Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – September 22, 2013.

The Canucks could be in the market for a center and a winger, an update on Derek Stepan, and a Toronto pundit wonders if the Penguins might need Tim Thomas.

Another potential injury to David Booth could force Canucks into the trade market.

Another potential injury to David Booth could force Canucks into the trade market.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Oft-injured Canucks winger David Booth left the ice grimacing following Saturday’s practice, sparking speculation over his status for the start of the season. Booth had finally returned to the ice after being sidelined seven months by an ankle injury.

Tony Gallagher, meanwhile, believes the Canucks need to shop for a third line center, but don’t have much in the way of cap space ($2.2 million), which could prompt a trade as well as claiming someone off waivers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s certainly not much depth remaining in the UFA market for third-line centers and left wingers. Brenden Morrow and Simon Gagne are still available but they’ve got lengthy injury histories of their own.  I’d mention former Canuck Mason Raymond, but he’s pretty much a Maple Leaf by now. The Canucks also don’t have much to part with via trade except for prospects, which would be a very bad idea given the lack of depth in that department.  Free agency or waivers appears their best bet.

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons wonders if the Pittsburgh Penguins might have interest in trading for a goaltender sometime this season if Marc-Andre Fleury fails to regain his form, suggesting Tim Thomas as one option.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With Tomas Vokoun sidelined indefinitely, things could get interesting in Pittsburgh. Right now, all eyes will be on Fleury to start the season, but if he struggles and Vokoun is slow to recover, it could push the Pens into the trade market.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks believes it’s time for the NY Rangers to cut a deal with Derek Stepan and end their contract impasse.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Rangers management won’t compromise unless injuries or poor offensive production to start the season forces them to. Otherwise, they’ll simply wait out Stepan, who has almost no leverage. 


  1. You can’t screw with with a goalies a head ….and in saying that Id say Pitt management is keeping a low profile on Fleury and him sitting on a bubble this year …however outside Tim Thomas
    ( who I think would be PERFECT there cup bound if the case ) who in the world could you get in a trade back for Fleury that would be that much better …NO ONE!!! What team would give up a quality goalie ….maybe Ottawa ??? Anderson or Lehner for Fleury..but what of the internal cap Melnyk has…

    just throwing topic of conversations out there for fun so RELAX!!

    In saying that and with Vokoun sidelined it would make most sense that Fleury stays the year and if anything its an off season transaction.

    David booth has been nothing but a huge problem for Vancouver and theres nothing they can do about it id say hes untradeable and he rarely plays so Gillis hands are tied on that one! Id go internal and give a rookie a shot for the first 9 games and have a back up plan with a player on waivers

    Toronto & Buffalo
    After watching Leafs last night in Buffalo …Mason Raymond is definitely on 1st or 2nd line
    Jamie De Vane is very impressive as well and may crack the line up some where in bottom 6.
    Joe Colbourne as Ive expresed all last year and in this camp too is not going to crack this line up he is not an impact player in any capacity especially for his stature ! He will hit the waivers if Nonnis cant deal him >>IMO
    …if anything Mason Raymond could play a great Center if the Leafs need be he has AMAZING speed and GREAT hockey sense and may fair well at that spot at times !

    • Here is a potential trade Ducks / Leafs. Ducks version of Colburne is Peter Holland. Both high picks, both centers, both just haven’t measured up. If neither make their team ( a very real possibility) trade up one for one, maybe and just maybe a change of system might wake one or both up.

      • Iam surprised you want to take a chance on Colbourne …hes really not what the Ducks could use ..but if you like id take a 2 nd round draft pick instead or Matt Smaby to make that deal !

    • Also impressed with Raymond. Interesting because I have had him on my fantasy teams the past couple of years and I was surprised that a team like Jersey didn’t have him come in for a tryout. Anyway – he has shown he deserves a spot and TO would be crazy not to sign him.

      • Totally agree !!!
        I think he would be a great option at Center as well he has a great Hockey sense and could fill this with no issues !!

        Also agree with DaVane he fits right in and is a REALLY BIG GUY on the ice he plays the way Colbourne should with size…he has more of a chance than McWilliams on D as they are log jammed there …Reilly really deserves to be on this team moving forward and would benefit from Carlyle at this point than the minors !

    • Really impressed with Devane and MacWilliam. I don’t see either opening the season but definite call ups. I do however see Ashton starting, especially with MacLaren injured. I think Colborne/Holtzer as trade chips. Possibly to move salary for Raymond/Franson.

      • Just a quick note TOTALLY OFF TOPIC …..

        I love how Steve Simmons and the reporters panel from TSN are writing off James Riemer this year and that his time in Toronto are over and its Berniers club now …these guys look like they have never stopped a puck in there life…. let alone put on skates for hecks sake ….Reimer is NOT going to give up this net and will be a star this year in goal for the Leafs …if anyone has seen Reimer play this year , you can easily see he has worked very hard on his positioning rebounds and carries his glove much higher when he goes down in the butterfly his leags are faster and his side to side is much better this year …..hes just coming into his age and prime …MARK MY WORDS ….CUT & PASTE ….LOL
        Reimer will be on fire this year you can just see it in his game ….he will also benefit from a deeper defensive core !!!


        Go gettem Riems stay cool between the ears and everything else will be just fine !!

        may the force be with you young Jedi !

        • Just sucks we have to listen about a crappy team like the Leafs everyday

        • Right on! I hope Reimer stays healthy and plays really well. Bernier has seen lots of games from the bench – let’s hope it continues for all the right reasons.

  2. I see yet another thread has been hijacked by Leaf Nation. Anyhow, Morrow would be a great third line fit in Vancouver. His grit and playoff experience would be useful to the Canucks. As far as Pittsburgh’s goaltending situation is concerned, no point in completely destroying Fleury’s already fragile confidence. Better to go with a vet like Theodore or Hedberg who will readily accept a backup role.

    • I was suggesting Morrow in Ottawa …..If I had my choice id stay away from Torts sense in playing for a guy like that If I don’t have to… especially at the end of my career wanna win but still have fun and be a contributor not get sawed in half on the bench on live TV for a give away in front of 6 million people on Hokey Night in Canada …IMO

      Id take Hedberg in Pitt for sure but he didnt look good last year !

      Rumour has it Bryzgalov to Pitt for the league minimum ….wait & see !

  3. Yes indeed, enough of the leaf stuff already. Isn’t it punishment to the extreme that both Mother Corp and TSN push this team into everyone faces consistently? There are seven Canadian teams and fans of these teams are all deserving of equal national coverage.