashville for a 4th line center like Gaustad is truly a head scratcher.

        • Darcy Regier doing his magic!

        • Yeah, surprised I’m not bald over that one. Boy was Poile in desperation mode.

          • When you look at Gaustad’s history he is good at faceoffs, he’s not really an offensive player, but not bad defensively. What Nashville needed was more scoring and maybe they thought Gaustad could shut down the competitions top lines. Gaustad’s name was floating around at the trade deadline and Darcy was lucky – he wanted a first and all the doubters said he was crazy and overvaluing his players. Well we got a #21 which we traded for 14 and drafted Zemgus Girgensons – thank you Paul and Dave. Now we just need to find a taker for Roy!

  4. If Ott goes to Montreal boy will that make the Boston games uglier as Boston hates Ott.

    • All the more reason for Montreal to sign him.

      • He’s still under contract with the Stars, so the Habs would have to trade for him. We’ll take Lars Eller, please.

  5. @Innovator. You are right but he cannot sign a contract until July 1. He will be in Toronto wednesday to start taking offers, and he could agree to a contract at any time starting midnight tonight but will have to wait to make it official.

    • Thanks for clearing that up. Heard a couple different things. lol

  6. if and when the pens move martin,they will,and i mean they will,sign both parise and suter.

  7. Parise will be a Pen, but who will replace Staal as an assistant captain? I don’t think any new people should get a letter, but he was a captain on the Devils

    • Should be Crosby -C Malkin -A Orpik -A

    • Parise will not be a pen, he will be red wing

      • How about remaining a Devil?

  8. So Can someone please STEP UP already and quit letting the Pen’s and Rangers stack themselves year after year. God, quit being wimps. Pitts interested in Suter AND parise? Really? Don’t you have enough….how can your cap space hold 10 7mil players….Crosby, malkin, flurey, neal, suter, letang, parise…..Jeez man, at least teams in the east have to C block them. Or just sit back and watch them kill you all during reg season and playoffs. As it looks, no other team would beat this roster.

  9. i forgot sutter and kunitz

  10. The Penguins have opened cap space by trading Staal ($4M) and Michalek ($4M) -still have options on trading Martin ($5M) and Kennedy ($2M). If they do, they could sign both Parise and Suter — and still be under the cap.

    • Just hand them the Cup already for the next 5 years if they do that, LOL!

      The only way to beat them with that possible roster is to beat the pulp out of them like the Flyers did. Pens may need to add a few goons to the mix to protect all those stars…….

    • Good luck on that Martin trade.

  11. IF Shero moves Paul Martin, there are some teams that need to get to the salary floor and some need a useless VET. D-man!!!
    WE can go after both Zach and Suter…LISTEN LISTE for it

    chants of


    • That is Shero’s only hope to get rid of Martin. A team like Edmonton, Colorado or NYI needing both to get to the cap floor and depth on D. He won’t want to take back money in any deal though. Give him away is more like it.

      I don’t know that Kennedy could be considered a sweetener on such a deal. Easier said than done.

  12. I just can’t see why the Bruins are sitting on there hands after a 1st round exit last year they have to keep pace with the Pens an Flyers

    • Relax. Chiarelli’s philosophy seems to be take care of his own players in the summer, then leave some cap space to add at the deadline. I’m sure he is expecting them to have a bit of a bounce back season considering the cup hangover and all the Thomas talk. I’m not a big Bruins fan but I expect them to be back to business without the distractions.

  13. Now That Staal and Z are gone and have freed up a ton of cap space I do see them being very aggresive. I dont believe all the overpay for Zach and R. Sutter talk. I see them going after Ryan or Nash (prefer B.Ryan) but Nash and Crosby have history (Olympics) and worked very well together I see them going after a D man Like Sarich, Campoli (Short Term) Carle Etc.

    I also see them trading Martins Contract rumor has it Nashville is interested as is Florida and signing a Jordon Tootoo and maybe making a run at PA Parenteau

    • While I agree they will be agressive as far as making pitches to Parise and Suter. I don’t think they will get into the trade market. Prices are to high. Shero will use his cap space instead. Parise will be his priority I believe. He will make his best pitch he is comfortable with.

      If he does dump off Martin and Kennedy then look out. He would have a good 13 million to work with in free agency. Shero also has a lot of options with all them young guys on D and prospects on D.

      I would like to see them get Tootoo at the right price. I have been saying that for years. Shero has a thing for Nashville players he knows.

      • with there roster right now pens have 14.6 mill in cap space so a trade of paul martin whos making 5 mill will give us 19.6 mill if it was just say martin for a pick

  14. I think the biggest possible UFA flying under the radar is Shane Doan. Every team would want this on their roster opening day. Geat secondary scoring, leadership, grit, leads by example. This is what a team like Van or T.O would need.

    I hope my hawks go for him!If he makes it to July 1st. I have a feeling he doesn’t want to resign in Phx. Just a gut feeling.

    • Agreed any contender would want to bring Doan aboard. I thought he would have made a good replacement for Guerin next to Crosby a few years ago had he been available.

      Washington is a team that could really use his leadership. Even San Jose or Winnipeg in my opinion.

      If Phoenix doesn’t get their situation stabilized he may get tired of it and walk.

  15. The Pens will not be able to sign both Suter and Parise. They would like to play together. Ryan Suter will not sign with an eastern conference team. Ken Holland will hopefully pull this off by beating out the Wild in a bidding war. Also, to stick a knife in it, he will trade Franzen to the Ducks in exchange for Ryan, obviously giving up something else in return.

    • Holland will deal Franzen to the Ducks for Ryan?

      Not going to happen. It hasn’t gone unnoticed throughout the league that Franzen has failed to live up to the mega-deal he signed back in the summer of 2009. You couldn’t get the Ducks to take that albatross of a contract Franzen has if you paid them.

      And this is coming from a Red Wings fan.

      That said, Detroit still can offer either Suter and/or Parise every bit the contract than both Minnesota, Pittsburgh, New Jersey and.or Nashville can. The deciding factor in this thing is going to be where those two want to finish their careers at…none of us knows that as the two have remained pretty quiet up to this point.

      Whatever the case may be, we won’t have to wait long. Neither one of the two will last beyond the end of the day on July 1st (in Parise’s case, there’s no guarantee he will even reach free agency at this point) It’s unlikely, but NJ could reach terms on an extension over the next several days. Back when Kovalchuk was dealt, NJ was never rumored as a destination in the weeks leading up to the deadline…look how that turned out.

    • I’m saying the Pens land Parise and let Suter go where he wants most. The Pens have d-men ready to come up and could even trade for one if needed. There is even Allen and Carle to fall back on. There isn’t a better winger to be had without a costly trade. I say Parise a Penguin or bust.

  16. shero has given the pens alot of options.i get the feeling he has a few cards up his sleeve that will be huge.when the dust settles this will be a better-deeper team than last year.if shero gets what he wants,and usually does,look out nhl for the very new look pens.

  17. Doan to Winnipeg makes a lot of sense for obvious reasons. The fans would go nuts. But Shane likes the desert a lot. I’m not sure he’d be happy in Winnipeg.

  18. I’ve read before that the Leafs have interest in Steve Ott. He would add some much needed truculance.

  19. Shero will sign Suter, Tootoo, Moen and trade for Ott … no team will be able to push around the Pens next season … if there is one, of course …

    • There are D-men out there that can be just as good if not better and more affordable. Tootoo is another Cooke that we don’t need, Moen is a winger past his best days, and Ott is another waste on a roster spot. Shero should gun for Parise and let the rest of the chips fall as they might. Hell a trade for Yandle is cheaper then one for Ryan or Nash.

  20. parise is coming home to the wild

  21. I agree with lebrun. Montreal needs Ott an another physical forward and more younger than Moen…

    Ott will fit nicely with Eller.

  22. Honestly I feel the Pens strive to obtain Parise instead of Suter. Honestly There is a massive drop in talent wingers then there are at D-men. Behind Sutter there are players like Carle, Allen, and reasonable trade request for Yandle. Behind Parise is only trades involving Nash(hoping that your team is on his short list) and high costly trade for Ryan.


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